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Nurse's Convention
by hullo_nurse

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 5 parts for faster page loading.

Kim spreads open the blossom in front of her as wide as she can and shoves her tongue far into the pool of frankincense. She tongue-fucks her cunt, stopping just before Tina's point of no return. Tina is panting, gasping for air.

"Ooooohhhh! Don't stop!! Please! Why did you stop?? You bitch!!"

Kim licks and kisses the inner lips before her and then flicks her tongue at her clit.

"What did you call me?"

"I, umm, nothing, I didn't call you anything," Tina whispers.

She flicks at her clit again, a little harder this time.

"I didn't hear you."

As Tina profusely apologizes for calling her a bitch Kim reaches for the homemade nipple clamps she brought with her. She takes one of Tina's nipples in-between her fingers, twirling and squeezing it to keep it hard and then fastens the clamp onto it.

"OWWWWWW!! What the fuck??? Mmmmmmmm, wait, that feels good!"

Kim puts the other clamp on and then focuses her attention back on Tina's sopping pussy. She pulls her lips apart and up. Finding her clit she softly circles it with her tongue. After a few minutes of this tongue lashing Tina is again grinding her hips up and against her assailant.

"Do you want to cum? Huh? Are you ready to burst?"

"Yes! Yes! Yes!"

"First things first!! I have more for you!"

"More? I can't take any more! Please! Just let me cum!"

Anal beads in hand Kim dabs lube on each one to make their insertion a little easier. She puts a dollop of lube on her gloved finger as well and starts to play with her puckered brown hole while continuing her molestation of Tina's snatch. One at a time she inserts the beads as far as she can until all 8 are in.

"Do you like?"

"Oh, yeah. Fuck!! This is so good! No one has ever done this to me before, teased and tortured me so much! But, please, I need to cum!! Please, let me cum! Fuck me!!"

Kim storms the clit in front of her, slowly and softly at first, working up the momentum and tension to Tina's boiling point. Around and around she goes, up and over the nubbin of flesh.

"Yeah, yeah, oooooohohhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!"

Reaching for the 2nd candle (one that smells like pussy) she inserts it into the heated oven, stroking it in and out in tune with her caresses to Tina's bean.

"Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! Fuck me! Harder! Yes!!!! SHIT!!"

As she plunges the candle deep into her center Kim sucks the clit into her mouth, nursing on this nether nipple like a newborn babe, straining to taste the nutritious treat held within. She is rewarded by her efforts as Tina barrels towards her zenith, pussy juice gushing out of her like rolling rapids. Kim's face is flooded as Tina cries out her lust, cumming again and again.

"SHIT!!! Oooohhhhhh, yes, yes, yes, yes!!! FUCK ME!! Ahhhhh!!!! MMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!"

Tina grinds herself against the one pleasuring her, her hips seemingly levitating above the bed so intense is her gratification, and it is then that Kim starts to pull out the anal beads. One at a time she lets them pop out of Tina's anus, a jolt of electricity shocking Tina with each one. Still licking her, Kim removes the candle from her snatch and sticks her tongue deep within. Tina continues to have orgasm after orgasm, thrashing in the bed, fervently trying to reach for her clit with her cinched hands.

"AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!! Yeah! Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!!

Tina screams out her continuous climax and her pussy contracts spasmodically, clinching on Kim's tongue. She cums so hard that she actually ejaculates into Kim's waiting mouth.

"Mmmm, you taste so sweet and tangy! My own private sweet and sour sauce. We should bottle this stuff and sell it. We'd make a fortune!!"

"Mmmmmm, ahhhhhh, ooooooooohhhh," Tina blanks out and doesn't hear a word Kim has just said.

Her hips return to the bed, her knees try to clamp against Kim's head to get her to stop, but she is unable to reach that far. Kim licks up and down Tina's pussy with the flat of her tongue, bathing the tender flesh with her saliva. Kim reaches up and takes the clamps off of Tina's nipples one at a time, warning her that it will burn as the blood rushes to flow back into her teats.
Tina nods and slumps, exhausted and spent, not even straining against the ties that bind her.

