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"I'll need you to read these and to follow the directions given on the instruction sheet. If you have any questions, please pick up the phone and hit the intercom button. I hope you'll understand that what I do here is for personal use and not for sale to the general public. You will have to sign a waiver and an acknowledgment stating that you do so understand. Because of what goes on here, anonymity is mandatory. When I leave here, I will lock the door. It is for your benefit as well as my other patrons. Please feel free to take your time and make sure you have completed everything. When you are ready, please call on the intercom phone and someone will let you out. I will call you with the cost of the services you have chosen, and if you agree to that cost, I will then set up your appointment." She smiled sweetly and asked him if he had any questions. All he could do was shake his head no. The door closed, he heard the lock catch, and he breathed out a qualified sigh of relief.

His hands were visibly shaking with anticipation as he began to read what she had left for him. Her essence had permeated his nostrils and he closed his eyes for just a moment to breath in deeply before he started to read. The first page was a list of what seemed to be rules and regulations. It stipulated no one under 21 would be allowed in the shop after hours. No one without the shop's business card and an appointment could even get in the door after closing. No violence, drugs or excessive drinking would be tolerated and would be cause to lose the fee that had been paid along with any photos or tape that had been taken. He skimmed over the bestiality and kiddy porn stuff, and agreed with them, he had no desire to even think about that. It all seemed reasonable to him so far.

The second page contained a multiple choice questionnaire. It had all sorts of sexual questions itemized. What type of sex did he find most exciting? Did he enjoy watching? If he did, what would he most like to watch? Did he like to be teased? What parts of his body were most susceptible to sexual arousal? He liked this part of the application, and thoughtfully circled each answer that appealed to him and if none did, he wrote his answer in under "other."

The third page was where the meat was, what was being offered, and how much it cost. There were four packages being presented. Each could be done in the following various ways: The personnel could pick and choose the positions and activities being photographed or taped. The customer could direct the photographer to take what ever photos or tape he wanted to be taken. A combination of both rounded out the choices.

The customer could choose to participate in the actual photos/taping or not. There was only one appointment per customer, and if the appointment were missed, no rain check would be given for another. Package One was 10 8x10 photos of one person of his choice for $250.00. Package Two was 10 8x10 photos of two people of his choice $500.00. Package Three was 1 hour of video tape with one person of his choice. $750.00. Package Four was 2 hours of video tape with two people of his choice. $1,000.00.

Page four had four photographs. One was of Wicked. There was one of another woman, blonde, smaller, a pretty face. The other two were pictures of men. One was older, maybe 40 or so, the other younger in his 20's. Well, now he had to make a choice. Obviously he wanted to participate, he wanted Wicked. But there was always that fantasy of having two women at the same time. He liked the idea, especially of having it on film to relive over and over again. It didn't take him long to decide. It would be Package Four, with the two women, and a combination of him and the girls calling the shots.

He liked the idea of being surprised. He didn't want to know everything that was going to happen. Page five requested his signature that he read and understood and would comply with pages one through four and that he would not copy or copy with intent to distribute and sell any of the photos or tapes that he was purchasing. Payment was required to be paid in cash and would be collected immediately prior to the session. The fee was non refundable. As far as he was concerned, a chance like this only came once in a lifetime, he was gonna grab it while the grabbing was good. He picked up the phone and hit the intercom button.

Her voice flowed like honey out of the receiver, "Is there something I can help you with?" she questioned. "There sure is," he answered. "I'll be right there," and then the phone clicked silent. He sat quietly for a moment and while he did he thought he heard some muffled noises through the wall. He got up and moved closer to it, leaning over the cabinet to see if he could hear what was going on. He could hear a little clearer, they were definitely sexual sounds. Groaning, moaning, something thumping. At that moment the door unlocked and there she stood, so gorgeous he could go down on her right there, and actually thought about going for it.

She laughed when she saw him leaning over the cabinet listening at the wall. " I guess you are curious, aren't you? " she asked. "I can't let you see, but I can let you listen a bit." And with that, she hit the intercom button twice, and placed the phone back on the hook, but the speaker remained on. He could hear somebody pleading, almost crying, begging for forgiveness. He heard a woman's voice saying "You were a very very bad boy!" and more muffled sobs. "You know what you have to do when you are a bad boy, don't you?" A small male voice said "Oh yes Mistress, please give me my punishment, please! I do so deserve to be punished!"

He waited to hear what would happen next when that red nailed finger cut off the speaker, and tapped the edge of his paper. "Have you decided what you want to do? Will you be utilizing our services?" she queried. Damn but she could tease him, it was frustrating, but he liked it all the same.

"Yes, I have decided to go with Package Four."

"And who will be your choice of personnel?", Wicked asked. "Why, you of course and the other woman in the photographs."

"Her name is Wild, together we're Wild and Wicked ," she smiled, "will you be participating?"

He nodded yes, "I wouldn't miss this opportunity for the world. You are indeed a very sexy woman," he declared.

"Thank you," was her reply. She leaned over the desk and pressed her soft, sexy lips on his for just a moment. The very sweetest of kisses, but the body language was pure raw sex. As she leaned over the scooped neck opened and he could see the upper half of her glorious tits. He wanted to scoop them out with his hands and nuzzle them until he couldn't breath. It was as if she could read his mind, and she probably could, because at that moment she picked up his application, made sure he had signed on the dotted line, and informed him that she would be calling him in a day or so with his appointment. She took him by the arm and escorted him to the door.

As they walked through the darkened shop he could hear those moans and groans again, and wondered what would be in store for him the next time he passed through here. It was going to be a long week.

