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27 Beech Street - College guy lusts after sexy older landlady.
A Beach Encounter
- You follow her into the shower booth.
A Better Life Pt. I - Street urchin makes her way home.
A Big Love - He discovers his lust for full-figured Cara.
A Birthday Sensation - College grad meets sexy Melanie.
A Case of Bad Timing - Lovers meet too late.
A Chance Encounter Pt. II
- Dave gets to know mystery woman.
A Class Act
- Man meets chat lover for the first time.
A Close Shave - Player makes play for older woman.
A Cruise Sexcapade!
- Man finds nookie on Alaskan cruise.
A Day In Bed
- Archie and Betty do everything but sleep.
A Day With Jack and Diane - Couple lunch at the beach.
A Dirty Western Pt. I - Miss Clitty entertains outlaw Black Bob.
A Dirty Western Pt. II - Black Bob gets wild with Indian girl.
A Double Exposure - Model finds release in steamy photo session.
A Favor for Me - He teaches girlfriend to give head.
A Full Service Station - Stranded woman gets help from young hunk.
A Good Week Pt. I - Guy makes play for busty brunette next door.
A Good Week Pt. II - Jason's seduced by friend's hot fiancée.
A Guilty Pleasure - Hubby meets vixen at grocery store.
A Hard Winter's Night - Strangers take refuge against storm.
A Head of the Game - Wife lives bald man fantasy.
A Huge Workload - He works hard with hot secretary.
A Late Morning Meeting - She drops by his work.
A Little Break - He's picked up by incredibly beautiful woman.
A Little Late Night Shopping - Lady gets help from grocery clerk.
A Motel Room With a View - Frank & Latina get out of town.
A Night on the Town - Virile Paul shows her the night of her life.
A Night with My Alter Ego - Couple plays cyber games.
A Perfect Fit - Missy & Steve are made for each other.
A Place Out of Time - Man discovers a way to stop time.
A Rainy Saturday Night - Guy is seduced by mystery brunette.
A Randy Teacher Pt I -  He's hot for Teacher!
A REAL Hot Table Dance! - Nice Guy meets Naughty Annette.
A Reunion With Peggy - Couple's meeting gets hot.
A Short Red Hair - He can't resist tawny-haired beauty.
A Summer Day - Couple makes hot morning even hotter.
A Surprise for Mark - She shaves for the first time.
A Surprise for Mark Pt. II - Man enjoys freshly shaved prize.
A Tape Named Jim - Gary's surprised by girlfriend's roommate.
A Visit to the Doctor - She's examined thoroughly by hunky M.D.
A Walk in the Park - Man meets crying girl.
A Weekend Away - Two near-strangers unite in a tiny cabin.
Abbey - He plays footsie with his girlfriend's best friend.
Accident - Sexy coed's last wild act leaves many questions.
Adventures of Adam I - Guy gets dream girl for 18th birthday.
Adventures of Adam III - He enjoys his girlfriend's sister.
Adventures of Adam IV - Cerys makes shocking confession.
Adventures Of Betty II - Betty takes Archie to the prom.
Adventures of Cerys Pt. I - Sexy waitress falls for new hunk.
After Dinner with Frank - She's hungry, but not for food.
After School
- Boy takes cheerleader girlfriend for first time.
After School Punishment - Cheerleader is held after class.
After the Exams - Shy students find love.
After The Gig - Unlucky drummer finally gets a break.
After Work - He helps her relax after hard day.
Afternoon Delight - Hot blonde celebrates new contract.
Alabama Days - Man takes revenge on status-obsessed girlfriend.
Alarm Clocks - He wakes his beautiful flower.
Alexandra's Odyssey Ch. I - Seizure throws her life into chaos.
Alicia - High school boy gets very close to the girl of his dreams.
Alice's Adventures Pt. III - Mouse & Alice go to the theatre.
Alice's Adventures Pt. V - Alice confronts the Duchess.
Alice's Adventures Pt. VI - Alice goes to a sex tea-party.
Alice's Adventures Pt. XI - Alice journeys to Brook.
Alice's Adventures Pt. XIII - Alice watches Leon and Une.
Alice's Visit - Man stationed in Korea is seduced by wife's friend.
Alison Furse Rejuvenated - Widower rediscovers lust.
All Dolled Up - She makes up, and he messes her up.
All From a Picture - Husband helps wife live hardbody fantasy.
All Hallows Eve... - Helen meets the new wood carver.
All Her Lustful In-Laws - Farmer's wife is loved by all.
All These Things... - Man visits his favorite girl.
