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Well isn't that special

No one is supposed to criticize a fucking degenerate like mm. People like him should just kill themselves instead of polluting society.

What did Millie do about the money part?

You said early on she was going to "fix" a few things. And money was one of them. Did he get a new job or open his own company and I missed it? Did he and Millie open a new company and do really well? Why would they dump any dance contest? In the next contests, Mark and his ex would realize immediately that they had tanked. That wouldn't sit well. And why do they have to have dinner with them? Isn't going to the girls events enough? Why did they spend more time with the girls? Too many unanswered and illogical things in this mess. And he really was one of the wimpiest men - ever. Every time he sees her he cries. Geez! Man up! Why didn't he get up in Church and tell the congregation what a despicable thing Mark and his wife did? Church going folks don't take kindly to that crap. He could have put a real dent in Fielding's business. No church women would have gone to that saloon. Maybe put that location out of business. And at the very end he's STILL struggling to cope? Just kill him and put him out of his misery. Why would Millie marry such a wimp? UGH!

Good Story

Glade you took movies this time maybe you can watch them together. Well written.
The last fuck by Ben was the best.

Okay story

But the lack of ending is chickenshit and hackneyed,to say the least,The Lady or the Tiger always drove me nuts when I had to read it. If the author invited someone else to finish it,I could see it, but this is just irritating.

As far as the dilemma, it is no different if a wife or husband cheated to get ahead at work or for other 'good' reasons.As someone pointed out,if she needed to get laid she could have driven home the three hours,then returned,or had him come there or maybe talked to him about it,see if the cost of helping the brother was worth it,rather than cheating.Among other things,if she could do this so coldly,without guilt, how could he ever trust her,no matter how pure the intent might have been,the ends don"t justify the means always. Genius might excuse some things,but like a Steve Jobs no matter what he accomplished,he still was a complete dick,caught up in his own ego so much he often forgot his humanity,she was much the same. It almost kind of seems that to her,like Jobs,people are there to be used,and when human feelings come in the way,they are meaningless.

I haven't finished this one yet

and I'm currently enjoying it, but I had to stop and comment on something.

I know you had to put a Mustang in here somewhere...but his reasoning is because his bike isn't good for family transportation...so he gets a MUSTANG?!

Ali is a very lucky fellow; that nobody can deny!

The Pakistani wife is a keeper. Women are smarter than men & can manipulate men. She certainly has sensed her husband's voyeur tendences & feels she can play him if she pushes the right buttons.
Her husband is an asshole, totally dishonest, manipulative to the power of three. He has a sinister hidden agenda.
His wife is more honest. Essentially she obtained a tacit or explicit approval from her husband for whatever she had done. Her agenda can be extrapolated from her words. If i were her husband i would say she plays with open cards. If i were her brother i would say her husbands has stacked the deck.

The Pakistani wife is a true Loving Wife. I would marry her!

I also see why he was a public defender,

didn't have the balls to be any other type of lawyer. While most lawyers are sharks, this piss pot was a guppy and that was one reason why she felt she could play with all of the strange dick she wanted. And she did it out in the open in front of many people they both knew so she made him an object of pity and scorn. If this is the type of bitch he wants around his son, be prepared for a lot of relationship problems and lack of trust in the boy's future. If our mother fails us as an example, we never trust another woman as long as we live.

Ugh. 5* Story

but there's something in this that acted as a trigger for me.

I hope other people come forward with their own endings.

But no BTB, please s that would be out of character for the proponent of the story.

re: number of comments

Indeed, patillie, a story that is realistic and engages the reader will elicit a lot of comments. It is a measure of how well the author has done his or her job. Javmor is a clever and engaging writer, as seen by the comments made so far on this series.

That is very different from scoring. Javmor invited one bombs in his preface to Ch.1, and there is an entertaining story The One Bomber in Humour and Satire by twistedsickmind that explains the phenomenon. I suspect that a really well-written story will get a lot of 1-star and 5-star scores but not many in the middle.



It was nice of her to marry a mentally disabled guy like Bob.

To FD45

You're absolutely right; that's exactly what trolls get off on. They don't even read the story, they just spew hate, because they have nothing else to live for.

Some standard MM stuff. But some improvement.

Yes Ely was short and apparently had a little dick. Standard MM faire. But at least this guy was smart. He divorced the bitch at the end. The things I didn't like? Did he not tell Marissa what happened with her Mother? Why would he give his bitch ex- wife 500 thousand dollars? Was he really that wealthy? Why didn't Jude and his ex pickup and move across the country? Jude was a smart guy. He could have started over doing the same thing he was doing. Even if he had to use another name by creating a new identity. After knowing Jude for what, less than a year she marries him? Too many implausible things in this mess.

good story

it's one of the ways hubbies find out about their wives, but now that he knows, he shouldn't waste time, find an attorney, and start life over again, while your investment is small.

And btw, the number of comments one gets is truly the measure of the

worthiness of a tale. Do you know how much money marketers and mfg spend to try and get honest opinions and evaluations of their products? For you to cut thru the noise, and cause people to take the time to comment, that means you hit onto something.

However I am puzzled why you are puzzled at reader's rxn to Naomi-of course she cheats-you laid that out in the first chapter!? Why else is Josh at his sisters? Why else is she so panicked at his leaving? Why else is she so furtive and then breaking into sobs when he returns home? So since the reader know she is a cheat, of course it colors how we view her in the tale.

The questions I am curious about, is how far Josh gets into the cuckoldry-is he licking other guys jizz out of Naomi? I mean to me that is gay, so there is no coming back from it. The other is how he reacts to her breaking the rules of their game.

Keep it real, scores will be high, take it along the path of Xleglover or Goodlife and you will be excoriated. Best wishes and appreciate your efforts.

Chapter 2?

This is a great start! Hope to see the next part soon.

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