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I guessed it from the first time he was seen lurking in the woods.

Great story, and with several new twists in the werewolf world of fiction stories.


This is really great!


No fair! You cant just leave us hanging like that!


not gonna lie I just finished the latest chapter after about two hours of binge reading and I'm hitting the sack with three damn good orgasms under my belt

Awesome can't wait for the next installment!

Well written

While its too early to judge u as a writer, the efforts you put into this chap can be seen. Keep up the good work and write some more!

don't stop

Please keep writing gypsy wolf

please more!

Please don't stop there i would love to read more!

I can't wait

Very hot

i loved it and thought it was hot. I can't wait for more! I'd also be interested in seeing a male tentacle story as those are rare.


Cat girls = wild pussy.

I don't consider myself a furry, but what the yiff! Bring on the catnip. I'm in.

more plz

I will be looking forward to chapter two of this story! I like the plot keep going!

Hope There's More

Oh I hope you write some more


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