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My Sexy Bird Lady Pt. II
by Tawny T

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

When we pulled in the yard behind Gloria's house, I let her go ahead and bring me off. I slipped my panties off, turned sideways in the seat, spread my legs and Pam dove between my legs. She ate me to two wonderful climaxes. When I opened my eyes from the last climax, Gloria and Deena were looking in the window, grinning widely. They kidded us about not even waiting to get into the back seat.

Gloria said we were just in time. We went down to the barn and she let a huge bull out into an enclosure where a cow stood. He bellowed and made for her immediately. He chased her around, finally mounting her. As we watched fascinated his really huge red cock slid from its sheath and with several tries finally found the mark, burying it into the cow. It was very impressive, raw sex, and power. He bellowed, and she mooed, as he thrust into her.

I think all of us felt a twinge in our pussies at the display of animal lust. Gloria came up behind me and pressed against my back, her hands cupping and squeezing my breasts. I looked over and Pam's hand was under her skirt rubbing herself. The coupling didn't take long and when the bull pulled out a rivulet of white cum ran out of the cow's stretched pussy and down her ass. We were all rather subdued by the display of raw sex. We helped Gloria finish a few chores and went back to the house.

It was lunchtime and we crowded into the kitchen and fixed sandwiches and a large salad. While eating, the bull was the topic of conversation, and that led to tales of lust, sex with either, or both sexes, and general hilarity.

Deena told of being caught red-handed making passionate love to a lovely lady, who just happened to be the wife of a prominent judge. He'd wanted Deena then and there, but she'd declined. When he got nasty, she pulled several pictures from her purse she'd taken, at the wife's request, of her and the wife in several intimate situations. She just laid them on the table and asked it he'd like more copies. He'd stormed out. She and the wife still got together with no interference from the judge. I asked if she wasn't afraid of someone blackmailing her. She laughed and said she didn't have enough money to make it worth the effort.

Pam told of seducing two of her friends after she and Gloria had become lovers. She hadn't realized that they craved feminine love too. She said she wished she'd realized her lesbian leanings earlier. Thinking back, she realized she'd been subtly approached quite a few times. We all admitted being approached by another women, or girl before we finally decided it was OK to go ahead.

The girls had been asking me to show the video. We finished lunch and adjourned to the spacious den. I started the video and sat back on the couch with Deena beside me. Pam and Gloria sat on the floor on the thick carpet, close together. I was proud of the tape. The others were talkative at first, but as the action became hotter, became quieter and there were gasps of admiration and quiet remarks of 'beautiful', 'I look like a movie star', 'God, how sexy', 'Wow, I never realized it before, but my pussy is really lovely.'

The tape ran for about a half-hour and they all wanted to see it again. This time there were more comments on how they felt at each stage. Deena kept her eyes on the TV screen, but her hands were undressing me. On the floor Gloria and Pam were also undressing. It was very sexy, and knowing all the 'actors' personally made it all the better. When it was over we were all nude, and hot again.

They couldn't say enough good about the tape. I told them I'd take the original with me and edit it and put background music with it and polish it up. They thought that would be wonderful. We wound up making love again in all combinations. Never in my life have I had so much sex, or so many totally mind-blowing climaxes. We made love the rest of the afternoon till everyone but Pam was satiated. That woman was a ball of fire and energy.

The rain had finally passed and the sun had come out making it a warm evening. I knew that the moon was full that evening, and suggested we go down to the river at sunset and watch the moon rise, and all bathe in the spring together. They thought that was a wonderful idea.

We walked hand in hand to the river and watched the huge full moon rise over the calm water. Bullfrogs croaked loudly in their deep bass voices, and night birds called. It was a perfect night, warm and surprisingly insect free. The moonlight flooded the forest as we walked back to the spring. We undressed quietly, everyone enchanted by the mystic mood. It was so primal. We slipped into the pool and bathed silently, only the sounds of the water, and an occasional night bird's call breaking the forest quiet.

I wished I could have captured the mood and beauty of three beautiful wood nymphs, gleaming wet, lit only by the full moon. No film I knew of was capable of that. Refreshed, we walked back to the house, our clothes in our hands, wonderfully naked, and no one to see us.