'Oh my god. I can't believe that she can wear me out so. This is incredible.'

Kim takes one nipple in her mouth, trying to prevent some of the discomfort. Tina moans her thanks, saying it feels better already. As Kim tongues the bud she reaches up and unties her left hand, caressing where the silk cut into the delicate flesh. She removes her mouth from the left nipple and goes to the right, untying the right hand and caressing it. She runs the silk ties over Tina's body, especially her nipples, teasing her just a wee bit more.

"Mmmm. Thanks for untying me. When do I get the blindfold off?"

"Soon enough, sweetie. Patience is a virtue, you know."

Leaving the silk ties on her breasts, Kim crawls down to the end of the bed to release her feet. She kisses around her ankles, tonguing the indentations.

"Stop it or you're gonna get me hot again!"

"That's the idea, you whore!"

Scooting back up to Tina, she leans down and kisses her gently on the mouth. Tina is intoxicated by the taste of her own pussy juice on Kim's lips. Tongues intertwined, their heads turn and mold together, like two perfectly fit puzzle pieces. Eyes closed, Kim reaches for the blindfold and removes it.

"Open your eyes, Tina, look at me. I want to look into your deep green pools."

She does and their eyes lock and their thoughts seemingly become one. The passion between them is unquestionable. Sparks fly. Their kisses become deeper and more intense, building like the fires between their legs.

"I want to taste you like you tasted me."

Tina takes the silk sash and puts it over Kim's eyes. She snugly ties it into place and begins to make love to Kim's body, mind and soul. Tenderly she lifts one breast into her hand, brushing the nipple with her thumb. It hardens instantly. The areola becomes puffy and turns a darker shade of rose.

"I love your breasts. They are so full and weighty like large melons, but soft like a fresh loaf of bread. They respond to the slightest touch. It's amazing."

Tina dips her head for one last kiss before taking the now stiff peak between her lips.

"Mmmmm, that feels so good. I am so wet already. Loving you got me so hot!"

"Delicious, you taste absolutely fantastic."

Kissing and suckling on the breast in her mouth Tina makes love to it. She heightens Kim's senses and her own clit throbs knowing what she plans on doing. She wants to fulfill one of Kim's fantasies, just like Kim has fulfilled one of hers.

"I can smell your excitement. So sweet and pungent, feminine. I can't wait to drink from your fountain."

As Tina makes her way down to the desired fruit she continues to fondle the turgid nipple in her hand. She kisses everything in her path: rib cage, sides, belly, love handles, belly button and the peach below. She inhales the scent deeply and brings her hands down to the thatch, running her fingers through it and pulling gently. Her fingers dip into the pool, becoming moist instantly. She brings her fingers to her nose intoxicated by the aroma and tastes what she has discovered.

"Mmmmm, I love it. You taste divine."

"Ohhh, yes. Mmmmm."

Tina settles down between her legs, and instructs her to spread them wide open. Sensuously she moves her tongue through the nest until she reaches the cleft between the lips. She prods into the valley and tastes the nectar she has been craving.

"So good, you are sweeter than candy. I love the way you taste!"

Tina moves her mouth up to tease Kim's clit and slides a finger into her very lubricated box. As she sucks on the hard nub Tina begins to move the finger in and out slowly.

"Oooh, that feels so good!"

Adding a second finger Tina feels for her g-spot. Up and towards the front she finds the bundle of fiber, the swelling tissue that when stimulated properly can lead to incredible orgasms.

"Ah! Yeah! Mmmmmmmm!"

'Yes! Yes! Yes! Right there! No, wait; to the left; no, to the right; THERE!'

Kim moans loudly and Tina knows she is on her way. Licking up and down on her clit, she slowly and firmly rubs back and forth on the g-spot within. She doesn't stop once Kim's legs start to quiver, but persists. Kim's hips lift, meeting Tina's fingers as they penetrate her cunt. As Kim reaches her pinnacle Tina slows down her thrusts until Kim's breathing isn't as ragged, letting her recover a bit. Then she adds a third finger.

"SHIT! Yes! Oh, yeah! I want MORE!"