Allie - Guy friend teaches girl how to give oral pleasure.
Almira - Author meets lovely writer at a Literotica party.
Am I Still Sexy? - Jake comforts his disfigured wife after accident.
Amanda - Jake adores a beautiful coworker.
Amish Discipline II - Young Amish girl finds couple's sex toys.
Amy Conquers The Air - Pilot takes young girl high in the sky.
Amy's Friend - Father lusts after daughter's sexy pal.
An Average Geek - Ordinary guy uses extraordinary his asset.
An Educational Experience - Sheryl runs into hunky teacher.
An Email Affair Pt. I - Guy & girl on bus are drawn to each other.
An Engaging Weekend - His fiancee visits for wild two days.
An Evening with Denise - Relationship with coworker deepens.
An Incredible Hole:... - Older golfer matches strokes with hot girl.
An Interview With a Married Woman - She tells all.
An Orford Castle Adventure - You take lovely redhead.
Anal Seduction - Brian lusts for sexy redhead with nice posterior.
Angel of Mercy - Injured skier enjoys his hospital stay.
Angela - Frank finds love with roommate.
Angela's Portfolio Pt. I - Call girl screws the IRS.
Angry Chair - Paraplegic and friend seek revenge on shallow ex.
Anna - Sexy divorcee gives coworker the ultimate going-away present.
Anna Story - Boy gets close to girl after party.
Anna Kournikova - Golf prodigy encounters the young tennis starlet.
Another Day - Girl in Heaven writes her life story.
Another Work Day - She helps you relieve on-the-job stress.
Another Sex on the Kitchen Table Story - Krista gets wild.
Antiques Made While You Wait - Couple has new experience.
Anything - Man discovers secret about bitchy coworker.
Ariana's Awakening Pt. II - Ariana goes out with Chad.
Arlene: Virgin to Easy - Cheerleader loses it after big game.
Arouseltwat: The Wonder Sex Drug - The ultimate aphrodisiac.
Assignation - The governor gets real kinky.
At An Even Pace - NYC cop finds home invaded by burglar.
At The Fair - Trudy and Scott enjoy the County Fair.
At The Office - His wife's boss keeps something special at her desk.
At Your Desk - You, the Big Boss, give her work to do.
Aunt Audrey - Young guy is seduced by Mom's friend.
Australian Heavenly Body - Man in the outback meets Aussie girl.
Autumn Leaves - Redheaded neighbor helps him rake.
Away From Home - She warms up his bitter-cold evening.
Baby Sister - He yearns for buddy's lovely sis.
Back Yard Jacuzzi - Coworkers find each other at company party.
Badlands - Faithful husband faces temptation.
Baja Mexico - Married woman enjoys island affair.
Bar Games - Mysterious vixen takes home an ordinary guy.
Beach Encounter - Girl plays with older men at the beach.
Bebe - Man meets vixen at car wash.
Because I'm Worth It - He spends a night with five-finger friend.
Becky's Pillow - He finds a substitute for her love.
Bennie - He's reunited with niece-in-law.
Before We Go To Dinner... - He enjoys his mocha beauty.
Bermuda - Skinny dipper meets photographer.
Beth - Student falls for petite recent college grad.
Betraying My Sister - Joanne tries out her sexy brother-in-law.
Betty's First Orgasm - He gives her pleasure for the first time.
Bicycle Rhapsody - Cyclist gives a fellow rider a helping hand.
Big Boy Pt. VII - He and Judy enjoy strawberry yogurt.
Big Boy Pt. X - He helps female patient who fears oral sex.
Big Boy Pt. XI - Judy's clinic is discovered by the hospital.
Big Boy Pt. XIV - He receives a gift, and makes a proposal.
Big Boy Pt. XVI - Dean proposes, and an arsonist strikes.
Big Three-Oooh - Vicki loans her stud boyfriend to Linda.
Biology Lessons - Teacher lusts for tall busty blonde.
Bill & Lauren Pt. I - Couple plays while parents are away.
Blonde Bimbo - Boss tricks gullible blonde employee.
Blonde in Black & Silver - Russell finds a different kind of girl.
Bonnie & Ron V - Bonnie has a plan.
Bound to Please - She meets you to please you.
Bourbon & Ice - Married man unwinds with mystery blonde.
Bowling with Carol - He falls hard for married woman.
Brandon's Adventures: The '60s Ch 1 -  Boy learns about sex.
Brandon's Adventures: The '60s Ch 2 -  Boy & girl get closer.
Brandon's Adventures... Ch 3 -  Tammy tries oral.
