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Sex: F
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You know Dennis Rodman? My friend says I look exactly like he doesn't. People consistently say three things to me when we meet. 1) Don't I know you from somewhere? I thought I saw you at such n such place... 2) What race are you? and 3) Why are you wearing combat boots with that dress? (I don't get it, they're my best spitshined pair)

I had an old lady swear to god I was her granddaughter. For a few minutes I thought she was going to spank me.

Just cause all ya'll were not wondering, I have the most beautiful singing voice you've ever heard, but only for two notes and they're half steps and I can never find them. The rest of the time, I sound like a cat being bathed.

Love me, love my truck! Cuss me, curse me, laugh at me, enjoy me, run with me, play with me, email me, just don't touch the truck.

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