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Beware of What You Wish For


If your preference on Loving Wives is for stories about cuckolds or BTB or other acronym driven tales then pass this one by. It is a story about seduction. Nothing more, nothing less. Comments are welcome but don't waste your time posting abuse about slut wives deserving to die or anything similar because I will just delete them!




I first met Paul Wolfe when he was sixteen. He'd been taken on as a trainee straight from school by the company my best friend Mike worked for. I often popped in to see Mike and because he and Paul shared an office it meant that over time I gradually got to know him. He seemed okay, coming across as a likeable, friendly and outgoing young man.

I wasn't so keen on him though when he took over Mike's job following his redundancy just before Christmas a couple of years later. I knew I was being a bit harsh. It wasn't Paul's fault that their boss was on a cost cutting exercise and felt he could manage without Mike, especially when it became obvious Paul could do the job nearly as well for a fraction of his salary. Certainly Mike was philosophical about the whole sorry mess and actually found a much better job as a result of it. Eventually I came to the same conclusion as him that Paul had actually done him a favour.

I didn't see much of Paul after that as I was working in another town. It was probably around three years later that I ran into him and his wife at a charity event at the local rugby club. He had married Lynda, his childhood sweetheart and now had two kids. They made a cute couple, holding hands on the bench seat along one of the walls in the games room. I introduced him to my then girlfriend Gina and we made polite conversation for a while before we joined up with the rest of our party.

Over the next ten years or so I saw him now and again at a number of local charity events or parties and we always seemed to get on okay, chatting easily about all manner of things. As I said before, he was a likeable guy, funny and witty and proved to be a good foil for my fairly sarcastic sense of humour.

Paul by now had his own business and was to all extents and purposes doing really well. I had heard that his wife Lynda had divorced him though. It appeared she'd found out about his affair with some young slip of a girl. It didn't surprise me much. Over the passing years I'd been told on several occasions about his so called exploits with the opposite sex. It seemed he had developed a bit of a reputation for fooling around.

It was pure coincidence that led me to go work for him. My desire to find another job closer to home coincided quite nicely with him advertising a position that I was more then qualified to fulfil.

I duly rang him, asked about the job and then started four weeks later. It was that simple and that quick. The first couple of years flew by and proved to be very successful for both of us; not only work wise but socially as well. For both business and pleasure we attended a whole host of functions together; charity events, gentleman's evenings, golf tournaments; there seemed to be no end to the invitations that flowed into our office.

Due to this I began to get closer to Paul, so much so that he began to confide in me about his liaisons with the opposite sex. He was currently shacked up with Tracy, she being the young slip of a girl he'd had the affair with that led to his divorce. He was clearly cheating on her too, a fact that didn't seem to bother him much even though they had a young child now.

My wife Gina; yes I'd finally married her; met him on several occasions and although not keen to start with she gradually warmed to him. But on my return from any night out with Paul, she would be intrigued and then shocked when I revealed lurid details of his latest indiscretion.

"I can't believe it," she said one night as we lay in bed following my return from yet another function. "Doesn't Tracy suspect anything?"

"It appears not," I replied, "but what I can't understand is why Paul stays with her anyway. She's extremely possessive and very jealous; obviously with good reason but I also think she might even be borderline psychotic and that's the last thing Paul needs. To be honest I don't think he's cut out to be a relationship type of a guy."

Gina rolled over onto her side and snuggled up against me. She usually sleeps in the nude so it was a delightful sensation to feel her large boobs pressing into my body as we cuddled. Her nipples were rock hard and when she moved it felt like she was rubbing two pebbles against me.

"Did you ever find out the reason behind him cheating on Lynda?" she asked.

"Not really; all he said was that it got to the point where she never wanted sex. I reckon Paul sees himself as a romantic at heart but he thinks having sex is the only way a person can express their love for him. Unfortunately it seemed Lynda's way of showing him how much she loved him was to make sure their home was always clean and immaculate, that there was a cooked meal waiting for him on the table when he got in from work and that his clothes were always washed and ironed."

