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Teaching Patti
Chapter III
by Dixon Carter Lee

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

I held up her chin and said, "Yes, you are. You're beautiful, don't you know that?"

She bit her lip, unbelieving. Then she threw her arms around my neck and buried her head against my chest. "You're beautiful." she said.

She was so sweet, and so warm against my chest. My erection was not going down, and I was getting seriously uncomfortable. She could feel me squirming around.

"Are you okay?" she said.

"A little cramped. It happens with guys."

"I'm sorry." She let go of me, like I was about to break.

"Excuse me." I said, turning around, and re-adjusting my cock, which seemed silly, the modesty, after what we'd just done. I didn't want to lose the intimate, somewhat dirty feeling of our new relationship, so I added, "I'll just take care of it later."

This seemed to interest her. "Oh yeah? Can I watch?" she said, laughing.

"Want to?" I said.

I could see she did, but she couldn't quite bring herself to say the words. I would have to take charge here, and make her feel comfortable. I had never jerked off in front of a girl before, and the thought made my cock even harder.

"I'll have to take my pants off."

"Well, it's okay." she said nervously.

"Okay, you stay on the couch." I moved away from her a little, again to help her feel safe. I lay on the floor, and unbuttoned my pants. She must have suddenly felt very naked and exposed, because she threw her shirt and sweats back on, even hiding the wet panties underneath a pillow. Then she settled back to watch.

I tossed my jeans, but kept my T-shirt and socks on – it was getting a little cold. I pulled down my underwear and released my cock, which was enormous and red now, and raw from pushing against the rough jeans. The veins were pulsing and my balls were stiff. Patti's eyes flew open, and I knew this was the first cock she'd ever seen.

I needed to come, but I decided to give her a show. I grabbed my cock from the bottom and slowly stroked up, causing it to throb even more. I stroked down even slower, then ran my hand all over my cock, feeling all the ridges and bumps, exploring every contour. Patti stared, watching my every move. I was excited to know that this sexy little girl was watching me. She moved a hand down to her lap, and I knew she was trying to finger herself through her sweats without my noticing. She was still so shy.

Jesus, what a flagpole I had. It was a monster erection, red and angry. I squeezed and pulled and really gave her a good performance, but I couldn't take the agony any more. I started jerking hard, and Patti let out a little sigh. I was seriously turning her on. She must have known that I was about to come because she leaned forward, eager to see it all up close. I looked right at her, this beautiful young thing who had never seen cock before. She was so fresh. God I wanted her! "Lift your shirt." I said.

"Why?" she said, breathily, anticipating my climax.

"I want to see you."

She lifted her shirt, showing me her beautiful, round bosom. Her nipples were still hard as little rocks. "Oh shit!" I said. "Now the pants!" She rolled her sweats down til they gathered at her ankles. Then, knowing what I wanted, suddenly spread her knees, showing me her puffy little pussy. "Put a finger inside!" I said. She hesitated, but sensed I was close, and put one little finger tentatively inside her slippery hole. She moaned at her own touch, and thrust the finger in further, squishing out a dribble of cum. "Christ!" I screamed, shooting a thick rope of white jism onto my chest. "Christ Almighty!"

"Oh my God." said Patti, thrilled that she could make me do that. "Is that how guys do it?"

I wasn't quite ready to speak, I was still squeezing the last bit of cum out of my cock, still shuddering a bit. Finally I let out a huge sigh, lay back and said, "I can't speak for all the boys in the band, but that's pretty much the drill, yes."

She laughed. I must have looked funny lying there in my T-shirt and socks, cum all over my cock and hands. I ripped off my T-shirt, cleaned myself up and moved over to her. My pants were definitely off now, but I'd just cum, and I think she trusted me enough now that I could sit a little closer. I hugged her, kissed her on the forehead and said, "That was amazing, Patti. But we should talk."

"I know." she said, pulling me closer. She could smell the cum on my chest and wrinkled her nose a bit, but she couldn't keep her eyes off my cock, fascinated by how quickly it shrank. "But tomorrow, okay. Let's just let tonight be tonight. "

"And you're okay about tonight? About everything I did--?"

She seemed a little unsure. "Yes. I am. But ---"

"But what?"

"Some of the stuff was a little, I don't know – weird." she said, looking down. "Does everybody do that?"

"No. Everybody like different things. When I was a teenager…"

And so we talked about sex and life for another thirty minutes. She didn't want to leave. We just held each other and talked until we both felt sleepy. We kissed for a while, and I felt my cock starting to rise. But that was enough for tonight. "We'd better go on up." I said.

She grabbed her wet panties. We walked up the stairs together, hand in hand. When we reached the top we let go.

"Goodnight." she whispered, kissing me on the cheek.

I reached out and took her panties. She blushed, and disappeared into my sister's room. I went to my own room, collapsed on the bed, put the sweet smelling panties under my nose, and fell instantly asleep.

End Chapter III (of VII)

This is a 3 part story. Jump to any of the parts from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

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