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good so far

the only thing i find hard to believe is he made no attempt to find out how far her "affair" had gone. he has assumed the worst and rightly so as she's not saying, but a man would want to know.


Loved the NAPALM used in this one, a nice difference from most of the cheater stories.

Really bad

The wife as office whore is silly. If the fire was as bad as he described they would have died.


Just... BTB........!


Forward every text and pictures to everyone she knows.

Well that WAS a new take on BTB - literally.

Kinda gruesome ending but whatever. Maybe taking some video and suing everyone would have been an easier route. I wasn't quite sure if everyone besides his wife died? Or if the fire department saved some? I'm thinking some got out and that relates to some of the trips he wants to take when he gets out. Not sure how he's going to have any money to finance those trips, but I'm thinking the crazy guy is going to steal it. Maybe a followup story?

lol loved it !!!

Refreshing after suffering through most of this gay cuck shit. Thanks

really !?!?!?

Meatballs and mashed potatoes, that so wrong on so many levels :-)

That is how all partners should react to your need to work late.

Here in the world of Loving Wife working late is either an invitation to disaster (or fun),
or a cover story for an affair.

Of course it is not real life, gang!

It is meant to be humorous and under that optic a fun story. Everyone seems
to feel it is a real life confession. I admit I was a bit on the sad side because I could not think what she was going to say to him later!

Great Story!

I love it! So damn sexy being humiliated and becoming Girly!

Keep up the good work!

I gave it a 5*!

Wrong category

Perhaps Satire ... or Mind Controlless?

unrated, but wouldn't think above 2, no matter what category!

Unfinished drivel.

Why won't he sleep tonight? Get some rest and conclude his business. Nothing to go home to. The blowjob signaled the end of their marriage and the beginning of his soon to be ex-wife's life as a big cock slut. It was nice of her to send the photos. The only thing he should do before going to sleep is forward the pictures to all her family and friends to let them know the reason they'll be getting the divorce. Silly, unfinished story not worth the time spent to read it.
1 star

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