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Auntie Whore

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous12/15/09

Sister in law

Kathie,my sister in law visited us.Friends had told me she was a slut,when George was away on the railway apparently she slept around.Now, Kathie is 32,married when she was 18,had to be, not bad figure,face looks worn,tired,after all 4 kids wear you out.George and my wife had to go to a school reunion,left Kathie alone with me.We had a couple of drinks,now here was the test.I said i was going to get changed,i put a t shirt on and with nothing else i walked out and said look away i have to get my shorts from the laundry.I slowly walked through,my cock half erect she looked,i grabbed my shorts,put them on,and standing in front of her,asked if she would like another drink.She reached out and felt my cock through the shorts.Gotcha.Hey,what are you doing,i pulled back,do you do this all the time when George is away,he will have to know.She looked startled,no, no dont tell him, i didnt mean it,yes you did,look tell me what i can do.I pretended to think, when is George away next,2 weeks time,alright,you come down here for a week, get the kids minded out.I took a weeks leave,my wife was working away for a month,probably being fucked senseless by one of her work colleagues,i placed an ad in the local paper,desparate wife,needs money,will consider all requests,1 week only then have to leave and number by appointment only.Kathie arrived friday night late,i told her to get some sleep.Next morning i told her my plan and showed her the ad,i told her it was up to her what she did and how much she charged but it had to be in this house and in that room only so i could watch.Rules,no drunks,alcohol or drugs.She thought about it,i told her i was here to protect her,she said you wont tell George.I said after the week,never mention it again.I warned her about safe sex,and showed her a supply of condoms,lube but i left it up to her.The phones started ringing Monday morning,her first days appointment was 11.30 and the last a 6.00 there were 4.First guy,straight up and down sex,young,maybe 24,average cock,she sucked him,put a condom on and he fucked her,he didnt last long but it was obvious she enjoyed it.Next 2 the same except one was an older guy who wanted to cumm on her face,he covered her and she licked it off.The last appointment, the guy fucked her,then he lay down and she guided his long cock into her arse.She took it, no effort and the poor guy only arse fucked her for a short time before he bucked and came.My cock was hard,when he left, i came straight down,i said how much did you make,she said $750, i said the rent was 20% per day,she looked at my bulging pants,maybe we can do a deal,what did you have in mind i said,whatever you want, your arse,she turned and knelt on the bed,come on then, the last guy made me want it but came too quick.I went to put a condom on, she said no, for you bareback.I placed my cock at her anal entrance and leaned forward,my cock entering her easily,all the way to the hilt.OOh,she said,fuck me as her hand went to her cunt,i pulled back,her arse was a wonderful place,her anal walls massaging as i grabbed her hips and pounded up into her tight canal.She came,her muscles clenching my cock, i slowed,no keep going, dont slow down,as i increased my speed.Thats it,she said, fill me, you know you want too as again her internal muscles massaged my cock until i could take no more and flooded her bowels with cumm.I fell back,she jumped on top of me,trying to push my cock into her cunt,it slid in and she ground down on me until she came.Next day,there were 5 appointments,2 anals, one with a guy who had quite a large cock,but she just took it as i watched his long cock go in and out of her stretched anal hole.I came down and decided a blow job would be o.k. for the rent,she sucked my cock,but then i felt her finger push into my bum,my cock stood up higher as she massaged around.Then she stopped,moved between my legs and lifting them stuck her tongue into my arse rimming me,oh so good,then putting my cock back into her mouth,sucked me and just as i was about to cumm,pushed a finger into my arse and wiggled it around.I filled her mouth as i came hard.She smiled.Wednesday,4 appointments,one anal,2 straight but then for the next one she walked in with a short skirt and pantyhose on.She sat the guy down,30ish and bent over in front of him,exposing her pantyhosed arse,he grabbed his cock and started to stroke it,then she lay down, her legs apart and in the air,he kept stroking,then on her knees,he behind her,showing her pantyhosed butt and he came all over her.She let him out,i came straight down,my cock hard and bent her over,half pulled the pantyhose down and shoved my cock into her arse,fucked her for only a short time,then pulled out and covered her pantyhose,arse and legs with cumm.Later,she showered and gave me the pantyhose.Thursday,must have been a pay day,8 appointments,3 anal,one by a guy whos cock was very thick who she struggled to take,but once in he sat her down on his cock and she rode him,his big cock visibly stretching her hole,i think she came 3 times before he did.I noticed on the next fuck her anal opening seemed to be a little open, it didnt seem to close totally.Last one for the night was rather a big guy who fucked her cunt brutally for about 40 minutes.When he left i came down,she lay back and asked would i do her a favour and lick her as she was a bit sore.O.k. my tongue to her very wet cunt,she grabbed my head and came in my face, i waited,pulled back and she went off to sleep.Last day,6 appointments,2 anal,3 straight and then a women came in,i knew her Mrs finch,i watched as she got rid of her clothes,she was about54, she had stockings on.Kathie blind folded her,lay down,legs open and said to her very loudly,now lick my pussy and Mrs Finch,went down and lapped Kathies pussy,her backside in the air,her cunt and arse fully exposed.After awhile she pushed Mrs finch back and told her to get on her knees,Kathie,pushed first one then 2 fingers into her,she moaned,then 3 , Mrs Finch moaned some more but pushed back,worked a 4th into her and turning and smiling at me in the ensuite stuck her whole fist into her.Kathies arm was covered in juice,Mrs Finch,kept pushing back as Kathie fucked her with her fist.I had my cock out stroking,kathie slowly pulled her fist out,walked to the side of the bed,Mrs Finchs pussy had not fully closed nor had she moved and i saw Kathie strap on a huge black cock,i mean huge,6 inches round,about 10 inches long.She moved behind Mrs Finch and with one continual slow motion pushed the strap on into her until it was all the way in and i saw Mrs Finch shuddering,orgasaming,as then Kathies proceeded to fuck her.She yelled,she moaned,she groaned as Kathie kept going at her, Mrs Finch,shuddering,cumming, the strap on slippery wet.Then she collapsed, jerking,writhing, then laying still as Kathie pulled it out of her.Her cunt stayed open, you could see the pink insides,Kathie motioned me over,my cock hard,she told me next was Mrs Finch getting a small strap on in the arse but if i knelt behind her and fucked her in the arse that would do the trick.I knelt either side,my cock at her back entrance,pushed forward,she was wet there,and my cock inched in,she moaned,Kathie looked at me and gave a big pushing motion,so i pushed forward and my cock went all the way in.She whimpered as i went about fucking her arse,i felt her pushing back,she screamed and orgasmed at the same time and i really fucked up into Mrs Finchs brown hole and then filled her with my cumm.She lay there,i pulled back,and went into the ensuite,Kathie rolled her over and sat right down on her face, now lick me as Mrs Finch licked both her arse and cunt until Kathie sat very still and came.Mrs finch got dressed,could hardly walk but was all smiles and said to Kathie when you come back next time let me know.Kathie comes down quite often,i have separated from my wife after i caught her fucking her office storeman.I must admit he had a big cock and she seemed to like getting drilled by it, so she can.I advertise every time Kathie comes down,we have repeated the Mrs Finch scene,i actually prefer her tight arse to Kathies.I have also done a double with Kathie and another guy,he into her cunt while i fucked her arse.The movement was sensational and Kathie just kept cumming and cumming.I think i am liking Kathie too much and it could be a problem, but boy does she like to be fucked.