"Jeez," Gina replied, "poor Paul, it sounds as if she liked being his housekeeper more than his wife."

"Yeah, I reckon you're right," I laughed as I dropped a hand over one of her breasts and gave it a firm squeeze. "I told him that he'd be better off dumping Tracy and just employing a housekeeper to look after him. Then he would be free to do whatever he wants, any time he likes. Plus he wouldn't have to worry about getting caught. But I guess he likes living on the edge. Maybe he gets a buzz out of it!"

I felt Gina move her legs, opening them a little bit. I continued to work on her breasts but I was now paying more attention to her nipples. Her breathing altered and I knew she was on the verge. I lowered my head and we kissed. A deep, passionate kiss. She has such kissable lips and it never fails to amaze me that it only takes one kiss from her to get me aroused.

I flipped her onto her back and moved over her. She pulled me down, coiling her arms around my body. I slowly guided my rigid cock inside her wet pussy and lay on top of her. I started to undulate my hips, feeling her clamp down onto my shaft. Her pussy felt so good. I was now firmly embedded inside her. She groaned as I thrust forward and I groaned too. My wife has a delightful pussy. It really is lovely and tight.

"Ohhh ... Ian ... oooooooo ... please just fuck me, no love making tonight ... oooohhhh ... I just want you to fuck me ... pleeaasse ..." She began to writhe beneath me, egging me on, moving her hips in a circular motion to match my own movements.

If she wanted it rough then who was I to deny my wonderful wife. I slammed my hips forward with more force and then did it again and again, driving deeper and deeper with every thrust. I bent my head until I managed to capture one of her puffy, engorged nipples in my mouth. I sucked on it loudly. Gina was babbling now as her passion grew manic and when I bit down on her swollen nub she screamed.

It didn't take long. As she came to her orgasm I blew my load deep inside and collapsed on top of her. After laying together for a short while, she pushed me off and padded off to the bathroom to clean up. I rolled over and was asleep instantly.

* * *

It was a few weeks later that I returned home after yet another night out with Paul. I'd had a busy week working on a new contract that he'd told me was really important to the company. It was proving to be extremely complex and so far I had put a lot of time and effort into it. I truly was knackered so the last thing I wanted was a night out with Paul. I also didn't know why he insisted I join him because for the past few days every time we spoke he'd seemed really irritated with me and in fact on one occasion had even been borderline aggressive.

A few drinks at the pub led to an all-nighter as we moved onto a nightclub in town. I watched as Paul used his magic, chatting up a variety of women, some of whom he knew along with some he didn't. I sat nursing my drink. I was too tired to bother flirting with anyone. Now don't get me wrong, I'll chat up women as well but that's as far as it goes. I love my wife and would never, ever cheat on her. And why would I. She's gorgeous.

Paul rejoined me at the bar. He'd just extricated himself from a group of women.

He breathed out loudly. "Bloody hell, that was close," he exclaimed.

"Why?" I looked up at him with scant interest.

He nodded towards the group of women. "They're all friends and I've shagged two of them but they don't know I have, so it was a bit embarrassing."

I couldn't see why and was just about to point that out when he grabbed hold of my arm.

"Holy fuck, isn't that your wife?"

My head shot round in the direction he was looking. What I saw was an attractive strawberry blonde with a fabulous body. Nice tits, round ass and shapely legs. She was wearing a very short dress. She was hot. But she wasn't my wife.

"Erm ... no it's not," I replied.

Paul wasn't listening. "Bloody hell it is ... you stay here and I'll go get her and bring her over."

I watched as he approached her and marvelled at the easy way he had of talking to her. I saw her laugh in response to something he said and then saw her look over in my direction. She nodded her head and then Paul brought her to me.

"Ian, this is Cindy, Cindy this is Ian."

"Hello," she said. I mumbled a reply. It was true. She did look incredibly like my wife although in my opinion my wife edged it in both looks and body. Her tits weren't as big as Gina's and my wife's ass is a bit rounder, which I love and her legs are longer. But she was a pretty good substitute.

