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My Very Personal Maid Part II
by Tawny T

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

She quickly saw that everything was all right and smiled. I was still hot from her licking, my clitty aching. I knew Daisy must be excited from bring her friend to such a wonderful climax. I moved to her and in no time we were in a wonderful 69 again. As I had vowed earlier, I slid my finger deep into her perfect backside. She gasped as it wiggled deep inside her. I stroked it and out as I sucked her form swollen clit. We licked and sucked each other to a sobbing climax, as Betsy stroked our bodies. Spent we moved apart. We shifted on the bed, I lay between the two lovely warm women.

We lay together cuddling, absently stroking each other. It felt so warm and natural. "Betsy, what work do you do? I have never heard Daisy say." I asked the lovely woman.

"I am a seamstress, I sew for Madame DeVille. I have worked for her for four years." Daisy answered and kissed my cheek.

"Are you good?"

"Oh yes, Mum. One of her best. She gives me many of the hardest, and most expensive dresses to sew." Betsy answered proudly.

"She pays well?" I asked hoping for a negative answer.

"No, Mum, she's terrible to work for! She doesn't pay us well, and owes all of us back wages. We normally work from six in the morning till six at night, but she keeps us later many nights till eight and even ten in the evening, and we get no extra pay for it."

I asked how much she made a week. When she told me I was shocked. I knew what Madame DeVille charged for her gowns. She was paying her workers a pittance.

"How would you like to come to work for me earning -- ?" I named a sum that I knew equaled Daisy's pay.

"Oh, Mum. Don't make fun of me." She said dejectedly.

"I am very serious, Betsy Dearest. I will pay that sum to you each, and every week, without fail. Daisy, I know it is equal to your pay. I have a reason. When Auntie learns how much I pay Betsy, she will have to give you a raise. She's really an old softie, beneath her crusty exterior. Don't tell her I told you, but she thinks you are a true gem. She thinks the world of you. Always telling me what a good, faithful, hard worker you are.

"Betsy, you will be my personal maid. You will have the same days off Daisy has. You will also sew for me. I will also buy extra cloth, and you can sew for yourself and Daisy when you have time. If you sew for Auntie, I will see that she will pay you what Madame DeVille charges. Will you do that?"

She jumped up on her knees. "Oh, yes, Misses Diana. Yes! I will do a good job for you. I promise." She said, face beaming. "I will be a good maid, and seamstress. I will do what ever you want, anything, Mum." She said with great conviction.

"Wonderful, after six months, we will talk again, if you are satisfactory I will give you added privileges, and a raise in pay. I enter the university in the fall, and you can be a great help to me. You may have the room next to Daisy. I think you both will like that. Just be very discrete when you go to each other's room. Or slipping down to mine." I added laughing. "I think we three will make a wonderful trio." I said hugging them both. They were overjoyed. They couldn't thank my enough. They kissed and kissed me.

I had vowed earlier to help the two financially, and this gave me a perfect chance to do it. They wouldn't feel it was just charity. I knew Betsy would more than earn her wages sewing for me. I planned to give her lots of chances to sew clothes for herself and Daisy, as well as Auntie. Now to something I had also been thinking of.

"Daisy, you are off tomorrow. What are your plans?" I asked, kissing her cheek.

She shyly said, "I'm meeting Jimmy, my beau. We always meet on Sunday afternoons."

"Do you make love?" I asked softly.

"Yes, Mum. We have to meet secretly. There is not too many places we can meet, and be alone."

"Were do you meet?" I asked.

"In Squire McDougal's barn. I slip in the back through the woods. Jimmy, my beau is a farrier, and keeps his tools in the barn. No one thinks anything of him coming and going to the barn. No one ever comes to the barn on Sundays. Why, Mum?" She asked.

"I would like to watch him make love to you. Would you mind? I have never seen a man and woman make love. I should consider it an honor to be allowed to watch you, with a man." I said softly so as not to make my request a command.

"Oh Mum, I would be embarrassed." She said coloring. Then she was silent a long moment then giggled. "There isn't an inch of my body you haven't seen. You've kissed and finger fucked my cunny and arse. I think, - no, I would love to have you watch me."

