tagBDSMYou're Mine to Tame

You're Mine to Tame


What a day! Surely my night would be better, wouldn't it? Usually Friday was the best night of my week.

I knocked at his door, knowing that I should be pleased if he failed to answer quickly as it would give me a simple excuse to punish him, even if he had been good. And given how frustrated I was, and how much I wanted to relieve that tension within myself, I longed to express myself through my whip.

Much to my surprise he answered almost as soon as I knocked. I wondered if he was just sitting close to the door to prevent me taking my Friday frustration out on his "poor defenceless body".

So I thought I would satisfy my curiosity by simply teasing him with my body.

"Denis darling, have you been waiting long?" I asked him with a grin on my face.

"No," he replied.

"Why don't you sit back down on that chair for me," I instructed, as I pointed to the chair placed close to the front door of his spacious apartment.

I watched as he meekly moved his body and sat carefully on the high-back arm-chair. Perfect, there was no escaping.

Now he was perfectly placed, I leant over and whispered in his ear, "how was your day my little cherub?"

I looked into his eyes. They couldn't help themselves. How weak! His eyes stared down the front of my open blouse at the sapphire full cup bra. Now my trap had returned its predator a delicious prey to feast upon.

"You filthy bastard," I screamed as I stepped back and slapped him hard across his face, "how dare you stare at my breasts, are you so pathetic that you can't even stop yourself from drooling at the sight of my body?"

He looked slightly startled as I taunted him, "did you like what you saw, you filthy pervert? What right do have to look at my body like that? Haven't I told you -- over and over again -- you can't look down at my breasts unless I give you permission to?"

Those eyes, his pleading eyes, looked sparkling as he mumbled, "yess, you have."

"So what's wrong with you, why can't you follow my simple instruction? Are you so very weak that you can't do what you're told and keep your roaming eyes where they are supposed to be?" I questioned him as I unbuttoned my blouse.

Now it was fully open, I pulled the sides of the blouse away from each other so that my bra was fully exposed. I stepped forward with my breasts housed neatly in their sapphire full cup prison.

As I pushed my covered breasts across his face, I interrogated him "Is this what you want? Did you want them rubbed all over your face you filthy weak bastard? Or did you want to just breathe in the aroma of my Channel perfume?"

"Yes, err, I mean no," he stammered.

"Well what is it?" I enquired, "Yes or no?"

I watched as he saw the trap close around him. No matter what he answered I would gain what I most wanted.

Finally I could see him working up to a response.

"I wanted to see your nipples," he cheekily replied.

I slapped him again, even harder this time, across his face.

"You'll regret being cheeky to me, you and your disgustingly perverted needs. How dare you try to look at my nipples when I have told you they are not yours to look at? You know that quite well, and you deserve to be punished for your insolence."

I could see him looking worried now. Maybe he could sense just how wound up I was; the stress and frustration needed an outlet and he was my outlet tonight.

"Right, you know what I want you to do. You need to be punished. Take off your pants and lie over my lap," I ordered him.

I sat down in my special chair across from his high-back arm chair, he kept glancing across at me to see what I was doing.

I had my large handbag with me. I sat in my chair, and reached into my bag removing my scarlet red riding crop. It sat so snugly into the palm of my hand ready to do my bidding to create some undeniable havoc. I dropped it back into my bag until I needed it.

The docile creature, known as Denis, slowly removed his pants. Then he carefully removed his underwear, going into the adjoining room to lay his clothes neatly on his bed.

He certainly needed a special punishment, I explained this to him as he walked slowly toward where I was sitting patiently in my chair, "you have purposefully dragged this out haven't you? Just because I didn't tell you this time to be quick, you have removed your pants as slowly as possible. Don't think I haven't noticed! You will be punished severely for making me wait while you wander around the house finding the right location to disrobe."

I had what I needed in my bag for his special punishment -- I wouldn't forget! His time would come for me to inflict this as a way to repay him for making me wait. He just didn't seem to understand how wound up and stressed I was; silly boy to make me dwell on my frustration by dawdling as he undressed.

Finally he wandered up next to me and lay across my lap. He looked tense as he slowed lowered himself so that his naked bottom was exposed to my sight.

"Remember, if you try to escape from what I'm about to do, you will be even more severely punished. And if you don't co-operate as I want, then you can find yourself someone else to dispense the punishments you deserve," I reminded him.

"Yes Mistress, I won't move. I'll do exactly as you say. And you are free to do whatever you want," he murmured.

"Don't tell me what I can and can't do to you, you little snivelling worm. I make the rules and you follow my rules. And don't forget that!" I screamed at him.

While this interchange had been going on, I was surreptitiously searching my bag for the vibrator I had in there -- it was in a plastic bag covered in lubricant.

As I yelled at him, I used my left hand to part the cheeks of his bottom so that I could see his little brown arse. Then with my right hand I moved the small shiny hard vibrator towards its target.

It nosed against his tight opening, I yelled again at him.

"Right scum, relax that arse of yours. I'm about to insert my little toy into your butt," I stressed loudly.

I felt him try to relax. Without too much hesitation, I quickly plunged the hard vibrator inside his bottom and turned the machine on. I could hear it purring away inside him.

"Oh Mistress, thank you, that feels so... really... wonderful..." he spoke in such a grateful tone.

It made my next move even more amusingly cruel. I wanted to keep him off balance as I played him; much as a cat plays with a ball of wool, teasing and flicking it around a room for entertainment.

As I watched I could feel him fully enjoying the vibrator in his arse. He was pushing his now hard cock against my inner thighs. With the red riding crop in my hand, I raised my arm and aimed the whip across his soft fleshy bottom.

