The Best Erotic Stories.

The Ancient Prophecy Pt. VIII
by Vipers

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 10 parts for faster page loading.

"Please help me...!" plead the girl.

The party didn't move. Atrus couldn't possibly attack him quickly enough to save her, and Anna couldn't use her spell without endangering the girl.

"Slave traders..." Anna muttered. "These inhuman merchants deal in slaves. They don't recruit. They kidnap."

"Subdue will be a better word, Lady!" The man grumbled. "By the way, you're quite pretty. We can sell you for a lot of money..."

"Sorry, but I have something that occupies me right now." Anna answered.

"Well, too bad... Your boobs are rather small, anyway..."

Anna was clearly insulted and angered by the taunt, but Atrus took over. "Easy, lad, we're just nice travelers... You see, my friend Anna here is rather annoyed by the treatment, but my pal Hawk and I don't really mind with that... And my girlfriend Maya... Maya... Where is she?!"

Atrus looked behind, but didn't find her. The man began to panic. "What do you mean? There is another one? Where is..."

When the man was distracted, Anna used her magical force and knocked the blade from his grasp. Before he could react, a silver blade was pressed on his neck. Behind him, Maya stood calmly.

"I believe you will make a better blood fountain..." Maya sneered.

The girl let herself go and fled toward the group. Anna nodded at Maya. "Nice move."

"Not bad, Mistress... And thanks for the distraction, Master... Very convincing indeed..."

"Anytime." Atrus walked toward the man and studied him carefully. Then he turned at the girl. "Well, let's hear your story. What's your name?"

"I'm Wilma, Sir... I'm just a servant... I live in a farm near the towers... I just came here to get some water off the spring near the swamp when that man caught me and caged me. They said they're going to sell me to slavery!"

"They?" Captain Hawk asked her.

"Oh yes, Sir... He has friends... In fact they erected a camp nearby from here. I believe they still have some captives there..."

Anna got some clean clothes from the backpack. "Wear these. We're going to free those girls. I believe this gentleman will lead the way..."


The man suddenly reached out for Maya's belt, trying to get her one of her throwing knives, but he tripped his feet off. His body fell forward, and Maya didn't pull her silver blade on time. The blade slit his throat, and he died instantly.

"Master... I... I'm sorry... I didn't..."

"Not your fault." Atrus nodded and searched the dead man. He found nothing valuable.

"Excuse me, Sir..." Wilma was now dressed in one of Anna's casual dresses. "I might be able to lead the way... I guess..."

"Good. She can lead the way until I catch something with my spell." Anna proposed.

"Sir White Lion..." Roberto suddenly spoke up from behind. "I must remind you that some of these traders are working legally. Slavery is one of Aragon's most profitable activities."

"Stealing girls from their families to be sold as sex slaves?" Atrus asked. "I don't care if they do that legally or illegally. Slavery is slavery, and it is wrong."

"It's a strong business! It provides the backbone to Aragon's economy!"

"Strong perhaps..." Atrus answered coldly. "But it's morally poor."

"I don't think this is wise, Ranger!"

Atrus stared at the prince. "Wise? I'll teach you about wisdom, but I don't have time right now. If you can't wait, then stop me."

Before Roberto could respond, Atrus left with Wilma, followed by others. It didn't take too long for Anna to find the slavers' camp. The slavers had built their camp near the border, but deep enough inside the jungle not to attract attention. The camp consisted of three caravans, neatly arranged around a simple fire-pit. Six humans sat around the site, roasting something by the fire. Wilma was to stay with Roberto and Maya, while the other took the action.

The men were quickly alerted by their presence. "I don't recall that we are expecting guests..." One of them said.

"And I don't recall that this is a legal camping ground..." Hawk countered.

The other man laughed. "You're new, I see... You don't know who we are..."

"We don't care. I'm afraid you'll be out of job really soon." Anna said.

"Look at how the bitch talk!" One man yelled, and all men laughed. "A bitch like you should be properly trained to behave! We can teach you how to suck cocks!"

Before Anna lost her patience, Atrus took over. "We don't want anymore bloodshed here. Leave immediately, and we will spare your lives."

Atrus' offer was welcomed by mocking laughs from the men. "Guess what, he's trying to be a hero! See? You're outnumbered! Or perhaps we'll teach you how to count. BOYS!!!"

