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The Ancient Prophecy Pt. VIII
by Vipers

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 10 parts for faster page loading.

The cave was just as large as the last one. Again, it was another storage room with plenty of barrels inside. The only difference was that this room was guarded. Two Dark Elves stood at the center of the room and were chatting in language he couldn't understand. He took a careful note of his enemies. The Dark Elves wore studded leather armors and wielded curved swords and knives. Their dark skin welded well with the darkness around them.

Then one of the Elves moved to the other end of the room. Hawk crept from one barrel to another, carefully approaching the lone Elf. He took a solid rock and threw it at the nearest barrel.

The Elf took the bait. He walked casually toward the barrel to check the sound, thus bypassing Hawk's spot. Hawk quickly grabbed him and snapped his neck. Unfortunately, his fellow saw him and instead of attacking him he ran for the tunnel. Hawk retrieved a blade from the fallen man and threw it. The knife hit the other Elf squarely at his neck. The Elf fell on the ground, struggled for a while, and then stayed still.

The search on his victims only gave him a curved blade and three combat knives. He hoped to find a spear or lance, but found none. The barrels were filled with fruits, which reminded him how hungry he was. He took two apples and began eating.

Then he suddenly realized that he was not alone. He could see nobody inside the cave, but he could feel their presence. He could hear distant sound of ragged breath and pitiful moans. Could it be that this cave is haunted? He could hear the eerie voice around him. A trickle of water could be heard from the corner... Water?! This is a wasteland!

When he turned around, his fear returned. Before him was a pool of green slime, bubbling on the ground and creeping slowly toward him. He'd heard stories about green ooze, but he'd never encountered one before. He readied his blade and knives and prepared his fighting stance. If they touch me, I'm dead meat...

Suddenly the slime propelled itself toward him. He was prepared and got out of the way. He threw two knives that found their mark, but to his horror the ooze was unaffected. The slime simply left the knives stuck on the rocky ground and went after its victim. My weapons can do no harm!

He fought to remember what he had heard about how to defeat the green oozes when it attacked. He barely escaped the attack with the creature touched a part of his shirt. He reflexively tore the part smeared with the green substance and threw it away. He couldn't allow the creature to gain contact with his body. If he wanted to kill the ooze, he had to keep his distance...

Suddenly he remembered that melee attack didn't work against the monster. The most effective way of dealing with oozes from within a range would be... by using magic! He cursed himself for not being able to do magic. He wished that Anna was around this time, but he had to free her first. He would be delighted to see her fry the oozes to crisp...

Then his gaze was locked on the closest thing he could relate with the word 'fry'. The torches! I can use the torches! He evaded the next attack easily and dashed toward his last position. His torch had fallen down when he struggled with the Elf, and he was happy to find that it was still there. He threw his blade aside and held the burning torch defiantly.

Oven though it couldn't see, the monster could feel the increasing heat and stopped its advance. Hawk regained his confidence and dashed toward his opponent. The torch hit squarely on the ooze's surface and suddenly the entire surface burst in bright flame. The green substance were burnt slowly and turned into rigid, black charcoal.

He paused for a while to regain his breath. He just slain his first ooze, and he did that without knowing one spell. But he still couldn't shake the feeling that he was not alone in the room. The eerie voice remained, poking his mind with weird thoughts. Slowly he looked up...

And was horrified by the view before him. The dome-shaped ceiling was filled with dozens of green oozes, forming cocoons of various sizes. But he could see that there was something inside the cocoon. Something was wiggling and moaning inside of it. Could it be that they are the Elven prisoners that they have to free? Could it be that the entire prison cave was actually ooze's colony?

He prepared his torch and combat knives. He had a lot of work to do.

Atrus took a deep breath, feeling the cold air fill his lungs. He stirred as the howl of a lone wolf far away gained his attention. He was happy. He was back. He had been spending the last couple of weeks in civilized area. Now he was back to nature, back to the wilderness. He was once again free.

But he was not here for a holiday. He had to retrieve the dragon statue to seal the Human-Elven alliance. He had to rescue the captured slaves from the Karigor stronghold. To make the problem worse, both Anna and Aurelia had been captured, and Hawk had been missing in the Swamp of the Dread. Maya was wounded and Roberto was deeply shaken from the last battle.

It had taken him a while to get rid of those thoughts from his mind and concentrate on the present problem. To accomplish those tasks, they had to successfully reach Karigor by passing the Gauntlet of Death. After a few experiments and constant meditation despite his hungry stomach, he'd finally found the answer.

