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Only four years

Just want to say I enjoy the writing. It needs a third part.

Delightfully different

Loved it, please continue the work

I'm sorry but the writing style bored me to tears, I couldn't finish the first page, really wish I could have, it was like reading a text book. No score, but keep trying.


I'm so happy she had a real interest in wolf cock! I'm sick of running into all the forceful and fear based werewolf stories. There's still the boring and overused element of running through the woods... But she wants wolf cock and that gets me going enough that I can look past the other tired and outdated "fight for a woman" trope. We still have the final say, and it doesn't always work out in the winning males favor.
Again, very happy with how much she wanted werewolf dick.

It's totally reasonable for a wild girl to want to run away from the default world. I am one of those types. Adventure!

Let's Grow Xavier His Confidences!

Xavier has weakened to the point of distraction. I appreciate how you have him warming up to his pack after meeting his mate, but he still needs an iron hand over her too. Please? And thank you for continuing to freely share your gift with us.


Thanks, Anonymous .

Yeah. I know it was a little odd. But I thought this place needed a little more monster girl.

So I decided to write this. Thanks for your feedback. I appreciate it more than you realize. Glad you enjoyed it.

Three stars.

It wasn't too good, BUT, I liked how unique it was. Even if you need some improvement (don't we all?) I liked how original the idea was.

For that I give you three stars.

To Hethen129

The Alpha is not portrayed as you stated. Xavier is showing his ability to be Alpha and is not being weak as you stated. I don't even see that in the story so it must be that you are reading something else and mistaken it for this.

Great Book

This is one of my favorites but it still feels slightly incomplete I can't wait for you to be in a position to write more.


Great story! And although the sex part was good no substitute for a good script.
Please continue!


There are too many cliches, that it's boring.

So glad...

That you have put up another chapter!!!!

Gorgeous writing!

I absolutely loved this! Every bit of imagery was just wonderful, and I LOVED how you ended it!

I'm not a lover of these kind of SiFi stories but I'm really enjoying these. I hope you post again soon and many more... Thanks

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