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Next chapter?

Please, please,please can we have the next chapter


Fantastic and funny series, keep up the amazing work my friend.


where is the rest of the story?


Please continue. You've got me addicted. I have got to know what happens.

Sequel sequel sequel!!!! Amazing!!!!

Loved it!

9 pages. Wow, seriously wow. In previous chapters, I thought Valeria was actually being a bit irrational, but i totally got where she was coming from in this one. Loved every bit of it (seriously, 9 pages! I'm beyond impressed.)


On second reading, I find myself really, make that REALLY wondering about Lucretia's father.
William describes succubi as deceitful but she is honest and straightforward.
So much so that she is a complete misfit at home.
That and what appear to be stronger than usual combat abilities make me wonder about why she is the way she is.

This story is proving to be an interesting journey.


It would be criminal not to continue!!


I have a sin to confess, when I read a story to the end I always give it a 5 score. I firmly believe that if I could finish it then I am liking it and I hope that it will keep on going.
In this case I am a bit sad because I can't give more than 5...
I like the plot, the characters and the writing. Of course, it is the first chapter so there's still more to see but right now I am hooked.
So, without further delay, onto part 2!!

great job

You got me with that one, nice read keep it up

Love it!!

Oh my gosh of course there are 2 pairs of twins. its really good tho

More please

Write more

I believe you could turn this into a very nice novel and sell it as an ebook on amazon. Can't wait to read more

in love with it

Omg couldn't stop reading the whole story was just incredible still craving more even though it's over

Plz Plz Plz Continue

Ur story is awesome I have read and reread more times than is normal can u plz come back and tell us what happens to Sera as well as Dimitri and Ryder ty.........

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