He let the thin mist caressed his skin. Then he ignited his inner power, covering his body in bright flame. He still felt the soft caress against his skin. Unlike the event in the swamp, the mist was unaffected by the flame across his body. The flame aura was known to protect him only from harmful things, which had enabled Anna to once touch him without being burnt. There could only be one conclusion. The mist in the swamp was faked. It was only animated mist summoned by magic, used to create illusions of the Dark Elves and hide their actual positions.

'Believe in Mother Nature' Aurelia had said. Nature was a Ranger's greatest ally. A Ranger fought alongside with it and used its power. Now he would use its power to strike terror to the enemy.

He could sense Maya approaching. "We're ready to go." He said.

"Yup!" Maya answered in her usual merry tone. "We're also ready!"

Atrus winced. "We?"

"Yes, I'm coming." Roberto appeared from behind the trees, wielding his gigantic sword.

Atrus faced him. "You're okay now?"

"Yes, I'm all healthy. Thank you."

Atrus winced again. This was the first time he heard the word 'thank you' from the prince's mouth. The prince saw the expression in his face and hung his head.

"Look, I... I owe you an apology. I know I've been such a jerk. I'm sorry..."

"Now what is this all so sudden?"

"Your sla... uh... girl here... She has straightened me up. I... I think I have to learn to understand people better rather than demanding them to understand me. I was wrong. I'm sorry."

A long silence hovered over them.

Then Roberto felt that Atrus grabbed his shoulder firmly and gave a friendly shake. "You know what? Your father must be proud of you."

"My... my father...? You mean you're planning the whole thing?"

"Your father cares about you. He sent you in this journey for your own good. Being a king is not an easy task. I hope you learn your first lesson?"

"You mean the first lesson to become a king is to understand people?" He asked.

"No." Atrus smiled. "It goes without saying. Your first lesson is to say that you're sorry."

Aurelia woke up and found herself lying on a hard and cold stone. She also discovered that she was shackled on the stone. The chains were loose enough to allow her to struggle, but strong enough to keep her from escaping. She was also stark naked. The cold stone beneath her body sent shiver through her bones.

She was at the center of a large cave, on a slightly raised platform made of solid stone. She could see nobody, but she could see their shadows against the cave walls. They were humming soft and eerie chanting that echoed in the cave and hurt her ears terribly.

"Stop it!!" She screamed. "Let me go!!"

A Dark Elf appeared in her limited vision. He wore unusual clothes which looked like a priest suit, except for the tooth-necklace and the skull-topped staff. His face was full with scars. His evil grin revealed the poorly tended teeth, giving her creeps.

"At last... The Elf is awake!" He said, followed by the cheers from across the room.

"What do you mean?! Of course I'm awake! Now let me go!!"

"We can't, Elf, because you will become the sacrifice for our ritual!"


Her gaze was suddenly locked on another figure on her side. It was bigger than normal Elves. As the figure was illuminated by the nearby torch, Aurelia screamed in terror at what she saw. The figure was a dark-green monster with badly disfigured face and multiple horns and tusks all over his body. His studded leather armor were decorated with blood-stained spikes, enhancing his wicked appearance.

"You... you're a demon!!" She found herself saying.

"That's right, Elf!" The demon spoke with his harsh tone. "And you're going to be the peace offering for our alliance!"

"A... alliance?"

"The Dark Elves and demons are forging an alliance to counter yours." The other Elf said. "We will definitely crush your pitiful country and rule the realm together!"

"You're a fool!" Aurelia snarled. "The demons will kill us all! Your race is included!"

"Hah! We demons value long-term goal for our race." The demon snarled. "We will forge this alliance and, unlike Humans and Elves, we honor our oath! We're not engaged in your little silly pillow fight!"

Aurelia stared at her opponent sternly. "I know what you're up to! You can fool these people, but you can't fool me!"

"How dare you...?!!!" The Dark Elf snarled.

"Worry not, my ally..." The demon said calmly, dismissing the priest's anger. "She's going nowhere, especially after the ritual is completed. Then you can enjoy her sensuous scream!"

Panic grew in her mind. "What ritual?! What are you going to do to me?!"

"Say goodbye to your virginity..." The priest chuckled.

The two dark figures withdrew, leaving her struggling in her bonds. The chains were not taut, enabling limited movement, but were very strong and solid. In fact, she knew that her wiggling naked body would provide the best entertainment for her captors. Realizing this, she stayed still.

"Why, my dear, don't you keep your sexy struggle? But don't worry. We'll provide the encouragement from here..." The Dark Elf muttered.

Then the Dark Elves around the cave resumed their chanting. Their voice echoed along the cave walls, inside her ears and into her mind. Being a High Elf had granted her sensitivity surpassing Humans, and she could feel the souls of evil spirits filling the room. The spirit circled her body and probed her mind, sending shiver down her spine. She knew, at that time, that she was in a deep trouble.

