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true love

Give me a break-having someone 359 days knowing she is cheater is not better than not having her. If the two adulterers really loved spouses they would not have cheated.
Then there is her first time - few minutes after telling boyfriend she wasn't ready she gives it up to basically a stranger

Yikes - what a frigging slut.

Author - too bad this story was so not plausible.

great beginning

Super beginning. Just write the way you feel, and ignore the trolls.

Well, he kept his word

He didn't lay a hand on lover boy. Always nice to see someone who tries to keep their word...lol

Excellent story, though tragic, and it shows how little people really know others. A bit extreme, but perfectly understandable.

5 stars and thank you for writing.


So. Did she ever go pick up her nudes? What happened to Mike? What happened with Laura? What about Amy and Dan? Wish you had finished the story.

The story was ok but they really are not in love some comments are so true . Will this younger have more stamina , probably but he might just drive the huge dick hard and it can be uncomfortable . They will never be able as a couple be able to remove that hubby is not enough for her and that he's just gonna let her fuck some big dick stranger. It's shows a lack of respect and love on both parts. In knowing a few couples who tried in one form or another to bring others in the bed has never worked out in the long run. Someone always gets attached to another or major jealousy come up and then the marriage is dead

like previous anon

Swinging doesn't offend me. But crappy stories do. This just absolutely sucks. 1 star.

Great writing and story!

Twists and turns, good characters and dialogue, moving at the right rate of speed. Thoroughly enjoying the story, like most of those written by this author. 5 stars!

I'm hoping he'll end up with Sarah because I don't 100% believe the "jack-off and turkey baster" story, seems a little too contrived. Susan claims to have never cheated, but she has no problem giving a hand-job to a loud, overbearing, braggart who hangs around the house when her husband isn't home? Even if true, even if she didn't actually have intercourse with Gary, her outright betrayal for the conception of all three children and the keeping of secrets all those years is breathtaking horrific.

It's also hard to believe that a husband wouldn't do a paternity test or that he would leave his wife and kids before having at least that much as proof. That's a weak point in the story that might be explained in the second part.

Not too many distracting features for a story about redemption, becoming...

...a whole man or a whole woman (both, in this case!).
Without admitting it, Scott was still suffering from the sudden and ugly way his mother died, as well as the sad and lingering death of his father.
When Lisa can into his life, he became a new man. When later, a well intentioned Chris let the cat out of the bag about Lisa's past, he was devastated, but took it out on Lisa. It was what many, if not most men would do, but stupid and cruel to a fault.
If he'd stopped and thought for an hour, he'd have figured out that Lisa was not Sasha. Sasha was a construct. There are plenty of willing and "bought-in" Sashas in the porn industry. They fully embrace the porn "lifestyle" and last until they don't.
Lisa simply wasn't one of them....probably owing to her past treatment by men and her fundamentally decent nature. How she found the strength to escape is a minor miracle.....in the form of Scott.
After the reveal, Scott should have talked with Lisa about his concern that she didn't have any orgasms with him. This disturbed him far more than was revealed by the text of the story. She could have told him that she'd never had an orgasm (right at the ragged edge of believable, that one!), they could have talked it out and gone on an adventure to help her have them with him. The seratonin flood in the brain at orgasm is part of what bonds a man and a woman in love. There are some that will argue that fact, having themselves separated love and sex. But, they are in the small minority, well off the peak of the bell curve and aberrant to the majority of healthy heterosexual males and females.
Anyway, great story about love, redemption, healing, oh...and love. That, in the end, Lisa was able to allow herself to enjoy sex and take an active roll in it with her husband....was one of the best qualities of this story....they both overcame.
Now. You need to get editorial review before releasing your work, mister! You're a great storyteller, with a very human expression...but there are blatant and painful (for some, perhaps more people than you think!) mMisused, misspelled words and even misplaced names. OUCH, Ouch and OUCH!!
I hope you will understand and accept that less than one in one hundred thousand can author, self-edit and publish or release a story without any substantial flaws. Published works (by book companies) usually edit all and rewrite significant portions of stories and books to perfect them. This is often difficult for the author, as it is one of their babies, their brain-child, and full and total control and ownership are difficult to relinquish. But ALL of the best contributors here have peer reviewers, editors and commenters, all volunteers, working to help perfect each story. True craftsmanship is a team effort.....where the author gets to bask in the happy glow of adoring reader's comments (well, some, anyway), while the rest of the volunteer team simply move on to the next task. Why do they help? They are people that love the collaboration and take pride in making a good thing better.
Rant over, I enjoyed everything but the careless mistakes. I hope we'll hear more from you.
Thank you.

Facebook profile of dearbornmt@yahoo.com

Anon suggested visiting page. I did. Well worth it
As far as your story goes. Marybrth no longer loved him. You do not act like she did and still love husband. Even if husband had proof he would have done nothing.
Her actions disgust me. Wish she would have felt some pain

The standard bitch and her Big, Black Cock.

This has been done a million times. That's not a bad thing. Most of the stories here have been a million times. It's hard to come up with original story lines. But this guy isn't very smart and his bitch (excuse me, wife for the time being) is just that - A bitch. This guy has an average dick. Plenty big enough for most women. So unless she's had a ton of kids or has been a big cock slut for a long time, she's got no complaints. But in this story she has a size problem. And he has been made aware of his shortcomings for a year. That might be okay, but she demeans, degrades and humiliates her husband. That's NOT okay. He should be organizing himself for a divorce. Who wants to live with a slut that disrespects and humiliates him? Or one that wants to expose him to every disease known to man? To compound things, this is poorly written and the dialogue is awful. Not a good start.
1 star.

Perfect and the way a happily married couple should always be . Love and explore with only each other. Most stories has the wife acting like a pig with others and not her husband . To me this is much hotter and would love to hear more from u

Swinging dosen't offend me.

On the other hand, stupid, inane characters engaged in ridiculous behavior does. Not offend me really, because these are fictional characters. But this was just silly. I can't enjoy a story in which the characters are THAT dumb. Not good.
1 star.

Just figured out who you are

I checked and you do write about totally insane women and the men who are disconnected from reality enough to take them back without a clean bill of mental health.

Your writing really is improving. Your insane female characters are still not believable in the slightest and your male character was still far too passive for serious consideration but this story was better than you have done before.

I read a lot, and a lot of these stories

I'm sure all of us have, and have our favorite stories and authors with a bit of cult following (StangStar, Slirpuff, Papa Toad, Vandemonium--read his for the jokes at the end if for no other reason, Aussie humor is priceless) and having said all the preceding comments:

Best. Story. Ever.

Just sayin'.

Brendan aka Shadowjack17

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