tagBDSMZoie D: Training Day

Zoie D: Training Day


(If you haven't read this first part of this story, you might want to check out "Zoie Doulos.") And thanks to all my fans for your support! And, as always, this is for Master...


jade... she chose her name well, I thought to myself as I watched her. her Master was lounging on the couch with one leg stretched out along the length of it and the other foot on the floor while He leaned against the armrest to allow her access to His cock. she was on her side turned in to Him with her head resting on His bent leg suckling Him while He stroked her hair with the same hand He'd been wielding the whip with only a half hour ago. The whipping had not been for punishment of any kind. jade rarely gave her Master cause to punish her anymore. No, He'd whipped her because He liked it and she'd received the lashes like a true painslut.

I have always been amazed by the whippings. I have yet to truly understand what takes place between them during the times when Jared whips His treasure, but I am anxious to learn. He granted me a time of questions and answers while jade took back a little of what she had just given Him in the form of a nourishing suckling.

Over the weekend I had confessed my desire to share their world more intimately. Eventually even admitting that my feelings for them had grown to something I hadn't previously imagined. I was amazed by the fact that, not only did they welcome my affections but also my timid desire to enter into their lifestyle. I was giddy with excitement that the admission was received with an invitation.

"Why don't you ask Me some questions about the parts of our life that you are unsure of, Zoie? As you do I will establish some rules and guidelines for you... I'll have some questions for you, as well, and if and when you feel you are ready to begin your training you can go to your place and gather some things for an extended stay with Us. That is, if you still believe that a submissive life is for you. Should you choose to begin training as a submissive, I believe you will need at least two weeks to begin to properly receive Domination, so for those two weeks, minimum, I will require you to stay here full time."

"I understand, Sir."

"Good. you may begin."

"I don't think I will ever receive the whip the way that jade does."

"That was not a question. I thought you wanted to conduct an interview of sorts. That is what you said, I believe."

"Yes, Sir..."

"Then you should begin your interview with a question."

"Yes, Sir. Will I have to be whipped to serve You?"

"I require obedience. If it is not forthcoming I will instill punishment. I chose jade as my submissive mate because I learned quickly that she needs the whip... In the beginning she needed it for punishment but she rarely requires discipline anymore so the whippings are to sate our mutual desires for S&m... and the whip... well, it brings Me pleasure. I will learn what you need as well and you will receive it. The whip may or may not prove to be the most effective form of punishment for you." He smiled slowly and I flushed. "No matter how I choose to discipline you, it will only be as effective as your trust in Me to do what is right by you. If you do not trust Me, there will be no way to make this work. I am already leery of training a sub that is not to remain Mine so if you are having doubts at any point before I begin, you should tell me immediately."

"You mean I can tell You if I don't want to be whipped...?"

"No, My meaning is I will do nothing at all to begin your training until you tell Me that you trust Me and are willing to offer yourself to my Dominance. This is not a "pick and choose what you want to do" game that We play. Once you have agreed to training, you will submit to anything I desire, including the whip if I say so."

"Yes, Sir..."

I wasn't sure I could ask another question. Having Jared speak so frankly to me was already causing my clit to thump.

"Is there something else you need to ask?"

jade sighed softly in her sleep and continued to suckle.

"Will I be given an opportunity to do better before I am whipped?"

"There are varying degrees and types of punishment that will only be administered if you willfully disobey or fail to try."

Thump! Thump! Just talking to Him while He held me captive with His authoritative stare had me squirming restlessly.

"However, as I mentioned before the whip isn't solely for discipline. Pick up the whip from the floor and bring it to me."

"Yes Sir." my heart was racing. Why did open my big mouth? There was no reason for Him to whip me until I opened my mouth like a tittybaby, whining about the whip.


I did as He said without speaking.

"Offer the whip to Me."

I held the whip across my upturned palms and lifted it to Him as I had seen jade do so many times. My heart was pounding inside my chest. What was I doing? I don't want to be whipped yet here I sit on my knees offering the opportunity for Him to do what I don't want!

"Show me your cunt, Zoie."

