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He made the stay or go decision much like a neurotic teenage girl might make the decision?


Whoops, another classic line! Jealousy and rage are strong emotions! Few people can ever really get over them! Forgive and forget (another classic line) almost never works! Even if you can forgive, you really can't forget! Last classic line is "If you play with fire, you're going to get burned!


On the Ontario Express (Ontario Oregon)

What ?

I would have told her to leave My Office . And I would have told her I would send copies of the tape to her family if She didn't leave My Office .. Then I would have sent the tapes to her Family as Christmas presents anyway .

Really love it, gave you a 5 [***** (4.85/5=97%)]! ... very very erotic; realistic, too.

I liked the fact the story included of a series of dialogues which made me privy to their innermost thoughts & emotions. Through those dialogues the wife is defining their future adventures: use of condom will be a must; there will be other men, who won't necessarily be from their circle of friends; & so on & so forth. Last but not least, the husband & wife are a LOVING COUPLE!

NIcely done

I like the way you managed to build some drama and tension into your narrative.
Even though the readers got a pretty good idea of what was going to happen very early, you were able to hold our attention and craft an at least moderately good story from the same-old, same-old LW turf. Well done.

Very nicely done

A somewhat different approach from either BTB or RAAC, A very welcome change.

Story great two exceptions tramp stamp and private piercings

Turn off
Otherwise story very good
Loved punishment

Why are they married.

Sounds like a fun fantasy but not workable in real life.

Matt is such a good nanny - Maybe Addie

will keep Matt around to keep the kids when she finds a real man.

Matt is written as a sex addict that cannot resist the sexual excitement of his wife with other men. I don’t see any reason that Addie loves Matt other than as a good nanny, cook, house keeper and gopher for her business.

I have read each chapter and robertl continues to spiral Matt deeper into cuck world. Earlier chapters had Matt having some parity of sexual interactions but then he just submerses into cuck mindset.

This is well written as I feel empathy for Matt but like watching a car wreck I know Matt will eventually be injured and he cannot stop it.

History is full of predatory con men

who worm their way into women's lives, bodies, and bank accounts. It's obvious this guy was good at it, so why is it such a stretch to believe he did it to Joyce and Ellen?
Good thing she came to her senses, after David let his guard down and real self show.
Makes me wonder though, why be felt secure enough to do that in front of his "marks". Were things said at those counseling sessions that led him to believe he was "in"? Hmmmmmm
In the end, all's well that ends well.


The comments here don't know how a cuck feels about sloppy seconds. I am a cuck myself. My girlfriend used to send nudes to a guy before I met her. I got to find out about this from someone else and my girlfriend confessed to me about how they would sext and go to hotels to fuck. I got the videos of them fucking and the nudes she sent him, now I masturbate to those, whenever I think about her. She's only slept with someone once while we were broken up for a month but the sleazy stories she tells me improves our sex life even more. She tells me about how her friend would cum deep inside her. I'm telling her to fuck her friend even more and keep sloppy seconds for me. The feeling when you put your cock inside a freshly cummed in and used pussy is inexplicable and it's even better when it's your own girlfriend.

I really enjoyed the story. It’s well written, it didn’t drop any names or words, had interesting characters that were believable and likable, an antagonist suffering consequences, reasons why, and it made a point to show that sometimes good intentions aren’t always as good as intended. In this case family time did not end up being what was intended and sometimes the adults in a family do not understand that their relationship needs feeding just as much as the relationship with the children or family as a whole. I think that this actually could’ve worked well either way with them going separately or ending up reconciling (which is not the normal way I prefer stories to end), however, choosing to have the couple move forward separately was probably the best choice given the characters developed. For me stories need to be real enough for the characters and the plot to be believable but it doesn’t have to be “real life” to be effective. I don’t read stories here, or otherwise, that could be counted on as the news; so happy endings and relatively happy endings are great even though that’s not necessarily real life. Thanks for writing this story and posting it here.

Pretty good.

I think it's better than the scores. I think there could be more angst, hesitation and guilt. Also, bad feelings for what they are doing to his friend. This is sort of the other side of most cheating stories on LW.

Definitely needs more parts, maybe a 4 part?

Great way to start my Saturday

Thank you johnadp, this is a great tale of heartbreak and redemption. They are happier separate than they were together, which I have seen in several cases with my friends who have divorced. Everyone plans for forever, but when you are 18, most people don't know themselves well enough yet. I applaud those that can last. Thank you for sharing this with us.

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