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For those of you who bash men for their fragile egos, let me ask a simple question. Lets suppose that Mike's wife is almost flat and doesn't believe in shaving thus she is very hairy. So the question is if Mike had an opportunity to have sex with a very hot very large breasted clean shaven woman would it be OK?

Follow up, now that the box is opened, what will she do after Randy is gone? How is she gone to handle it when this damages his self-esteem causing ED? How is she going to ever convince Mike that she is even slightly excited about having sex with him?

not my type of story

but it was very erotic. Thanks for the cuck warning.

playing with fire.

If she gets that worked up just thinking of it then a blow job will not be enough. Next chapter she will want to get fucked by it and probably will. Then the problems come when he gets depressed thinking he will never satisfy her again and she will confirm it when she goes away with randy or takes on lovers.

Cum one, cum all

Im sure that all the guys in the neighborhood will be enjoying Amy in the near future...

If they're both ok with it

as a story, so am i.

She will service that big cock every night for at least another week.

But eventually she is gonna put it in her pussy. That may not test your manhood as much as your writing skills.

Looking forward to reading about sweet Amy getting her freak on with the jerk on the couch. Oh, btw, can they use the bed on his last night in town??


@ Pappy7. Apparently you are not familiar with the modern .380. You're talking the old days. I just shot a full size water melon of 18 lb. with one round of Hydroshocks and complete blew the whole thing apart and did the same with another full size mellon with a HornnadayJHP95 gr bullet...and it fits in the watch pocket on my Levys tho I don't carry it there. It's in either my right front pocket w/o a round chambered during the day light and charged with a round in the chamber at night...even in well lighted areas. I'm not scared of anything at night or during the day if need be. I live in a permitless state so CC isn't an issue. My Desert Eagle is cumbersome to CC, tho sometimes I do carry it. Check out the Body Guard.

He should have had her served as soon as she asked him to leave the house.

This was never about trying to get her husband to give her more attention if she was dating other men on the sly. Dating another man was bad enough, but a guy her husband hates and has actually had a physical fight with? She couldn't have picked a worse guy to fuck around with... it screams disrespect and disloyalty.

As for the daughter siding with her mother, she acted like a complete bitch. The husband was the innocent party in this... his cunt of a wife instigated the whole mess. Reconciliation or not, his relationship with his daughter will never be the same again.

As almost all comments said...

As almost all comments said, this is a good start...The aftermath will define if this start will lead to a good story...3* for now

Greay story Huedog2

And 5 Stars for you. It was a fun read and who among us BTB crowd is going to criticize you for typing. It worked for me. I coulda written this story myself but something you said is and has been something that, so far, amazes me. It was all the people that fukked me over in my life actually became my benefactors that allowed end up so fortunate. It's funny that way but as you wrote perhaps something like that happened to you. That said, where those thought still hold for revenge, I keep them compartmentalized silently waiting in the back ground and kept ready to open should it be possible. In the mean time I've had a great time, tho I must admit to a deep sense of loss and abandonment often comes back when I find my self in different place around the world. One of them was very low IQ, one was the most competent woman I have ever met and was a world class piece of ass and the last one was a business deal. So I got 3 t-shirts and hopefully not going to be re-warded with a # 4. Life is funny if your lucky!

I agree

totally with anon 4/29. Utterly without merit

This guy...

...is a real dick. Jillian is just a whore who will cheat again. For him to do this to his best friend, chris and fiance Ali, who were nothing but good to him makes him a grade A piece of shit. Hopefully karma strikes this loser down someday. 1 star.


Pity the children, who have soulless parents

Well, we got to stew in a hot mess of neighborhood adultery. The betraying couple were a despicable lot, all engrossed in their illicit fun, while they were hurting their spouses and their families. But the reaction of the offended spouses was to 1) take everything away from their betrayers, 2) afflict them with an incurable disease which disallows sex, and 3) make their lives not worth living. No matter his protestations, the actions of the offended were viciously cruel and reprehensible. In the end, only the children are blameless.

You Wrote My Biggest Fantasy

Like Mike I have a little 4.5 inch penis that is too small to satisfy my wife. We started dating when she was 18 and have been married 28 years. I'm the only "man" she has been with. I can only get her off orally. I have been dreaming more and more of a real alpha seducing her and awakening her sexually in a way I never could. She has always been very inhibited and repressed sexually. I too would get off on her humiliating me about how inadequate my little penis has been all these years. I would love seeing her truly lose control in lust, overcome her inhibitions, and discover what mind blowing sex is like. I would then gladly clean her afterwards. I would love for her to make me her cuck.

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