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Talk Dirty To Me
Part I: Cathy's Fantasy
by Gregory Lee Hunt

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

"Talk dirty to me!"

"You sure like giving me orders."

"No I don't. In fact just the opposite is true."

Cathy's tone of voice changed instantaneously, as if her ears perked up to something that piqued her curiosity. "Oh really! Tell me more about that!"

"Well that's the subject of another 'conversation' altogether. Maybe we can make that the subject of our next phone call if you like .. that is if we ever have another telephone conversation like this."

"Oh, I want to do this with you again and you can bet that we will. And you can also bet that a full discussion of the remark you made will be the first item on my agenda."

"Sound's like fun. I'm looking forward to it already .. now where were we? Oh yeah, talk dirty to me!"

"Then I would open up your fly and take your big delicious cock in my mouth. I want to caress and suck your at a time. I would take off my bra and ease your cock into my cleavage and begin stroking you. I'd open my mouth and draw your cock into my mouth just like sucking on a straw, a thick straw... I want to look up at your face and without my saying a single word plead with you to ram your big cock between my lips and fuck my mouth. I would want to know if I'm bringing you pleasure. Please let me experience what it feels like to have your cock become hard inside my mouth. I want to feel my lips distending, being pulled apart, and my cheeks inflating as you feed me all of your huge sex machine. Fill my mouth with you ..I want to gag on your big salami dick feeling your big hard rod slamming against my throat...and your balls battering against my full yielding lips. Slurrrp. That's the sound of my tongue flickering on the big meaty head. I'll bet you'd really go nuts if I was to scrape the edges of my teeth along the meaty surface of your big mushroom shaped cockhead and if I playfully nibble on the opening of your pisshole. All the while I'd squeeze your big snake in my hand, harder and harder and faster. Finally you can't take anymore, your stomach tenses and your ball sac tightens and you shoot your hot cum bullets into my mouth filling it to overflowing ... I love the taste of your jizz and swallow every....."

"Stop, I can't stand it anymore.... Oooohh. That's sooo nice."

"How am I doing? Are you playing with yourself?"

"You're doing great and no I'm not playing with myself. Not yet any way, but I am seriously thinking about it."

"Well I am playing with myself you can feel free to start whacking off any time you want to."

"Where did you ever learn to talk raunchy like that .. and more to the point where did you ever learn to suck a cock like that? David is sure a lucky guy."

"Oh, I've never sucked David quite that way, in fact I've never blown anybody that way .. but I'd gladly and eagerly suck your cock that way. Really I would! I would love the feel of a hard cock filling my mouth. Believe it or not I would want you to cum inside my mouth and I promise that I would swallow everything you deposit there. You already know that I read a lot. But I bet that you didn't know that I like reading erotic stories. I even have a secret diary of stories and sex fantasies that I've written myself locked in protected files on my computer. Sometimes when I know that David or Monica aren't going to be around for a while I'll go to the video store and rent a XXX hard-core porno film and watch it. I can watch it and even take it back to the store before they return. I enjoy porn films, do you?"

"I picked up on that once in an exchange of remarks between David and you. Yes, I like porn too but Nancy doesn't."

"Oh David is a such a fuddy-duddy prude. He'd never watch porn himself or even allow me to watch it in the house if he knew about it."

"Maybe we could watch a porn film together sometime."

"You never can tell.. it depends on what else we'd be doing. What's that sound?"

"I'm just taking you up on your offer and starting to jack off.".

"I would love listening to you do that. I want to hear what you sound like when you cum, would you let me do that?"

"Sure, but I'd like your help."

"What do you want me to do?"

"Well first if you have a vibrator or even if you don't, you can keep on playing with yourself too. I promise you that I won't come until you are just about ready to come yourself. We'll be having sex over the phone in a manner of speaking. And I would love it if you would share one of your sex fantasies with me."

"What about your fantasies?"

"Well, you already said that you wanted me to tell you about some of them the next time we talked."

"Oh. Now I'm beginning to get an idea about what some of your fantasies are. I'm even more intrigued and turned on by them. Okay. It's a deal. But you have to promise me that you won't leave anything out the next time we talk like this and before we hang-up I want to know when we will be talking again."

"I promise I won't leave anything out .. and by the way the fact that you are turned on with just the barest clue about what my fantasies are, turns me on even more. Maybe we can even fantasize together sometime soon. A little role playing if you know what I mean."

"Hmmm, I catch your drift and yeah I think I could get into that with you, especially when I know a little more about your fantasies. It sounds like that would be fun. What do you want to know about my sex fantasies?"

"Tell me about the wildest sex fantasy you've ever had. Please don't leave anything out. I like details and dirty talk."

Gary heard the faint buzz of what he assumed must be Cathy's vibrator in the background.

"Okay, are you playing yourself yet?"

"Yes. And it feels sooo good. Knowing that you're there listening to me do it excites me and just hearing your voice arouses me even more."