Suddenly the stone circle beneath her began to glow in dim green. The cold glow seemed to cover her body and enveloped it with its frigid caress. Then the sensation started. She let out a small moan as her body responded to the sensation. Something was covering her, and it was stimulating her! She tried to wiggle to evade the glow, but she couldn't escape the chains. The green tendrils of power had had her in its grasp.

The green tendrils reached for her exposed breasts and began to massage them softly. She moaned in protest, but to her dismay her nipples stood erect instantly upon contact. Then she could feel more tendrils reached out for her nether region and began teasing her crotch. She tried to concentrate and resist the temptation, but the evil spirits around her probed her mind, forcing her to submit. Again and again she resisted, and again and again she was defeated.

"Surrender...!" The priest muttered, his voice echoing in her mind. "Surrender...!"

"No... stop it..."

"You like it... Don't deny your desire... You enjoy it..."

"No... no..."

"Yet you are wet... Very wet indeed..."

Overcome by her shame, her defiance grew weaker. Slowly parts of her mind submit to the intrusion. Her body involuntarily began to wiggle around to enhance the sensation. In her deepest conscious, she knew that she had to resist, or she would be defeated.

The tendrils around her nether region increased their intrusion and began to push their way inside her pussy. She shrieked and renewed her struggle, but everything was in vain. The pain shot out through her brain as she cried in agony, and she knew that her virginity was no more. She had been deflowered in a shameful and degrading manner. Tears rolled down her cheeks. She was hopeless. She knew that she would never be the same again.

Slowly the pain vanished, replaced by the wonderful sensation. Her aching vaginal muscles kept on sending pleasure waves to her brain, again weakening her defiance. She knew she was no longer one of the High Elves. She knew that her mother, her brother, and all her people back in Elom would not accept her back, for she was dirty and tainted. She had been violated by the evil power, and she enjoyed it.

"Surrender... surrender..."

Then the picture of her new friends came into her mind. Atrus... Anna... Hawk... where are you...? Have they killed you...? Or have you abandoned me...?

Finally, in her deepest frustration, the sensation reached its peak and she cried as her first climax overcame her. She body shuddered and her vaginal juice flowed freely from her pussy. New tears sprang from her eyes. She knew that she was lost. She knew that she had been defeated.

Atrus stood silently on a solid rock. Her two friends were behind him, watching his flanks. His trusted sword was strapped safely on his back. And before him was the view of the Swamp of the Dread. The darkness of the night, enhanced by the thick mist covering the swamp, prevented him from seeing practically anything. But he knew that the mist was unreal. Both Anna and Aurelia had sensed the anomaly in this swamp. He knew that Mother Nature didn't exist in this swamp. But they had to cross the Gauntlet of Death to save their friends. And to do so, they had to ask for help.

Silently he invoked his power. Until now he hadn't completely understood his power, but he knew that it had never disappointed him before. He discovered it by accident when he lost himself to his anger in Gideon. Now he knew that anger would be too dangerous, for he would have no control over it. His urge of freeing his friends had been his best reason to invoke the power. He smiled in delight as bright flame soon covered his body from head to toe. The smile didn't last for long. They got a job to do.

He turned toward his friends. "Ready?"

"I'm ready, Master!" Maya answered in her usual cheerful manner.

"I have your back covered, partner!" Roberto answered sternly.

Atrus smiled at the young prince. Roberto had recovered from his shock and depression, and he could feel the young prince's excitement for this upcoming battle. He turned toward the swamp and withdrew his sword, which was quickly covered with flame.

"Mother Nature would lead the way." He declared.

He reached out with his left hand and touched the air, and to his delight the mist withdrew from him. He let the flame grow brighter, and more mist withdrew from him. Then the surrounding was covered with the same thick mist which was unaffected by the flame. Mother Nature was truly in their side. The real mist would now conceal their position from their unwary enemy, while their own fake mist would lead them through the Gauntlet of Death and hopefully toward the Stronghold.

"Come. Keep your eyes open." Atrus said, then began walking.

The flame kept their surrounding clear while they walked. The thick mist retreated from them completely that they could even see where they were standing. Yet behind them, the real mist refilled the space. Then Atrus could feel the strange force probing his mind. He knew somebody was near. He let his flame grew even brighter, illuminating a large space of land and revealing several enemies around them.

The Dark Elves didn't know that the party could see them and was taken by surprise when Roberto charged them. While the enemies stared at the gigantic sword in amazement, Roberto swung his sword casually, taking three lives with it. The sword easily cut through their bodies and split them in half. The other Dark Elves were petrified, but soon fell victim of Kaiser Sword. The rest of the enemies tried to run, but Maya's knives did a short work of them.


This story was split into 10 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 10 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by Vipers.

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