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The Ancient Prophecy
Part III - The Battle
by Viper

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"You've heard the prophecy before, haven't you?"

"Yes, I mean, who hasn't? But nobody believes it. How could a man defeat the darkness by himself? Don't tell me you believe the bullshit..."

"I do believe it, Atrus. It's not bullshit. The Dark Age is indeed here. All that we need is to find the lone warrior." She stated.

"But according to the prophecy, the guy you're looking for is supposed to be in the palace. He's supposed to possess royal blood. What are you doing here?"

Adriana looked at him deeply. "You mean you believe that Prince Roberto, son of King Edward? He's such a jerk! He can't be the warrior!"

"He's a good guy, I think... Although he's a bit pervert... But King Edward has only one son!"

"Haven't you heard that the king had another son, but he was lost fifteen years ago?"

"You mean Prince Alfredo? He's lost! Gone for years! Do you think he's the one?" Atrus kept on asking. But Adriana blew a sigh.

"I know it's dumb, and I won't ask you to believe me any further. But I'm going to look for him. And somehow I know I will eventually find him."

"I believe you will." Atrus nodded. He didn't completely believe that the prophecy was true, but he didn't think it was wrong. Until now every event was well predicted by the prophecy. The demons might be what the Dark Age was all about. Also, there seemed to be no end of this bloody war. If this long lost prince was really the chosen one, then he might be the lash hope of survival for every race in the land.

But he quickly switched his attention back to the present business. He yanked her hand that was holding the fish, reminding her that she forgot to eat her meal. "Eat before it gets cold. We will scout again tomorrow for the bandits. I have a feeling they're not far away from here."

Adriana just nodded, then began eating the fish. Not bad, she thought. "This is delicious. You should teach me how to make this."

"Nah, I believe you can do a better job." Atrus told her as he walked to the fire.

"I'm a priestess. I can't cook."

Atrus gave her a skeptic look and said, "WHAT? YOU CAN'T COOK? EVEN I CAN COOK!"

This time Adriana couldn't help but frowned. In the Land of Aragon, it was a big disgrace for a wife if she couldn't cook for her husband and family. Therefor, all girls had to learn how to do most of housework since they were young.


The girl tried to fight back, but her strength was no match for the bandit. The villain threw her to the ground and pinned her body with his. He then grabbed her thin fabric and tore it into pieces, leaving her naked. The girl, knowing that she had lost the fight, tried in vain to cover her nakedness. She could only cry as the bandit stared at her, stripping her pride.

The muscled thug then spread her legs as wide as possible that she yelped in pain and humiliation. The girl repeatedly begged for his mercy, but he didn't care. Without any proper foreplay he rammed his hard prick deep into her vagina. A loud cry of agony was heard throughout the forest.

The bandit began thrusting in and out her pussy. Blood poured down her vagina as he fucked her mercilessly. Only within a few minutes the girl fainted, but the thug pressed the tip of his lit cigar to her nipple, making her wail and bringing her back to the real world. The torture continued until the bandit reached his climax and shot his load deep inside her. Then he dropped the girl to the ground and let her fainted again. He looked to the sky and yelled a cry of victory.

The poor girl was not the only one. There were at least ten of them. They were being used and tortured in various ways around the bandits encampment. And all Atrus and Adriana could do was watch.

The two companions had found the bandits camp and were now spying on them. They stayed behind the bushes only a few meters from the camp.

"Atrus, can't we just charge them right now and free those girls?" Adriana asked. Her voice was full of misery.

"And make ourselves vulnerable to them? Only fools rush in, my dad always said. After all, if we attack now, we might endanger the hostages." Atrus explained quietly.

"We can disarm a few bandits and use their clothes to sneak in." Adriana suggested.

"And how about you? I believe you want some actions, am I right?"

Atrus' answer silenced her. He was right. There was no female bandit in the group. The only females were the hostages. If she appeared in person, their cover would be blown.

"So what should we do? I can't stand looking at these tortures any longer..."

"Going back to the village will be useless. They are pretty near to the village. We have to stop them ourselves." Atrus stared at Adriana. "I like your idea, though. You see those barrels?" Atrus pointed at a pile of wooden barrels sitting next to a tent.


"Precisely. The tents were all made of fabric. I believe there are more barrels around the camp. If we can get close enough to the barrels and ignite them, we can burn their camp, and hopefully their supplies. Therefor they will have no choice but to retreat."

"Brilliant, Atrus." Adriana looked at Atrus in awe. "But how do I get past the guards?"

"We'll use your plan. We'll wait here until dark."

The camp was actually bigger than they thought. The surrounding was dark and gloomy. The bandits had started the fire and lighted the torches. Supper was being prepared. The thugs were gathering around the fire with their hostages.

Atrus walked slowly with the crowds. He wore one of the bandits' outfits from a fellow he had smacked earlier. Adriana followed only a foot behind him. Her skirt was ripped, revealing her well-shaped thighs. Her blouse was also torn here and there. She had taken off her gloves, boots, and ribbon. Two pairs of chains hung on her wrists and ankles. She didn't want to know where Atrus got these things. From afar, she looked like an ordinary hostage.

Adriana kept her distance as close to Atrus as possible, for she didn't want to attract any attentions from the bandits around them. Her manacles, although were locked loosely by Atrus himself, prevented her from moving freely. She tripped herself once and a while, only being held by Atrus before she fell. Luckily, the thugs around them were too hungry to pay any attentions to them.

Atrus' prediction was right. The barrels were scattered all over the camp. The bandits, not expecting an ambush, had set their camp recklessly.

As they approached a huge tent, Atrus moved slowly closer to the tent. Then in a quick succession, he slipped his hostage in behind the tent. Adriana immediately hid behind the tent and watched Atrus as he walked casually toward the campfire. Now everything was up to her. All she had to do was to sneak into the temporal guard post in the center of the camp, only a few meters in front of her. There she could have a clear shot to almost all barrels around the camp. Atrus would make some distractions to buy her time to escape the fire later. She quickly took off all the chains from her body then crawled stealthily to the base of the tower.

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This story was split into 5 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 5 parts for faster page loading.

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