Paul clearly liked her and began his charm offensive. He laid it on thick as he poured drink after drink down her throat. I spotted a ring on her finger and assumed she was married.

A couple of hours later and I was pissed and ready for home. Paul had his hand resting on Cindy's ass and had pulled her into his body and was making it pretty obvious what he wanted by looking longingly down into her ample cleavage.

It bothered me. I suddenly realised that as I watched him squeeze her ass cheeks. He was smiling broadly, confident in where this was leading and she seemed to be liking what he was doing too judging by the look on her face.

I felt a knot in my stomach as I watched them leave arm in arm. He was going to fuck her, this woman who looked like my wife. And I didn't know why this unsettled me so.


I was happy for Ian when he went to work for Paul. My husband was good at his job but that hadn't always been reflected in his wage packet. It seemed other people always got the credit for his hard work. I thought it wasn't fair but Ian never showed it bothered him. He was a good man and I loved him for it.

We had met after being set up on a blind date. Neither of us was looking for a relationship at that time but we got on so well that it wasn't long before we were an exclusive item. We lived together for a while before finally tying the knot. As the years passed my love for him grew deeper and more passionate. We were the couple that had it all. All that is, except for one thing. The only blemish in our seemingly perfect life together was my inability to get pregnant. Certainly our sex life was most fulfilling but no matter how hard we tried and no matter what we did I was still unable to conceive.

I'd reached and then gone past my best before date and was now rapidly approaching my use by date so the need was becoming more pressing. We had all the tests done. Mine were fine but Ian's came back as inconclusive. But we battled on. I knew it was starting to get to him, so much so that in an extremely low moment of self pity after yet another false dawn he even suggested that maybe I should have sex with another man as he was clearly not able to give me the one thing that I seemed to desperately want above all else. I made light of it, laughed it off and told him that I would never do that to him. It was never to be mentioned again, even in jest.

The first time I met Paul Wolfe actually wasn't the first time, so Ian reminded me later. Apparently we'd bumped into him and his wife several years before when they were at the same function as us. I couldn't remember him at all, so he couldn't have made too much of an impression on me.

What I recall, meeting him for what I felt was officially my first time, was that he was a bit too cocksure of himself for my liking. He was quite good looking though, not pretty boy handsome, just good looking and if truth be told, a trifle effeminate, especially in his mannerisms.

Meeting him on the odd occasion over the next few years my opinion of him gradually improved. He was always immaculately turned out, his clothes, even his casual wear were always of the highest quality. He also smelt really good, his cologne was very distinctive and obviously very expensive. He wasn't too flash apart from his watch, which he said was a Rolex and he always drove a top of the range, expensive, luxury motorcar. He also seemed to smile a lot, showing a lot of teeth as if he was genuinely pleased to see you.

By the time Ian started working for Paul he was divorced and living with Tracy, a girl a lot younger than him and according to Ian, borderline psychotic. But it didn't seem to stop him going out on his own and he even dragged Ian along with him sometimes. I didn't mind and it became quite amusing when Ian would come in at the end of the evening and regale me with tales of Paul's latest paramour.

I love my husband and would never, ever cheat on him but I could see why women could allow themselves to be seduced by Paul. A couple of times he had sort of tried it on with me, not that I'd let Ian know. I didn't see the point. It was nothing too heavy, just a bit of mild flirtation. He was smooth and funny, witty and urbane and seemed to be right in tune with what women were thinking or indeed wanting. That must have been due to his feminine side!

But I think part of his success was that some women thought of him as gay and didn't realise he was a threat to them until they'd been seduced and it was too late. It was certainly something I'd heard said about him and I suspect that there may even have been the odd woman or two who definitely thought he was gay and tried to convert him!

One night Ian had come in late. He'd been out with Paul for a few drinks after work but this had turned into an all-nighter. As I said before it didn't unduly bother me. I was still awake and reading a book in bed when Ian came into the room and began telling me about his night out and Paul's latest escapade.

"... and she was stunning, in fact she looked a lot like you and I assumed she was married as she had a ring on her left hand but it doesn't always follow they are ..."

