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Bitter Taste

The idea of using rape or the threat of rape of someone's mate to make them do your bidding always leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.

You'd be a fool not to think that torturing and raping isn't already happening by Rafe and his minions which lessons the quality of the story in my opinion. Though I partially concede that some form of torture would have to happen to force someone's mate to act. I would hope that sexual torture wouldn't happen no matter how evil Rafe because if I was to know that my mate was being sexually tortured, I wouldn't wait to do the kidnappers bidding, I would tell the alpha to plan an attack.

Thanks for posting.

what happened?

I just came across this story tonight and read all the chapters. I love Emma's character. She's so strong and independent. I actually thought everyone else was being too hard on her. She was abducted and held prisoner for 5 years. Not.only that, but she feels the responsibility of her group and witnessed the death of 26 women. Healing from that is going to take a lot of time and energy
Her reactions, including fleeing from ian, are normal. I can see why she's not as feisty and fighting back now. She's alone and she probably feels like she deserves his treatment because she ran.

Ian.. Wtf happened. What a sorry excuse for a man, especially an alpha. Never adequately apologises for utterly failing as an alpha to these women. Then goes ahead and abuses one of the survivors, which you claim to be your mate. His nephew probably said the same lines while he was raping her. I still can't believe he asked her if his nephew has been there and then seems pleased that she has experience in that department. Yeah, through rape you fucker. At this point, slowly take over the pack from the inside and kill him. Maybe she can end up with Dmitri? Or maybe stay single. In this case, a happy ending for me would be seeing Emma happy and living the life she wants to live, regardless of whether she has a man by her side or not.


It's been so long since a good new story has been started. Keep it coming!


Why would the Alpha of the other pack promise retribution when his daughter just suddenly vanished? Shouldn't they think something was up when everyone was watching them????

Doesn't make much sense

thx bro

Glad you decided to keep writing. Been a fan since back in the galaxy of terror site.

Dear Annonymous:

Did you just call Jenna "sympathetic" after she was plotting to "remove" Cullen so she could get what she wants?

Sympathetic would be if she actually cared about people which she seems to not. She has no care for anyone but her (ex. glares at the waitress for no reason) and is power hungry (ex. planing to remove Cullen).

While it may not be her fault, she has been coddled and views herself as superior in every way with little self reflection. Further, just because someone was coddled doesn't mean they will turn out this way.

We waited for him to rape and abuse her? Not reading anymore

She was a victim, and instead of seeing that Ian is acting like a rapist himself. Has my nephew been here? Really? Reminding her of violation while he's violating her? She'd come home to make things right and he rapes her, traps her and then demands she mark him. The only thingi liked about this un believe able non sense was how she marked him. No less than he deserves. If these were real people her violation by him would have set her back, not strengthen her. Her reactions are understandable, he's become a monster. If I could leave less than a star I would have.

Thank you for coming back =D

And also that you for not letting them get straight back together and being all lovely and everything. I think that this chapter was perfect.

good start

Your story line is rushed. It would flow better to take your time introducing your main character and showing her normal reactions before being turned. Also, its hard to by her not freaking out about werewolves and then just accepting she will be one. People freak out. It is normal unless your in shock, no matter how open minded a person is.

beautiful story

Been waitin for long for u to update and nothin what's happening

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