We prepared 'supper' and were all still in a mellow mood from the moonlit walk and bath. We drank lots of a wonderful wine and soon our spirits and libido were up again. We got to talking about the video again.

"It was superb, wonderful, fantastic! Could we add to it?" Gloria asked. I asked how. "After watching that bull, I got an idea."

"Can we really get him in to the house. I don't think he'll fit through the door, any door!" Deena quipped, setting off peals of laughter.

"No dummy, not that kind of idea" Gloria continued laughing. "What you said about the big dildo being Brahma bull size, you said your friend like to be really stuffed. I'd like to try it out! You've always used the middle sized one on me. Olivia, could we do that, and put it in the tape?

I said I thought it would be a wonderful idea. Real movies are shot out of sequence and we could add as many scenes as we wanted. Only Deena had seen it, but the idea of Gloria taking a really big dildo in her beautiful pussy gave me hot tingles in my clit! We played the tape again and used it to recreate the scene down to the finest detail, even how the women had their hair done. She'd fucked me with the regular dildo and it had filled me wonderfully, now we'd get to see the really large one!

Gloria got on the bed with Pam, and as I taped, we had her ask the 'saleslady' if she had anything 'a little bigger'. Deena smiled and said she had just the thing for really horny ladies. She'd told me that Gloria hadn't seen the big dildo either, and to get a good close up of her face when she walked in with it in place. We set it up, unbeknownst to Gloria.

On cue, Deena walked in with the huge dildo jutting forward. I was filming Gloria and was glad Deena had clued me in. The look on her face was priceless. Her eyes went wide, her mouth dropped open, and a completely unrehearsed,"Oh, my God. It's huge!" came from her lips in an awed whisper. I panned back just as her hand went to her pussy, covering it almost protectively. We could never have gotten the expression, the awe in her voice, or the gesture if we'd planned it. It was perfect. I kept filming as Deena moved beside the bed and into the camera's view. Gloria was still completely mesmerized with it, the camera was completely forgotten.

She clasped it with both hands and looked up a Deena, and asked in awe, "Do you really think that will go in my pussy?" Deena bent over and kissed her lips tenderly.

"Honey, we'll try it. I guarantee I'll fuck you very easy with it. Any time you want to stop, just say the word. We'll open you up a little. By the time I get ready to put it in, you'll want every inch of it. It's our biggest model!" Deena said. We measured it later and it was two and a quarter inches thick and nine inches long. I wondered if she could take it all, I didn't even want to try!

Gloria suddenly remembered that I was filming and looked at me, eyes wide. I cut. It had been perfect! I went over the scenario I wanted and told the girls to just relax, have fun and forget the camera. Gloria's eyes were still on the monster dildo. Deena reassured her that if at any time she felt it was hurting her to say so, that she would be very gentle. Gloria said she had absolute trust in her.

Deena and Gloria began to kiss, tongues probing. At my signal, I moved the camera back and Pam moved down between Gloria's thighs and began to kiss and caress her pussy. She kissed and sucked her big clit while her fingers began to probe into Gloria's pussy, one finger at a time. I moved the camera back and forth from the two kissing to Pam's lips and fingers playing over and into Gloria's pussy. Pam inserted three, then four, and finally, very carefully, slipped her whole small hand into Gloria.

Gloria gasped as her pussy was stretched, but Pam's lips sucking her clit was getting her hotter, as was Deena's kisses and caresses on her lovely breasts. The two worked well together. Soon Pam's well-lubricated hand was slipping in and out of Gloria, stretching her vagina. I signaled for Deena to move down and insert the dildo into Gloria's more than willing body.

The girls positioned Gloria on her side legs spread, with Deena behind her. Pam took some lubricant and liberally greased up the dildo, and rubbing it around Goria's vulva. I repositioned the camera and Pam took the dildo and placed it against Gloria's lips. Slowly Deena pressed forward while Pam spread Gloria's pussy lips wide. I moved in till her pussy and the head of the dildo filled the viewfinder. The head of her swollen clit, just peeped out. Pam pressed forward and I heard Gloria moan, and gasp as it spread her pussy. "Yes, yes, slowly, I want it in me!" She sobbed. The two worked together, pushing and moving back and forth till the massive head slipped inside Gloria's deep pink entrance.

