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Visit to a Bath House

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous11/05/06

now for the next visit!

I know the confused feelings.... but what happened the next time you wnet there? (I know you did :)

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by Anonymous11/09/06

It was so hot

I even went to the web site it talks about the place and man this story and part 2 sent my rocks off. Cant wait to parts 3 and 4. I love club stories. which there were more fresh ones to read.

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by Anonymous11/17/12

great story

I understand this I have had the same experience the first time I went to Denver Swim Club. wish i could have been there when you were. you write so hot.

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by Anonymous02/01/15

Described well. I went first time, locker, towel, showered, 2 levels. top level, movie room,seats, like an adult theatre. in here a guy was sitting being stroked by another guy, then he moved between his legs and began sucking him, he beckoned me over, i just watched, my cock hard. I left,A big room, empty, a room with a sling,8 smaller rooms, 4 with tvs. I went downstairs, more guys than up, lots of small private rooms, a whole gallery with an upstairs so guys could push their cocks through a hole and downstairs so guys could suck it. a large room, and this one had 5 guys in it, 2 guys were on their knees on a large bed, one guy was being fucked, the first time I had seen this for real, another guy was being sucked and I watched as he then got behind and pushed into the second guy. Did I get hard, yes. The first guy finished and pulled out, I watched as another guy put a condom on and moved behind the first guy, he was quite large but he pushed into him and began fucking. I felt someone put their hand on my cock, slowly stroking, I pulled away. I stood watching, as another guy moved up when the second guy finished and took his place. I slowly moved away, hard, back down the corridor around the corner and nearly ran into well a rather plump Marilyn Monroe look alike. Blonde hair, make up, short silver dress, nylons, I apologized. sorry and moved away. I went to a room and sat down, then decided I wasn't ready for this. I went back through a large room with lounges and a big t.v.sitting in one of the lounges was Marilyn, I decided to sit opposite, she smiled and opened her legs, I couldn't take my eyes away. She then got up, walked over and grabbed my hand, I followed her into a room, she locked the door, removed my towel and said here let me take care of that and took my cock in her mouth, I didn't object, and then she said, so hard, rolling a condom onto my cock,rubbing it with lube and then turned, knelt, pulled her underwear down and presented me with her bottom, grabbing my cock and guiding it into her tight hole. At first she said slow, slow aagh, now and I began fucking her, so tight, I pumped into her but soon I could feel my cum rising in her hot hole and didn't last long, her bottom milking my condommed cock. I stayed in her, she was stroking herself she moved forward, I came out, first time, I said yes. lay down, she removed the condom, wiping me, then lay on top of me, kissing me, licking my ear, that was so good, im so horny, licking my cock, then raising my legs, rimming me, my cock semi hard,then first one, then 2 fingers, then back to my face, her condommed cock at my mouth, suck me, please, I did, she was hard. Im going to fuck you, sliding back down, I said my first, I know, I will be gentle and sure enough, turn around and sure enough, she positioned both of
us and with a sharp jab, I opened, it hurt but she kept stroking my cock as she eased in and before long I was being fucked, my cock stroked until my cum shot out as she moved in and out of me until I felt the pulses as she filled her condom. I have returned many times, I even wear panties and am considering wearing a dress. thanks to her, I have had my hole filled many times.

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