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First Night
by AnonSky

This is a 3 part story. Jump to any of the parts from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

She straightened her upper body almost to a sitting position, driving his prick even deeper into her pussy. "Oohhhhh.....," moaned Teri, "I like it....I like this....I'm fucking feels damn good...." Tony reached up and squeezed and tweaked her tits and then took a nipple in his mouth and began to suck and softly nibble on it. "OOHHhhhhh....that's good....that's good....harder....suck harder," she cried.

Tony slid one hand down to her pussy, and as she lifted and plunged her pussy onto his prick, he fingered and massaged her stiff, engorged clitoris. Teri began to pound her pussy down on his rigid prick, trying to get even more into her now convulsing pussy. With a strangled cry, "OOOhhhhhh God....NOW...NOW..," Teri collapsed on his chest....her body shuddering from the orgasm that had wracked her body.

They lay there quietly for a few minutes. She could feel Tony's prick still rigid and hard slowly stroking her pussy with short slow strokes. "Oh, Tony, that was great," she whispered to him, "but you haven't cum....have you?"

He kissed her, "No....not yet." He laughed, "I'm surprised I've lasted this long."

Teri smiled, "Tony, roll us over and fuck me good.... I don't have the strength left to be on top and fuck you." As they rolled over, she whispered, "Fuck me hard.... make me want you again and again." She wrapped her legs around him as he began to plunge his prick into her pussy again, driving it deep into her with slow long strokes. She hugged him to her breast and said, "That's it, Oh Tony, fuck me...oohhhh..fuck me good. Your prick feels like it fills me up...I want to feel your cum shooting into my pussy....feel your hot cum hitting the back of my cunt...OOHHhhhhhh...that's it...faster....harder."

Tony speeded up his thrusts, driving his prick into her, his balls slapping against her ass as his prick reached the deepest point in her pussy. Teri felt his body stiffen and then begin to tremble as he moaned loudly, "Teriiii...I'm cumming...God, I'm cumming."

She thrust her pussy up, meeting his plunging prick, grinding her pussy against his groin and began to shudder as another orgasm began to sweep through her body as she felt Tony's prick erupt deep in her pussy, spewing out its load of warm cum with so much force that she felt it hit the back of her throbbing pussy. She felt her pussy continue to spasm as he pumped his cum into her pussy...her pussy was throbbing madly around Tony's prick, milking it of his cum.

Teri unwrapped her legs and Tony started to roll off her. She grabbed his hips and held him in place, "No, stay there. I like the way you feel in me." She kissed him, gently stroking his lips with her tongue. Looking into his eyes, she asked, "Was that as good as your fantasy?"

"God, Teri, it was felt so good, so tight." Tony gave her a quick kiss and then looking at her asked, "Do you think we did the right thing.... you know, should we have done this?"

Teri hugged him tightly; "We wanted each other." Teri giggled and whispered, "If I'd known my little brother was so well hung, I might have done this even earlier." Teri kissed him, "But seriously, don't worry about it, Tony. We're old enough to know what we want...We did what we wanted to do...I don't feel bad about it." She chuckled, "What I feel right now is that I want you again.... I want you to make love to me again and again. You may be my brother, but you're also a damn good lover."

Tony laughed softly, "Oh Teri, you're pretty damn good yourself."

"Oh-No," cried Teri softly, as his soften prick slipped out of her tight pussy and his cum began to run down her slit to her ass. "Jesus, Tony, how much did you cum....I'm leaking cum all over the place."

"As soon as I can get this thing hard again, we'll plug that leak," murmured Tony.

"I can fix that," whispered Teri. She sat up and lowered her head to his cum covered prick and began to slowly lick it, savoring the taste of his cum and her pussy juices mixed together. She took his limp prick in her mouth and began to tongue it and gently suck on it, working her tongue around the edge of his crown. She could feel his prick twitch and begin to grow larger as he responded to her tonguing. In a matter of seconds his prick was rigid and standing straight up, the blood engorged head looking almost black in the dim moonlight.

She pulled back and looked at his stiff prick standing straight up and then slipped her lips over the dark head and tried to deep throat him. She couldn't get it all the way down her throat before the head blocked her throat, gagging her. She gave the bulbous head a final wet kiss, looked up at Tony and asked, "How big is it? God, it's beautiful and feels so good in me."

