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Am I missing something here? OK! The story is a Nockem, Sockem, Fuckem, fun story! Needle dick syndrome! That explains our Political leaders! Love it!

re: I just don't understand.

judging from your dumb assed comments I can understand why. First, you can rebuild trust but only in certain occasions. Also love makes you blind not stupid. If he can't get over the cheating, why stay. Also in those cases where a child is involved, especially when it's not his. He would be stupid to keep her, because the proof of her cheating is in his face unless he's a cuckold. This couldn't get over the cheating so he moved on, it's that simple. It's like those women who stays with a man that cheats every freaking day. I disowned one of my sisters till she dumped that ass. Now she is living the life with the man she deserved to be with.

for me a lot of humor here

but a lot of true to life facts. Of course it is a stretch for the wife and her sex drive. It does seem I have "heard" about wives and elevated sex drive.

I realize you do not usually

carry your latest stories out but I would love to have a chapter 2 I am a sucker for a good love story

I mean

He spent all those years to get over her and I mean does it really even matter why she was badmouthing him while fucking her boss?
They weren't holding her baby hostage..
Still it was a good lipstick on the pig work.

Not interesting at all

The story was bland, boring and poorly written. Those were its good points!

Didn't see that coming...

Yea well I was having a good yawn about the entire thing...I mean that was depressing dude...then you hit us with the punch line! I got a good chuckle out of it....thank goodness I hadn't started snoring yet though


Came across this fine tale again. Just proves once a lying, cheating cunt always a lying, cheating cunt. To hell with her.


very good writing!


the whole thing about btb is they make marriage sound so important; it does serve one limited purpose, verily so, to keep creating the basic unit of the society called family; what is it good for ultimately for your emotional and physical well-being; is a man on his deathbed suffering the pains of disease with a loyal wife by his bed is better off than a man without a loyal wife by his side? It really doesn't matter. Crass consumerism and wanting to lead a quiet life and picture-perfect insurance catalogue family is the one that make men go insane and the women too, wanting to live a life totally oblivious to the pains the entire humanity is suffering. This lack of empathy and self-serving perpetual pleasure-seeking and suffering just for a bit of good reputation is ridiculous. Our whole way of life perpetuates the desire to have a 'family' life and manipulates into doing things we don't like.

What an idiotic bunch of cuck crap!!!

Whats amazing at that crap?? She has all the relatives at her home and is dressed like a slut??? Interesting! And then she fucks his boss and acts like the real slut she is!! Why is she married?? Without her husband she can live her dream as a whore and get payed for it!! Idiotic slut/cuck crap!!!

The art of being funny...

The art of being funny it's one of the most difficults. And nonsense comedy it's even more difficult. This writer tryed it but failed...Nothing resulted, not even the no credible characters. It's true that some initial lines brought a smile, but then all went down fast, as the writer couldn't find a way to get a hold on his story, turning the whole story in a very weak one...As some comment said: "Thank you for making this have only one page"...1*


Great tale. He figured things out and she had to come clean. And they lived happily ever after. At least in fiction.

Five Stars

Very Enjoyable

There's nothing more affirming than a redemption story and nothing more satisfying than a redemption earned.

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