He screamed as the whips leather bit his nerves into a frenzy. I whipped him again and again. After ten lashes I stopped; it was enough for me.

I spread my legs and reached around him to enable a tight grip on him ensuring he would beg me for more. As I held his cock I pulled and tugged on him. Whilst I gripped his cock tightly with my left hand, I used my right to drive my shiny hard vibrator in and out of his hole of pleasure.

As he moaned in delight, I knew he could feel the fingers on my left hand teasingly moving against his pulsating cock. I want him to spray his hot creamy come everywhere. Nothing else mattered; he was my toy to abuse and tease until he lost complete control and shot his load for me.

I was satisfied my vibrator had warmed up his arse so I removed it. Now all I wanted to do was plunge my long rubber cock into him. In favour of my own lustful fulfilment I just wanted the enjoyment of making myself come by dominating his lovely succulent arse.

Part of the reason I was so attached to Denis was his willingness, and I suppose even delight, at allowing me to plunge a long rubber cock up inside him until I was exhausted from my multiple orgasms.

It was an addictive relationship for us both. He thought of himself as 'the luckiest man in the world', and on days like this I felt very good about 'us' too. In some ways I believe we both failed in our traditional S&M roles. Too often I got carried away and just want to Denis spray his come everywhere. Perhaps watching him turned me on, and made it easier for me to climax.

I placed my rubber cock against Denis's arse and pushed it into him. Denis was moaning as I pushed my cock in and out of him.

"Oh, yes, yes, that's so heavenly. Please Mistress milk my cock for me. I'm begging you, please play with my hardness as you shove your cock into my arse. Give me that rough pumping treatment that I so love you dishing out," he begged.

It felt like he was telling me what to do. That got me cross! So I started using my riding crop to whip him across his back - which was already covered in painful red welts from where I'd whipped him last time with my belt.

I listened in delight to him grunting in blissful pain as I lashed my lovely riding crop into the invitingly soft flesh of his shoulders and back.

I knew he was watching me in the mirror as I was enjoying myself by whipping him for his insolence. I was so turned on by the pain I was inflicting on Denis. As I push my long rubber cock into him, I was wild with uncontrolled and unnatural lust.

I just wanted to lash out, to take my frustrations out on him; with my riding crop inflicting more and more pain. I was now out of control and I just wanted to climax more than anything else; I needed to release all that frustration.

As I got closer to coming my fingernails formed a vice like grip of the foreskin of his delightfully engorged, but tame, cock. I wanted so much for him to shoot his come everywhere for me. It was taking so long for him to come, but I felt my own orgasm closing in upon me.

There was only one way to solve my problem I altered the rhythm and angle that I was using for my strap-on rubber dick so that as I pushed it, the knobs on it were very vigorously rubbing against my very hard protruding clit.

I was now so absolutely engrossed in rubbing my clit roughly against the knobs on the strap-on rubber cock that I was pushing in and out of Denis. Finally, thankfully, I felt my orgasm crash into me and take me sailing away into the blissful wildness.

In that state as I felt myself floating, I quickly needed more and so like a wild cat I began scratching and biting at Denis's body, my nails and teeth racked across his back.

I needed something more. Yes I needed something slightly out of the ordinary, and that was what I had planned for Denis.

So I screamed out at him, "grab your cock now you dirty fucking boy and pull it like you are the filthy shit that I flog and fuck for fun."

Once I let go of his cock I reached around towards his chest. This would be delightful, my nails gripped his nipples, he was moaning in agonising lust.

"Fuck me, fuck that, ohh fuck, that's so baddd. Ohh, ermmm, fuck, oh fuck me," Denis squealed.

Without any care for his body, I tugged at his nipples even harder - the rough tugging I was inflicting on his helpless body was helping me get closer to coming again.

While I enjoyed hearing him moan in agonising lust, my own passion for inflicting more pain on Denis required me to be once again whipping his submissive body. I picked up my red riding crop and began again to beat him. It was all for my own passionate delight and enjoyment.

As I used him as my fuck toy I came again.

Twisting in blissful delight as I delivered more gorgeous but nasty pain to his helplessly addicted body ensuring I kept coming again and again. I was now looking forward to him spurting everywhere for me.

I knew just what Denis needed to make him come. I quickly grabbed his soft fleshy thigh and sank my nails into his juicy body.

"Fuck, do it harder, ohhh, yes, fuck dig these nails in deeper. Fucking shit, I want it harder," Denis was begging and begging me to do it harder for him.

Suddenly I felt my whole body go rigid. Every now and then I experience a serene orgasm and luckily tonight was my night for that type -- I arched my back as I used my arm to steady myself. Wow, that was incredible, it released all the tension and anxiety I had being holding onto.

To my satiated delight I heard Denis gasp as he finally wound his way to his climax. I quickly reached down so I could feel his cock, it spasmed again and again. Finally I had the pleasure of knowing he was shooting his creamy juices out of his defenceless orgasming cock in appreciation of my administrations of pain to his body.

I felt his juices all over my hand, I reached up and licked my fingers, all the while pushing my cock in and out of his inviting arsehole. I then began to whip him again. My next orgasm came so quickly upon me, crashing through my body in wild delight.

And so finally, yes finally, I collapsed exhausted on top of Denis.

That was so extraordinary I just wanted to relax for a short while and then go again. I guess my only question to myself was, 'is Denis up for some more fun?'

Then surprisingly I thought I heard him say, "fuck that was amazing, I think all that pain is about to get me hard again. Are you interested in some more?"

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