tagBDSMDoctor or Master Ch. 4

Doctor or Master Ch. 4


We do not go back to the house. We go to a place called The Crypt. "Master Louis, May I speak?"

"Shawney, my child, yes"

"I have started my monthly period."

"Do not sit on your dress."

"I have a cover for the seat."

"Good Girl."

"The Count will be delighted." Master Louis led me into The Crypt with the look of pride on his face. This place is like a bar for Vampires and Werewolves. Master Louis and I are being smiled at and I feel like I am a rare steak at a dinner.

We go up stairs to a room. Inside is a man sitting in front of a large fireplace. He stands and Master Louis bows. I do likewise. "Count Divad, I have a new victim."

"Please do not break her; this will be her second time with a man."

"Louis, I will be gentle with her."

"Shawney, come to him!" I crawl to him but I make sure I am care with the dress."Shawney, you will obey the Count."

"Shawney, sit in this chair."

"Look into this crystal; you go to the center."

"She is under my spell; you may leave, Louis."

"Wait down stairs."

"Take your time, Count." I obey his words; I can not stop. I dance before him like a gypsy whore. I strip with thinking. He picks me up; I am on his bed, now. My blooding pouring; his mouth is on my pussy.licking, sucking and eating me out with great force."Shawney, you will not be hurt."

"I only wish to have your blood and sex tonight." For a half of hour or more he feeds; I cum more time than I can count; he eases his cock into my bloody pussy. Count Divad is gentle and makes this time strange. His hands rub my nipples; he licks and sucks them. His cock rest inside my bloodly prize growing larger before he pushes into it. His voice makes me beg to be fuck.

"I need it!" Did I say that?' "May I ride you, Master Divad." We roll over with me on top."Yes" I give his dick a ride with all of my strenght."Shawney, cum for me, now."His seed fills me making me feel like I have please him. He kisses me, "Thank you Shawney", I close my eyes and fall into a deep sleep.

Where will I be tomorrow? The next night, I am waked by a tender kiss. Count Divad smiles."Shawney, you are to be my guest for a week." I am given dinner and fancy outfit. Count Divad takes me down stairs. "Ladies and Gentlemen, This is Countess Shawney, you will treat her well."

"She is my guest."

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous04/02/14

All ready?

This is a rather spooky story, much like the old vampire movies. Except why is the story ending with our heroine nervously standing in the middle of a vampire convention, waiting to see "what next?"


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