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Church Tales
Ch. V: Pastor Ronnie Joe
by Jimi Linden

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
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He had looked startled when I attacked him. He was absolutely amazed when Dianna took my place as soon as I came. By the time she peaked again Leo was dripping sweat, had no blood left anywhere in his body except in his rigid weapon and was almost ready to explode. His volcano erupted after only a few stokes from me and long before I was able to come again. I didn't care because I had already been thoroughly satisfied several times.

Leo was spent! He had experienced his two woman fantasies to its fullest and now he collapsed back onto the bed. This time we let him rest his eyes. Dianna and I slapped hands over his prone figure and then sat facing each other across his naked body making lazy trails upon his skin with our fingernails.

"I never dreamed I would ever be in this type of situation and even if I had, I would have thought I'd be jealous", she said. "Surprisingly, not only am I not jealous but I actually think it's kind of neat. We gave someone special a gift he'll never forget and I feel wonderful about it!"

"You're right. HOLY WOW! I hadn't thought of it that way, but that IS exactly how I feel too", I answered. "HEY. You who just got his dreams granted. How do you feel?"

Leo's silence made us aware he had gone to sleep on us.

Both of us, with equally wicked grins, began to arouse the dead.

The revived corpse was able to die three more times that morning before we left him alone. We each had half a dozen or so resurrections in the same enjoyable period.

By lunchtime, Dianna and I were so comfortable with each other we didn't bother to get fully dressed while we scrounged a meal for the three of us. One of Leo's dress shirts almost covered her crotch while I opted for a pair of my bikini panties to prevent unwanted streams of past thrills from running down my legs. I love going topless around Leo because it distracts him so.

As we ate, Dianna hesitatingly broached a subject she had evidently been mulling over for some time. "Do you think ...", she began. "What I mean is ... I don't quite know how to say this."

"Take a deep breath and spit it out", Leo advised.

As Dianna's chest expanded her nipples rose like twin submarines breaking the surface of the sea and threatened to pop the buttons from Leo's shirt she had borrowed.

Leo modified, "Not that deep a breath! You want to give me a heart attack? I can't do anything more for a long while, like maybe even ten minutes or so."

After we laughed, Dianna tried again with a new, not quite so expansive breath; "I want Ronnie to have sex with someone other than me so I won't feel so guilty. No! Wait! That didn't come out right. I don't feel guilty. At least I don't feel guilty about having sex. Well at least not with you guys. What I mean is, I want Ronnie to have as much fun as I'm having. Well shit! That didn't come out exactly right either".

Another breath and she tried again, "What I feel guilty about is he can't enjoy sex like I do. I feel so sorry for him because he can't let go and enjoy himself. Ronnie likes sex, but he was raised to believe it should only be for procreation. I don't think he honestly believes that but he doesn't know how to let go and enjoy. I mean ... Do you have any idea what I'm trying to say?"

Leo and I looked at each other and nervously giggled.

"Are you saying you can't satisfy you husband", Leo asked.

"No! No! No! No! That's not it at all. He always cums. It's just that when he makes love to me he always apologizes afterward because he doesn't think he should have. I just wish there was some way he could have sex and not feel guilty. I guess that's what I'm trying to say. ... I think. ... Maybe. ... Do you have any idea what I'm trying to say", she asked with tears welling up in her eyes.

Never having been able to keep my mouth shut when I should, I piped up and said, "If I understand you correctly you think Ronnie Joe wouldn't feel guilty about sex if he had intercourse with someone besides you. Are you sure he wouldn't feel even worse if he felt he had broken his marriage vows?"

Dianna practically whined, "No, I don't. He had a pretty active sex life before we were married and extra marital sex never appears to bother him. I mean when other people do it he never seems to condemn them for it. I don't think he would feel so ... so ... confined if he knew he could have sex but he was under no obligation to impregnate his partner".

Dianna paused to contemplate for a moment then went on, "He feels imprisoned by the requirements of sex within marriage. Maybe if he could ever do it, just for fun, he might gain a whole new attitude. And ... and I know whoever made love to him would be rewarded". Then blushing like a new bride, she sort of growled from deep in her throat, "Cause he's hung like a horse!"

