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Oh my goodness...

just as I'm feeling a bunch of warm fuzzies that Leah has straightened out her head, heart and accepted her wolf, you add a wonderful twist. I knew Joey was going to show up again, I simply assumed it would be in a less lively state. You are ramping the tension back up very nicely.

Another excellent chapter well worth another 5. So gratefull to payenbrant for telling me about you.

love it

I just love your story, it really captures the audience. I feel like the longer waiting for each chapter is actually a good thing because it means better quality writing and not just words put onto a page to get something done. And ignore all others that say you need this or that in your story to make it better. It's your story and no one else's that's the unique thing about writing, especially a werewolf story, you do not need to go by the "book". I know there's more chapters after this and this story so far is going at a great pace. There's no need to cover every topic of a werewolf story within the first five chapters, there are (hopefully) so many more to come. Your story is so unlike any others and it makes it special, it makes it stand out within the sea of faceless covers. Keep up the great job, you really have a knack for writing.

Please continue this I want to know what happens as do allot of others I am sure

Welcome Back

Another great chapter,keep up the good work!!!

felt like a time jump at the end.


I disagree about the size of twins @lucianlover .My twins were 6 lbs 9 oz and 7 lbs 13 oz i carried them for 37 weeks . btw love the story !!!!!


I think you're probably the first person here to do Pokephilia.

very nice and sweet!


Here's a piece of unsolicited advice: Get rid of the complete Spanish sentences. Setting the tone with the occasional word and/or phrase is fine, but the 'common' language of this story is English, so it's kinda jarring to suddenly have people switch to another language.
You didn't do it too much (only once or twice) but whenever I came across a Spanish sentence I ran off to Google Translate... which kinda interrupts the flow of the story. ;-)

I get that the story is set in a Spanish-speaking country and that you're giving us a 'translation' of the Spanish dialogue; but it's like if someone translated Shakespeare into German but felt the need to leave a couple of paragraphs in Olde English just in order to remind people that this was not a German story..... eh, I hope you get what I'm trying to say.

Anyway, I hope I won't have to wait another two years for a Part III of your story. :-D

Twist of the tooth! dear Marielyne. :-)

Just as you finish and mostly heal the hurt of Ms. Grey, then you twist the Alpha Gabriel. Oh well done! Nothing too extreme to make our hearts fall into our stomachs and sorrow clench our throats, but enough to keep us wanting the happy ending. You are doing so well and I can't wait to see what you come up with next. 5's to you my typing buddy!

Sincerely, Payenbrant

Fuck David.

Seriously. Fuck him and his sanctimonious 'yeah it happened but surely we can just move past it right this minute' bullshit. Granted David's entirely correct that Marlow needs to not punish Cassian for what he did in a previous relationship, but he has no fucking right to get I'm her face and demand the issue be immediately resolved. He played with her feelings like they were inconsequential, was content to marry her to keep a close eye on her, then was caught with his tongue down her sister's throat with NO thought to how humiliating that would be for her, because of course, she's just human. He straddles the human and wolf world, and in the human world he has no fucking moral high ground to stand on.

I think, had he shouted in my face not two weeks from ending our relationship, no matter what he way saying, the urge to break his nose with my forehead would have been too strong to resist.

It's a flaw, I'm sure.

great story

Wonder if she is his mate though. Hope u clear that question up soon

great story

I have enjoyed wolf lake this was a great story I will be reading the rest of your stories next.


I am working on both this and Isle of Lays. Please pardon the time it is taking. I've just lost my life partner of a decade and a half. I promise I will keep writing these stories. I just need some time to get back into the headspace to do it.

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