Brandon's Adventures... Ch 4 -  New girl piques his interest.
Brandon's Adventures... Ch 5 -  Brandon loses his virginity.
Brandon's Adventures... Ch 6 -  He tells Tammy about Lydia.
Brandon's Adventures... Ch 7 -  Brandon talks to Tammy.
Brandon's Adventures... Ch 8
-  Jamie gives him trouble.
Brandon's Adventures... Ch 9 -  Tammy makes a confession.
Breakdown - Stranded motorist is saved, and bedded, by hunky man.
Breakfast In Bed - Girlfriend's sister moves in and tries seduction.
Brief Encounters:... - Their eyes meet across the room.
Burger Babe - He fantasizes about busty fast food girl.
Can I Come Over? - He tricks Maggie into cheating.
Candie - Hot young thing helps restore older man's confidence.
Candy's Business Trip - Her secret lust for coworker is revealed.
Car Tales - Older man seduces Mustang enthusiast.
Carmel - He meets you in Pebble Beach.
Carrie - Guy gets down with the school slut.
Carrie - Husband gives in to teenage temptation.
Cassandra's Fantasy - She and boyfriend "study" together.
Caught - Wife catches hubby with porn, & shows him something better.
"Cat" Burglar - Single girl hears noises in the night.
Caught! - Mom's boyfriend catches her masturbating.
Chance Encounters - Perfect date ends perfectly wickedly.
Chance Encounters - Walking man runs into lovely Latina.
Charmed By Innocence - Mom lusts for daughter's boyfriend.
Checkmate - Gold-digging bride gets her just desserts.
Chemistry - Married friends are drawn to each other.
Chemistry Class - Student is "tutored" by hunky science teacher.
Cheryl's Probation - Attorney falls for girl in trouble.
Cheryl's Probation Pt. II - Her lawyer arranges a rendezvous.
Christy/Todd, Todd/Christy - Todd falls for petite Christy.
Church Tales Ch. I - Virgin couple loses it in church.
Church Tales Ch. II - Two young couples blossom sexually.
Church Tales Ch. III - She seduces the preacher's son.
Church Tales Ch. IV - He seduces the minister's sexy wife.
Classmates - Biker at college falls for pretty blonde coed.
Classmates Pt. II - Michelle gives him the ride of his life.
Classmates Pt. III - Michelle enjoys time with Jake.
Coed Temptation - Married man can't resist temptress.
Coffee Shop Encounter - She meets you, & can't resist you.
College Daze II - Young landlord bets on the rent, and wins.
Commercials, No... - Lexi & Russ entertain each other.
Contrasts - Hawaiian girl lands in San Diego, & meets special friend.
Cum to Angellean's Hotel Room - You & her rendezvous.
Cum Ride With Me - Lovers take turns in writing fantasy.
Cybersex gets Realsex... - Naive Indian guy meets girls online.
Dance Partner - You enjoy chance encounter with gorgeous woman.
Dangerous Liaisons in the City - Wild lovers meet at a cafe.
Dave Meets Vicki I - Repairman encounters buxom blonde.
Dave Meets Vicki II - Couple tries water sports in the shower.
Dear Diary Pt. VII - She shops with Marie.
Dear Diary Pt. XI - Kelli, alone in her room.
Death - Man's recruited to perform a most noble duty.
Death Pt. IV - Death defies the rules.
Death Pt. VI - Thugs attack Death at his apartment.
Death Pt. VII - A bomb changes Death's life forever.
Death Pt. VIII - Mobster's daughter pays Death a visit.
Death Pt. IX - Death confronts Graboldy, and beds Becky.
Death Pt. X - Death is summoned by Graboldy.
Deck of Cards - Barry buys a wild pack.
DeeDee - Rejected man finds love on the side.
Delilah - Wife nails the one who got away.
Denise - He meets a beautiful woman and takes her home.
Descent - He falls under Mrs. M's spell.
Desiring Anna - He lusts for lovely coworker.
Detention with Vernon - She teaches her teacher.
Detour in Chicago - Daniel meets fellow employee in Washington.
Did I Dream It? - Cuckold's luck turns around.
Dinner Date - You and her do more than eat at restaurant.
Distraction - Aussie drifter finds a job, and finds hope in a pretty face.
Don't Turn Around - She sneaks up behind you at work.
Dream Fantasy Inc. - He meets mystery woman at truck stop.
Dream Lover - Jane's sleeptime lover invades her consciousness.
Drive In - He & cyberlover take in a movie.
Driving School - He meets dream girl at driving class.