Three men drew their short sabers and charged them, but Anna easily propelled them backwards using her magical force. The other men fetched throwing knives and threw them at Anna, but Atrus and Hawk whacked the knives away with their weapons. Hawk stayed at Anna's flank as Atrus dashed toward the nearest men and smacked him with the back of his sword. Two other men dashed toward him, but their cheap sabers were not a match for Rainbow Sword. Atrus parried their blows, and the swords were turned to bits upon contact. They were dazed by the destruction of their weapons, and before they could react, a pair of magic missiles hit them on the chest, knocking them down.

"H... halt...!!"

The fight stopped when the leader of the men gave the order. He stared fearfully to the other side of the forest and saw Prince Roberto standing there, flanked by Maya. Roberto held the Kaiser Sword tightly in his grip. Wilma, the little girl, stood behind the prince.

"Prince Roberto...?" The man fearfully asked. "I can't believe it...!"

"State your business here!" The prince barked.

"We are here to collect prisoners of war, under the command of Baron Anthony Stoke of Blackwell. We are to catch wandering maidens to be sold to slavery."

"And the reason?"

"We're just following orders, Prince Roberto." The man smirked. "Plus, this can be a lucrative business..."

Roberto found Atrus staring at him, and he regained his composure. "Lucrative, perhaps, but it's morally wrong."

The men were shocked at the prince's statement. "But, Prince, The baron clearly said..."

"The baron is dead!" Roberto barked, bringing more surprised expression from the men.

The men didn't move for a while, staring at each other. The prince resumed his command. "As the heir of the throne, I order you to close your business and set the prisoners free!"

"Prince, you can't..."


The men rocked in fear and started walking away. Atrus found Roberto looking at him and he nodded approvingly. But in the corner of his eyes, one of the men suddenly drew a long knife from his belt.

"Roberto, GET DOWN!!!"

It was too late. The man dashed toward the prince and jabbed the knife on his back. The prince turned around and cried as the knife pierced his back shoulder. The slaver jumped back and produced three knives and propelled two of them toward the prince, but Maya stood on the way and whacked the knives away. He didn't have a chance for the third throw for Maya arrived first and knocked the knife down from his grasp. The man found a silver blade pressed on his neck and stayed still.

Yet the prince refused to stay still. He grabbed the sword with his other hand and swung the sword toward the dazed man. The Kaiser Sword dove sharply, meeting no resistance. Maya felt tendrils of magical power encircling her body as Anna grabbed and pulled her away from the man. She could only watch in horror as the sword cut through the slaver and split him in half before her eyes. The man died instantly, his blood spurting all over the place.

Atrus had had enough. He approached Roberto and hit him on his jaws. The prince crashed against a big tree, completely dazed.

"What do you thing you're doing?!!!" Atrus snarled.

"That man!!" Roberto pointed at the dead man. "He's trying to kill me!!"

"But you could have killed her!!" Atrus pointed at the frightened Maya.

"Master, I'm not hurt. It's okay..."

"Silence!" Atrus barked. "What can you say about this, Prince Roberto?!"

The prince stared at Atrus darkly. "It's war. People die."

The party was surprised at the prince's statement. Hawk was ready to swing his spear, but was shocked by the sight before him. Atrus' body was covered with bright tendrils of fire, fueled by his anger. His grip tightened and the sword was engulfed by the flame. He was ready to charge when a hand softly caressed his shoulder, unaffected by the flame.

"Atrus, do not heed him." Anna's soft voice came. "We have a matter to attend."

The flame subsided and Atrus was returned to normal. He nodded slowly, his eyes still staring piercingly at the prince. "Very well. I'll deal with him later."

Atrus walked toward the caravans, followed by Maya. The slavers had abandoned their camp after their friend's horrible death. Anna approached the dead slaver and worded a silent pray for the dead. Hawk checked the fire-pit and was excited to find six half-roasted rabbits on the fire.

Atrus climbed inside the first caravan. It was a small one, with two mattresses on the wooden floor and several bags. The contents were mostly uninteresting, except for several pouches of gold and silver. Suddenly a squeal was heard, followed by Maya's nervous yell.

"Master! I can use a hand here... Ouch! Get your claws off my ass!!"

Atrus ran toward the other caravan where Maya was inside and found that Anna was already there. But she was just standing in front of the entrance, staring inside with her jaws open.

"Mistress! Don't just stand there... Help me! Master?!"

