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Good Question about the Praetorians.. but...

Im predicting that we are soon going to be having a problem with "Brandon". Im hoping he isnt a spy. Please answer my questions about why the Praetorians arent out looking for her, Im hoping its because they havent been alerted yet.. or something along those lines...smh Either way.. I totally admire thie entire series. I would love to hear about Liam.... he needs love too.. And hey.. are none of these were/vamps gay? Just asking .. and no Im not lesbian or gay.. but I have friends who are and .. I think it would be interesting.. how would they all react to that... just .. a Great work JazCullen... Fantastic series

I can't finish it. She's such an idiot for the birth control stunt, and then to be all wide eyed like she didn't know she would die? Wtf?
She also learned the first language way too quickly in the early chapters. One or two chapters of difficult communication would make it more believable.
Overall I did enjoy this story, but the actions of the characters were not consistent with their motives.

Please don't stop!

This is a really great series!

Love the chapter. I like that this werewolf story is different from the typical Were story.


What a lovely short story. I wouldn't mind being rescued...


You're an excellent author.
Please finish this story.
I absolutely love it.

similar story

I have read similar story in wattpad... r u d same writer

Outstanding !

Some people can keep a grudge long time and other people can be too stupid for their one good .You caught their point of view , but always is hope something better will come .
Thank you for sharing this story .

Slow down

This has the makings of a good story but it's so fast paced it is hard to grab the attention of your reader. Slow down, take your time. It's not a race. It's a story. Let us have information but put in proper dialogue and descriptive verbs to make it more exciting.

And please stop with the "we're so downtrodden" crap. They're wolves. They're stronger than this.

Holy crap... incredible! Couldn't stop reading!

My pussy and I send our regards; just rode the most intense orgasm of my life, and I owe that credit to you ;) Please, keep writing!!


I don't want to be discouraging by any means. I think the story could be great.
But.. I agree with the previous poster. I have tried to read and reread this story as I know this would be something I could sink my teeth into, if I could just get past it reading like a play. I tried to ignore the names and just read it as a book, but it just didn't work. Unfortunately it is just too disjointed for me to continue with at this stage. Please stick with writing. You have a talent.

Lovely little tale but...

...try to avoid anachronisms in fantasy tales---the word 'autopilot' jarred simply because it is an ill-placed concept in this story. Apart from that, very good.


To Boring

I haven't been on Lit for a while. But I wanted to thank you for your comment. It's always great to know what the readers think.

I hope you'll try another of my work. I hate to think you'd leave thinking that of what I do.

Anyway, Thanks!

Wendy Stone/Daniellekitten

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