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Interesting twist to this sort of story!

Bravo! ;) Highly enjoyable and entertaining. Can't wait for what happens next.


nice to no have blood and gore in this genre - even better to have a mature love

thank you, thank you, thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW WRITEMORE


I admit to being rather jaded on a lot of stories and having very limited patience for poor writing. Yes there are some grammatical errors, however you have a unique writing style that works very well for your story, and have created a very interesting main character. I very much look forward to reading more, and I think that with time and practice, you have the potential to become one of the top writers on this site. Nice job.


great story when are going to do chapter 3?

What a character! Billy is great! He's part genius with a heart of gold, part smart-ass, and part old-fashioned gentleman. No wonder ladies of both species are attracted.

Welcome Back!!! :)

You've been gone too long, but it is great now you're back. A good chapter, but had to go back and read chapter 2 again to remind me of what happened. Didn't mind though. Hope you post chapter 4 more quickly. :)

Grief :(

I think I'm in mourning...what happened...are you ok Elianna?


You're back! :D

Glad for the new chapter to this story, but bummed it's so short. I understand, though. Life has its way of getting in the way. Ha.

I wouldn't even need to be convinced... Sign me up for a dose of the Crimson ASAP!

Nice story

Been a while, eh? Its like Mr. Gump says, "It happens. Sometimes."

I like what you've done with your story so far, enjoyable.
Minor detail, not a criticism, just an observation: Belle falls into that "Too stupid to live" category. She needs a Beast to keep her safe from herself. xD

Run too the hills

Billy run too the hills if you value your life.

Thanks, all

Hey, everyone, chapter 4 should be coming a lot faster. I just wrapped up the process of moving recently, so now I've got a lot more butt in chair time!


Truly one of the best stories I've read in a very long time. Excellent job!

Dont stop

Would be very irritating if you just decided to stop making these, please continue, and tell us you will be inactive next time

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