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The Ancient Prophecy
Part III - The Battle
by Viper

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The tower was made primarily of bamboo poles tied up together with ropes. The construction was simple so that the tower could be taken off or reinstalled in an hour or so. A small wooden ladder was laid on west side of the tower. Adriana concentrated her instinct, trying to observe the top of the tower. One life form, looking at north, sleepy. She could see that he was carrying a curved sword and a torch. She felt lucky she had such skill. She began to wonder if Atrus would appreciate her skills.

No, she thought. Atrus was a great warrior. He didn't need her at all. Atrus wouldn't be interested in going after the Champion of the Guardian. He had his own life and she had hers. She had hoped Atrus would join her journey by promoting the prophecy and her crazy dream. Now she felt that she had been so selfish.

Then she felt a movement in her mind. The guard had turned East. This was her chance, she thought. She quietly climbed the ladder. The wood made cracking sound for every step she made, but the singing around the campfire had begun, concealing her noisy approach. Just when she was halfway to the top, she felt the guard moved again. This time he moved to her position!

She could see the guard at the top of the tower. He was a big man, all right. She stood still on the ladder, hoping that he would not notice her. The Guardian listened to her prayer. The guard just yawned then returned back to his post, facing east.

She wiped the sweat off her forehead then began climbing again. When she was about to reach the top, she quietly chanted the sleeping spell to the man. She didn't need too much power for that, for the man was already sleepy. The guard slumped to the floor then began snoring loudly.

The tower was basically simple and empty, but she could see nearly the entire camp complex from there. She began to note all the barrels lying around the tents. As a magic apprentice, she only had one harmful spell, magic missile. And she hadn't practice much for her accuracy. This time she had to do this right. Softly she prepared her magic missile spell.

The campfire was big and bright. Several men were roasting wild beasts on he fire. The others gathered around the fire, singing and yelling at one another. Some thugs were playing around with their poor hostages as their screams were joined by the bandit's laughter. The bandits had made this forest into their heaven. Now it was going to be their grave.

Atrus tugged his cloak closer to hide his face. The air was uncomfortably hot for his, for he didn't really like being in the crowds. His right hand rested on his sword, concealed by the cloak. He sat down on the grass, watching the bandits. All he had to do was wait for Adriana's signal.

Then suddenly somebody fell down on Atrus' back, pushing him forward. When he turned to face the threat, he saw that a hostage had been tripped by a group of bandits. She just lay on the ground, sobbing and breathing heavily. Her body was covered with mud and bruises. Her wrists were tied together with a piece of cloth. Her black hair was soaked with sweat and mud. Except for her restraint, she was practically naked.

"Come on, brother!" One of the bandits yelled at Atrus. "Do her! Give us a good show!"

The girl looked at him with her pleading eyes. Her body was trembling as she fought her tears. "Please, sir, have mercy..." Her voice was small, but full of fear.

Atrus quickly grabbed her small body and pinned her to the ground. She was too weak to fight back, but managed to let a loud scream. The men around them began to cheer him up. The girl gave up the struggle and let Atrus kissed her tender neck.

"Don't worry. We're here to help. Now moan as loud as you can." Atrus instructed her softly near her ear to prevent the bandits from hearing.

It took a few seconds for the girl to understand. She began to moan every time Atrus kissed her. Atrus just probed her body with his finger before kissing her earlobe.

"Take all hostages to the village of Labrador. I'll meet you there. Understand?"

The girl let a soft moan, signaling that she understood. Atrus sat near her crotch, spreading her legs wide despite her cry of protest. Come on, Adriana, he thought, give me your signal!

"Wait a minute, I know you!" One of the bandits exclaimed. Atrus turned to see him.

He was the bandit leader he had fought in the forest earlier.

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This story was split into 5 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 5 parts for faster page loading.

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