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Excellent BTB story.

The only girlyboys in this story's commenters are cum sucking pussies such as fanfare! He wants the weasel ex-wife to kill her ex- husband because the ex-husband finally after 10 years takes revenge on the weasel who stold his wife and child. Fanfare is supporting the wrong spouse as usual. The husband tried his best to see his daughter but as usual the ex-wife has the law on her side. Once the daughter finds this out, she switched sides.

I cried...

Thank you...I think


One Huge Question

Why? Why did you right this particular story? What was your intent, your goal here - and how did the story as published accomplish any of this? If you're going to publish erotica...ya gotta bring the heat. The hottest you got was all caps "DON'T DO IT." Todd was a dud. Angela was a cold fish. Even dear old Dave didn't go off.

There could easily be a long list of request for explanations regarding just about every paragraph...but you couldn't afford my rates. So look at this again and try to figure out the STORY you were trying to tell and not the timeline of events you requgitated. Have fun.

You should included the Loney Tune characters in this lame ass story.

At least then it would have been believable.
How many stories do we need where the "faithful, loving, romantic and perfect husband" has a wife who blatantly says she's going to fuck some big cock but she still loves her husband? How many times do we need to see Mr Perfect have an unbelievable conversation with a wife who has the IQ of a retard and the body of a sex goddess?

Seriously, I want to know because I'm wondering if I need to have a lobotomy performed on myself to enjoy this bullshit.

This author is one brain dead fuck. I got 5 pages in and couldn’t take anymore. It was torture, like someone pulling my fingernails out or something. So I just skipped to the last page. After reading it I realized all I had missed was just another ton of Matt Moreau’s cheap attempt at writing. Thank God I skipped those 24 pages.


I have to agree that writers should not resurrect a story once finished. I enjoyed the story as written and this and part 3 is trash. I live by the rule "If it ain't broke don't fix it" . I wont even score this.


the rest of the story?

re:Just Astounded

I'm astounded that you give a shit what others think. Every person has an opinion on the content of a story. It may not meet yours, so what? Why do you have the need to bitch about others opinion? One anon, says he didn't like the comments, well who the hell asked him to read them. It's really obvious which ones are positive or negative. So grow the fuck up all you whiners and take it as it comes. Author always has the luxury of shutting down the comment section, of course most of you wouldn't be able to whine then, would you?
No comment on story, didn't read it. Do read the comments, it helps me determine not to waste my time on unfavorable stories, which dominate this category.


Disconnected from first story. Made little sense for her to call for a meeting if she wasn’t contrite seeking reconciliation. But to be arrogant claiming innocence is weird at best.

... What a total waste.

Not clever.
Not funny.
Not even erotic enough to get you a stiffy.

I mean, it's the first 'clueless cuckold' story I've ever read, but you cannot even call this story that, since Jason straight-up told to Jim's face that he's fucking his wife on stage! So, really, how the hell could Jim walk around, seriously thinking his wife isn't cheating on him, ESPECIALLY since he himself pulled off the same crap, maybe not as obviously, but just as thoroughly?!

It's been sorta mentioned by previous commenters, but might as well say it again: Jim and Jo shouldn't be married. They both obviously aren't ready to make a full and true commitment to each other ('would have been interesting to know how long those two bozos were married when this whole thing started...); the fact they're both more interested in fucking students than each other pretty much explain how the readers feel about their relationship: we don't care about it.

And, as for Jason's revenge: how could he really claimed to have got back to Jim if the man CLEARLY couldn't give a damn that he is shagging his wife daily? Sure, he got good pussy out of it, but this ain't take-her-away-from-hubby/marry-her pussy, this is vengeance pussy! Jo is probably the only one who think that whatever she has going with Jason is real - making her just as dumb as her husband! Plus, I truly doubt that part of Jason's plan involved his official girlfriend and his stage partner both fucking Jim - if Jim gets stranges himself, how the fuck does he get punish???

So dumb... Nobody to like, to root for... no sexual energy whatsoever... just a sad-ass tale as to why teachers shouldn't actually get married... maybe. Not worth the time spend reading it.

Forgot to add

Went and looked at the comments for pt 1 and it's funny too see everyone mad at the wife calling her a cheating whore, but now it's Charlie that's the piece of shit now (because he is). Good story, but terrible ending. Charlie changed for the worse and deserves the worst.

Pretty crappy ending

Maybe once I could see Charlie cheating on his wife, but twice just to get even? Nah dude. The dude is a wimp and seriously he gets some confidence after having sex with a hooker? That is totally laughable. In that case every dude in the world would be soaring with confidence all the time.

I got no sympathy for either of them. They both cheat on each other and a leopard doesn't change it's spots. The wife might have learned her lesson, but Charlie fucked Patty twice and got away with it and didn't tell his wife. He's most likely to do it again. Dude doesn't deserve anything. Hopefully his wife cheated on him again and he's raising another mans baby.

More towards a Quelt than anything.

That Quelt being a Quelt-i-cy, of course.

Quelticy, Quelticy, Quelticy!!

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