Splendid, I thought., just what I wanted .

"Can I watch too?" Betsy asked. "I have heard people making love, but never seen someone else make love."

"You are not a virgin?" I asked Betsy.

"Oh, no Mum, I have had several beaus. I am careful, I don't want to get a bad reputation. I lost my virginity when I was young ." Betsy said.

"I know how to get to Squire McDougal's barn. I shall go 'riding' and Betsy can meet me in the clearing in the trees behind the barn." I said my interest peaking.

"We can all meet there at three. I will hide you in the barn where you can see us. I will make sure that Jimmy and I are close to you and you can see everything. I think it will be so exciting to know the two of you watching. We'll get there before him. I'll tell him when to come." Daisy said, eyes sparkling.

It was very late, and again I made sure no one was in the halls, and the lovely women slipped upstairs. I slipped into bed naked, satiated, thought briefly of our erotic night, and the morrow, and was asleep almost at once.

Auntie and I attended church and ate a sumptuous luncheon, She retired to her room. She always takes a nap in the early afternoon. I told her I was going riding.

I saddled my mare as the stable boy was off on Sundays. I had on a simple riding habit, with no underclothes on at all. I felt so naughty. I rode slowly, checking my small pocket watch. I arrived at the clearing deep in the woods at precisely three. Daisy and Betsy were already there. They both had on simple shifts. I hobbled my horse and left her to graze

Daisy led the way. We arrived at the barn, and she opened a door at the rear of the barn. We slipped in. It smelled of hay, leather, and the faint smell of animal dung. Daisy led us to a ladder and we went up into a hay loft. Hay was stacked high in places, just covering the floor in others.

"This is where we usually make love." She pointed to a mound of soft hay. She moved past to a wall, and opened a door. We moved inside. The horizontal planks were set apart, so there were openings where we could see out. We drug a wooden bench up to the wall. Sitting on it we could see everything outside.

"Sit here and you can see everything. I will get him so you can see us fucking. Wait till you see his cock. It's beautiful." Daisy whispered. She kissed us both and slipped out to lay on the hay. We were not more than four feet from her. It was dark where we were and no chance anyone would see us here.

I hugged Betsy to me and kissed her. I whispered in her ear. "Let's take off our clothes. It will make it more exciting, and we can finger each other. Won't that be naughty?" We took all our clothes off but my boots. She pointed when she saw I had no underclothes on and smiled. She didn't have any on either. I pulled her to me and pressed my body to hers. We stood for a while and our fingers played with each other's cunnies. We heard a door open and quickly sat down on the bench touching.

"Hello, Love. Are you here." A deep voice called.

"There's no one here Love." Daisy called back.

A moment later Johnny 's head appeared at the top of the ladder. He was grinning. A handsome man, she slipped up by Daisy and pulled her to him. He was tall and well built, dark headed and very handsome. They talked for a while, endearments were whispered. It was all we could do to keep from giggling.

Daisy lay back and they began to kiss. Johnny lost no time and undressing Daisy. She too had left her underclothes off. She lay beautifully naked on the soft hay.

Johnny stood up and began to remove his clothes. We both gasped softly as he pealed his shirt, and undershirt off. He was heavily muscled and his muscles rippled. I glanced down at his pants and there was a huge bulge. He bent to take off his shoes. He stripped his pants and underdrawers in one motion and stepped out of them. When he stood up, our eyes went wide.

His legs, and thighs were heavily muscled, his stomach ribbed with muscles, but what both Betsy and I riveted our eyes on, was his huge cock. It was evident that the sight of Daisy's naked body had swollen his cock. It bowed out and down. It must have been seven inches and very thick. The purple crown was bulging. I wondered that Daisy's sweet cunny could take all of him inside.

He lay down beside her. They kissed and fondled each other. He kissed and sucked her breasts for a long time, while his fingers played with her sweet cunny. They were so close to us. He continually told her what beautiful breasts, and body she had. Betsy and I hugged, and our fingers slipped into each others cunnies, to tease while we watched. Her cunny was very wet, as was mine.

