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Bridal Party
by Shintani

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Jenee looked beautiful. She should have that much was a given fact. It had been a perfect day for a perfect wedding. As she stood at the altar, in her splendid white gown, no one could deny this. Her dark brown hair and shining brown eyes highlighted the beauty of her face as she stood together with Zac, man and wife for the first time.

The happy young bride was truly a sight to behold, a combination of innocence and seduction as she stood in her wedding dress. Her unique beauty, a perfect blend of her Japanese and European ancestry gave her a look that could best be described as exotic. She was a head turner on the street and she knew it. Today, she was the center of attention, and she basked in the limelight. The low cut gown she wore showcased her ample cleavage as the form fitting white cloth hugged her curves. And who knew what lay beneath her skirts, full and flowing as they were, adorned with a giant butt-bow on the back like so many other wedding dresses. All eyes in the small chapel were transfixed by her beauty and grace that day, all present marveled at her beauty. All, that is, but one.

Stephen sat in the audience, his gaze fixed forward. True, he would agree that Jenee was possessed of her own unique charms and bubbly personality, but the object of his attention stood by her side. His beloved Tina stood up at the altar as well, Jenee's best friend from childhood and maid of honor. She stood taller than her friend, and was a sharp contrast. While Jenee, adorned in white was the epitome of virtue as she stood dressed in an angelic white, Tina was under no such restrictions. Her burgundy dress highlighted her tanned skin; her luxurious black hair flowed down her back. Her eyes held that sweet, seductive look that she reserved just for him. Lace elbow-length gloves and stockings completed her ensemble. She was dressed as a seductress, and dressed for Stephen alone. Her beautiful smile spoke volumes to him, while all others present would see it as happiness for her friend, he, and he alone knew better. It had even been a running joke between the two couples, who was going to get more on Jenee's wedding night, Jenee or Tina?

As the wedding party departed the chapel in the waning light of the Southern California twilight, the swaying of the palm trees in the breeze was matched only by the swaying of Jenee and Tina's hips as they made their way to the waiting limousine and their ultimate destination, the reception hall. Many eyes followed them down the pathway, and not a few wondered if it was considered poor taste to be fantasizing about taking the bride so soon after the wedding. Stephen hurried along with the others, soon Tina's official duties would be over, and he could have her all to himself again. The only snag, as it turned out, was that there had been an equipment problem for the photographer, and he needed to steal Zac away from his bride for a while to take family pictures. Jenee accepted this minor setback without hesitation, it would at least give her some extra time to talk to Tina, and perhaps, for the first time in Western history, the bride would actually be able to participate in the pre-reception cocktail hour.

The reception hall was a palatial affair; no expense had been spared for this event. The guests filed in and began to take advantage of the open bar and hors d'oerves, Jenee and Tina among them, although by now Tina had Stephen firmly attached to her side. His arm already encircled her curvaceous waist as he walked with the two voluptuous Asian beauties. Before they could fill up on the scrumptious spread before them, Jenee's mother reminded her not to spill anything on her dress. At Stephen's suggestion, Jenee decided to take advantage of the private dressing room that was available to her. She could sit and eat in privacy, and take steps to ensure the survival of her dress. Tina would go along to keep her company, and the two young women asked if Stephen would be so kind as to bring a sampling of treats and drinks to them. They headed off together as he struck out on his own, in search of an empty plate.

Tina and Jenee found their way to the secluded dressing room. Some of the bulkier gifts had already been stored in there, and the two made a quick game of guessing what was in each box. They sat on the couch together, waiting for Stephen, and trying to figure out just how Jenee was going to get to eat without spilling anything on her dress. As they waited, they laughed and joked about the long past that they shared, having been best friends for nearly twenty years, although they now lived across the country from each other, they still remained in close contact. Stephen arrived soon after they were settled, in, with two plates piled high. He tossed a tablecloth over to Jenee, and suggested that she use it to protect her dress. Before he could sit down to join them, Tina sent him back out to get them some drinks. Although he protested that the line at the bar was huge, he complied, and said that he would see if he could find Zac and reunite him with his bride. With that, he turned and left, Jenee stared at the door as he closed it. Looking over at Tina, she burst out laughing, saying "I am not wearing a tablecloth as a bib!"