Each time He uses that vulgar word I flinched the tiniest bit but I was relatively sure it was something of which only I was aware. I put the whip at His feet and immediately I opened my legs wide and lifted the hem of my dress, then I moved my panties to the side so that Jared could see my... cunt.

"Now, is there any part of you that didn't want to do as I commanded?"

"No Sir. I wanted to in spite of my fear."

" Good girl," He said as He continued to stroke the dark hair of His suckling slave. "I believe that your heart is truly submissive and I will take you under my tutelage because I have become quite fond of you, as jade has, and I don't want you seeking out a stranger to show you the ways of the lifestyle." He spoke to me as though the whip was not there offering Him the opportunity to do that which I fear most about my new venture. "you have seen me in action for some time now, Zoie, and I have seen you sucking in the essence of what We are. Do you want to be dominated?"

"Y..yes Sir..." I barely heard my reply, myself.

"Speak up."

"Yes, S..sir."

"You see Zoie, I already know and believe this to be true because in spite of your obvious fear of the whip your cunt is wet. I've just told you that I will whip you if I feel it is necessary and even though you are afraid, your cunt has revealed your true desires even as you are faced with that which you fear."

I bowed my head without bothering to deny that His words were true.

"Do you have any more questions for Me?"

I made to retrieve my pad but He stopped me. "Don't move. When you have confessed your desire to enter into service with Me, I will restrict your writing for a short time so you may as well get used to openly expressing yourself now. What questions do you still need answered, Zoie?"

" I... I..."

"I am a patient man Zoie but I am ready to begin your training. What other questions do you need answered?"

I couldn't think of anything to ask though I had a thousand unsure thoughts in my head, so I gathered my courage and gave Him the responsibility of knowing what I need... just as He'd said He would. "Sir, I'm nervous and my thoughts are scrambled... would You please help me and tell me what You think I will need to know before we begin?"

He smiled... and having that slow upward turn of His mouth directed at me while He stared into my eyes made me quiver with anticipation.

"Do you wish to serve Me submissively... to be a slave to My desires... a bottom to My

Top...? There are many ways of phrasing what this journey will be but ultimately, you will pleasure Me in whatever I may desire and you will do it because you want and need to in order to be happy yourself. All of the uncertainties in your mind right now will cease to exist one by one after We have begun IF this is what you truly want. While you are learning I will always grant you the grace to ask, with proper respect, questions that you feel are important to your needs. So, tell me Zoie, are you willing to trust and submit to Me?"

"Yes, Jared. Yes." My heart was leaping around inside of me and I had no idea if it was good or bad but I didn't really care.

"Good girl. You may put the whip on the table and sit back in the chair."

Elated, as I moved back to the chair, I could hear jade sigh again in her sleep and her mouth go back to working her Master's cock like a pacifier.

"I said jade would take you to get some things but as I have thought about it more, unless you need to do something to secure your house for your time away, I can't see why you would need anything. You will be naked for the majority of the next two weeks and I can think of nothing that you might need. I'll go by and get your mail when I come home every day, but if there is something that you don't have that you feel you'll need you may tell me and I will consider it."

He paused for my answer but I always turn everything off and lock up my house as though I may be gone for several days just in case it happens to turn out that way. It comes with trying to live a relatively green life. I don't hug trees or anything but I recycle what I can and never leave unnecessary electronics running. Since He'd just told me my wardrobe would be eliminated I could think of nothing. I've had a toothbrush in their guest bath along with the other personal hygiene items that I preferred for some time now.

"I'm ready, Sir."

He smiled at me, "Good girl. I want to start immediately with something I know you need help with. I am not ready to wake My sweet jade and this requires no hands on for My part." He sat for a moment saying nothing else and I waited.

"I suppose this is going to take some getting used to for both of Us." Another smile, that melted my heart and made me quiver, formed slowly on His face. It occurred to me then that He was waiting for something and I gasped but still made no response because I still couldn't imagine what that something was.

"Are you aware that I want something, Zoie?"

"Yes, Sir..."

"But you don't know what it is that I want, correct?"

