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Oh my, such an angry young man, if man, and young, you actually are. Strange that you should mention insults; you seem to be the chief purveyor of such things.

All that's left seems to be for you to impress us with the size of your equipment and the gargantuan breasts possessed by all your conquests.

If you could please detail for your millions of devoted followers your seduction techniques, where, exactly G spots are to be found and how it feels to penetrate a cervix with your foot long dong, our lives would be complete.

Please, young lusty one, your admirers crave more of your coruscating comments with bated breath. The anonymi await their destruction, your public is anxious for tales of your exploits and the world pauses in anticipation of your next fascinating comment. More!

Part 2?

Hope part 2 is coming soon. Nice work.


IDIOT! FOOL! Trust but verify. No fucking way he doesn't check the baby's DNA. I don't care how much he loves her.

Fanfare is losing it

There were no children so what are you talking about?
Also, what is this stupid crap about fighting for the marriage? She was a slut.
You don't fight for sluts, you scrape 'em off.

It would be fun to beat the writer with a baseball bat for hours or days on end


Love it oxoxoxoxo. Annette

And fagotschmo talks like what he writes matters; it doesn't. That said, your writing is even worse than his so give up now you no talent sick piece of trash. -1

Niggers deserve to be whipped and then hung. White women that fuck then need to die. But I am not racist, fucking some black nigger slur is ok provided you don't breed any half niggers with her.

I like it

Good story xoxoxo Annette


I could never have unwound the complexity of this story without the superb writing. This auther is brilliant!


Not yet, but

I'm not a big fan of scientific fiction, but this story sure held my interest.

Loved it!


Jedd Clampett

Fives all the way through.


Please know that I am not at all perturbed by your disappointment.

FLC is frontlinecaster, it's been a while, but if memory serves me he was a cheater apologist.

Yes, female cougars are also predators (though I wasn't aware that they were even in the conversation, so I could hardly be avoiding them!), but at least as usually portrayed here, are seducing unattached young men, often inexperienced, and providing them with a sexual outlet and education.

The husband may be at fault for not satisfying his wife, and you may only be taking advantage of an opportunity, but the wife is still majorly at fault for not gong to her husband with her issues.

Re: Anon's Mom, while he might not regale her with the details of his latest score, I'm sure she knows that he has sex with single women his own age. Does your mother know you sleep with older married women?

While I might have SOME sympathy with your feelings towards young women, you're obviously over 15, I would think that women your age are WELL past the "Bieber" stage, and I'm also sure that if you put as much effort into finding intelligent young women as you do into finding frustrated MILF's, you could find them!


What Anonymous (6-17-16) said. You sure lost me as a reader. If you can't finish a story don't start it. d)< ;

No more teenagers???

I think his wife has been messing around and not been caught yet. Maybe BEFORE all this started?

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