He wrapped his arms around her legs from underneath and buried his face in her steamy wet pussy. He couldn't believe he was finally doing this, his fantasy becoming a reality. That annoying sound, there it was again, damn, why now? He was so close, and with that, he opened his eyes and realized he had been dreaming.

It was the fucking alarm clock, it was even against him. He couldn't even dream about her without getting busted. But today was different. Today was the day. The call had come around 8:00 PM on Thursday night. He had gone through hell all week waiting. He sat by the phone like a little kid every night. He knew he could have gone back to the shop, but he waited like he was told like a dutiful little soldier.

In the end, it wasn't even her that called. It was a male voice on the other end. If he had to guess, it sounded like it might be the younger of the two men he had seen in the photos. He was very professional, very courteous and he said that his final cost would be $1050.00 which was one 2 hour tape. The extra $50 was evidently for any towels and sundries that he might use while he was at the session. His appointment was for Saturday at 9:00 PM, and of course he told him he would be there. He had a million things he wanted to do, from getting a hair cut, to shaving his balls. He just couldn't wait.

The lights inside the studio were dim, he tapped on the door lightly at 8:45. Within a few moments the door was opened by the older of the two men in the photos. He introduced himself as Feral, and shook Doug's hand as he let him into the shop. They walked through the darkened store and entered a large room in the back. There was a stairway leading to an upper level that lead to what appeared to be a small room on the right side.

The room was a maze of gauze draped material. It reminded him of a harem tent. Soft billowing cloth gathered over the head of a huge bed, he thought maybe larger than a king size bed, and draped over the sides like a huge canopy. There was a pillow-strewn overstuffed white couch, a very large pillowed ottoman, a large white marble topped coffee table. Two comfortable-looking arm chairs in soft lavender rounded out the room. Flickering candles were dispersed throughout. He was impressed. The room reeked of sensuality, like sex was made for this room and vice versa. Feral told him to make himself comfortable, to undress and put on a robe that he handed to him while asking if he would like a drink.

He said, "Yes, please a glass of wine would be welcome now." Feral smiled and excused himself to get the drink. He removed his clothes quickly, his cock hard, almost painfully swollen. He threw on the robe, and had a seat in one of the chairs almost directly opposite the bed. He started looking around, and realized there were cameras set up on the walls, 4 of them, one on each wall. There were wires and cables attached to them all, he presumed they were remotely operated. He didn't have long to wonder about it. Another man came into the room. This one did not look familiar to him.

He stood up to greet him, and the man shook his hand and introduced himself as Jack, the photographer. He explained to Doug that indeed the cameras were run from the second floor office that he saw when he entered the room. "I have your application, and know the things that you would like to have included in your tape, and of course the girls are well aware of what you want also. If there is something happening that you do not approve of, or if you want me to stop shooting for any reason, just holler red, and I will stop filming. Otherwise the tape will be one long continuous shoot until the 2 hours is complete. Above all, you are here to have fun and some good hot sex as well. Do you have any questions?"

Doug thought a moment, and said, "No, I think you guys have thought of everything. I just can't wait to get started."

Jack chuckled and said, "I know, sometimes Wicked, can be just that. Very much the tease, but well worth the wait." The door opened, and the men turned to see Feral entering the room with Doug's drink. He handed the drink to Doug and excused himself and left.

Jack put his hand on Doug's shoulder and said, "Sit down, relax, the girls will be here in a few minutes. I am going upstairs to make sure everything is ready to go." Doug sighed and sat down again, would this torture never end? He took a long sip of his wine and then closed his eyes and leaned his head back into the soft plushness of the chair.

He didn't hear them enter, the two women that would be joining him into a blissful state of ecstasy. She leaned down so very close to his ear and softly whispered "Doug, are you ready for me?" His eyes shot open, he almost spilled his drink, and when he jumped up out of the chair his robe flew open. They giggled at him and Wild removed the drink from his hand. Wicked smiled and said, "Doug this is Wild." He said, "It is my pleasure," and took her offered hand and shook it.

They were objects of beauty to behold. Each wore a feathered, sequined, beaded half mask that left the lower portions of their faces exposed. Wicked's was white with lavender beads and sequins, Wild's was black with black shimmering sequins and beads. One was dressed in white and the other black. Wicked wore a very sexy spaghetti strapped white lace bustier. There were white hose attached to the garters, and white stiletto heels completed her outfit. Wild was in black PVC, also a bustier, but with ribbons holding the garment closed in the front. Black lace stockings and black high heels finished the look. They both wore see through panties in the color of their respective outfits.

Wicked put her hand on Doug's arm and said, "Let's get the business part over with, so we can get down to the fun part. Do you have our fee?" Doug smiled, and took the money out of the robe pocket. He had counted it no less than 10 times himself, 10 $100 bills and one $50 bill. She took the money from him, counted it, and as if on cue, Feral opened the door, took the money from her and left without saying a word. "Now, she said, with all that over with, let's have some fun." Doug thought, Amen to that.

When his robe flew open, it was not lost on either of the women. They had been with quite a few men, but few were endowed as well as this man was. They wondered if he was as good as his equipment looked. They had worked long enough together to know what the other was thinking. They smiled at each other as they slid the robe off Doug's shoulders. Wicked purred, "Doug, why don't you sit here and relax for a while?" His cock was throbbing, he felt great, and he did exactly as he was told.

He no sooner sat back in the chair than both women were strapping his arms to the chair with soft Velcro straps. For a moment he tensed, but then realized that it was one of the things that had been on the questionnaire that he had circled as wanting to try. They then strapped his ankles to the chair in the same manner. His hard shaft was so swollen and heavy between his legs, he longed for one of them to touch it, either one, both of them, anybody, but he didn't say anything. He was excited by not knowing what they would do next.


This story was split into 4 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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