"It's so big!" Gloria panted. "It stretches me so much. Slip it in a little at a time." She looked down at Pam and pressed her head close. "And keep sucking my clit. It feels sooo good!"

Pam pulled upward on the outer lips making the big clit protrude still more. The head was shiny and a deep pink. I was still fascinated by how large it was. Pam flicked it with her tongue then sucked it between her crimson lips. My own pussy ached with desire. I wanted to join the three.

I zoomed out slightly to catch the dildo as it slipped inch by inch inside Gloria's superb body. It was so real, it seemed to grow from Deena's pussy. There was no hurry, and I had plenty of tape to use. The two worked in rhythm, Gloria pushing back against Deena's small hunching motions.

"Oh, God! It's against my cervix. I've only felt that once before, and he was really hung. Go slow, Hon, but keep it coming." Gloria whispered.

There were still a couple of inches to go. They kept their thrusts slow and my pussy was dripping thinking how Gloria's sweet pussy was being gloriously filled. Pam was still sucking Gloria's clit and running her tongue over her ruby, swollen lips. I knew it would look superb in color. Gloria had Deena stop several times to allow her pussy to stretch to fit the huge intruder. When they did, I would change angles, or catch close-ups of Pam's lips sucking Gloria's clit.

Gloria gave one last backward thrust and Deena's hips met the junction of her hips. It was all the way in. They began to slowly fuck, using longer and longer strokes as Gloria became accustomed to the monster dildo.

After several minutes I had them move and Gloria lay on her back, a pillow under her hips, and Deena moved between her thighs sliding the invader into her again. Pam moved up and stroked and sucked Gloria's superb breasts. It made quite a tableau. Deena and Gloria developed a rhythm and were soon fucking lustily. The long shining dildo slid beautifully in and out of Gloria's pussy, and the camera caught the way her inner lips stretched outward on each retreating stroke and were pushed in as it slid into her again. They were engorged, and a deep red color.

I had them roll over and got Gloria on her hands and knees with Deena behind her. I moved above them and filmed straight down as they fucked. I changed camera angles catching them from the side so the full length of the dildo could be seen, as well as Gloria's beautiful breasts swaying and jiggling with Deena's thrusts. Pam moved in and out to kiss, or stroke first Deena, then Gloria. The three had almost completely forgotten the camera.

Their movements became faster and faster as their passions built. Deena later told me that the added friction caused by the large dildo moving in and out of Gloria's pussy made it rub harder against her clit and gave her more pleasure. Her hips thrust forward expertly, wiggling from side to side as the stroked, her thighs slapping against Gloria's sweet ass.

Gloria began to moan and sob, begging Deena to fuck her faster. Deena picked up her tempo and was soon thrusting hard and fast, perspiration gleaming on her lovely body. They began to urge the other on with words and moans until finally Gloria cried out with pleasure, a long sobbing cry of ecstasy. Pam moved behind Deena and caught her bobbing breasts, cupping and squeezing them. Deena's hips thrust harder and she gasped out as the dildo, rubbing against her clit, brought her to a climax. Their passions spent, they collapsed in a heap and the three kissed tenderly.

I could tell Pam was still hot, and I asked her if she would bring herself off for the camera, so I could get a shot of her abundant shower of juices. She agreed readily. While I filmed, Deena slipped the dildo off and lay back with Gloria. Deena suggested that the sales girl, Pam, bring herself off with some of the toys, so Gloria could see how they worked. Gloria suggested that since she's helped her so well, she would like to give Pam a little pleasure first.

I set the lights and had Gloria lay down and Pam get over her head. With a close shot, I had Gloria's long pointed tongue, extended fully, thrust upward, and Pam slowly bring her pussy down onto it so she was fucking Gloria's tongue. In the viewfinder it looked wonderful, seeing that long talented tongue disappear up inside Pam's bare pussy. Changing angles, I had Gloria flick her tongue rapidly against Pam's clit. I filmed from several angles. Pam's moans told us she was really enjoying it!

