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Thank you

Thank you everyone for your comments. They really help. Yes I plan on more installments. I will also try to do better with grammar and spelling. As an avid reader on this site myself, I know how those things can detract. There are a few chapters I have before this ends, but I wanted to see if I was on the right track before finishing them. Again, thank you!!!

to anony

Yes this was meant as an addendum to the original story. Chapt 1 is being removed...it was never supposed to be published.

The husband is totally insane

This is totally fucked up story. Not even funny, sexy or horny. This story makes me feel angry as hell over what a stupid asshole the husband is. If she was my wife, I would have beet the whore out of her and take her to a deep jungle and leave her there totally naked and without anything at all. This was really a story what makes me puke of anger and disgust. Not many stories are more fucked up then this one.
Something else is to have sexual dreams and make it happen together but let the wife actually go and be a real whore is something else. Not good. Not good at all.


when we run into them on a daily 24/7 time frames,,all you have to do is Believe, TK U MLJ LV NV


This is merely a fiction piece, logic, reality had nothing whatsoever to do with it. A wife decided to network...with a bunch of filthy rich people..got lucky to find a very wealthy rich guy with a hot babe of a wife who liked to bang her. Fringe benefits of networking with rich horny people. the husband was propositioned so that they could in good conscience take her with them on their jaunts around the world...he is handsomely rewarded...as compensation for letting them screw her in various locations. Again FICTION...just like my filthy rich uncle/auntie/cousin along with that long lost inheritance i was supposed to get when i discovered that I was actually royalty...only to find my lineage is nothing but a royal pain in the ass to someone...who was rich. So, the story will continue when I motivated to expand upon the story. However if you must know...they all live happily ever after, get filthy rich, buy and island somewhere and start an open marriage counseling center. The END

Contrived and sanctimonious

Didn't enjoy this one at all. The deceived husband was an arrogant, cold-hearted, sanctimonious bully who showed not one iota of real emotion and consideration for anyone other than himself. He only wanted to maintain contact with his wife so that she could help him deal with their children - not because the children needed their mother, or that she was still a good and loving mother despite her indiscretion.

The quality of the writing was fine but the constant flashbacks distracted from the momentum of the story and the Maggie revelation at the end was so contrived as to be laughable.

Ironically, judging by some of the comments from the rabid hordes of woman haters who troll literotica to vilify any writer who shows the slightest compassion for a straying wife, even his ruthless 'real man' rejection of his 'once straying' wife wasn't enough to satisfy their insatiable craving for blood - which makes me really proud that I'm not a 'real man'.

The moral of the story: you should just accept people shitting on you, because someone somewhere has it worse than you. Everything is going to be all right, they just have to keep on having accidents so that the cheap melodrama keeps any real issues off their minds.

well, whatever

So, interesting. I wish I had understood a bit more about the genre openly admitted to at the story start, but I didn't. Nevertheless, the story did such a good job of character assassination, that it hardly mattered.

Kelly most definitely earned what she got from...whoever, for fucking the Tabasco guy. She did pledge herself...many times. Yet, at the same time, she was still going on with Zack or whoever, that guy she brought up at the end of the confrontation with...fuck, I can't remember. She wasn't who she made herself out to be, which was pivotal in making the ending, and ultimately the whole story, matter a whole lot less.

Is that the point? It might have been more fun if she decided that she wanted that Tabasco guy, and didn't follow through with the maiming plan. Then he loses his shit and kills her and him and himself, finally letting out the self pity and despair he held in so well for so long, like a turtling shit, in a Final Act of gory...glory. Yeah, I like that ending.

Or maybe the one where she does some killing and maiming...maybe that Tabasco dick could have knocked a few rivets loose, causing catastrophic damage, like the skin of an aircraft separating while at supersonic speeds. Do they use rivets for them nowadays? I think rivets were banned from brains some time ago, leaving the reader to wonder how such an antiquated model left the factory.

Love it

I too enjoyed the story. I recall reading about a belly dancing wife years ago jn a fiesta or escort mag where a mans wife wanted to dance or was encouraged to dance for her co workers. It went quickly to where she dressed in full costume ar a party and was the hubby was heralded away from his wife and kept busy. When he did make it back to her he found her topless on her knees lick tje balls of her fat older boss who had testicles the size of duck eggs. Im not aure why that story got me iff but here in the US we see few duck eggs but i imagined they were similar or perhaps larger than a chickens eggs. Loved reading about it and picturing a wife sucking older mans balls.

Hipe to read more from u. Glad others likes the story .

sorta preposterous and incestuous

Us Billy her son? I didnt read Chapt 1, so I dont know, It would kinda be like makin' love to your Mom, wierd, even if all she was was kevin's old girlfriend. Simon gets the better deal, young pussy, no wonder he was OK with the trade.

Very real story...okay, maybe a bit out there, but a good read! Thanks!

I gave this story 4 Stars

I liked the sex and I liked the “Romance”. In many respects this was an x rated Cinderella story with an Evil Prince Charming. Adam starts off as purely wanting to dominate Taylor Sexually and also take from his subordinate Tom, by taking advantage of Tom’s overriding desire to replace Adam at the head of the company. Adam and Taylor fall in love, and ironically Adam replaces Tom in Taylor’s life while Tom embarks on his path to replace Adam with the company. The readers who see Taylor as gold digger miss the fact that had she stayed with Tom, she would have been married to the CEO’s salary any way. This story wasn’t a home run but very good nonetheless.

Excellent Story

With a fantastic twist. Nicely done.

Good Story

and I see it is going farther than I thought, will be watching for the next part.

Nice job!

I do like happy endings, so I enjoyed this much more than the previous installment. WRiting was exquisite though, thoroughly enjoyable, thx for taking the time to write it.

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