Tina continues stroking at a leisurely pace, letting Kim's pussy get used to the added girth. As she becums more lubricated Tina turns her hand to the side and cups her fingers together, inserting all four.

"Mmmmmmm, yeah. Oooohhhh. Damn! That feels so good. Fuck me, baby!"

Tina twists and turns her four fingers inside Kim and tries to spread her fingers out as Kim's moans permeate the room.

"You are so damned tight! I love the feel of your cunt around my fingers!"

Tina leans down and licks the hard clit before her, making Kim moan even more. Her breathing becomes labored and she starts to rock on Tina's fingers.

"Ooooh, yeah! Mooooore! I need more. Please, get it all in me! I want it all!"

'I hope I don't tear her, but if she wants it, she's gonna get it!'

Tina pulls her drenched hand out of Kim's tunnel only long enough to tuck her thumb into her hand. She inserts her cupped fingers back into the tight haven and begins to slide her hand back and forth, pushing a little more in with each thrust. Kim is constantly crying out now, the intensity of Tina's actions are almost too much.

"Ahhhhhhhhh, oooooooohhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmmm. Shit, shit shit shit shit. Damn damn damn damn damn. Oooooh, ooooh, ooooh. Yeah yeah yeah. FUCK!"

Tina finally shoves her entire hand in and she feels the muscles around it tense then start to contract.

'I wonder if this is what a baby's head feels like when it is being born?'

Kim had heard once from a close coworker that giving birth was one continuous orgasm once the baby enters the birth canal. She couldn't help but think that this must be how it feels.

"Oh my god! This is incredible! Tina! You can't even imagine how full I feel!"

Tina continues her onslaught to Kim's pussy and clit, slamming her hand up and in as far as she can and sucking like she would on a straw in a milkshake.

"Yes! Yes! Yes! Ohhhhhh, Tina!"

"Do you like me fucking your pussy with my hand? Huh? You are such a wench! You love it, don't you?"

Kim starts to rock on Tina's hand as she gets closer to a monstrous climax.

"Ohhh, yes! I'm gonna cum soon!"

"Not so fast, my pretty. Do you recall that I owe you a huge tease?"

Kim can't believe what she is hearing. Tina slips her hand out with a slurp, stops sucking on Kim's clit and sits up on the bed.

'Bitch! I was sooo close!'

"I'm just kidding! I thought you might want to try a different position so you can control it."

Without needing any words between them the two know to rearrange themselves on the bed so that Kim can impale herself on Tina's fist. Tina lies on the bed on her back and bends her arm at the elbow, her hand at a 90-degree angle to the bed. Kim gets on her hands and knees and begins to lower herself onto the awaiting shaft.

Her pussy can barely stretch enough to take in her fist, but after working it up and around she is able to get it in. As she gets farther down on Tina's hand she can feel the difference in the thickness between her closed hand and wrist. Once she has gotten past the wrist Tina's arm begins to thicken again and Kim feels like she is going to swoon.

"I think I can feel your cervix! Do you feel my knuckles hitting you there?"

"Mmmmm, yes, it feels so good! Can you open your hand or is it too tight?"

"Let me try..."

Tina spreads her knuckles up and out. Kim lifts up a bit, giving Tina a little room to play. She feels the something "grab" at hr cervix; it must be Tina's knuckles caressing it. Kim starts to move herself up and down, like a horse on a merry-go-round. As she does this Tina twists her hand from side to side, giving Kim the most incredible sensation.

"Oh my god! Don't stop! Please don't stop! You are going to make me cum!"

"Cum on baby! Gush for me! I want to feel you cum!"

"Ahhhhhhhh, yeah! Uuummmmmmmmmm, ooooohhhhhh, mmmmmmmm!"

Kim starts to pant as Tina thrusts up and twists at the same time. Kim's legs spread wider, as do her hips, and it seems that her pussy stretches wide open too, making more room for Tina's forearm as it slides in and out. Tina is able to strain her neck and take one of Kim's nipples in her mouth. She sucks it in like a grape and tongues it furiously.