"Whew", Leo shuddered. "That's a lot of 'what ifs" you're looking at. Besides, just who do you think is going to seduce your husband just so he'll loosen up?"

All of a sudden, it seemed to grow warmer in the room even without my clothes on.

First Dianna looked sheepishly at me and then Leo started nodding his head thoughtfully as he stared at me.

"Oh now wait a minute guys", I sputtered. "Don't I get a vote in this?"

Neither said a word to rescue me so I floundered on, "Just how am I supposed seduce a guy I've only met twice and hardly spoken to. I'm not in the habit of throwing myself at just any man that happens along just because I've been told he's overly endowed. You're going to have to help me."

When they both smiled, I realized what I'd said. "Oh, dirty pool. You guys ganged up on me. I don't even have any ideas on how to start something like this. I mean, how do you know he'll even be attracted to me ... or me to him?"

With a wistful smile Dianna implored, "God, how could he not be attracted to you? You're gorgeous! I wish I still looked as good as you."

Ever the diplomat, Leo said, "Let's not get into a shooting match, OK? You're both gorgeous. Looks are not the issue here. Propagation of the species has dictated throughout history that males will be attracted to any females that are new to them, right?" Without giving me a chance to debate that, he continued "Believe me, Ronnie Joe will find you quite fetching I'm sure. And I'll bet you'll enjoy being fetched too!"

Falsely pouting I teased "Awfully sure of my willingness aren't you?"

Leo just leered.

I leered right back and asked Dianna, "Uh, just for the record, how big is he?"

Dianna's ear to ear grin sold me!

So we spent the next couple of hours, three perfectly normal people sitting naked around a kitchen table plotting how to debauch a minister. We barely had time for one more threesome before Dianna had to pick up her kids.

Then Leo and I talked and fantasized about what we were plotting until our organs were so sore we couldn't do anything the rest of the night.

Friday evening Rachael and Jacob were "granted the privilege" of spending the night with their grandparents while Ronnie Joe and Dianna came over to our house for supper. Leo charcoaled steaks (blessed be Albuquerque where you can plan outdoor activities thirteen months a year) and baked potatoes while I fixed a tossed salad.

The Wilson's surprised us by bringing a large bottle of Zinfandel. A bit of probing revealed that Ronnie Joe was raised in moonshine country. Whatever else his religion taught, it wouldn't have dared speak too harshly against alcohol as that was a principal source of income "back home".

The good preacher had been raised on corn liquor and could outdrink just about anyone. When he was a pup moonshine had been the only medicine available. It was by necessity the prescription of choice and was used for any and all ailments.

By the end of dinner, the wine was long gone and the menfolk went out for liquid reinforcements. I knew Leo was not a drinker so I hoped they would not bring too much back. They returned with two more bottles of the wine and two large bottles of some stuff called Black Velvet. The name suggested something smooth and tasty. When the cap was removed from the bottle the fumes alone were enough to gag me. It was just another foul smelling whiskey and I absolutely abhor whiskey. I do love rum, though and tequila I can drink straight from the bottle. Ronnie Joe was the one who liked Black Velvet. The light finally dawned and I felt a bit foolish for my unkind thoughts.

Dianna and I sipped, and I do mean sipped, small glasses of the wine and I caught Leo surreptitiously watering the plants from his glass. (Must make a note of that. Plastic plants grow better when nurtured with Diet Pepsi and whiskey.) Leo drank just enough to inflict a crooked smile on his face.

By ten o'clock Ronnie Joe was feeling happy. He wasn't anywhere near drunk but he was loosening up a bit. Dianna and I kept everyone's glasses full and every time either of us got up, we would arrange to set me down next to our target. I thought about slipping my underclothes off but decided that any wantonness on my part might intimidate Ronnie Joe.

