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I always look forward to your stories . . .

. . . as they are always well thought out and expertly written. They are always the first new stories that I read. While this one didn't capture my imagination as some of your others, I sincerely appreciate the effort. Thanks very much, again.

Sometimes you have to wonder

If the ever vocal Annoynomouses ever read stories to the end. This last one didn't or was incapable of understanding. He did manipulate her into a bad situation so as an honorable MAN, not an emotionally stunted little boy, he was obliged to fix it when the punishment proved too extreme.

However, he did NOT take her back nor continue to be a major factor in her life.


Sneaky on both parts but I personally believe the infidelity trumps the personal choice. Neither is a trustworthy action and not convinced that either truly loves the other. However, one of the true and honest cuckold stories here, raising another man's child. I do not believe that the marriage would last as long as you are saying it did. Too much mistrust, distrust, selfishness, and betrayal.


There is a game called Chicken, where two kids drive their car at each other, towards a head on collision, and the one who swerves first is "chicken". Adults are ideally too smart to play such games. Here he got a vasectomy, and didn't consult or tell his wife, and let her anguish about their failure to get pregnant. She, discovers the deception, and plays a game of chicken by having a nice, very satisfying affair, with a goal of having a good time getting pregnant.

Husband now has a choice of crying cheating, because he knows he cannot be the father, but to do so he has to confess his deception, which many would regard as a marriage ending event in it's own right.
Neither wants to end the marriage, so he keeps his mouth shut, probably checked to see that she is now virtuous, and they live with it. She played chicken, and he swerved.
Hopefully going forward, they improved their abysmal communication, and thus strengthened their marriage. Well done, with a little poetic license, modeled a real world solution to a problem. Much of life is a compromise, with no one getting everything they want, it is the art of good enough, as each of us define it.
(Site won't let me sign in)

I was more and more sure as it went on that her husband was behind "soulmate" and although she felt like she was cheating he was in control of the situation and okay with seeing how far she would go before her morality kicked in. Not sure I'd react the same but story isn't about me. For the grammatical and word choice police police I will state that you write in a second language much better than many native English language writers. I have to agree that not explaining how he hides his voice from recognition is the most unbelievable portion of the piece. I was disappointed that the title was misleading especially since one of your stories uses the same character names.

LMAO at anondiot quoting scripture to chastise comment topics, that is rich.

Cumming with a friend !!!

Great story ! Trying to get my wife and an old boyfriend of her's (they never did it ) to fuck each other for me to watch. I also asked her if he could cum in her bare back. I'll write a story about it if it happens !!!


This has to be the most suckass story i have ever read.

Good story that has

what so many reconciliation stories are missing: conditions for staying together, and for sure consequences of future straying. Good job.

People here are so black and white

Real life ain't like that.
He loves her but he's a sneaky bastard.
She loves him but she needed her revenge.
If he was planning on leaving her eventually, like when Jane dies, he wouldn't have gotten his vas reversed. He probably kept a sharp eye on her to see if she was cheating but saw no evidence. He maybe even got DNA tests done. What he did do was accept the circumstance, maybe as karmic payback for his own infidelity, carnal and otherwise. He found he liked being a father and decided to go with the flow and live the life he created for them.


good read excellent LW story


good LW story, annony is a fool


Damn, still cant vote negative numbers for turd tamping gay shit in the LW category.


Excellent story sounds like a very happy marriage

your a dumb ass

humiliating a husband is definitly not the major goal when sharing the wife. this is your poor fantasy and utter bullshit

Predictable but enjoyable. I to cannot understand why spouses find a need to explore new, different and exciting ways to fuck. It doesn't always need to be the same if your both willing to try different things. Even if you only do it one time or a few times a year . Mixing it up is fun and keeps it fresh. A girl I knew did anal once with me and then always shied away from it . We both enjoyed it that time and she led into it but never wanted it again. When I pushed for it more she wouldn't give any feed back one time saying she's not young and silly anymore. My response and that of quite a few guys in conversation is why girls experience sexual things when there dating but when they a married they no longer want to give blow jobs , do anal or other kinky things. So a few flings who cared less about them got use them sexually any way they wanted but there hubby who loves them gets a more reserved wife who let some clown she dated for three months fuck her ass . It's mind boggling

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