"I haven't measured it for some time.... I believe it's about 7 and a half inches." Tony chuckled, "You can measure it for me if you want to."

"I will," said Teri as she rose and swung her leg over his hips, straddling him. She grasped his prick and slowly lowered her pussy down onto it. His large prick slipped easily into her cum drenched pussy, squeezing out his cum from earlier, coating his balls with cum and pussy juices. "Oh God, that feels good," moaned Teri as she stretched out on top of him and began to slowly move her pussy up and down his rigid prick. "Where did you get the idea of putting me on top? I loved it. I got to fuck you instead of you just fucking me."

Tony laughed, "Jenny Anderson liked to be screwed that way.... she showed me."

Teri paused, "You screwed Jenny? She's a year older than me." She kissed him and resumed pumping her pussy slowly up and down his shaft. "You really screwed Jenny?" whispered Teri.

"Yeah, last year, all summer, before she left for college," answered Tony. "You remember Ron, her brother...we would both screw her when I spent the night with him. Ron had been screwing her since he was 13."

Teri started to laugh softly then cried out, "OH...OH MY GOD."

"What is it? What happened?" asked Tony.

Teri kissed him softly, "Nothing, honey...nothing. When I started laughing I could feel your prick so strongly, so deep in me, it startled me." She kissed him passionately, running her tongue deep into his mouth. She pulled back some and looked at him, "Oh Tony, it feels so good. No more talk.... make love to me.... fuck me as hard as you can." She began to pump her ass up and down more rapidly, sliding her pussy on his rigid prick. "OH GOD, that's great.... Oh Tony, you have a beautiful prick.... I love it.... love to feel it in me."

Teri was pumping her ass up and down so fast that as she moved up, Tony's prick slipped from her cunt and slipped up through the crack in her ass as she moved down. "Oh damn," muttered Teri, "put it back...put it back in me...hurry."

Tony reached down and guided his prick back to her eager pussy and thrust it up into her. Gripping her hips, he began to thrust his hips up to meet her downward thrusts, ramming his prick deep into her hot, wet pussy. The squishy sounds as his prick moved in and out her cum drenched pussy aroused them both even more.

"Oh DAMN.... DAMN."

"What is it, Teri?"

"Oh Dammit," moaned Teri, "I'm going to cum....I didn't want to cum this fast."

Tony gripped her hips even tighter, grinding his prick into her as their bodies came together. "Go ahead and cum....cum good," murmured Tony.

Teri slammed her pussy down on his prick even harder and faster. She could feel the tension building in her pussy and her thighs.... she wanted it more and more...deeper and deeper.

"OH TONY...FUCK ME...FUCK ME HARD," she cried. "THAT'S IT.... THAT'S IT. OH MY GOD...NOW.... NOW...I"M CUMMING...I"M CUUUMMIIINNNG...I'm cuuummmiiing," moaned Teri loudly as she collapsed on Tony's chest, hugging him tightly.

"Oh Teri," moaned Tony. "God, you turn me on when you cum like that." He began to thrust his prick into her very rapidly. "Oh Teri, I'm fixing to cum too."

"Not yet...not yet," whispered Teri. "I want you to cum in my mouth.... I want to taste you." She rose up quickly and turned, stretching out atop him, putting her pussy in his face and taking his prick, slick with her pussy juices into her mouth. She began to move her head rapidly up and down the shaft of his prick, taking him as far as possible into her mouth and throat. She felt Tony's tongue probing her pussy and lapping gently at her still throbbing clit.

They had turned slightly on their side as they tongued each other. From the corner of her eyes, Teri saw some movement in the dresser mirror. She stopped moving her head, just continued to tongue the head of his prick, as she tried to figure out what it was.

It was Traci. She was standing in the doorway watching them. Traci had one hand down inside her panties and was obviously fingering herself as she watched the two on the bed. At that moment, Tony sucked Teri's engorged clit and the surrounding pussy flesh into his mouth and began to suck and tongue her clit furiously. It triggered another orgasm, starting deep in her convulsing pussy and sweeping through her body. In the throes of her shattering orgasm, she sucked even harder on the rigid prick and felt it throb and then erupt in a torrent of cum, filling her mouth rapidly as his cum spurted from the pulsating prick. She couldn't swallow fast enough and some cum leaked out coating her lower lip and chin. The knowledge that Traci was watching them just seemed to intensify the impact of her climax.

