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She didn't have to leave

He cannot force her out,even if she deserved it. The courts dictate the terms or lawyers. He didn't have a leg to stand on , the police could arrest him. So much for a feel good story . In the end he will be screwed legally. She gets custody and child support he has to move to the kids are 18. In other words he gets screwed by the system.

bonnie and anonny sittin in a tree

first cums wub
then cums mawwage
then cums up in her snatch
they need a baby cawwage

Nope a minus 1

Don't bother !!!


pretty stupid.

You need a class on how NOT to be a dick headed asshole annony

Your wife tried to teach you but your brain was to far gone. We are all happy she now has a great life and you're in a small closet masturbating!




The total vindictiveness when he attempted to have them have sex in front of him after they were caught does not go with his character.

good story but.....

Nice story with happy ending but not porn- belongs in another forum not here. A story where he happily was watching his wife cheat or set it up himself is what belongs here.

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