Just before ten o'clock Dianna excused herself and said she was going to lie down for a minute because the wine was making her dizzy. Her hubby immediately contended they should head home but I was able to dissuade him by refilling his glass.

Leo had laid his head back on his chair and was pretending to be asleep.

As I handed the drink to Ronnie (note the Joe had finally disappeared) I managed to lose my balance and land in his lap. He made no attempt to dislodge me from my position and I took the opportunity to assess his qualifications. His principal attribute was now rising against my soft fanny and I looked him right in the eyes and giggled.

Those eyes were focused into my gaping blouse and the see-through bra covered chest peeking out. He gave a sort of half hearted smile and carefully enunciated, "I'm sure glad you didn't wind up spilling this here drink all over your nice dress."

"What would you have done if it had spilled? I teased suggestively, "Would you have helped me clean it up?" Then I took the glass from his hand and poured a small trickle between my breasts.

"Will you help me clean this up?" Setting the whiskey on the end table I unbuttoned the top two buttons of my blouse, stood up, leaned forward so my cleavage was close to his lips and whispered, "Please!"

Momentarily taken aback he pulled away from me. This caused his burgeoning tower to tent out the front of his pants. I wrapped my hand around his problem and kissed him. Then I pulled his head to my chest.

Initially he didn't respond but quickly surveyed the room to see where Dianna and Leo were. When he saw that they offered no threat I felt his tongue tentatively begin to lap the whiskey from my cleavage. Another dirty old man! I love dirty old men, no matter what their age. I finished unbuttoning my blouse and unfastened the clasp of my front closing bra. As my nipples sprang from their confinement, he wrapped his mouth around my left breast while he began to stroke my right nipple with his thumb. He had missed a trickle of alcohol, which now slid from between my breasts to slowly wind its way down my stomach. I hoped he would be considerate enough to clean it up later.

He didn't even try to resist as I unzipped his pants. When his rigid manhood was freed from its confinement it stood straight, tall (very, very tall) and true. I straddled him, hiked my skirt up and began to rub the crotch of my panties against his erection. For such a small man, for he was no taller than his wife and quite trim, he really was well endowed. As I rode his mounting excitement I could feel the material of my saturated underclothes being pushed into my most private cleft.

He moaned against my chest as I pulled my panties to one side and slid him into my damp desire. He felt even larger than he looked and I was unable to take his full length at first. Pulling up from him I quickly slid my panties off to relieve some of the tightness around my crotch. Within half a dozen strokes, I was able to bury him to the fullness of his length. His width was stretching places that had never been expanded so enjoyably before. Not one to resist the inevitable, or perhaps he was a bit more inebriated than I thought, he willingly joined the slow dance of copulation on the seat of the chair we were sharing.

Looking over his shoulder, I could see our partners silently clapping their hands. I stuck my tongue out at them and pushed firmly downward to allow Ronnie deeper access. Much too quickly for me to finish Ronnie filled me with his warm deposit. I bobbed up and down on his deteriorating enthusiasm until it was no more.

Realizing what had just happened he suddenly straightened up and tried to push me away. I allowed him to move me only as far as his knees where I stood leaning over him with my mouth to his ear. "That was absolutely delightful", I whispered into his sideburns. "I want you to do that again just as soon as you are able to. Does this help?" I asked as I again wrapped my hand around his now flaccid organ.

"No! We shouldn't have done that! I shouldn't done that", he whimpered as his body began to betray him. "My wife will never forgive me. Oh, STOP. Please don't do that", he continued as I brought him back to life. As soon as he was fully erect, I guided his true indicator back into my willing and wanton receptacle.

Ronnie moaned but I wasn't sure whether it was from passion or loss of will. Either way he again began his thrusting until he was thoroughly and deeply buried inside me. When I was sure he was too committed to stop, I asked him to take me on the carpet. Quickly he responded and lifted me to the floor never breaking our carnal contact. With my legs wrapped around him so he couldn't escape I softly said into his ear, "I don't think your wife is going to mind this one bit."

"What? What are you talking about?" he blustered as he tried to pull away from my scissored legs.