Teri glanced up. Traci was gone. She crawled up beside Tony and kissed him. He began to gently lick his cum off her lips and chin, then tonguing her deeply letting her suck the cum off his tongue.

"Hmmm, you taste good," whispered Teri. "Do you like the taste of your cum? David wouldn't even kiss me after I had sucked him off."

"David must be an idiot."

Teri laughed softly, "He is.... and selfish too. That's why we broke up." Teri kissed him quickly, "I wondered what you'd do when I kissed you with your cum all over my mouth and tongue."

Tony chuckled, "Testing me, huh." He hugged her tightly, "It really doesn't taste bad. Jenny use to suck me and Ron off before she'd let us screw her...she said it made us last longer. She'd suck Ron off and then hold his cum in her mouth and kiss me, letting it all go into my mouth." Tony laughed, "Every now and then she'd make me and Ron suck each other off before we could screw really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. In fact, I even enjoyed sucking his prick." Tony gave her quick kiss, "Since she left for college, we've sucked each other off a couple times, every time I stay over at his place or he stays here."

Teri laughed softly, "I didn't really know Jenny...she was a grade ahead of me...but from what you say, I think I'd like her."

Tony hugged her tightly, nibbling at her ear lobe, and whispered, "She got home this week, maybe we can have them over some time."

"If Ron's hung as well as you are, I think I might like to do that," chuckled Teri.

Tony laughed softly, "We're about the same." Tony pulled her to him tightly, kissing her passionately, running his tongue as deep into her mouth as he could. "Uh-Oh, I can feel junior getting excited again," said Tony as his prick began to stiffen against her body.

She gave him a quick kiss, "That will have to wait. We've got a problem. Traci was watching us..... I saw her standing in the door when I was sucking you. I don't know how long she had been there."

"No kidding? What are we going to do?" asked Tony.

"Let me go talk to her," said Teri, climbing out of the bed. She leaned over and gave Tony a deep kiss, teasing his tongue with her's. "Don't go anywhere. I still want you," whispered Teri, gently squeezing his semi-hard prick. "Those were the best orgasms I've ever had.... they've gotten better and better each time." As she lightly kissed his lips, she whispered, "I want to see if we can top that last one."

Traci's door was slightly open and Teri could hear soft moans coming from Traci's room. Quietly pushing the door open Teri entered. Traci was lying on top her bed, naked, her legs spread as wide as possible. Her right hand was between her thighs, furiously fingering her pussy while her left hand played with the nipples of her tits. Traci had her head thrown back and her eyes closed as she moaned softly to the accompanying sound of her fingers moving in and out her pussy. Teri stood there a few seconds just looking at the beautiful girl, they were almost carbon copies of one another, except that Teri was two years older. Even so, Traci was 5' 8", 35-23-34..... they could almost pass for twins.

Teri walked up to the bed and sat down beside Traci, who was suddenly startled her out of her sexually induced trance.

"EEkk," cried Traci sitting up some, trying to cover herself.

Teri grabbed her arm, "It's okay, honey. I didn't mean to scare you." Teri could feel Traci trembling slightly. She didn't know if it was from her scaring Traci, or from Traci having an orgasm from the finger fucking of her pussy. Teri put her arm around Traci and pulled her against her naked breast. "Oh honey, don't be embarrassed.... I saw you in the doorway watching me and Tony."

"Oh, did.... I didn't mean to spy on you, honest," said Traci. "I heard woke me up and I heard the noise coming from Tony's room." Traci shook her head, "I thought Tony had sneaked a girl into the house when I saw you on top of him. God, it was sexy, and then you turned around to suck him, I saw it was you."

Teri chuckled, "Did it surprise you? Did it turn you on to see me screwing our brother? I could see you were finger fucking yourself while you watched."

"Oh Teri, it was so sexy. When I saw it was you, my pussy totally soaked my panties. You can check them...they're over there, soaking wet."