Tina laughed right back at her. "At least he was thinking of something for you to do. What are you going to do now, take off your dress?"

Jenee laughed at the suggestion and looked over at Tina. "You know, that's a good idea."


"Taking my dress off to eat. It's only you in here."

"Are you serious?" asked Tina in surprise.

"Sure am," was Jenee's reply. With that, she stood up and started to remove the cumbersome dress. Tina stood to help, and together, they were able to hang the dress in a corner so that it wouldn't get ruined. In the process of undressing her, Tina couldn't help but notice the sexy trousseau that Jenee had chosen for herself. Beneath that gown of purest white, Jenee was anything but. Her breasts were crammed into a tight-fitting bustier, creating a magnificent cleavage effect. A white lace garter and thong panty set completed her outfit.

"Jenee!" exclaimed Tina in mock surprise. "Your dressed like a complete slut!"

"Oh, and you're one to talk?" winked Jenee. "Come on, Tina, I think that whatever you've got on under your dress is going to send Stephen one message. And that message is 'Come here and do me now!' isn't it?"

"Well, I..."

"Yeah, baby!" continued the blushing bride. "Come on sweetie, let's see the goods. Besides, that way you won't ruin your dress either."

"Oh, OK," agreed Tina. With that, the bride helped her best friend take her dress off and hang it with the other one. Jenee was right, Tina was wearing a stretch lace bodysuit underneath her dress, its 'T' back accentuated the curves of her gorgeous ass. The dark red of the material was a sharp contrast to her tanned complexion as the two women momentarily eyed each other up. "Jenee, it's been a while since we've gotten changed together, my how you've grown!" teased Tina.

"Yeah, well, you may have a finer ass than I do, but I'm still bigger than you are!" was Jenee's retort. To accentuate, she thrust her breasts out. True enough, while Tina was very well endowed, Jenee was a teeny bit larger. "Must be all that Spanish blood in your family."

"And you must take after your dad's side," countered Tina. "But cock-sucking, that you take after your mother."

Jenee and Tina shared a laugh over this; they could talk about anything together, when the door to the room opened. Stephen was back with their drinks, but by the time he entered the room, both the women had dove for the couch, pulling the tablecloth he brought earlier on top of them. Try as he might, he wasn't able to steal a glimpse of either one of them as he set the drinks down.

"Thank you, sweetie," cooed Tina.

"Yes, thank-you and go away. We're naked!" taunted Jenee.

"Anything going on?" he asked. "Can I watch?"

"Out!" laughed Jenee. "And go find my husband!"

"OK, OK, I'm going," he laughed back. "And they're still taking pictures, might be awhile, but the caterer said that they can stretch the cocktail hour. Why, you got a hot date tonight or something?"

"Yes! Now go get me some more food before I have to eat my maid of honor."

They all burst out laughing at that, and Stephen went to go find Jenee some more treats. Tina felt Jenee's hand softly caressing her thigh under the tablecloth, as a tease to Jenee, she took her by the wrist and guided her hand further up towards her crotch. Jenee smiled wickedly at Tina, and took the bait. Wordlessly, she wrapped her free arm around her friend, and pulled her in close. Tina, bewildered at how far Jenee was willing to take this, soon found her lips pressed against Jenee's. Slowly, she parted them as they kissed softly, their lips gracing each other lightly. Tina stared hard into Jenee's devilish eyes briefly, then Jenee leaned over and kissed her again, harder, more passionate this time. Tina reflexively kissed back, parting her lips again, allowing Jenee's tongue to dart into her mouth.



This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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