I said louder, "I think this is going to make your wife very happy. As a matter of fact, let's ask her right now."

Dianna leaned over, kissed his cheek and said, "I think this is great!" Then she reached between his legs and cupping his stones in the softness of her hand she added, "I want to feel you cum. I want to feel the juice flow from your loins and erupt as you empty your delight. Shoot your wonderful little fellows and then I'm going to make you do it all over again with me."

Ronnie couldn't resist such persuasive stimulation and I felt an enormous, enthusiastic gush followed by gobs of aftershocks as he drove his lance deep into my home. Then he fell back onto the carpet and stared questioningly at his wife who was still fondling his swollen sack.

"I don't understand", Ronnie practically sobbed. "You wanted me to be unfaithful to you? Don't you love me anymore?"

Dianna stood up just long enough to throw her clothes off and then she stretched out full length against him. "Not only do I still love you and want you but now I believe we can finally enjoy each other. For years I've wanted you to get as much pleasure from our lovemaking as I always have. I could see you were never going to allow yourself to let go with me so I asked this wonderful young couple to help. Did you enjoy the sex you just had?"

Shyly he looked at me and realizing he couldn't very well express anything negative, almost gushed, "Oh yes, I never experienced anything like that before."

Smiling at me Dianna reached between them and said, as she guided his again erect manhood into her, "Now I want you to have as much fun with me as you just enjoyed with her. And while we're enjoying each other they're going to give you some new ideas."

That was news to me because I hadn't even been looking at Leo. When I did, I was startled to see that he was totally naked and as long and hard as I had ever seen him. He walked over, picked me up and held me to his front with his hands under my hips and my arms around his neck. As he entered me he pushed me against the wall and proceeded to slowly spear in and out of my ever-willing nest. Never breaking his rhythm he stripped the rest of the clothing from my body and then began rubbing my nipples with his slightly hairy chest. I was in ecstasy!

I nestled my chin against Leo's neck and looked over to see how our friends were doing.

Ronnie was still on his back but he was staring wide eyed at us as we pounded against the wall. Dianna had managed to strip his pants down to his ankles and was obviously quite happily mounted on his rigid lance.

I smiled and settled into a satisfied cadence of wall bumping until I came. Leo then carried me across the room and gently let me descend onto the couch. Whispering to me so our guests couldn't hear, "Would you like to indulge Ronnie Joe again?"

"Um hmmm", I enthusiastically answered.

"Come on then", he murmured as he led me over to the couple still copulating on our floor. We lay down beside them and Leo buried his face between my legs. He teased my privates until I was arching my back high off the floor and pushing myself hard against his probing tongue. Ronnie and Dianna had ceased moving and were mesmerized watching me as I climbed my steadily ascending plateau.

I closed my eyes to better savor the pure ecstasy of the sensations assaulting my body. My breathing consisted only of short gasps, then I almost fainted as a wonderful granite column entered my vibrating core. Dropping to the carpet I wrapped my quivering legs around my rescuer. Several minutes and many deep thrusts later I realized Ronnie had impaled me instead of Leo. I was so aroused that I could have cared less if it was a circus elephant, just so long as my craving was being fulfilled. My body was on fire and my insides had turned to quaking gelatin I was so hot.

At some point my mind took a mental snapshot of Dianna slowly pistoning Leo in and out as they smilingly watched Ronnie rubbing my backbone from the inside. My ankles rode his shoulders while I wrapped my toes around the back of his neck. I pressed my hands firmly against my stomach to feel the depth of his magical invasion. He was so deep inside me that his pelvic bone hammered my clitoris with each lunge. Climax after climax wracked me ecstatically. I do believe the house rocked on its foundations because I know my foundations were certainly wobbled. Only when I was leaking more fluid than my body could produce and the massive obelisk was slowly softening from my still throbbing interior, did I realize Ronnie had cum. When his body finally stilled he lay on top of me and we watched as Leo filled Dianna with his essence.

