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Sex: M
Age: 27
Location: USA
ICQ#: not given

Not going to go into detail about myself for obvious reasons; most of what I write about is not only illegal, but frowned upon (to put it mildly) by most of society today.

My current incest writings were inspired by a real episode in my life; in fact one of the stories you'll find under my name is 100% true (can you guess which one?). This site has given me a wonderful way to relive that experience, and to share it with others. Note: I'm not advocating/promoting/preaching/recommending anything here, just tellin'
stories...; )

Look for my non-consent stories in the fall/winter 2,000. Also inspired by a real incident; and yes, one of those stories will be 100% true, as well...

Please send me feedback! I love hearing from you.

Blood, Sweat, and Tears - His sister catches him in the sauna.
Carla's Got A New Boyfriend - Ian poses as sis's date.
Let's Make a Deal
- Bookish sis tutors brother, and vice versa.
Nothing But the Butt
- Drunk siblings experiment.
Pictures of You
- Brother finds hot photos of sexy sister.
Private Dancer
- His sister Missy is a stripper.
- Brother gets reward for being helpful.
Through The Keyhole - Pete peeps on sexy sister.

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