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I like it

He did to her what she did to him, and he did it without screwing over her husband who never did anything to him.

Loved it

Nice to read a good romance story where the man/women gets payback but does it with dignity. Well done!


If "everything about this man was perfect", if "he owned her from that night on", why not forget her husband, her marriage, her children, and become her personal whore or maybe ask him to marry her? Ahhh, that's the main point: Would any man forget his family to marry a wanton whore that fucked him just a few minutes after meeting him for the first time? Finally: How will her husband react to her cheating and arriving home dripping her lover's cum? I know this is part 1, but from here this just can go lower and lower to end finally in the sewer, swimming at ease with all the shit in there...1*


fag cuck shit.


Not even valid as a fantasy, seriously dipshit you watch too much television.


Always enjoy reading your stories. 5 *


illiterate cuck shit.

i hope this bitch gets put out on her ass

This garbage is the most ridiculous fuckin garbage on this site.


cuck shit.

Well done

JPB,one of the best ones I've read here in LW in awhile. Thanks.
Five *


Another illiterate WHORE posting cuck shit.

Good Move

This is an enjoyable variant on the theme. I liked the idea of taking the in law's retirement money as revenge and as a solution to having enough money to stay under the radar. Good job, you have pushed the theme a bit further.

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