Johnny kissed his way down her lovely body, and soon had his face buried in her cunny. True to what she had told us, he was a considerate lover, and brought her to three moaning, gasping climaxes.

He moved up beside her and they kissed for a while. Finally, Daisy moved over him, slid down, and took his turgid cock in her hand and began to stroke it. Smiling, she slipped her lips over its velvet head and slid it into her mouth. She licked it, then moved her mouth up and down. I was amazed how much of it she could take into her mouth. Her hands moved up and down it's shaft and rolled his large testicles.

She continued for several minutes till it was stiff and rigid, and Johnny was moaning. She pulled back and got on all fours, shifting her hips so that Johnny had to mount her from behind, and they would be side-on to us. We could see his large cock from the side. I guessed it was over eight inches now that it was fully erect.

He moved behind her, and pressed his wet gleaming organ against her cunny. She reached back and guided him into her. Slowly, he thrust forward, his huge cock slipping deeper with each stroke. He pulled back each time letting her cunny juices grease the way. Betsy and I gripped each other's hand as it slipped deeper and deeper.

"Oh, Love. God, that feels good. You fill me up so good. I love your thick cock. Deeper, fuck me, deeper. Oh yes!" Daisy moaned aloud. "Oh, I love your big thick cock."

Johnny slowly slipped his cock deeper into her. We couldn't believe she could take all of it. Finally his hips met hers, and she sighed deeply.

"Oh, Lover, that feels so wonderful. I'm so glad I have you for a lover. Your cock fills my cunny so well. Fuck me slowly." She begged.

Johnny held her by her hips and with long slow strokes fucked her. We could see his large scrotum sway as he moved back and forth. Our fingers teased each other's cunnies as we watched. They fucked for what must have been five minutes till Daisy began to moan. 'OH, Johnny, fuck me faster. It feels so good, fuck me hard. I love it when you fuck me hard and fast. Please! Fuck me like I was a prize mare and you are my stallion. Fuck me hard. Yes, like that." Daisy begged.

Her lover was more than eager to comply, and his muscles rippled as he began to stroke long and hard against Betsy's body. His hips slapped against hers, and we watched her lovely breasts bob and swing as he slammed into her. It was one of the most arousing scenes I had ever seen.

"Love, I must put on the sheath. You are exciting me too much. " He reached over into his pants pocket and pulled out a pouch and took an object out. Carefully, he slipped it over his swollen red cock. It was the lambskin Daisy had told us of. He lost no time in entering her again and resuming his lusty thrusts. She raised her upper body quite a bit, and gasped. "Oh yes, Love, that's the spot. Fuck me hard right there. It feels sooo good. Yes, like that. That hits a spot that feels sooo good. Fuck me hard, harder!" She cried out.

Johnny bent over, hips still thrusting and slipped one hand down to finger her clitty, the other reached under and caught one jiggling breast. His hips moved faster slapping against her body. She moaned and sobbed her passion. She cried out and threw back her head as she climaxed.

Johnny continued to thrust. He quickly brought her to another climax. They were making so much noise, that they drowned out the squishy noises Betsy and I made as we stroked each other. Our cunnies were dripping. After a third climax, Johnny joined her in a fourth, and Betsy and I brought each other to a climax at the same time. We tried to hold back our gasps, but they were making so much noise they could not hear us anyway.

They separated and lay together kissing. Betsy and I did the same. They talked for a while, then Daisy slid off Johnny's sheath and cleaned it. She took his cock in her mouth and licked his juices off of it, cleaning it. She began to suck it in and out, and in a few minutes he was hard again. She slipped the sheath back on. He was on his back, and Daisy straddled him and reaching down, guided his swollen cock into her cunny, slipping down till she had all of him in her.

She leaned forward and kissed him, then began to rock up and down on his hard cock. She reached back and we could see her fondle his swollen scrotum, and roll it testicles around. Her lovely breasts bounced, and we could see her nipples erect and pointed. Johnny fondled them from time to time. She moved up and down , her hips thrusting forward as she moved.

I could imagine how his hard cock moved and thrust inside her sweet cunny, and how her juices were flowing. Betsy and I continued to finger each other, and caress each other's breasts as we watched these two splendid humans fuck. I loved the word. They were fucking not four feet from us. Once in a while I could smell the exciting faint odor of Daisy's cunny.

