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Trust is fragile.

Trust is a fragile thing, and once broken can never be fully repaired. That alone would be reason enough to dump the bitch. Do I have a problem with her being portrayed in this story as mentally I'll? No! I think anyone who could do such a thing as she did to her husband has mental issues. The gun and drug issues were just added plot issues that helped point the way to Reg and Penny having deeper reasons for using their influence on the wife than were apparent at the beginning.
Sometimes the world is a shitty place. Sometimes the good guy wins. Sometimes an author writes a story where these two things collide with as happy a result as is possible given the situation. Obviously I enjoyed reading this story, but more that it had a decent ending rather than it was entertaining, although it was that, for myself at least. I only wish more authors would take a chance at putting a better ending to some of the stories that have appeared on literotica over the years.

Lordy! What a perfect way to finish swingerjoe's wimp story...

... that had a bunch of big holes in it (that are nicely filled in here), into beautiful little start to a BTB.

So, did I miss something, or was there other "evidence (of) shenanigans" present in the story? Or is there a part 2.4 or 2.5 around somewhere in the wings?

Went from an ok original story (especially for a first timer), into a semi-weak could-a-been-a-cuck story, into a strong nearly finished (and that's your fault there FD45 because of your vague hint) that was able to twist back around a problem story. Like a wrestler that is almost pinned, but at the last moment is able to twist around out of the reach of the opponent, and simultaneously flip the opponent over onto his back for a pin. The whole match may not be pretty, but that flip (and I know there's a dedicated wrestling word for it, but just can't remember (and I wrestled in high school, back in the (cough-cough-wheeze)... shows how old I am.)) was a thing of beauty.


Trying to decide is is a 4-star or 5-star piece.

Just read again

This is a really interesting story. Great note from Homefrontwitness!! So, my speculative ending could come to be . . . if his current wife tires of Mark while he's doing jail time (or she herself ends up with some legal problems), perhaps he does end up back with Lisa. BTBitch & then BTBastard (Mark). As for the other bastard, Blake, I think I was wrong to suggest he might sue Mark. He's described as being a different person now, perhaps feeling some remorse . . . but even greater motivation . . . he's knows Mark's penchant for over-the-top revenge . . . and will probably send him a note of apology, encourage him to get back with Lisa, and then get as far away as possible from him. Yeh, I could see the story working out as I described before.


they are not doing YOU the favor and no matter your peace of mind It is Not Well Spent, TK U MLJ LV NV

Usually the continuation of the original is lacking. This time, the continuation is better than the original ending. The main character grew, with the help of Georges, Simone and their family. And Carly and Randi helped in the growth of Rob. The slimy frenchman, and his family are all scum. All in all, a fine story. I will check for more stories by GeorgeAnderson.

Easy come, easy go.

I don't have the BTB mentality of many (mostly anon) posters here and can enjoy a bit of naughty seduction as a fantasy, but I always get hung up on whether a story is believable. While his reasons for hiring someone to seduce his wife are suspect, the chances of success were high given how easy she came to him originally.

This is a pretty hot fantasy and the seduction was believably played out, except for the cliche huge cock; but that is what the typical cuckold fantasy calls for. It is a cuck fantasy, regardless of the denials. Why else would he advertise for someone to seduce his wife and then ask for pics and video?

That's where the believability fails. If you want to improve your relationship, inviting a potentally superior competitor into the mix behind your partners back is best left as a fantasy. In real life, you would have betrayed one another badly enough to end things.

The author closed with the dream suggestion, which relieves it from that burden of guilt and believability. Overall, it is a good erotic story and would read more from this author.

I wonder how much stuff like this actually happens

Author tells us it is a true story, and then an anony with a 3.5” dick says it happened to him, too. They could both be lying, of course, but I’d bet stuff like this happens more often than we’d like to think.

@anon "cannot punish dead man"

Unless I missed it by skimming, they were not humiliated at all... What did they cherish most? Because it clearly wasn't Rob. They cherished his money, his house, the easy living lifestyle where they don't have to work a single day. In the end they got all that and didn't have to deal with the loser husband.

I am glad the exhibit wasn't a success like in the original. Glad to see some outrage over the cheating she did. Like I said before they didn't care about Rob because they were upset that their late lover's legacy failed because because of Rob.
Thought it was stupid he gave up his house and money for her. He had evidence of the painting and he could at least gave her hell in the divorce. Not sure how anyone could get over her cheating like that so easily. She ruined his relationship with his kids over it. His own kids think of her lover as a second father to them. Seriously? While he was out fighting for his country to keep her safe, she was spreading her legs like a slut.

Thought RG's story was the best it was going to be. I didn't like the forced fairy tale ending here. Did like that he made good friends with the family. A lot of different versions got taken down, but have to say RG's is the best mostly because it's the original and I've just kind of accepted all his male characters are shy cuckolds. This is probably the best for the romantic crowd where he gets his, but the lack of revenge upsets me. If you want some BTB then sbrooks on SOL is the best.

there should be a separate category for cockculds and wimps. Just for them.

there should be a separate category for cockculds and wimps. Just for them.

@anonymous "People need."

The original is shit. You're probably RichardGerald not liking the taste of ass. I'm glad to see a decent ending to that piece of shit.

Nothing could be worse than the original. In this one, he actually get a real wife, not some used up whore, a little girl who stole the show and a satisfying career with everything he needs to be happy with the whore our of his life. It was the original that kept him fucked up with the whore and her lesbian lover. This one gives him someone who actually loves HIM, not some dead piece of shit and his whore wife. Great story. Annon doesn't know what the fuck he's talking about.

Loved this story, because it rings true. I had a friend with a long distance girlfriend who was a senior in college ... he knew she would never be able to refrain from sex, so he gave her his permission to fuck anyone she wanted while they were apart as long as she told him about it later. He would tell me all her stories.

Bruce should have taken her gun

And shot the worthless psycho whore.

Who the fuck could want to have anything to do with such a fucked up excuse for a woman.

Could you have made that any more boring if you tried? I skipped through it, first page alone, the majority of that should have been deleted.

Difficult ending

Your first mistake was trying to put an ending to the garbage that Edrider73 spewed forth. How you can view it as a "classic" piece of Literotica is beyond comprehension. She writes disgusting, repetitive and violent stories with women that are bat-shit-crazy, cruel, sadistic excuses for human beings. And male characters that are completely spineless wimps. The women abuse and torture their men and the men just accept their fates. One of the worst, most despised authors on this site. All you need to do is read a couple of her stories (not something I would recommend to anyone) and look at the scores for all the stories, to know how poorly they have been received. I appreciate anyone that tries to write an ending to any Edrider73 story, as they all end badly. At least in your ending you recognized his lead female character, was indeed, a psychopathic bitch that needed to be put down. But please, next time something original or at least something that doesn't include Edrider73! Thanks for the effort.

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