The caravan was a lot bigger than the other three. It seemed to be the place where they kept the captured slaves. Maya was lying on her stomach, grasping for breath. A young girl sat on Maya's back, pinning her body down. The girl was completely naked, with chains circling her neck, ankles and wrists. She sat facing Maya's lower body. The strange part was that Maya's lower body was stretched upward, with the girl's hand holding Maya's legs. Maya was bent backwards painfully on her back.

"What do you say? Pretty neat, huh?" Anna asked him.

"Yeah... She's strong..." Atrus mumbled.

"Master... help...! She's trying to... dislocate my spine...!" Maya cried helplessly.

"No! I'm talking about her ears!"

Atrus spotted it! She got pointed ears! She's an Elf!

"Amazing... I've heard stories... I've listened to folk tales... But I haven't seen an Elf this close before..." Anna's voice was full with amazement.

"Indeed..." Atrus nodded. "There is something that tales can't describe..."

Atrus was indeed amazed. He had heard many tales from his father about the wonderful beings that inhabit the great forest west of the kingdom, but he had never seen one before. The Elf before her was a young female, with exquisite body and beautiful face. Her naked body dominated her beauty, with two well-shaped breasts and slim hips. Her long light-brown hair crowned her with astounding beauty.

"I heard Elves have melodious voice... Let's see if we can get her to talk..."

Their discussion was interrupted when they heard Maya's fingernails scratching the wooden floor. "Master... I'm going... to die!"

It took sometime for Atrus to return from his amazement, to figure out what Maya was doing down there, and to decide what to do. "Okay, girl... You can let her go now. We're friends."

The Elf stared at Atrus for a while. "You have a slave. You're a slaver. You're one of them."

The voice came like music. The tone in her words shifted beautifully, making it hard for him to decide her mood. "No, I'm not a slaver. We're here to help you."

"That's right..." Anna nodded. "We would appreciate if you can let our friend go."

The Elf stared at them for a while, thinking whether she could trust them or not. Maya was struggling for breath beneath, grasping whenever she could. Finally the Elf relented and let her lower body go, followed by Maya's grasp for air. She slumped on the floor, trying to get her lungs up and running again.

"Thank you." Atrus bowed slightly. "My name is Atrus White Lion, a royal knight of the kingdom of Aragon. This is Adriana Freesland, a priestess and a honorary royal knight of Aragon."

"Please call me Anna." Anna smiled.

"And you have made acquaintance with our friend Maya Murdock, also a honorary knight."

The Elf blinked for a while before smiling widely. "I suppose you're friends after all. Humans' names are hard to memorize. My name is Aurelia. Thank you for saving me!"

Aurelia walked toward Anna. Anna offered a towel to cover her nakedness, but she didn't take it. Instead, she poked Anna's priestess costume.

"This is so cute and pretty!" She exclaimed. "Can you make this dress for me?"

"Eh... yeah... Sure... I guess..."

Then she turned to Atrus. "You're very polite, Sir! I've heard many bad things about royal knights. My uncles used to warn me about knights being so evil that they will someday enslave me and do horrible things to me. But you seem to be a nice guy!"

"Uh... Thank you, Miss Aurelia..."

"Just Aurelia!" She snapped. "Elves have no titles, so call me Aurelia."

"Atrus?" Hawk called from outside. "Is everything okay there?!"

"Yeah! We found a survivor! She's..."

Before Atrus could finish his sentence, the Elf jumped out of the caravan, right in front of Hawk. He gazed at her, studying her face and her pointed ears, and took some time before realizing that she was completely naked.

"YIKES!!!" His knighthood dictated that he turned around before naked women. "S... sorry, Ma'am... I... I didn't mean to..."

"Hey! What's with you?!" Aurelia asked, then ran around him and faced him again. "Look at me when I'm talking!"

"YAAW!!!" Hawk turned around again, his face blushed in red. "S... sorry... I mean..."

Then Roberto came out from one of the caravans and met gaze with Aurelia. He stared at her for a while, and finally blood spurted from his nose.

"M... Miss Anna... You deal with this... I... I'll check the next caravan... Excuse me..." Roberto quickly wiped the blood off and ran toward the adjacent caravan. Aurelia watched him for a while before turning to Anna.

"What's with him? Is he sick?"

Anna gave her a nervous smile. "Uh... He's... Yeah... He's sick... Humans' sickness..."

Maya came limply out of the caravan, her arm around Atrus. Maya and Aurelia exchanged piercing stare for a while, then the Elf suddenly circled her arm around Hawk, who jumped on his feet.


This story was split into 10 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 10 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by Vipers.

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