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Britney Spears
by Extreme

Britney opened the door and looked into the deep blue eyes of a 20-year old white male. He brought flowers and started apologizing for the trouble, but he just wanted to say how beautiful she looked. Britney blushed and accepted the flowers. As the conversation furthered, the man got more bold. He asked Britney if he could come in. She replied that that wasn't a good idea. Then the man got angry and pushed her inside. He closed the door behind him and walked towards Britney. She got scared and tried to run away, but the man grabbed her. Britney started pounding the man with her fists, but the man was much bigger than her, and he probably didn't even notice her resistance. Suddenly, she felt a burning pain in her stomach. The man had punched her in the stomach! Grasping for breath she slowly, collapsed onto the floor. The man grabbed her chin and told her that they are going to have some fun. If she resisted, he'd kill her. Britney was now terrified, but slowly knodded. Tears were in her eyes, but she just wanted to survive this. Then the man started touching her face, her neck, slowly lowering to her chest. His face came close to hers as he tried to kiss her. Britney turned her face and then licked her cheek, as he cupped her breasts with his hands. With his right hand he pinched her nipple, and Britney couldn't surpress a little scream. "Quiet!", the man said, and smacked her in her face. Tears rolled down her eyes, but this time she didn't make a noise. She just had to survive this. With his hands he ripped her blouse open and started kissing her in her neck. Britney wore a white lace bra, which pushed her firm, C-cup a little more together. This sight made the man almost come right there and then. The man tore the bra away and Britney's breasts bounced up and down. With his tongue the man started sucking Britney's nipples. It was heaven. While sucking and biting her nipples, he unbuttoned her jeans. Then he stopped and ordered Britney to get undressed. Slowly, Britney complied to the man's order. Britney took off her jeans and hesitated. "Your panties too!" Knowing now what the man was capable off, she lowered her panties and took them off. A little line of brown pubic hair became visible, as well as a fine small pussy.

The man now became confused. What should he do?

A The man should start sucking and licking her pussy. Make her come on his face. There's no greater humiliation then to make her scream for more. And it tastes great too!

B The man should order Britney to suck his dick. That's the ultimate in obedience. Make her drink his white semen.

C Immediately start pounding away at this little cunt, that's what the man should do. You can't let an opportunity like this one pass.

Another top quality story by Extreme.

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