Year: 2084

"There is still much talk over who will win the next General Election on the planet Zius." The EBC reporter announced. "The current Zius government feels they could lose to the Global League, who already control the planet Reid and IO. Should this be the case, then they could end up imposing a Feudal status on the planet as has happened on others.

"Zius is going through a series of problems following the loss of an important export deal with Sirus."

I switched the telly off. It was quite interesting to watch Earth news about Zius (pronounced Zy-us), living on Zius. They don't have a clue what it is like up here; at least we don't have smog; at least we have forests!

My name is Samuel, friends call me Sam. My mother, brother and sister moved out here from Earth less than five years ago. I later moved in with my friend Phil when we both started studying at University.

There was talk about the Global League gaining power of Zius over the Citizen's Democratic Party which was in power now, but I didn't think much of it. If, by a million to one chance, they did get in, the people wouldn't stand for any shit. Let me tell you about the Global League.

The Global League is the ruling party of a planet called Xaxis. Xaxis is ruled by women, men are used for slave labour. The women, you see, have special powers, which the men don't.

When members of Earth discovered new planets and began populating them, the planets formed a league of members, and began forming Political Parties. Xaxis and Sirus, were, like Earth, already populated and had their own race. They looked like humans, but had slight differences, magical powers.

When the Allied Space Federation was formed, Sirus and Xaxis put in applications to join, however, their policies for holding men as slaves were frowned upon. In order to gain entry, Sirus released its slaves, and reformed itself. However, Xaxis formed its own alliance with a number of planets. The Xaxian Empire was formed, and a number of already Allied planets signed a contract to join Xaxis too. Why not? Increased funding, etc, what was so bad in that?

Soon the moon/planet, IO, was in elections, with the Global League a clear winner, then followed Reid. However, the Global League still had to abide by Allied rules on the planets, to an extent. Soon Global League made laws which satisfied themselves and the Allieds. The new law stated that all men were free, there would be no camps as in Xaxis; however, male attire was banned, and any male entering into marriage immediately became the property of his wife. This satisfied Xaxis, and it also satisfied the Federation, because men still had the option not to get married. It did not satisfy all men…

Which brings us back to Zius, a free world with little or few problems; except the fact that the state is running out of money, even though resources are high. They built too quickly, spending all funds.

Right now though, uni was more important than the government. I had also just lost my girlfriend, so my concentration was now on uni and uni only!

I was studying in my room one night when I heard the flat door slam. I looked at the clock and noticed it had just gone 2 am. Jesus! It'd be light in a couple of hours. Remembering that 2 am was about the normal time Phil got home from the pub, I ignored the door and decided to get some sleep. My head had just touched the pillow when I heard Phil's voice.

"It's just through there, I'll be right in." He said.

Well…Phil must have pulled! I thought.

"Okay, see you in a sec." Said the other voice; it was a man's voice.

Phil must have bumped into a friend, I thought, probably needed a place to stay.

In the morning, whoever it was was gone.

Two weeks later

"Don't forget to vote, Sam." Said Sarah. She was a gorgeous girl from my class, but she had her head right up her arse! Arrogant bitch!

"I won't. Who're voting for?"

"Global." I should've guessed. She was gagging at the chance to control some men! "You?"

"Mars Coalition."

"Oh, aren't you the capitalist?" She said sarcastically.

"Well, I would've thought you would be too if you are studying Management and Economics?"

She just smiled and walked off. Phil joined me as I walked towards the underground station.

"She's a bitch that Sarah." I said.

"Fit as fuck though, can't say much with a dick in her mouth."

"Aye, you're not wrong there mate!"

We both went to the polling station to place our vote, then got some beers and microwave food from the local shop. At home we sat in Phil's room watching the votes coming in. They would know the official result by three am.

"Who did you vote for anyway mate?" I asked.

"Oh, the Democrats again; didn't really know who else to vote for." He said.

"Right. You could've voted for the Mars Coalition."

"You vote for them?" I nodded. He laughed. "You only voted for them because they plan to legalise drugs!"

"Damn right!"

We sat drinking beer after beer until the official results were shown. Something in the room caught my eye at one point.

"Where'd you get that dressing table mate?" I asked.

"Oh that? It belonged to my mum, I needed something to write on and stuff, so she gave me that."

I made an 'Oh' sign with my mouth.

Soon enough the results were displayed.