"Oh my god! This is it! I am going to cum! Fuck me! Tina, fuck me hard! Slam that fist into me! Make it hurt! Open and close your hand inside of me. I don't care how tight it feels, just do it! Fuck yeah! Oooooowwwwwwww!!"

Tina throws caution to the wind and forces her hand up inside Kim to open and close. It is difficult and she knows it must hurt, but Kim sure seems to be getting off on it. She has never encountered a cunt as wet as Kim's is right now and knows without it this would be impossible.

"FUCK! AAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Kim screams out her orgasm as Tina feels the tense muscles around her hand spasm over and over again, practically making her hand go numb from lack of circulation. Kim's hands and knees give out as she blacks out from the intensity of her massive climax. Tina leaves her fist inside until the ripples of passion subside, lest she hurt her newfound love or herself! Her pussy seems strong enough right now to crush bone.

Kim does not awaken again that night, sleeping soundly as Tina gets up to wash her arm, but not before she tastes the copious amount of fluid coating it.

'Mmmmmm, sooooo yummmmmmmmmyyyyyy!'

Then she returns to bed and slips her arm under Kim's neck, holding her close and kissing her temple.

"Good night my sweet. Sleep tight."

The last day of the convention ends after a networking lunch. Tina's flight leaves at 3pm, but she calls the airport to see if she can catch a later one. Kim's doesn't leave until 7pm, so she has the time to have one last escapade.
Tina is able to get a flight at 7:30pm, so they will be able to go to the airport together to see each other off.

"Wasn't it nice of the hotel to extend the checkout time to 4pm for us conventioneers?"

"Yeah, especially since we have no where else to go."

The two laugh and drop onto the bed, kissing teasingly. They kiss all over each other's faces, necks, and ears. Soon they are yearning for more. As they kiss they begin to undress each other: unbuttoning shirts, pulling off pants, frantic to be naked together.

"Mmmmm, such a luscious body! Have I told you how much I love your pert tits, your beautiful green eyes, your smile, your enchanted naked box?"

Kim kisses her way down to Tina's jutting nipples and takes one into her mouth.

"I love sucking on your nipples! It is so erotic. I cream my panties just thinking about it. You have turned me into a tit-sucking pussy-licking bi!"

"So glad I could expand your horizons, love. Now why don't you show me just how much you have learned these past three days."

Being the smart-ass she strives to be, Kim starts to list the different strategies that the lecturers touched upon to control a patient's pain, even in the most difficult cases. Between spewing forth these concepts and formulas she plants kisses all over Tina's body.

"You are such a fucking tease! I'll get you for this! Just you wait!"

Kim stops being silly and starts to make love to Tina in earnest, knowing that their time is limited. She works her way down to the smooth skin between Tina's legs and dives into the dewy ocean below.

"You taste so good! I love the taste of your succulent pussy juice. It's better than fine wine and it intoxicates me so!"

Before Kim can bring her to a climax Tina stops her and says she has one last thing to teach her. Tina gets up and goes over to the suitcase and pulls out a clear colored 11/2foot-long doubledong.

"What do you think we do with this?" Tina asks as she holds it in the middle, letting it flop up and down.

"Oh, god, that looks...incredible, it's so thick and long! I think I have an idea..."

Tina brings the toy to the bed and lays it on the pillow. She attacks Kim's breasts, licking the underside and around the areola to tease her before taking a big hard nipple in her salivating mouth. She sucks it in strongly, and slurps on it, making it turn a deep red.

"I love your nipples! They are so responsive. Remember how just three days ago you were telling me how sensitive they were and how you couldn't stand having them touched unless you were really hot? Now look at you! You're practically thrusting 'em in my mouth!"

Kim feels her pussy start to drip with excitement as she revels in the pleasure Tina is bringing her.

"Why don't you show me what to do with that thing?"

Tina grabs the dong and turns herself around on the bed.

"Are you ready?"

"Yup, as ready as I'll ever be!"

Tina takes one end of the dildo and inserts it in her pussy.

