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by Anonymous

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by Missouribiguy05/10/06


I think your story was quite good. It's done realistic like. I can tell there is going to be some good sex coming up to.

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by Anonymous06/10/14

Such bias going on and on about misandry yet nada about misogyny

It's quite difficult for me to accept the misandry angle in American society considering it's seemingly a commonplace norm to use a derogatory insult like bitch interchangeably for the general female population...while no such thing exists for males.

Really difficult for me to accept the misleading notions in this story such as:
- "the Justice System of America was very much gender-biased...against men"
Studies show there is a race, gender, and class bias in the justice system of America. It's quite a falsity to state it's very much gender-biased against men as if it's so in favor of gals. If that were the case then studies wouldn't show in the case of male on female rape that most jurors think the gal is lying before they even look at the evidence.

- "Men get screwed in divorce cases"
Unsure how considering the advent of pre-nupitals and post-nupitals. Especially when studies show that it's women not males that have a lower class of finances after divorces.

- "Men end up in jail due to false allegations of lord knows what made by vindictive women."
What crime are you talking about for false allegations? According to FBI statistics false allegations in case of male on female rape are 8%. By statistics a guy is 82,000x more likely to be raped then to be falsely accused of it by a gal.

- "America is turning into a female-dominated society and let me tell you, hate-filled women are a lot worse than their male counterparts can ever be."
Really hate-filled gals are a lot worse? So how come guys aren't denied voting rights, intellectual property rights, property rights as guys denied gals in the past? How come there isn't an insult used interchangeably for the general male population? How come gals aren't raping guys to the same extent that guys are raping gals according to statistics? It's always amusing to me how often guys make out misandry to be worse than misogyny.

It's quite telling to me how you go on and on and on about misandry, male rights, and such as if males are poor downtrodden victims in a society where most positions of power are held by males. Really telling how you seeming omit misogyny.

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