"So here they are." Said the newscaster. "Earth Space Alliance, 4%; Mars Coalition, 6%." I threw my arms in the air in surrender.

"Shhhh!!!!!!" Said Phil.

"Citizen's Democratic Party, 29%. Global League, 48%. Others make up the rest. Global League are the clear winners of the Zius General Election. We expect a speech from the new President, Shaya T'haan soon."

"Switch it off mate. No, better yet, I'm going to bed." I said.

Next day at University, Sarah and her friends were giving high-fives.

"Hey slave, how come you aren't in proper female clothing?" She shouted, getting laughter from her friends, and the finger from me. "Ew, I'm going to have to remember you did that. Bet you weren't so happy with Phil were you?"

"What d'you mean?" I asked.

"I mean, he voted for Global too."

"No he didn't, he voted for Citizen's."

"That's what he told you, I bet."

Later that evening, I asked Phil again.

"No mate! I told you, voted for Citizen's. Who told you otherwise?" He asked.


"Fuck her mate. No, none of that Global stuff." I wasn't entirely convinced.

That night, I heard the doorbell go. I was actually asleep, and it woke me up. I went to open it, but Phil rushed out in his robe and socks and said it was for him. Fine by me. I went back to bed. However, I can't quite sleep, and overheard the same voice as I heard the other week.

I finally drifted off to sleep, only to once again be woken up, this time by a knock on my door.

"What? I've got a class tomorrow, you know?"

Phil entered. "You haven't, it's Saturday."

"Oh, okay. What do you want?"

"We're sat in my room, having a drink and stuff and just wanted to know if you wanted to join us?"

I thought about it for a bit. "Yeah, why not, looks like I won't be getting any sleep anyway." I got out of bed and put a t-shirt over my boxers.

Phil followed me into his room and locked the door behind me.

"Hey! What're you doing???" I asked.

"Sam, meet Chris." Chris was a massive 6 foot 6 muscle man, and he was standing naked in front of me. He grabbed my t-shirt and ripped it off in one go, underpants followed. Phil opened his robe to reveal he was wearing sexy blue with black lace trim basque and matching knickers, with blue stockings. He pulled off the socks which were covering them, and walked over to me.

Both of them started to rub my back and chest, Chris grabbed my penis and gently rubbed it while Phil placed a finger on my anus and rubbed.

"Woah! I'm not into this, guys. I'll just go back to my room and forget this ever happened."

"Listen mate, we can do this the easy way or the hard way. It'd be easier if you just go along with us, but we have other ways." Explained Phil.

Chris grabbed me and threw me on the bed, then sat on me, forcing my hands back. I knew I had no choice.

"What do you want me to do?" I asked.

"Just enjoy yourself, that's all."

Phil leaned over me and rubbed my chest. He placed his lips on mine and kissed me, forcing his tongue into my mouth. My tongue was still as he kissed me. Suddenly I felt Chris' mouth on my penis. I had to admit, he gave an amazing blowjob. I felt his tongue swirl around the penis, it wasn't long till I was coming. I suddenly realised that now my tongue was moving with Phil's and one hand was rubbing his back while the other was in Chris' hair.

"Did you like that?" Asked Phil.

"I have to admit, it was the best one I ever had." I said.

"Good, then let's just relax, and have fun, okay?"

I thought about it, fuck, who was going to know? "Okay."

Phil went and rested on the headboard at the back. He lowered his knickers to reveal he had shaved his pubic hair, leaving only a small triangle above his penis.

"Now come and suck my cock." He ordered me.

I climbed between his legs and gently licked his cock. I then slowly took it down, swallowing slightly at the end to take more down.

"Wow, he can deep throat on his first go!" Said Phil.

I gathered speed and rhythm and was soon bobbing up and down on his penis, as one had pinched one of his nipples through the satin fabric of the basque. He pulled down a tube of KY jelly from the sideboard and lifted my free hand. He spread the jelly over my fingers and raised his behind. I wrapped my arm round him and started to insert each finger into his behind. Looking into his eyes, I gently took his penis between my teeth and gave him a big grin as I wiggled my tongue on his penis.

I felt Chris rubbed jelly on my anus, and soon felt two fat fingers entered me. I groaned slightly as he pushed them in and out. Then they were gone, soon to be replaced by his big 10 inch dick. He entered me slowly. The pain was awful, but he continued on in, till I felt his skin touch mine, and soon I was in ecstasy! It felt amazing as he slowly pumped in and out of me. I stopped sucking momentarily to say, "Oh, I could get used to this!" Then went back to sucking.