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by Anonymous05/30/15

Rachel's gangbang

Went to visit my aunt walked in I herd some noise.follow the noise it was coming from her bedroom.door was open turned look there she was on her back getting fucked by her neighbor.they didn't see me and the just kept pounding her cunt hard she said I'm Cumming she let out a scream he told I'm going to come inside you.she said no not on the pill he started to pull out of her so I jumped on the bed then jumped them forcing back in her and that is when let go of his load in her.after he was done told him grab your things get the fuck out of aunt looked at me called you bastard.she got mad at me told me now I am going to get pregnant for what you did.told her don't worry slut what I stored for you will be well worth it.what are you talking about told her your going to be a sperm bank where each guy deposits their load.called some of my friends told them where I was at to meet me here.when they got there told them that my aunt wanted gangbang party.said it is bare back no condoms make sure she is fucked real good.told them make sure she has two cocks in her cunt and one in her ass at the same time.make you guys fuck her real good make her scream real loud guy asked where is she told them in her bedroom so we walked in saw her sitting there.she looked saw me i said let the fun begin.we got around her bed and she was in the middle so took off our clothes first thing she said to us get out of here.told her shut up slut we are here to gang bang you and I told them I am the first one to put my cock in my aunt.soon as I jumped on the bed and between her legs shoved my self up her cunt with one shove she let out a scream saying your too big didn't care just kept on pushing the guys were saying g give to her good.just kept on pounding her and I went stiff and barrier me self till I felt the end of her cunt and came inside her after I pulled out of her told she is all yours.guys started to have their way with her she was getting good pounding in her cunt ass and mouth at the same time.after when couple of hours went by friends left looked at her she was full of cum in her cunt ass on her face hair.there was even hickeys on her neck and tips too.just looked at her said looks like you turned out be a slut after all and I told hope your pregnant too.said after having six kids pop out of your cunt and i know your not fixed.what is your husband going to say.once he see you with all these marks he going to say good.she looked at me and said what do you mean.told her your mine now your moving in with me because like I said you are my sperm bank.after she had her baby told I plan on getting you fixed so you can spread your legs and let guys fuck you when they come over.oh by the way your next gangbang in the weekend with six black guys been already set up.with those dark brown nipple on your tits these guys are going to stretch your ass and I know they are going to fun with you too.make sound short she did get fucked by them and when they were done one of them said she was good fuck.told them yeah for a woman being age 35 she enjoyed her self too.turned looked at me said what is next told her swing clubs where you take on 30 guys and where I watch you get cream pies inside you.looks like your going to be busy now letting guys fuck you now.i know you are my aunt but at the same time you are staying with me now.i will be filming you doing this too so we can watch it together too.

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