I dropped my eyes to the floor, embarrassed, "Yes, Sir."

"It's okay, eyes up. You aren't supposed to know because I have yet to tell you, however, because you are aware that there is something that I require of you, you should kneel before Me and ask how you may serve Me."

Crap! I scrambled to the floor cursing myself inside for not immediately knowing this procedure considering how many times I'd seen it play out over the past few years. I knelt before Him with my hands in my lap and sitting up straight I cleared my throat and asked, "How may I serve You, Sir?"

"Let's start with how you will address me from now on. I'm finding that I'm not really fond of Sir. It isn't intimate enough considering We were friends before this, and Master belongs only to My jade... so... I think I would prefer you use My name in most things. I have no problem with an occasional Sir and may even like JaredSir, but for now Let's just have Jared. Remember, there is as much in your tone to reveal your respect as in the words."

"Yes, Jared."

"Good. Now, take off the clothes."

"Yes, Jared," I said as I slowly pulled the dress over my head and put it on the floor next to me then slipped my panties down and off and put them with the dress.

"Lay on your back with your feet toward Me. That's good... now bend your knees and spread your legs wide, I want to look at you. Wider, Zoie."

I felt my face flush a deep red at the same time a new rush of juices formed between my folds and I did exactly the humiliating thing He had instructed me to do.

He stared between my legs for a long time before speaking, "There is an almost imperceptible flinch from you each time the word cunt is spoken. Tell me why."

"Jared, I... I have... never been comfortable with the vulgarity of that word."

"Would you say that what you are doing now, spreading your legs wide for Me to look at you is vulgar?"

"Um... yes... yes, I suppose so."

"If you suppose so, then the answer is, yes, Jared."

"Yes, Jared..."

"Yet you did it without question and certainly without flinching." What He'd said was not a question and I was relieved not to have to answer. "Tell Me, Zoie, what am I looking at between your legs? Before you answer, you should know that I prefer the word cunt. And... I want to hear My name." He never took His eyes off the pulsing, wet place between my legs.

"You...I mean... Jared, you are looking a..at my... c..cunt." I was humiliated and amazed at how ready I was to explode into orgasm at the same time.

"Take your right hand and swirl circles around the clit with your two middle fingers."

I did as instructed and my breathing grew rapid and shallower.

"Good. If you are wet enough I want you to put your two middle fingers inside and move them in and out slowly."

If? He had to be joking! I was dripping!

"That is very good. Now tell Me what you are doing," He smiled confidently, "and be very specific."

"I'm.. Jared, I'm f..fucking my c..c..cunt with my fingers!"

"Good. Now just say the word."

"C..cunt..." The place in question was now milking my fingers.





jade stirred and started to wake but Jared put His semi-hard cock back in her mouth and cooed her back to sleep.

"That's good, Zoiegirl, you may stop now and get back on your knees."

I was loathe to stop the masturbation, I couldn't believe how horny I was from my first task as a willing submissive but if it continued this way, I might have to have a new name too! (Maybe there is something that means I'll fuck anything for You if you tell me to in another language that starts with the letter Z?) I managed to remove my trembling fingers from my starving pussy and do as I was told while He continued speaking to me in that strong but soft way.

"Tonight you may rest in the guest room. It's been a long few days for Us all. There will be no clothes, no pubic hair, no touching yourself and absolutely no orgasms. If you fail in this, I expect complete honesty. If I find that you have touched or cum and did not tell Me, your punishment will be much more severe than had you told Me to begin with. No silly genital words... that is a cunt and that is how you will refer to it from this day on. You will bathe when you are told to and that will be under jade's supervision. You may go to bed now; jade will have your instructions in the morning. It will be a long day so try to rest."

"Yes, Jared."

I didn't believe that I would be able to sleep with my clit engorged and my... cunt throbbing from the very brief finger-fuck. However, I put my clothes in a pile in the corner of the bedroom and giggled just a bit when I thought about the fact that I would not wear clothes again at all for at least two weeks. Then my exhausted naked body was between the cool clean sheets and as soon as my head was on the pillow my eyes were fluttering closed.