"I hope you do." Said Phil, knowing full well what he meant, that this would not be my first time.

I gave him a big smile then increased the pace on his cock till he filled my mouth with cum. I felt Chris pump one last hard pump in me, then felt his warm cum fill me. We shared a three way kiss, then fell asleep with Phil in the middle.

When I woke, Chris had gone, and Phil was in the kitchen, this time wearing a black satin camisole top and matching French knickers, both with lace trim.

"Where's Chris?" I asked.

"Gone home."

I poured myself some juice and sat down at the table. Phil stood, walked over to me and sat on my lap. I put my hand on his leg and stroked it. It was the first time I noticed that he was completely hairless, he had smooth female legs. When he walked, he walked like a female model.

Phil put his hands on my face and drew me in for a long slow kiss. Our tongues danced, but I was reluctant again. Now it was morning, what was done was done. Or was it?

"How long have you been like this?" I asked.

"All my life. It was my mum that started it, her being in the Global League and all, but I like it." He replied.The Global League; that answered a lot of questions. Phil could feel my tension. "Look, tell me you didn't enjoy what happened yesterday."

I looked down at the floor; then I looked at the shiny material covering Phil's penis and I moved my hand up to it and rubbed.

"That's the spirit." He said, kissing my forehead. "Go and have a shower, then come back to bed."

I quickly had a shower, washing myself all over. While I was in the shower, Phil stepped in. Change of plan, he explained. He stopped the water and rubbed soap all over my legs. Then he took out a razor and shaved them clean of hair. I thought of stopping him but I didn't, for two reasons, one, shaving bodily hair was easily explained, two, never argue with a man with a razor in their hand. He then did the same to my chest hair, then shaved my pubic hair until a tiny little heart remained above my penis. My face didn't need shaving, but he did it anyway. Then he applied some depilating cream to arm arms and hands, eventually scraping it off, leaving them hairless too. He rinsed me off and we got out.

Standing naked together in the bathroom, I noticed all of this shaving had made me hard, it had also excited Phil too. We kissed. Phil and I pulled each other closer, feeling our naked bodies touch.

When we broke the kiss, I cleaned my teeth. Phil fiddled with something, I didn't pay attention to what, but when I turned around, Phil had painted his toe and finger nails dark red. He then kneeled down and did the same to my toe nails, then my fingers. Once again, I wasn't too worried, it was easily removed.

Phil then reached into the cupboard and pulled out some spray, which he first sprayed on me, then on himself.

"Hey, that's lady's perfume!" I said.

He shrugged. "I know."

My hair was still wet, and messy. Phil told me to follow him to his bedroom. I ended up sitting at the dresser where Phil did my hair. He had planned this out, because the mirror was gone, and I couldn't see what was being done. When he had finished, he replaced the mirror. I stared in horror. Phil had highlighted parts of my hair, and had made it look really female.

"Jesus Phil! I can't go out like this!" I shouted.

"Don't be such a cry-baby. It'll comb out."

"It had better!"

Phil then did my make-up. He put blue on my eyelids, some foundation, and highlighted by eyes. I got angry when he plucked my eye-brows, but again, it didn't look so bad. When he finished, I looked beautiful, I had to admit. He then laid out some female underwear for me to put on and did his own make-up.

I put on the loose red with black lace trim satin teddy he left out, and put on the black fishnet stockings. I waited for him on the bed.

Finally he climbed over to me.

"You look good enough to eat." He said, unclipping the base of the teddy. He rubbed some KY jelly on my anus, and pulled out his penis from the side of the loose fitting French knickers he was wearing. Lifting my legs up, he placed his penis in my anus and pushed. I bit on my tongue as the pain returned, but this time I was ready for it. Once all eight inches were in, he leaned over and sucked on my neck, giving me love-bites as he slowly pumped in and out of me. I wrapped both arms around him and gently stroked his neck and back.

We continued like this all day, only once stopping at lunchtime to call a pizza. When the pizza guy arrived, Phil gave me a red satin and lace short robe to put over the female underwear I was wearing and told me to go and open the door.

"I can't open the door like this!" I said.

"Sure you can. Go on." The doorbell rang again.

I got up and walked over to the door. I took a deep breath and opened the door. The pizza guy handed over the pizza then stopped and stared.

