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Had to be said. 5*

"They" need to be exposed.

Well done. 5*

You write with great directness and clarity: in a word "gravitas". AND you have something worth saying to say, and you say it well. You are way too smart for the average Litizen, but keep on keeping on anyway.

a joke

1 star for a friggin farie tell loser author

Thank You for an inspiring story!

What a terrific story! Sometimes we lose track of the children of our fallen soldiers. This story brought that to the forefront. I respect and admire any man or woman who goes off to protect our freedom. (I am not for war, I think politicians and world leaders should fight and ever one else just watch - wars would be a lot shorter.) It is a real shame that the men and women that lose their young lives and those that return home are treated so shabbily. Thank You again for such an emotional story and a big Thank You to all vets that are called to protect our freedom.

this is bullshit

If she didnt stop his hand that means she liked it and thats as good as cheating remember the marriage vows to forsake ,All Others she didnt. His case wasnt hndled properly he falls under temporary insanity watching a man fondle his wife and then basically call gim a cuckold and he paid with his life he paid the ultimate price for messing with another mans pregnantwife

Author's note

It's been a year and half and I just read it through again. I'm embarrassed at the mistakes I made. Among other things, plus typos, I was supposed to make it clear that George and the older nurse were about the same age, I was going to put it in just as the end with a comment from the nurse that this one was her age, not an eighteen year old like so many of the others.

When I wrote this I had a half done outline for when George and the nurse get together after the war. I never got far with that one, but did this as a pre-quel. Haven't done anything with the outline since.

The sun hasn't set yet

"Staff" Dan still seeks his old bank heist pals, and in the next episode (half-written) he goes back to school. I have three more stories in mind for this character, so I will return to him from time to time. Several other story projects on the go which are pressing more urgently.

Liked the story, this time,

but I loved the comment about the Martian Slut Ray. What a neat and succinct way to describe that absolute and total change that takes place in a person when first they practice to deceive.

You just gotta love a happy ending.

Entertaining read

The writer refers to a Mr. and Mrs. Warrender in a BBC comedy series in the 80's therefore many Brits could recall these characters whilst reading. The Warrenders and their daughter Penelope (Pen) lived in middle class suburbia, very nice , very quiet , very neat and tidy not a blade of grass out of place. Daphne (played by Sylvia Kay) was a snob of the highest order, the daughter was a little "posh" as we say this side of the Atlantic. Vince the boyfriend was laid back easy going and managed a betting shop, he was a "bit of a lad". His parents dealt in scrap metal, you get the picture. Good and entertaining read and I believe the writer could go much further with these characters, easy for me to say, I am not the one sitting there many hours and writing.

And so they sailed off into the sunset to live happily ever after? No?


Please do part 2 because the story is good and it reflects on marriage and why do and husband or!wife cheat.If you going to cheat why get marry you suppose to commute with each other when there a pro@blem.


to clean up the forest, TK U MLJ LV NV


and its bulls eyes for all..TK U MLJ LV NV


into the Sheriff of Nottingham/ TK U MLJ LV NV

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