He paused as if trying to justify why a married woman would go off with Paul. "... anyway they left together and I had to get a taxi home."

I smiled. Ian had just called me stunning. I don't think I am but it was nice to be flattered like that. He was fairly well pissed and was slurring his words. It was funny because he was trying really hard to appear as if he was speaking normally.

"I don't get why a married woman would go off with him," he said.

I was surprised by his comment. It didn't usually bother him what Paul got up to.

"Why would they do that?" He gave me a look that told me he was bothered. Now that was a first! "Why do women allow themselves to fall for him. You know ... with all the bullshit he comes out with. How does he manage it?"

"I don't know but I suppose it could be a number of things," I replied.

"Like what?"

"Well, for one thing, he's fairly good looking ..."

I saw Ian pull a face.

"He is ..." I added with a smile playing on my lips, "and secondly he makes you laugh. It's like he always seems to know what to say to a woman. He's smutty and suggestive but it's never insulting and he seems to say the right things at the right time. Plus he smells nice and dresses great!" I was teasing him and laughed when I saw the look on Ian's face.

"Oh brilliant," he said, "you make it sound as if you're jealous of this Cindy woman going off with him!"

"Don't be silly, of course I'm not," I scoffed, "it's just that I can sort of understand why she did, although obviously I don't condone it. But women, even married women like to be chatted up from time to time, we like to be told we're still attractive and desirable ..."

"But I tell you you're attractive and desirable all the time," Ian butted in.

"I know you do sweetheart and I really appreciate it and love it when you do but it's nice to be told every now and again by a man who's not your husband that you are, I don't know why; it somehow makes us feel special, that's all."

I saw the baffled look on Ian's face. "I'm sorry but I can't really explain it any better than that."

I paused for a second and decided to tease Ian a little bit more. "In fact, I wouldn't mind going on a date with Paul myself. It might be fun and it would do my ego no harm at all to be told by another man that I'm attractive and desirable!"

"Yeah right," Ian replied tersely, "the only problem is that you'd end up having to fuck him at the end of the night." He paused. I could sense the hint of jealousy and fear in his tone of voice. "Paul fucks all his first dates so he tells me, so are you prepared for that!" he added testily.

I sighed. "No I wouldn't have to fuck him, as you so crudely put it! For one thing, I haven't got the slightest interest in him that way and besides, he wouldn't attempt to make me anyway; it would just be a bit of fun. You've told me before he is adamant that he never tries it on with his employee's wives and girlfriends." I was conveniently disregarding Paul's previous mild flirtation attempts by telling myself that they didn't really count.

"Yeah, I did," Ian replied as he struggled up off the bed. He was swaying badly as he tried to undress himself.

"Anyway big boy, do you fancy a bit of nooky then?" I smiled seductively and pulled back the bed covers. As usual I was naked beneath.

"Fuck yeah ..." Ian collapsed on top of me and promptly passed out.


On the occasions I'd met Ian I'd always liked him. He was easy to talk to and we got on well. When he came to work for me he proved to be a dynamic addition to my company and was soon starting to make me a lot of money. In my eyes I was always the best at what I did but Ian's successes soon had him pressing hard on my heels. That was fine right up until I gave him the Anderson Group project.

I was sitting in one of the toilet cubicles at work when a couple of my employee's came in. As they did their business they were chatting about work related matters. I found this quite comforting, happy that they were totally devoted to their jobs; that was until they started to talk about Ian.

At first I was okay with their comments. It was clear that they thought a lot about him and it seemed they also thought he was totally under appreciated by me, especially since he had brought in so much new business in the past few months. That didn't bother me in the slightest either.

I was less impressed however when they began chatting about his latest deal, the big one that they assumed he was close to landing. This was the Anderson Group contract. I wasn't happy to hear them openly discussing this as it was a sensitive project and not one I wanted bandied about the office. I quickly came to the conclusion that Ian must have blabbed about it to them, no doubt taking the opportunity to show off just how good a deal maker he was. How else could they have known so much about it?

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