Early Closing - English girl goes wild for American gentleman.
East Meets West: The Internet... - Internet lovers unite.
Einstein - (Breast, Vagina, Penis) - He tackles hard questions.
Elevator - Two strangers get down while going up.
Elevator Encounter - Man finds woman going down.
Elevator Stranger - Kate has fling with strange hunk.
Email Replies About Size - Latina surveys her women readers.
Encyclopedic Encounters I - He's teased by coworker in stockings.
Endless Possibilities - Kat gives in to her online lover.
Erotic Education For... - He falls for roommate's sexy older ex.
Erotic Education For...Pt. II - Older woman shows him ecstasy.
Erotic Narcotic - "E" brings friends at party closer.
Exciting Ch. III - Sexy coworker catches his eye.
Experienced Teachers Wanted - He gives love lessons.
Extra Credit -   High school athlete passes Algebra with private lessons.
Extra Help - Teacher falls hard for sexy Brazilian student.
Every Dog Has His Day - Regular guy gets a chance with cheerleader.
False Arrest - Middle-aged man meets nubile beachgoer.
False Profit - Lonely rich wife makes a deal.
Fantasy - Lovers meet for the first time.
Fantasy Pt. I - David comforts abused wife.
Fantasy Pt. II - David tells Michelle about Kate's seduction.
Fantasy Pt. III - Kate makes dinner for David.
Fantasy 2 Reality - She meets you in person for the first time.
Fantasy World - Jill has an erotic experience at a wild nightclub.
Fina's Fantasies - Young girl pleasures herself in a meadow.
Fine Caviar Pt. I - Wife asks hubby to romance Russian beauty.
Fireworks - She walks out on married man and into a cab.
First Date - You and her take a ride in your convertible.
First Encounter Pt. II - Couple is overcome by each other.
First of Many With John - Girl is seduced by uncle's friend.
First of Many With John Pt. II - She brings him home.
First Meeting - Couple rendezvous at a hotel.
First Time - Man meets sexy woman in Jake's Hall.
Fishing Trip - She sneaks into camp to warm up your sleeping bag.
Football Season - Sexy football mom gets him hot.
Forbidden Nectar - Randa lusts for friend's handsome father.
Forbidden Sweets - She falls for her boss's husband.
Frank, Three Mother's Days... - Latina & Frank on the radio.
Friend of the Family - Young guy yearns for sexy older lady.
Friends and Lovers - Marrieds find comfort in each other's arms.
Friends Become Lovers - Shelby finds lust outside her marriage.
Friends Become Lovers II - Shelby faces the morning after.
Fruition - She meets with a man who's not her husband.
Fucking Tony - She wakes to find you there, and ready.
Fun & Games Pt. II - Her sexy friend Thomas stops by.
Fun in the Breakdown Lane - Car trouble leads to hot sex.
Fun Under Plaid - Guy gets friendly with prep school girl.
Fun Under The Sun - You and him pleasure each other in Paradise.
Fun With June Pt. I - Businessman meets an insatiable woman.
Fuzz Away on Saturday - Guy decides to shave his girlfriend.
Game, Set and Match - Tennis couple wants to bring in a man for her.
Gardening Lessons - Horny wife lusts for well-hung garden boy.
Genie in a Bottle Ch. I - Girl gets her wish from randy Djinn.
Genie in a Bottle Ch. III - She thanks the genie for his services.
Guess Who Came To Visit? - Horny programmer finds her focus.
Ghost in the Machine Pt. I - She volunteers for strange study.
Ghost in the Machine Pt. II - Experiment goes wrong.
Gina's New Thing - He introduces a coworker to the joys of porn.
Ginger's Apartment - Salesman meets hot brunette.
Go Faster! - Carrie Friday and rockstar Eddie live the wild life.
Going After Celebrities - Guy gets Sarah Michelle Gellar.
Gonna Make You Notice - Guy falls for lovely coworker on trip.
Good Morning! Pt. I - He leaves her a letter and a special package.
Good Neighbors - Wife has the hots for cop next door.
Gotta Have Faith Pt. I - New security guard is hired by Faith Hill.
Gotta Have Faith Pt. III - Security guy spends time with Faith.
Halloween Date - He lusts after a ghost.
Handi-Horny... - Mom helps handicapped son score with pretty neighbor.
Happy Birthday, Baby - She gives him the perfect birthday dinner.
Happy Halloween - Haunted House accident gets him sympathy.
Hard Time - Female deputy makes moves on county jail inmate.
He & She - Couple dreams of each other.
