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I've really liked this

You've done a great job on this story so far. The only thing is that the sex was pretty confusing. Did she have anal sex at some point? That's what it felt like you referenced, but there wasn't even a euphemism for the action. If so, the words you used weren't really adequate to convey what was happening to the reader. You went into so much detail about her lips (both upper and lower) and her hips and the effects it had on him, but barely described the overall action between them. I just felt like you were afraid to use the word penis, cock, anus, vagina, or any real anatomical identifiers in your explanations during sex.

Chap 60?!!!

Please say another chap is on its way! I love your stories and I think I have read them all, some more than once :) I am in need of my Marble fix. I still check everyday looking for another chap. I hope you are well and this story has just hit a block and you have not given up on it.


Well done

You are a good writer and story teller. I love how this story unfolds.

Like some, I thought the sex scene was a bit sudden, and skipped over it. There wasn't enough emotional attachment for me to enjoy it. However ... unlike some, I took the abruptness of the scene as an indication of how turning were changed her mentally.

Thank you for your effort in bringing this story.

i do hope she wins in the end


I am so happy your able to get some new chapters in for our enjoyment. Please ignore the turds that complain about the wait. A your writing is worth the wait. B if they want it faster they should pay you so you can sit at home every day and write.


Your stories just keep getting better. Its great that they are on a free site but I would definitely buy them in a paper format. Keep writing and dont stop.

Loved it!

So much suspense and mystery to keep us hooked.

Finally caught up...

*pant*, *pant*

I finally caught up with your writing. I love this story. Thank you for your work and effort. It is a real pleasure to read.

Great story, great writing.

and really nice to see the little kitsunes in action. I still want a pair

So nice...

to see Dan cut loose. Cans of whoop ass are needed at times. What next.......

If he's not going to "damage" her, is he going to untie her hands, let her go piss, and then think to feed her? Somehow his lie doesn't ring true.


however, I need another chapter now!!!! I lost you for awhile, but have found you again, and like before, you have not disappointed me.

Keep up the great work.

Yes there are some grammatical errors, but I still enjoyed it

(more than...) 5 Stars

I liked it! Didn't really much care for the romance between the orc and vampire. It and they felt like filler material.

The pages per chapter are too short

Seriously, the pages are too short and its driving me crazy..Anyway really love your story and hope you write more

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