I awoke sometime in the very early morning hours to jade's soft moans and as I lay there listening to the sounds of Jared using His jade hard and fast, my fingers found their way to my cunt. I tried telling myself to stop but myself did not obey. I pushed the thoughts of disobedience from my lust hazed mind and I masturbated to the sounds of their loving just as I had done so many times without their knowledge and I came when I heard jade cum. Then my eyes were so heavy that I didn't even bother covering back up. I drifted off with the knowledge that I would have to confess my sin in the morning and that made me shiver.


jade woke me at eight the next morning and together we stumbled to the shower with our eyes only half open. In the shower, she bathed herself first and instructed me to kneel on the floor until she could get to me. Everything she told me to do was in the same polite way that she had always spoken to me but now I knew the words were her Master's and that through her, He was commanding my service. I watched her wash herself thoroughly with the soapy rag until her skin was red from the hot water and the rough scrubbing and I started to ache between my legs while I watched the trails of thin suds run down her beautiful body.

"Master says to scrub until we tingle," she told me with a slowly waking grin. "You can stand up now... and... you should try to think about something else? It helps if you don't focus too fully on the rag."

Don't focus on the rag? What on earth was she talking about? I was still fully aroused from the night before and from watching her go through the everyday motions of bathing. The rag was definitely not my focus... until the moment she touched my skin with it. When the rough fabric made a path across my flesh, it suddenly became very clear. I gasped. I don't know how, but it was uncomfortable to say the least, and highly erotic at the same time!

"i know..." jade whispered sympathetically. "Jared is particularly fond of these rags because they are not very soft. i'll try to go quickly but i have to be thorough. When i get to your cunt you should really try to talk about something... it should distract you enough to keep you from cumming."

Crap! The memories of secretly sharing her orgasm in the night came crashing in around me and my whole body went red before she even had a chance to wash it. I groaned an anguished cry in my throat.

"i'm sorry, Zoie! Try talking about stupid drivers? That always gets you riled up and maybe you won't get too horny."

"It isn't the washing," I said, a little too soon because just then she rubbed the cloth over my puffy lips and up the crack of my ass. My legs shook so bad I thought I would slip down. "oh god..."

"It sure seems that way to me," she giggled and I felt her big soapy nipples on my back.

"I need to tell you something."

"Oh... No. Don't tell me. Wait until we get downstairs and tell Master."

"You don't even know what I'm going to say."

"Well it's already sounding like a confession and that is something best left for JaredMaster." she turned off the water and then dried me with a soft fluffy towel. we towel dried our hair then combed it out but left it damp and tousled and went downstairs to Jared.


He is so beautiful, I thought to myself as I looked at Him sitting at the table with a towel around His waist and His long legs stretched out while He read the paper. I watched jade who knelt beside Him. i took my lead from her and we both waited for Jared to acknowledge us. He finished the article then set the paper aside.

"Good morning, girls! I hope you both slept well." He smiled at us and I felt a sudden rush of pride at being addressed as one of His girls, then intense guilt at having failed Him already. He looked at jade and patted the table in front of Him and she smiled brightly as she scrambled up on the hard smooth surface to give Him His first breakfast. I dropped my gaze to the floor.

"Is something wrong, Z? You aren't looking very happy this morning. Have you changed your mind about us already?"

I looked up quickly. He was moving jade to the edge of the table and spreading her legs wide. "Oh no, JaredSir, not at all! I want it more than ever..."

"Um hmm...," He said, already distracted by jade's luscious cunt, He swirled His fingers in the honey that collected there.

"Sir.. Um Jared?"

He turned to me and held me with His intense stare, giving me His undivided attention.

When I started to speak, the words came out like a crashing wave. My mouth was working to explain and my mind was screaming, please don't whip me! "I failed Jared, I failed! I woke last night to jade's moaning and.. and I was so sleepy but so needy and I couldn't help myself, I just... couldn't stop my fingers in my pussy, I mean cunt! My cunt! I couldn't stop, Jared, I came! I came when jade came! I'm so sorry, Jared. I'm sorr.."

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