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Surprise twist

Wow - I really didn't expect this "twist in the tale" - not only is he her father (though you did provide premonition) but that he's also a famous painter? But his best works are when he paints with passion - first his wife, then his daughter. I only wish that Jerry had written her a letter or memoir that answered all the questions his daughter would have. I'm sure he was bright and thoughtful and realized that not only would she have lots of questions, but that she would be disappointed not to have answers to them.

Loved it! Thank you for sharing your story with us!

Nice story.

There are some spots that could use a little more fleshing out, but it made my heart feel good.

I agree - a sequel could be fun

Tom never thought it would work and knew quickly it was all false hope - so he managed to end it on his terms -

Nicer than I would have been -

Well designed lesson here -

Great story

I enjoyed reading this story, thanks. Just one doubt, would Jerry have known Gina for three years and still not told her he was her father, especially when he saw that she lived in a dangerous area and was too poor to move out?

Missing the Point!

I think a lot of comments have missed the point of this story. This is a fantasy. Most men that have been cheated on, think about doing these types of things to the cheating parties. They usually don't because of any number of reasons but they still think about doing them. This author just took the darkest fantasies and wrote them in a story. How much humiliation does a person have to take before they snap and go off the deep end. Good job and thanks for finishing the story.

Interesting start

Nice setup - at first I thought the story was about a task Scythe needed to accomplish; but by the end of the chapter, it has turned into the start of a possible relationship. Not sure how that would evolve, as both seem to have a dark past that they don't want to share (for good reasons, I'm sure). So the open questions are: a) what will happen at the end of the week? Will Scythe get the pages she's interested in? Or will the Viscount hold to his initial decision? b) what happens when Tala returns? How will she affect the wordplay games between Scythe and Viscount Bedlam? Hope that you'll decide to return to this story - has lots of potential and many possibilities.


This has got to be the very best series that I have ever read. You done well, partner!!!! Hope there is going to be more on this series. CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES FOR THE HOLIDAYS!!!!

Big Fan

Hello, I really liked this set-up , are you planning on continuing it?

Very good! Thank you for sharing your story with us!

Just waiting for the next chapter.

OMFG! Loved it!

Extremely creative plot line -

Well executed too

Most of us will not make it to door 1 but hopefully the right ones make it to door 2- I have known a few i think could qualify heh.

some alternate reading

Lovely to read some good thoughts about people and family that does not end up in bed. Francois m


That was harsh. But well deserved. Fucking asshole loser.

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