Heart’s Desire - College guy tests an amazing device.
Her Favorite Fantasy - She fantasizes about online lover.
Her Last Cherry - Sexy curvy writer wonders about anal sex.
Her Masterful Tease - Sarah gives Marvin everything she's got.
Her New Neighbor - Kim gives her new neighbor a warm welcome.
HerTurn - Wife gives husband a taste of Sheila.
Hero - Friend's death reunites biker with his past.
Hi Alice - Mother stumbles onto daughter's secrets in cyberspace.
Hi Sexy - John and Candy get busy in her new room.
High Hopes Ch. I - Wife tries to bring romance back to dull marriage.
High Hopes Ch. II - Lonely vacationing wife meets the pool boy.
High Hopes Pt. III - Husband comes back unexpectedly early.
HighTech Sex, Inc. Pt. I - Aggressive female exec seeks a boytoy.
HighTech Sex, Inc. Pt. II - Sammi schemes to make Mark hers.
HighTech Sex, Inc. Pt. III - Mark entertains Diana's client.
Hiking Pt. I - He competes in odd competition.
Holiday Erotic Pt. I - Dominica meets her date.
Hollywood Nights Ch. I - L.A. couple heats up a summer day.
Hollywood Nights Ch. II - Letiticia listens to Marla & Michael.
Hollywood Nights Ch. III - Marla & Michael plan a threesome.
Hollywood Nights Ch. IV - Hotel boy ogles Marla.
Hollywood Nights Ch. V - Jeremy find Candi to be very sweet.
Hollywood Nights Ch. VI - Letiticia & Marla give Michael a hard time.
Hollywood Nights Ch. VII - Jeremy eats a little Candi.
Home From Work - Hot wife welcomes husband.
Homeless Man In My Locker Room - Cheerleader meets bum.
Homework Help - He helps hot neighbor get extra credit.
Hot For Teacher - Blonde goddess instructs him in art of love.
Hot Lady - His vixen girlfriend shows him a great time.
Hot Southern Passion - Young stud loosens up a southern lady.
Hot Southern Passion II - Younger male, mature female erotica.
Hot Summer Afternoon - She falls for her friend's brother.
Hot Summer Afternoon II - More of young girl & friend's brother.
Hot Talk - Peter & Francesca tell each other their fantasies.
Hot Talk Pt. II - Francesca & Peter get hotter.
Hot Tub Action - She lures him away from the computer & into the tub.
House Sitting - Couple plays while his friend's away.
Housekeeper - A change of maid brings unexpected delights.
Housework - Husband does chores, and much more!
How Did You Know? - Misdirected email saves two women.
How I Lost My Job - Chic clothing salesman is seduced by siren.
Hymn Pt. 1 - Girl visits adult bookstore and meets her master.
I Love Men - To all the boys she's loved before...
I Remember Her Smile - Man looks back on his 19th summer.
I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus - She gives Ol' Nick a treat!
IaHarleyRider's Story - She loves a man on a hog.
Ice Cream Man Pt. I - Woman and hunky delivery driver flirt.
Ice Cream Man Pt. II - She prepares her seduction.
Ice Cream Man Pt. III - He delivers more than frozen goods.
Ice Cream Tragedy - Bitter girl victimizes well-intentioned guy.
Ida's Toy Boy - Horny wife lusts for young stud.
If You Were Here - What she'd like to do to you...
I'll Shave You... - Couple plays with razors.
I'm So Sore - Rock climber scales busty babe.
Imagine Being Sugar - The father of Jodie Foster's baby is revealed.
In Her Father's Footsteps I - Spy's daughter joins The Service.
In Her Father's Footsteps II - Jane stalks the mysterious W.
In Her Father's Footsteps III - Jane gets a lead on Wendy Warmcox
In Her Father's Footsteps IV - Jane leaves for Vienna.
In Her Father's Footsteps V - Jane gets the goods on W.
In Her Father's Footsteps VIII - Jane and Wendy confront W.
In The Pit - Her love for her MG brings her close to mechanic.
In the Shadow of the Stone - He finds beauty in Ireland.
Insemination Games - Self-serving man seduces young women.
Instant Chemistry - Sharley & Daniel can't deny their lust.
Interlude at the Movies - Man seeks a stranger at the theater.
Interlude of Lust - You and he enjoy a night of passion.
Intimate Strangers - Corseted girl awaits her British seductor.
Inventory - Woman is sent to catalog an adult bookstore.
Invitation to Room 304 - Cheating spouses meet for hot sex.
It's Called A Shower - College roommates scrub each other.

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