"Errrr…" He couldn't get a word out.

"Yes, I'm a guy. And through that room, is another guy, also dressed in women's underwear, who I'm fucking." There, I said it.

A smile covered the kid's face. "Oh, well, if you don't fancy paying for the pizza, I can cover it…"

I had to smile at this. The kid had obviously only recently turned 18.

"Are you a virgin?" I asked.

He kicked his feet. "Yee-es…"

"Come in."

The kid came in and I shut the door behind him.

"Phil, this kid is still a virgin, and we don't need to pay for the pizza."

Phil smiled and walked over to the kid. He stoked the kid's chest then felt his penis through his trousers.

"Well, what's your name?" Phil asked.


"Well Max, get undressed."

So he did, and stood there, now nervous. We both started rubbing Max's body all over. I couldn't believe I was doing this, but I did and I was enjoying it. I lubricated a couple of fingers, and placed them at his anus. I pushed one in and started to pump. The boy sighed and smiled. See he was enjoying it, I pushed the other in. I sat on the edge of the bed and with one hand lubed my penis. Using the fingers in Max's arse, I pulled him towards me, removed the fingers, and sat him down on my lap, pressing my penis inside him. He hissed at the stinging pain as I entered him without stopping, even though he asked me to.

"Hush, it'll be okay. Relax." So he did, until I was all the way in him. Then Phil leaned over and sucked his dick. Max started to squirm on my penis and bob up and down. Finally we pulled him down to the floor, on his hands and knees and I fucked him hard. He came in Phil's mouth within seconds, but begged me to keep fucking him. Soon enough, I came inside him.

"Could you do me too?" Max said to Phil, who seemed all for sloppy seconds as he pushed his penis into the gaping hole.

When Max was gone, we ate the pizza, showered, then experimented with different clothes.

That evening, we lay in each others arms, feeling each other, kissing. I was wearing a pink lacy baby doll, with matching skimpy knickers. Phil wore a long satin night gown with lacy breasts.

My anus was sore after being fucked at least thirty times that day.

"So, what do you think? Do you think you're gay now?" He asked.

I thought about it. "No, I don't think I can stay like this. Let's just keep it to this weekend, okay? Then back to normal."

"We'll see." He replied.

The sex continued all weekend. Monday at school though, I combed my hair to a male style and disposed of all the femininities. People were giving me strange looks, as if they knew, but I supposed it was just me being paranoid.

When I arrived home, I went to get changed. However, I found myself deciding to put on some of Phil's clothes. "Heck, one more night won't kill me." So I put on some sexy underwear, a frilly blouse and mini skirt. I put on the make-up, perfume etc, and did the hair again.

Phil arrived home soon after that, and when he walked in I jumped into his arms and gave him a big long kiss.

"Mmmm. Lovely. Hi babe." He said.

"Hi sweetheart." I said, sarcastically.

"I thought you didn't want to continue this?"

I didn't answer, I just turned round, leaned on the wall, lifted my skirt, moved my knickers aside and lubed up my anus. I licked my lips and said, "Fuck my ass."

Phil didn't hesitate a second. He whipped out his penis and rammed it hard into me, fucking me hard, standing up, against the open door. Our neighbour opened the door. He was a big guy in his forties. I just looked at him, blew a kiss and said, "You can have me next, big boy." He slammed the door.

Later that evening, I lay in Phil's arms.

"Okay, I can't ignore what happened the other night, it felt too good. Also, when we are at home, I'll wear women's clothes…sometimes! Not always. Okay?" I asked.

"Sure, sounds good to me."

Next morning, I was contemplating wearing French knickers in place of my boxers to class, but I just couldn't gather the courage. I did notice Phil always wore women's knickers to class; he also wore stockings with long socks over them.

At lunchtime, I went to the toilet. I had just finished when Phil came in.

"Hi Sam." He said, giving my balls a squeeze and a kiss on the cheek. I returned the favour.

Later that evening I arrived home from class. Phil was already home and dressed in a scarlet blouse and matching long skirt. I went over to him and gave him a big long kiss.

"Hi sweetie." I said, sitting on his lap. "How was your day?"

"Long, boring." I felt his hard cock through his skirt. I crouched down and took it in my mouth, sucking and licking slowly. I continued this, while he ran his fingers through my hair. He came what seemed like gallons into my mouth, some of it dribbling onto my trousers.

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