Pam got several vibrators and lay them out and showed the 'client' how they worked. I concentrated on her, with the other two in the background watching. Pam put on quite a show with several of the vibrators, using them in her pussy and ass, singly and in both orifices at the time. She really got into the act, working herself into frenzy. She spread her thighs wide, I moved in close as she used a vibrator in her pussy and rubbed her clit with the other hand. When I knew she was about to climax, I zoomed in and was rewarded with several gushing streams of her pussy juices. She kept on strumming her clit and came again short minutes later, her pussy spurting her juices again, while I captured it on tape. She finally fell back spent. All three of us applauded her and she smiled weakly.

We reshot the closing scene and had Gloria, now clutching two dildoes and a vibrator, bid the two sales ladies 'adieu' and walk naked into the bedroom, with a tight shot of her splendid naked ass filling the viewfinder. The END!

They wanted me to show the tape as it had been shot but I wouldn't. I wanted to cut it into the first tape. I knew I had a fantastic tape. They finally agreed. We drank some more wine, and I was still hot from watching the three making love. I guess my body movements showed it, for sweet Pam moved over, spread my thighs and began to kiss my wet pussy. The other two came over and the three made slow wonderful love to me. I climaxed three or four times, each climax more wonderful than the last. Spent, we all crawled naked into Gloria's big bed and drifted off to sleep.

Again during the night, Deena and Pam making love beside me awakened me. I watched sleepily as Pam's head bobbed between Deena's spread thighs and her soft sighs drifted across the room. Smiling, I turned over, nestled against Gloria and went back to sleep. Gloria told me later that she had awakened to find Pam between her thighs, lapping her pussy hungrily. We decided her husband had been right, she truly loves to make love to women.

When we awoke, Gloria was already up. She was just coming back into the house after completing her morning chores. We all four crowded into the shower and took a delightful shower together.

We were all famished after the night of lovemaking, and we helped Gloria make a real old-fashioned Southern farm breakfast. We ate like there was no tomorrow. Later we drove to Pam's house so I could edit the film.

While I did the editing, Pam showed Deena the video that she and her husband had taken of the threesomes they'd had. I put the finishing touches on the video and after a brief shopping spree in town we returned to Gloria's. We spent the rest of the day talking, and somehow refrained from making love.

That evening, we dressed up and went out to dinner, Deena picking a very classy, and very good restaurant. Heads turned when we walked in, four very lovely women, out for the evening. We laughed during the whole meal wondering what the men, and women, would say if they knew what we had been doing the past few days. With straight faces, we'd pick one of the women at a nearby table and describe very graphically how we'd undress them, lick and suck their pussies, and make love to them. When we were all looking at one of the women, they'd see us looking and nod and smile. It was all we could do to keep our faces straight. Thinking about it later, we hoped that no one in the room could read lips.

Returning to Gloria's we drank champagne and I put on the video. The results were predictable and we wound up making love for the rest of the evening. The video was a very big success. We playing it at least a half dozen times. I was very pleased with it, and knew that I could polish it up later to be a very outstanding video of three of my new found and very good friends.

I spent three wonderful weeks at Gloria's. During that time, at Deena's urging, I tried out the largest sized dildo on Gloria. I'd never thought I'd do something like that! I found that it was quite stimulating. The bulbs very erotically filled my ass and pussy, and the motion of fucking Gloria moved them inside me stimulating both orifices. The ribbed portion rubbed my clit, adding to my pleasure. I came several times with Gloria, while Deena watched.

I didn't neglect my photography, and left with some outstanding photographs of the great white cranes. In my apartment bedroom is a large framed photograph of Gloria in all her nude splendor. She has spent the night there many times now, and the photograph of her has not lost its allure or sensuality. Everyone who sees it is enraptured with it, men and women. I just say that it is of a true wood nymph, and smile knowingly.

The End


This story was split into 3 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

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