Daisy rose and fell, riding Johnny's hard organ. He caught her nipples in his strong fingers and pulled. He must have learned she liked pain too. He stretched them and wiggled her breasts from side to side using her nipples. Daisy moaned aloud.

She rode him for a long time, and had two climaxes before he joined her in a third. This couple knew how to fuck. I looked at Betsy and she raised her eyebrows and mouthed 'whoo', I nodded my feeling.

They lay kissing, and Daisy told him that she might get a raise in pay. He asked how she knew, and she said that it was a secret, but a little birdie told her. They laughed. They lay naked, laughing and talking she cuddled in his arms. Betsy and I cuddled and kissed softly. Finally they got up and dressed. Daisy told Johnny to leave first and then she would slip out the back. They kissed again and he climbed down the ladder and left. We waited for several minutes then we opened the door and came out.

Daisy giggled as we came out naked, clothes in our arms. "Did you like that? Isn't he handsome, and so muscular. His body is hard as a rock. It was so exciting, knowing you were both only feet away, watching and listening to every sound. I'll bet you two frigged each other several times."

"We certainly did. We got really excited too. Johnny is something. I saw something else that was as hard as a rock, and big as a sausage." Betsy laughed

"We did not see how you could take that all inside you. " I said as I kissed her. "We sat there with our mouths open, as well as our cunnies.. We didn't think it would all go in. "

"It fills me up. He has to go slow and let me get used to it. My cunny has to stretch to fit him. " Daisy said. "The first time I could not take all of him in. Did you hear? I moved my body and his cock rubbed that spot we talked about. It felt so wonderful. As I told you, licking my cunny gives me a wonderful feeling, but his huge cock gives me a different kind of thrill. I honestly can not say which is best. Sometimes I think one, then other times I think it's the other. I really like both."

"I understand, or think I do." I said.

"Well, with a woman, it is so soft and wonderful. With men it's often hard and fast, and they fuck you and leave you before you are satisfied. You are lucky, he makes sure you are satisfied. You must have had three cums to his one. Hang on to this man. He's hard to come by." Betsy said with feeling.

We hugged, and put on our clothes, and slipped into the woods. As we walked I told Betsy to come back to the house and see me in the library. We kissed in the clearing and I rode home.

An hour later Daisy told me Betsy was there. In the library I had written a letter to Madame DeVille. I put sealing wax on the envelope and imprinted our family seal on it.

"Give this to Madame DeVille. When do you normally go in, six you said?" Betsy nodded. "What time does she open the shop?"

"Eight o'clock." Betsy said.

"Go in at eight thirty, no, nine o'clock, and give this to her. Do not say a single word. I think you will be surprised. Remember, not a word! Then come here. Your day will start at seven, so you will be working for me when you go to her. " I said.

"Yes Mistress Diana, not a word to the scurvy witch. " Betsy giggled. Daisy and I smiled.

Betsy left and when Auntie awoke from her nap I told her about hiring Betsy and what I was to pay her. Her eyebrows went up, and she looked like she had just bitten into a sour lemon. I knew it was an act, the lovable old fraud. Her heart was as big as a church steeple.

"Diana, you know I shall have to raise Daisy's wages. I cannot have another servant coming to work here for you, and start at the same salary as one who has worked for me for years. You naughty girl, did you do this on purpose?" She glowered at me.

"Yes Auntie. I knew exactly what you would do, you lovable fraud! You really love Daisy don't you?" I said holding her hand.

"Of course I do, she's almost like a daughter. I couldn't do without her. But don't you dare tell her I said so." She said smiling .

"Auntie, I swear never to tell her." I said. 'Because I have already told her' I thought. We discussed her living arrangements and her hours, days, and minutiae of her working for me in Auntie's house.

She was delighted to find out that Betsy had worked for Madame DeVille and would be able to make dresses for her. She was appalled at the low salary, and long hours she had to work. She totally agreed with my reason for hiring her. I told her I had promised Betsy that she would get the same prices for her dresses as she had paid Madame Deville.



This story was split into 3 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

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