Then she starts to work the other end into Kim's snatch, scooting closer to Kim as the dong goes deeper inside. She positions her legs so that the right one is up and over Kim's and the left one is under the other leg. Their cunts are just inches away form each other, practically touching in the middle. There is just enough room for Tina to grab the toy in the middle and start to thrust it back and forth between the two of them.

"Ohhhhh, ooooohhhhh, mmmmmmmm. This is so good!"

"Do you like?"

"Oh, yes. Can I do that?"

Tina lets her grasp the cock and she leans back on her elbows to enjoy the ride. As Kim moves the member between them back and forth the two start to thrust their hips and soon Kim releases her hand. They are moving opposite each other, riding the pole in unison, it going in Tina's cunt as Kim pulls back.

"Oooohh, yes, yes! Mmmmm, I like this!"

"Hhmmmmffff, mmmm, aaahhhhhhhhhh."

They moan out together. Amazingly they are able to take in the entire shaft and their pussies start to bump and grind into each other. They begin to move faster and faster, both of them spiraling higher and higher.

"Let's change position. Get on your hands and knees with your butt towards me. Keep the dildo inside your pussy."

Kim turns around and does what Tina has said as Tina does the same. Tina positions her pussy so that she can slide the dong back in her wet hole and then scoots back towards Kim a little more,

"Now start to fuck it, back and forth like you would ride a cock."

As they get into a rhythm their asses bounce against each other with every thrust. They seem to drop to their elbows at the same time so that their clits have a chance to come in contact.

"Aaaahhhhh! Oohhh! Fuck!"

"Mmmmmmm, fffffffff, eeeeeee! Aaaahhhhh!!"

They reach to finger themselves as they get closer and closer to their peak.
There is an audible slurp with every thrust, and pussy juice is dripping everywhere. The sheet below them has a puddle of their mixed elixir, making the room smell like a pungent rose.

"Yeah, yeah! Oh shit! I love thhhiiisssss!"

"Oh my god, this is incredible! Tina make me cuuummmm soooo hard!"

Moaning and groaning, they cry out in ecstasy as they pound their asses and cunts together, frigging themselves frantically. They cum together in a chorus of shouts and them fall to the bed below.

"That was wonderful. Thank you so much."

It is then that Tina notices that it is 3:30pm.

"Shit! We gotta be out of here in 30 minutes! Quick, jump in the shower and get dressed!"

"I think I'm gonna just get dressed. I want your smell on me as I go home, so I can get all horny on the plane and do some naughty things under the blanket."

"You nasty vixen, you! Maybe that's a good idea. What do you think your husband will say when you get home?"

"I don't know, but we'll soon find out, eh? What about you? You better get in the shower if you're gonna take one."

Tina opts not to take a shower either, knowing her husband will want to hear all about her wonderful time in Florida. She knows that it will lead to a serious fuck, as he always gets randy when she tells about her escapades with other women. And this one is the hottest yet. She will be calling into work tomorrow, that's for sure.

Quickly they pack their bags. Making one last round through the suite they make sure they haven't left anything behind. They check out just in time and jump in a cab, heading for the airport. Once there they check in their luggage and whatnot, and then go to sit at Kim's terminal as her flight takes off first.

"We never did exchange numbers or anything. I know I'd like to keep in touch and maybe get together again some day. What do you say?"

"I think that's a great idea."

Taking out a pen and paper Kim writes her work phone number and email address down and gives it to Tina.

"You better keep in touch!"

As the last call for boarding sounds, Kim takes her carry-on bag and stands. She and Tina embrace in a long hug and they kiss passionately, not caring who is looking, unashamed.

"Goodbye my lusty lady. Have a safe flight. I'll send you a message as soon as I get home and on the computer."

"You, too. And you better or I'll have to fly down to you and rip you a new one! I'll never forget you or what you've taught me. Thank you for the most liberating 3 days of my life. We definitely have do it again some time, you Vixen!"

They kiss and embrace once more and Kim runs to the door just before they close it and finds her seat. She gets a blanket from the flight attendant and takes out her book, opening it to where she left off.


This story was split into 5 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 5 parts for faster page loading.

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