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Enjoyed it

Thanks for the offering.


Ye reap what ye sow. What goes around comes around. Karma will get you in the end.

All apply

Five Stars

Great extention of Q's flash story

Really enjoyed your take on this storyline . As always , when I see your name attached , I know that I'll be entertained .

Hot like a bowl full of shit.


Keep writing, no "cruel" comments from me.


Why doesn't LIT have negative numbers? This one deserves a -9!!

good writer

Good writing, interesting story. To bad this LITTLE man(maturity and emotional wise) let his fantasy take over reality. Says he bothered by janet's including henry as one of the two special men who love her, fucktard you've been pushing for your cuckolding for mths, now you're bothered? Whatever happens will indeed be his fault, I hope he regrets it badly and suffers lots. I hope the girl leaves him and sets up or marries henry and inherits but does'nt share w/ hubby,

Good Beginning!

Don't be a lazy A-Hole and fall into this "Flash" bull shit. It's a poor excuse for a writer who lacks enough creativity to finish the damn story!

The Title Twist Almost Saves The Day

Almost, but not quite.

Of course, this is comedy. Right? One hates to be a spoil sport but shouldn't there be at least a modicum of palpable feeling between them? Otherwise, what's the point?

Taking daddy's meat....that's some weird territory. But getting preggers with daddy's bastard...whoa!! That's some badass revenge!! That has got to be a Loving Wives first. Well done....I think.

Great, Sugna?

It wasn't bad. That's a long way from great. Best thing posted today, since TTT's next chapter didn't post. This will have to do. Not worth reading the other two, that's for sure. This was worth reading and I'll read another by this author. I'll give it a three.

I liked it

There are a lot of armchair quarterbacks leaving ill comsidered comments,most of which are inane, about your story. I think I'll stop looking at the comments and just wait on the rest of the tale.

Well I see ya know some newf by ya, bud

Where ya to to know how teh newfs be spittin 'er words at ya by? Lotta time I spent by one on the coast long with buddies from the breton isle.

While I didn't like the cramming of lyrics and how it all dragged on a bit, at least you got the idea of how the newfoundlander speak right. If anyone has trouble talking with them, don't feel bad. I had to work with one for months and only got half of what he said. Throw two of them together and forget about it.

Nothing hotter than a pizza delivery boy

That kind of entrepreneur is what every woman dreams of when they have fantasies.

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