We all had managed to reach our final zeniths within minutes of each other. Naked bodies stretched wall to wall across the living room floor as we collapsed from each other. Tomorrow we could enjoy our rug burns.

The four of us rested for a short while. As we began to stir Ronnie reached for his clothing. Stopping him with my hand, I enticed him, "Don't dress. I want to enjoy looking at your body while we have coffee and talk for a while. Would it bother you to look at me without my clothes on, if we were just enjoying each others company?"

Trapped again, Ronnie resolved himself to my suggestion. He was visibly nervous as the four of us sat around the table in casual nudity. We made short snatches of meaningless small talk while the coffee brewed. Then I asked Ronnie if he would be willing to have sex with me again during the following day.

First he shyly made eye contact with Leo and then sought Dianna's smiling approval before he finally admitted he would love to do just that. "I'm going to be here until the Sunday after Thanksgiving. If I asked you real nice, would you be willing to have sex with me every day until I leave. If Dianna and Leo don't mind, that is."

"Well yeah, if Dianna and Leo don't mind", he stammered.

By way of answer, Leo squirted a dollop of honey on Dianna's nipple. Slowly licking it off with his warm tongue he answered from the side of his mouth, "I don't think we'll even notice. But if we do, we'll work something out!"

"Dianna, can I borrow your husband for a while?" I asked.

Her eyes closed in ecstasy from Leo's honeyed lips Dianna waved her hand in a dismissive sort of "who cares" gesture. I took that as acquiescence.

"One more request then I'll leave you alone", I stated to Ronnie. "I've always dreamed of having two men make love to me at the same time. Would you be willing to make that dream come true?"

With more confidence than he had thus far expressed he confirmed he would be delighted to be a part of my fantasy.

So it was that early Saturday morning while Dianna watched the kids, Ronnie came over to visit. I met him at the door wearing nothing but a smile and led him back to the bedroom where Leo awaited us with nothing on but a hard on.

Positioning myself on my hands and knees I straddled Leo on the bed and took his ready tool into my mouth. Ronnie watched nervously for a minute until I raised up and suggested he might wish to remove his clothing. When he was naked, I again had to direct him in what to do next. "Take me from behind, doggie style", I requested. As he entered me I raised my hips and lowered my chest to give him maximum penetration.

That was a mistake. I had forgotten how enjoyably long and wide his "attributes" were. His first stroke was so deep I almost choked on Leo as I shot forward in surprise. Then the amazing elasticity of womanhood took over and my insides stretched just enough to accommodate his size. I pushed back as hard as I could to meet his penetration and we soon established a nice rocking motion where Ronnie moved me forward so I could swallow Leo's erection as far into my mouth as possible. Then as Ronnie pulled all but his final ridged cap out of me, I would slide up Leo's shaft until I was able to drive the tip of my tongue down into its hole and suckle his precum.

Leo had assured me for years that oral sex wasn't that exciting for him, but I noticed he wasn't getting soft. As I cupped his testicles in my hand, I could feel his burgeoning excitement shrink the skin tighter and tighter as it pulled from his scrotum onto his elongating shaft. With a soft moan, his white elixir began to flow from the core of his body. I licked the salty fluid and for the first time in my sex life, I actually enjoyed the taste of cum. Applying as much suction as I possibly could I drew Leo's elixir from deep within the reservoir of his testes until he was totally voided.

When Ronnie saw what was happening it aroused him beyond his carefully controlled cadence and he slammed our thighs together in a frenzy of bone jarring culmination. His warm cream sprayed against the very deepest part of my female organs. I fainted and collapsed forward onto Leo, who later told me Ronnie had also toppled gracelessly to the bed.

Much later I awoke alone under the blankets and dreamily curled into their warmth. My lovers were talking quietly in another room of the house. Though I was unable to make out their words, it pleased me to hear the happy tones of their voices. Evidently, our excursion into my fantasies was a mutual success.

I lay serenely enjoying the quietude of the moment and the assurance of their proximity. As I drifted off to sleep, I knew they would eventually awaken both my mind and body again before the morning was over.

This story was split into 3 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

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