tagLoving WivesA Forgotten Wife Ch. 01

A Forgotten Wife Ch. 01


Allison is a pretty woman, in that soft and curvy way that some would describe as thick. She has recently lost over seventy pounds and become aware of her body again. To her dismay her husband had not followed her example. Tom still loved her, but he simply did not have the will to push himself to get into shape. So while Allison grew more and more alive in her body, Tom grew more and more remorse and frustrated in his inability to satisfy his wife. Allison loved her husband, but after years of being locked away in an unattractive body she was feeling needs and desires that could not go unsatisfied.

Allison spent her days looking after a friend's small child. It was her way of staying home and working on her dream of becoming a writer. The little tike wasn't much trouble and the friend really needed the help. The friend, Simon, had lost his wife to cancer the year before. She had been Allison's best friend and the loss had hurt her almost as much as Simon. Simon continued to recover and had been spending the last year working out to relieve stress. He had never been in great shape, but he knew he needed to get fit so that his daughter would have a father. The end effect was that Simon had become a lot leaner and more tone over the last year, polishing his physique to a lean example of a runner. The change had not gone unnoticed by Allison, and she started to look at Simon in a new way.

Tom started to sulk more and more around the house, and finally accepted a number of out of town assignments for his job. The nights he was gone were hard on Allison, even if she couldn't get Tom interested in her sexually, she still could hold him. She tried to satisfy herself, tried to imagine the days when Tom had touched her in that special way, but it felt hollow and mechanical. She couldn't get stop from seeing her husband for how he is, not as he was.

Allison woke up and rolled across to touch the empty side of her bed. She closed her eyes and rubbed the sheets, wishing for her husband to be there. With her other hand, she caressed her own flesh. Her hand touched her breast, brushing the nipple to life. As she had lost weight, Allison had started to sleep in the nude, hoping to excite Tom. Now, she simply hoped to excite herself. Her fingers pulled on the hard nub and a small moan escaped her lips. She could feel the warmth spread in her thighs, and her areolas crinkled in response, turning the ruddy red they always did when the heat flushed through her. She moved her hands down her stomach, and teased the fine hairs between her legs. She wanted simply to feel release to quiver if only for a moment in ecstasy before having to return to her disappointing life. Just as her hands crept to pull apart her lips, her concentration was broken by the punctuated ring of her cellphone. The spell broken, she picked up the phone and saw that it was Simon calling to say he was close with his daughter for her to watch.

She pushed the accept button and tried to organize her thoughts. "Morning Simon, you getting close?"

"Yeah Ally, Cindy is all bundled up and asleep, as usual. You ready for us, if not I have a little extra time this morning and can go get some coffee or something."

"I'm fine, come on over and I'll make the coffee."

"Alright, see you in a few Ally." Simon was always cheery when he dropped off Cindy in the mornings.

Ally hurried to get dressed, throwing a loose tank top (all of her clothes were loose now) and pair of pajama pants on just in time to hear Simon knock at the door.

"Knock knock Ally, open up sleepy head it is cold out here."

Ally rushed to the door and opened to see Simon standing in a coat with little Cindy all bundled up and asleep against his chest. Ally and Tom had wanted to have kids, but as Tom got fatter he had become unable to even get an erection, so they had decided by default to remain childless. Ally had filled the void by watching Cindy. Her dead friend's daughter reminded her everyday of her missing friend. It always brought joy to see the little girl, but today she had other feelings when looking at Simon holding her. "Come in Sy, before you give both yourself and Cindy a cold."

Simon took off his coat and took Cindy to the room Allison had set aside for her. Cindy didn't even flinch as Simon put her in the spare crib. He walked back out of the room and dropped his coat on a chair. "Short of a tactical nuke, I think little peanut is out for a few hours." He moved over to the kitchen and took the cup of coffee Allison offered. "Thanks, I'm feeling a little drained today."

Allison looked up and saw a hint of sadness in Simon's eyes. She wondered for a second, and then felt silly in missing the obvious. "Yesterday was your anniversary wasn't it? Marge would have been proud to see the way you have handled things Sy, you know that right?"

Simon kept his composure as he looked into Allison's eyes. "She would also be happy to see you taking care of Cindy that is something I can't ever repay." Allison's hand reached over to grab Simon's and she started to cry. Simon grabbed her hand and lowered his voice. "Things still aren't well with Tom I take it."

"He barely notices me anymore Sy. He keeps leaving for out of town work, always talking about how the money is better. I don't care about the money he knows that." She leaned over and rested her head on Simon's shoulder. He ran his hand down her long brown hair and let her cry it out. As much as he wanted to be the good friend, he couldn't help but notice her top open up as she leaned against him. His eyes were drawn to the soft white flesh of her breast, and the barest hint of her nipples could be seen as her breath moved her chest in an out. He tried to clear his thoughts, but the image of her smooth breasts mixed with a year of grieving celibacy started to make him become uncomfortable, to the point that he was sure Allison must notice.

Allison did feel Simon's growing excitement and, even in her grief, she felt it raise an excitement in her. Her breathing became coarser and this seemed to excite Simon more. In that instant of intimacy Allison decides on a course of action. With her mind set, Allison moved her hand away from Simon's and placed on his growing excitement, squeezing slightly. Simon drew a quick breath and placed his hand on Allison's holding her back. "Ally, Tom won't understand," Simon's voice was strained and hoarse with obvious effort.

"Please Sy, Tom doesn't even notice me anymore. I can feel that you DO notice me, and it has been so long for both of us." Her hand slowly started to stroke him again, eliciting shivers from him as she moved. As his head rose to moan she took the opportunity to gently kiss his exposed neck, feeling his pulse move past her tongue. The sweet taste of his aftershave mingling with her saliva and renewed the warmth between her thighs, driving her kisses to a more savage intensity.

Simon felt the need pulse through him and he pulled Allison's lips to his own. Their kiss was electric and enflamed both of them. With gentle intensity Simon pushed Allison against the wall, driving his tongue into her mouth. Allison moaned from deep down pulling Simon to her. Simon could feel the hard press of her nipples into his chest, begging for his attention. Simon's hand pulled down the loose tank top, exposing Allison's breast to his firm caress, his mouth engulfed one nipple and then the other, pulling them to stand even prouder and pulling moan after moan out of Allison.

As Allison grew more excited she spread her legs and pushed Simon's hand down under her pajama pants. She guided his hand into the thick tangle of moist hair, pulling him inside her. Simon moved first one and then two fingers deep inside Allison, timing his fingers to the sounds of her breathing and the pace of her thrusts. As Simon continued to tease her nipples he felt her legs clamp around his hand and then she collapsed against him shaking gently.

Allison's voice was husky and parched as she spoke into his chest, "Thanks Sy, I haven't had a real orgasm without batteries in probably three years. I'm sorry if I took advantage, but feel free to stay for a while."

Simon pulled his hand from between Allison's soaked thighs and then deliberately licked his fingers in front of her. "I have to say this wasn't the way I planned to spend the morning, but I am not going to complain. Tom may not understand, but he sure as hell has some bigger problems if he hasn't noticed you in that long." With a wink, and a little smile Simon rubbed his hand across Allison's still exposed and aroused nipple. "Besides, I don't think we are quite finished."

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