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Short and to the point...

Short and to the point...4*

I thought part 1 was enough...but...

I thought part 1 was enough...but we have to wait for part 3 to know the ending...I rated this part 1*, because of the writer's introduction...Why a writer needs to lower himself to the level of those who talk bad about him?


A little too short, but a fun read none the less.

Bent not Broken

"A once happy, loyal, non-violent, hard-working citizen was transformed into a hate-filled, vengeful man capable of extreme violence and incapable of empathy or forgiveness."

Not too likely, people don't change that much for the better or for the worse. He lived up to his character. He kept his vows/promises and he expected others to keep theirs. Had she been honest, told him she wanted out, and got a divorce - all the pain could have been avoided. She lied, she let a creep into their marriage and he did what his nature told him to do. On the other hand, 15 years, no kids, and a shitty wife - not really worth 3 years in prison. Just cut the old slut loose.


be prepared to share. TK U MLJ LV NV

I agree with @kdcee79...

I agree with @kdcee79...A dark tale, but with a flow that kept the readers interest from the first word to the last one...A dark tale that deals with feelings and dark and selfish actions that can change for the worst those feelings...Thank you...4* +.


with a little time and patience. TK U MLJ LV NV


A very deep tale. I can appreciate our betrayed man's transformation as it can happen to anyone who was deceived like this. The need for revenge can change the best of us. Now does the cunt get hers? Actually I know she does but it would be nice to read about it.

Five Stars


as do people. TK U MLJ LV NV


"Jen had a backup plan, a potential lover for tonight. She'd been reluctant to call him, but now she really needed it. She was fairly certain Mike would get off on her chosen lover, but she'd make sure before doing anything. Still, she had to set things up. With a mischievous smile, she picked up her phone and sent a text to the man she had in mind."
I bet this man is Scott; he is the one Mike is most anguished about and the one he really wants to be cuckolded by. The demented cuckold lust wants him to see Jen pregnant by this man.


you be a nigger bitch...................

You Know

It would have been better if she knew who actually did this to her. Damn, what am I saying? As she burns in hell she knows.

Oh Yeah

Oh wow

A dark tale indeed, you really brought this to fruition here; congrats, I'm sure that's what you hoped to achieve. I really enjoyed the meeting between the 2 detectives & Jim, priceless. An excellent job all round. 5 *****

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