Teri slid her hand down Traci's body, "Never mind the panties, let's see how wet you are now," whispered Teri as she cupped Traci's pussy in her hand and slid her finger between the swollen pussy lips and into her tight pussy hole. Traci jumped as Teri's finger entered her and then moaned softly and hugged Teri.

"Jesus, Traci," whispered Teri, "you're are really wet."

"Oh, I know," moaned Traci. "'t stop...please," begged Traci when Teri started to withdraw her hand. "Please don't stop."

"Okay, honey, I won't stop," whispered Teri. "I've already broken one taboo tonight, I might as well break another," she whispered as she turned Traci's face up to her's. Teri kissed Traci lightly, probing at her lips with her tongue, gently at first, then harder. Traci suddenly threw her arms around Teri and sucked Teri's tongue into her mouth, returning her kiss with a wild abandon, pulling Teri down on the bed beside her.

Teri broke the kiss and let her mouth trail down Traci's throat to her breasts, where Teri began to suck and tongue the hard erect nipples. Teri's fingers were still playing with Traci's pussy, massaging the swollen lips and stroking in and out the tight, wet pussy hole.

Teri's mouth continued down Traci's body and down the crease of her thigh and stomach to Traci's hot pussy. Teri licked at the engorged pussy lips, tentatively at first, then enjoying the thick aroma of Traci's aroused pussy and the taste of Traci's pussy juices, Teri placed her mouth on Traci's pussy as though she was trying to suck her whole pussy into her mouth. Using her hands, Teri spread Traci's pussy as wide as possible and ran her tongue into her as deep as she could. After about five minutes of soft moans, Teri heard a loud moan from Traci and felt Traci's hands grip her head, pulling her mouth against Traci's pussy even harder.

"Is everything okay?" asked Tony as he entered the room. He had slipped on a robe and come to see what was taking so long.

Teri paused in her licking of Traci's pussy and looked up. "Get rid of that robe and come play with her tits.... suck them for her."

Traci clutched at Teri's head, trying to pull her back to her pussy. "Oh Teri, don't stop...suck me please....please," moaned Traci.

Teri resumed sucking and licking at Traci's pussy, probing her pussy hole with her tongue and finger. She was avoiding Traci's swollen and engorged clitoris, sticking out from under its hood, about the size of the first joint on her little finger. Teri wanted to prolong the lovemaking.... too much attention to that little love button would send Traci into an immediate orgasm, so Teri would give it only an occasional lick. Each time she did, she felt Traci's body twitch as though she had received an electrical shock. Teri felt Tony get on the bed and glanced up as he began to suck on one of Traci's tits. Teri reached over and grasped his stiff prick in her hand and stroked it. Then Teri took Traci's hand and moved it over to Tony's prick and felt Traci immediately begin to fondle and stroke it.

"Oh Teri, that feels so good," moaned Traci. "Suck me hard....tongue it." Traci looked at Tony, "Tony, put your prick in my mouth. Fuck my mouth....please."

"Sure, if you want me to, Traci," whispered Tony, moving up and placing the head of his rigid prick against her lips.

"Oh God, I want it....I want to suck it," moaned Traci. "But I want you to fuck my mouth...make believe it's a pussy. Fuck it good," murmured Traci as she slipped her lips over the head of his prick and down his shaft.

Tony began to move his hips, pumping his prick into her mouth, being careful not to go too deep. He could feel Traci moaning around his prick, creating a feeling of vibration over the head of his prick, as he stroked it in and out her mouth. He was trying to avoid going too deep, but when he pushed his prick in; Traci would move her mouth toward him taking him even deeper. She was finally taking it almost all the way in her mouth and down her throat...moaning all the time as Teri now started tonguing and sucking on Traci's erect clit.

Teri reached under and up around Traci's thighs and pulled Traci's pussy against her mouth as hard as she could, as she furiously sucked and tongued Traci's engorged clit. She felt Traci begin to writhe about, trying push her pussy into Teri's mouth, arching her hips up, pushing against the tongue attacking her sensitive love button.

Traci's sucking and moaning on his prick was so intense as her passion mounted that Tony felt the familiar tightening of his balls and the gentle ache in his scrotum as his prick throbbed and then erupted spewing his cum into his sister's mouth and throat.


This is a 3 part story. Jump to any of the parts from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

Another quality story brought to you by AnonSky.

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