"That's great. It's nice to know that I'm such a turn-on for you. Anyway here goes. Hmmm...ohh, ahh. OK. I want you to try to imagine that I'm all alone standing stark naked in a nearly empty room and that my body is in the same trim and buff shape that it was fifteen years ago. I've been summoned to this place by a mysterious letter and given instructions to strip when I got here. Imagine that this large empty room has wooden floors and very large opaque windows. Sunlight bathes the room but it is impossible for anyone outside to see in and for anyone inside to see out. Besides that the room is on the second story of a two story building and all of the surrounding buildings are deserted. The building seems to be some kind of abandoned warehouse or an old factory. The only furniture anywhere is a bathtub that is located exactly in the center of the room. It's an old fashioned bathtub, the kind with feet that stands alone...and it's a king sized one ... very, very roomy. Ahhh.. Suddenly, without any warning, a mysterious group of about twenty men walks into the room. They are all muscular, very handsome men. Most of them appear to be very young men in their early twenties. They are all wearing black masks like the one that the Lone Ranger used to wear, so that I can't identify them. They surround and tower over me. I'm a little frightened, and anxious not knowing what they want to do to me, but I'm also very aroused being surrounded by such hunks."

"Six of the men pick me up and carry me to the bathtub. Although I'm naked and totally vulnerable, they are very careful in the way they handle me. They avoid touching my breasts or my genitals. I'm standing at the side of the bathtub. I'm waiting for something .. anything to happen. Then, one of the mysterious men, who seems to be older than the others and appears to be their leader points to the bathtub and signals me to get into it. Not a word has been spoken. The silence is eerie. The men form a ring and surround the bathtub. They are bunched around it so tight, that there is almost no space between them and certainly no avenue for my escape. OOOOOhhhhhh ... sigh ... puff"

Increasingly, Cathy's words were punctuated by her heavy breathing

"All of the men are dressed exactly the same way. They are wearing tight leather pants and rip away white shirts. Even though they are fully clothed I can see that they are all beautiful physical specimens and endowed with very large penises. A minute later my observation is confirmed as each of the men strips off his clothing and stands at attention. Ahhhhhh. They move around the bathtub making certain that I have ample opportunity to view each of them naked. Although their penises are flaccid, its obvious that their size is extraordinary."

"Groan...sign...moan. Oh yeah... more"

"Then on a signal from their leader, each man begins stroking his penis until he has obtained an erection. Then one man gets into the bathtub and stands directly in front of and over me. He begins masturbating vigorously. Pant ... Pant ... puff .. I watch in awe and I'm able to observe as his body begins to perspire. I have a close up view of the physiological changes occurring as he becomes more and more sexually aroused. I watch his muscles tighten and his scrotum tense up as his orgasm becomes inevitable and imminent. At the very moment of his ejaculation he rips off his mask, it doesn't matter much though because his jism spurts onto my face and that temporarily blinds me. The man continues to cum for what seems an eternity in gush after slow motion gush of milky colored liquid. It feels warm and sticky as it hits my face and begins to trickle down my neck and onto my breasts."

"Uh....uhh... this is getting me hot and very, very bothered...I think I need to come up for a breath of air."

"I can hear that...sigh uuh too. But I don't want you to stop now. Keep on jerking off! I don't want you to come yet either, you do understand me. Don't you?"

"Yes, yes of course...snnugh...oww, ooh."

"Aghhhh .. Ohh .. Good. Anyway, when my vision returns and I look up again, I'm able to see that the first man has left and a second man has taken the first one's place and he is now standing in front of me. ... whew I need some air ... Like his friend he begins masturbating and after a few minutes he comes and just like the first guy, he ejaculates on me. He sprays his cum all over me. He is indiscriminate in his aim..some of his cum juice lands on my face, some on my breasts .. and some even falls on my belly."

"Uuuuugh..ooooh, this is really making me hot! I'm....ooh, not much longer I can hold myself back from ...uuumph...ooh ...cummming."

Cathy's breathing was becoming more pronounced, even labored and interspersed with mewling, grunting and low moaning sounds. "Each of the remaining mysterious men in sequence, repeats the same act. Each one of them unmasking as he ejaculates...until the leader... he is the last one to get into the tub with me begins to he nears his orgasm, he gestures for to me to open my mouth. Just as I do so .. he begins to ejaculate, aiming his stream of hot sticky cock milk directly into my wide open and awaiting mouth... He unmasks so I can look at him. He is You. You are smiling, its a kind of a wicked grin. You come and come and come and come you are completely spent then like the others you leave the bathtub and return to the circle. The salty musky taste of your semen fills my mouth, and I begin drooling small amounts of a cum juice and saliva cocktail before swallowing the rest of it."

It was very obvious that Gary and Cathy were nearing their respective orgasms, Gary was approaching the point of no return and Cathy was having difficulty speaking between her pants and moans. She began garbling her words. "The men carry a large mirror and place it in front of ... puff ... m .. ee .. huff. As I look ... aaiii.. ooohh. I can see that I 'm dreenched and co..uu..vered from head toe with layer upon layer of cc cum juices, it is sticky and drying but it feels wonderful and I'm smiling because of all the atten .. atten shin that.....oooh, ahh I'm close t..tooo .. oooooo .. it'll be just another minute orrr minute or two, can you wait that long for me?"

