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Pieces of Reality

This is an interesting, ongoing story of bad judgments, miscommunications and blind perceptions. A good issue was raised and its repercussions quickly followed. Both sides are struggling to repair serious damage on both side.
Two major issues: it is taking too long for the story to unfold. I'm starting to lose concentration with the essay. Secondly, get a bit of help with editing as some of the story gets a bit disjointed. It is your story therefore your responsibility as to where this will eventually lead but be careful, and hurry up.

Tiny Tim


Seems only illiterate, immoral assholes made comments to this point. But I guess considering the story line that's who would like it. How could the asshole protagonist in this drivel callthe husband a friend? I just hope the husband finds out and kills them both slow and painful.

Got to get in shape

I wonder if I could join this running club.


I think I might take up hunting if this is what it’s all about.

Fuck yes

This was hot as hell and I can’t wait for the next part. Ignore the sad puny dicked little turds who whine about these stories. They have no life.


This was a horrible story, The husband caught her cheating, But in the end she never cheated while she was married to him. Yet she left him and her children to marry her new love? Was this the ramblings of a demented man? It doesn't paint a pretty picture of the mom either, No mother would abandon her children to a demented man just to marry her new love. Just like a suicide it just leaves more questions than answers. Nothing in the title applies to this story. Horrible!! Makes me question your own thought process. If you had turned something like this in an English Literature class You would have been sent back to Elementary to re-learn the whole thing. All your stories I've read so far are so horribly written to where they don't make any sense, I guess you just don't have the knack to write a story that will grab your readers.

One Big Step

Debbie is my kind of wife/slut. A cunt/throat is a terrible thing to waste. I think the LW category is correct since Debbie loves her hubby and follows his suggestion. The IR aspect is just extra luff, a common writer.'s tool. I love the inane anonymous rants. Please, give us more of Debbie; perhaps an IR gang-bang will excite hubby? 4****


This is so bad, so stupid and so disgusting, that has a direct entry into the list of the three worst stories in LW! Congratulations!


Always like when the cheaters wind up with the short end of the stick. To hell with them anyway. Two sayings come to mind, "All's well that ends well" and "Ye reap what ye sow." Damn I'm getting old.

Five Stars

Another Big Step

Thank you R1 for a nice perverted exhibitionist/cum sucker story. A zombie-brained wife who does everything is a joy to know. I hope nice hubby can help his poor wife into other compromising situations. Good reading, 4 solid ****s.

Where the mystery box will take them?

That's the question! I hope to a place that turns this into a good story.

Rapists and pedophiles now have their very own superhero, notredame43, who'll jump into the bushes, change into her trench coat, and fly into a comment thread like this to champion their disgusting selves.


Snagged. There's the end of that dalliance.

Of course this makes no sense whatsoever to most of us, you can easily tell that the story was written for a particular audience of deeply disturbed, but untreated, people.

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