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Loving it

Very well developed and heart wrenching. Five stars.


It was a four. The phone call dropped it to a two.


You said his wife had nearly fallen into the arms of another man. The fact is , she did fall into the arms of another man. She made out wih him extensively. She allowed him to finger her pussy and asscrack. She cheated. Her husband took his blame. She did not. We need kharma to step un and even the score.

For Crosis and Karen

Can't believe you are grammar/spelling/et al policing a story that is nine years old.
Get a life.
For DG: Enjoyed it as I do for most of your stories. Thanks.
tom anon

One problem

There is one serious glaring problem with this story. Anyone who has been a parent knows that a three year old girl should be able to walk and talk very well. The abilities you described are those of an 18-month-old. Any child who has not developed any more that that by the time she is three, needs to be tested for mental handicaps.

why is this even here

I just don't see any reason this would be considered erotic

Good Story

Not everyone who died is a saint there were flawed people like everyone else. This story just covers that point.
Well done to the author for having the guts to write a story on the subject matter.


especially when they entail paybacks. TK U MLJ LV NV


so begins the next burden. TK U MLJ LV NV

Drawn out too much

Finally a real reaction

Apart from the voodoo at the end (which was funny btw) that is exactly the reaction I have had in real life. Only a hubris turd would chance darkening my doorstep to pull a stunt like that. And like in real life I tossed my wife out too with no chance to explain away her shit.


one would hope for some kind of relief. TK U MLJ LV NV

Did any of you legal critics read the 1st paragraph?

The author told you upfront that "his" courts did not function in accordance with our reality. Remember folks, there's a reason why they call this FICTION! I suppose The author should be flattered that his story worked its way into your minds enough that you thought it should be based in "reality." I enjoyed it...5 stars!

Absolutely delightful!

A thrill to read and one of the best stories I've read in the genre in a while.

anon comments

I worked for a commander where I was the first formal step in resolving issues.
He told me that unless people were able to stand up and identify themselves their problem was not worth his of my time.
A lesson I learned the hard way (I think Mz Clinton is learning this one) Any thing you put on a public forum will never die. Words do hurt--make your words soft and sweet, it makes them easier to eat
(sorry cannot seem to get logged back in for some reason) an auhunter04

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