"Umm, pant .. puff...pant... puff ... ahh.. it may be difficult but I'll try to hold back for as long as I can,"

"But these mysterious attractive men aren't through with me yet ...The leader, aeeh, yi yi you tell me that they've been jacking off for weeks anticipating thisssss ev..ent ...saving all of their cuuum for by one each man reappears.....holding a jar filled with his collected cum juice...they keep pouring it...hussssh...sigh oooooh.. ver.. me. until my bo.. pant..dy is ..pant, drenched ugh..ooooo.. and cuv -erred with cummmmm. I'm....ahhh....sitting in a bathtub filled alm..ost eeehh.. to the brim.. wiiii...cuhum soup .Themmen... uuugh.. moan.. start agh .. the As each one of the ggguys leaves the room, he passes in front of me...he wipes any stic ..hick ..y oooh stuff still on his penis onto my face and then forces me to kiss and su..uu.c.kkk the head of his c...k...... ohh eat me ... eatM .... God I want you to eat meeeeee ...miiii puss.... Please Gary... please ...ea... Ayyyyyy...I'III'm cummmmi...cummmmm...oooh god..oooooh yes, fuuckk me...Fuckme...FUKME HARD Gary!....ooohmigoood... screech ... moan ... F..u..c..k ME Yes, ohmigoddd... it feels Sooo Good ... aiiiyyy... oooooooohh.yes..yES.YES...YES. ohhGAWD... OH YESS YESSSSSSYESS YESSS..yESSSSSSSS............. oooooh YESSSSSSSSSssssssssssssssssssss .............. aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh." (Silence)

"Oooohhhhhhh miiii... god...grunt, grunt....sigh sigh sigh..I'm cumming too and my cuuum... It's spurting all...over me and aall over everything else. I'll have to clean it up before Nancy gets home"

"UHHHH....uhhhh. thatsss good. That's breath..what...pant...I hoped would happen."

It took a few minutes for the passionate throes of their climaxes to subside. Finally each of them had recovered some of their wind and collected their thoughts enough to be able to resume a conversation. Cathy was the first one to speak. "Whew. I'm still catching my breath. Whew ... puff .. puff. Well what did you think of my fantasy? Was it raunchy enough for you?"

"I'll say it was. You are one very hot and kinky lady."

"Thank you. It was a very real fantasy and vivid, and its one that I've had many, many. times before ... I'd love to arouse a man, then watch him masturbate and have him cum all over my face and boobs. I've often wondered what it would feel like to be bathing in a tub filled with male love creme."

"I've had almost the same fantasy ... only the other way of course!"

"And you were really the person doing that to me in my fantasies."

"YOU TOO!!!"

"I can't believe it, we both have the mirror image of the same fantasy .... That's extraordinary. Almost surreal and metaphysical. What do you think it means?"

"I don't know. Who cares? And what the hell does it matter, anyway? All I know is that I get off on it every time. I really can't believe that we did this. That was the best sex I've had in years and my best orgasm ever."

"It was great for me too!"

"Do you feel guilty about it?"

"Do you?"



" You've made me feel like a real woman again. I want you to cum over here so that I can kiss you passionately all over your nipples, your cock, even your asshole...Everywhere, but unfortunately I guess that won't happen today."

"Thanks, its nice to know that there is a woman out there that has wild sexual fantasies that are like my own."

"Promise me that we'll do this again!"

"I promise that we will."

"I'm holding you to it. Give my love to Nancy and Jamie."

"And mine to David and Monica. We'll probably see you guys sometime later this week."

"Probably so... unfortunately it won't be just the two of us alone and it definitely won't be the way that I really want to see you."

"And How is that?"

"Lying naked on a bed sporting a big, throbbing hard-on that's waiting impatiently to be shoved into my warm, wet, twat."


"And you know that what I want is for you to fuck me so intensely and so deep that I can feel your balls pressing against my pussy lips, trying to get in to my warm juicy hole. And I want to taste the head of your cock clogging up my throat, as it tries to exit my body through my mouth. Oh well. I've got to get off the phone now after getting off with you. I'm exhausted, but I'm also feeling absolutely tingly from head to toe. Let's do this again next Saturday at 1:00 o'clock, I can get David to run a long errand and I'll send Monica somewhere too so that we can talk for hours without being disturbed or overheard."

"I'll do the same. Nancy will probably have finished her usual routines by then and be off somewhere, doing something. Jamie just needs an excuse and some friend to visit. But just to be safe, lets make it at 2:00 o'clock."

"I'm looking forward to it. I loved having phone sex with you and I really hope that we can do it again next Saturday. She laughed again in her unique and distinctive way. Luv ya.. Bye Bye." Click

The image conjured up by Cathy's parting comments and her description of the way she said that she wanted to him to fuck her stayed with Gary for a long time afterward. Obviously, her intent was to titillate Gary and to make his rod get hard again. It worked. What a prick tease she was!

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This story was split into 3 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

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