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The core premise is common enough in the real world......

.....two people get together, only to have one fall hard for the sibling of the other.... and rarely goes all the way to the second, divisive relationship being so overwhelming as to get scorching lay sexual very quickly. But where this one goes off the rails is that the first relationship lingers for months(?!) after the second one has become intimate. That almost never happens. And since you haven't provided a decent mechanism for readers to suspend disbelief in the situation, this story is quickly running down to an ever lengthening list of observations and re-statements of the same tired conflicts.
Please don't drag it out any longer. It is far too late for them to do anything but "fish or cut bait". No more wallowing and resisting. It's just plain silly to allow the story to continue in this present fashion.

Very Unexpected Ending

I search for stories just like this one. They are extremely rare. You took us through a maze. The ending was totally unexpected. That is how every story should end. Not syrupy but totally unexpected. I rate this as one of the Top 3 stories throughout Literotica. I am sorry I can only give you 5 Stars. Excellent job.

Please read my whole story before you comment.why?

We knew you were a little cum sucking fag author ,after only 3paragraphs.

Twat Got What She Deserved!

Hopefully,she's also knocked up with 3 mixed breed triplets!
Dumb fucking cunt!

I enjoyed the writing, in spite of the included errors (I understand that you are still in draft)....

.....and can only say that I hope this doesn't devolve into another cuck story. While BTB stories in this forum tend toward outrageous responses, I much prefer them for their "high plains justice", to the "abused and no way out" mood of most cuck stories here.
So, if wifey thinks her unilaterally stepping into adultery would be OK with hubby, or that it was "just a bit of naughty fun", I hope by all that is decent in the world that you take her through some dramatic changes.
I believe in consequences.
They exist for every action and far too often, those here that seem to have gotten lost in a fantasy, seem to neglect or avoid the very notion of consequences. In doing so, they surgically remove all credibility from the story for anyone that wants and enjoys realism in Literotica.
Many, many stories here deal with certain character archetypes that have acted on impulse and then expected everything in their lives to continue as before.
Then, they are shocked and dismayed to discover that things have changed for the worse. In most cases, they either continued acting on the original impulse, ever more carelessly until they get caught, or were stupid and careless enough the first time to have been observed and caught out.
Then they spend most of the rest of the story trying to "get back to what we had", like anyone near them would have anything to do with them after their betrayal and its extent are revealed.
What I don't see enough of here, are BTBastard stories. There are numerous possible reasons, but this is not the time or place. The BTBitch stories seem to abound, I think, because there are many men that get burned by a faithless wife and then get raped in the courts. So it is not surprising that they would seek an outlet for their hurt, outrage, humiliation and grief. All of these point in several directions, but in sum, constitute a man's perspective on revenge or balance or justice, any/all of which seem unavailable through legal or other moral means.

Thank you for the story. Please continue, but please DO NOT reduce the story to another trite hotwife and cuck story, where she's out bouncing on innumerable poles weeknights, while hubby sits at home and shudders and quakes with impotent jealosy, feckless hurt and pervasive self loathing and self pity.
I loathe stories from that collective pile of crap.
I'm hoping for a cleaner part two (tehcnicals and editing) and a story that goes somewhere interesting and does so with the kinds of behaviors real people would engage in. You might also put some effort into more developed, 3 dimensional characters. The "stroke value" of a hot story goes up dramatically when we understand and can relate to at least one character in a story.
Thanks again.

Hi LynnGKS:

I read a number of your stories in the past & commented on those that struck a cord with me.
Your loving wife stories are good.
This story: 4.55/5.0* = 91% = A
Some men (yours truly being no exception) really get ecstatic when they know another man had enjoyed his wife's body. It's an irresistible urge that can temporarily suppress all checks and balances that our brain normally imposes onto our behavior.
Many such men discover that side of theirs exactly around the age of 40. Most wives tend to be more adventurous at a similar age.


Why would anyone want their wife back after she gave herself to another? The whole idea of getting her back seems ludicrous.

Good story idea...

Low marks on paying attention.

Calvary is a hill in or near Jerusalem where Jesus was crucified. I think cavalry would fit the rush of the troops to work on the unloading. Screws and bolts do do not fit each other, nuts fit them. Southern fried potatoes is wrong.
Southern fried chicken is right.

good story

a bit quick, with some fortunate timing issues, it could have been fleshed out a lot more. cheating for 6 years. a daughter that doesn't look right. never meeting her boss. once suspected not doing a DNA test. there's a lot going on, but no accidents, no missed communications, there's a lot that could have or should have been giving him some kind of indications, for 6 years. then the pay back is what, not even a divorce?


Just another simpering, pussy ass, eunuch guy, crying in his beer over his whore ass wife. Don't any of you guys write about a guy that does not throw up, bawl for months, and have to be rescued from total destruction by another woman. Damn, somebody man up. Sheese, what a bunch of cry babies.

I don't get it.

If my fiancee was dating another man while engaged to me, I'd have asked for the ring back and broken off the engagement. Why does Sarah not feel the remorse that Geoff does, but shouldn't? I don't get it.

from 5 to 1*

lets call the boy wimpy chuck from now on. hellon the skank slut wins!!!

Send Her Back To Baltimore

Okay, so she got hurt. Even policemen are reluctant to handle domestic disturbance calls. Leslie is woefully unqualified to do what she did. No one in Maryland owes her shit. Send her back to her rich parents in Baltimore. Why aren't they involved here with the hospital bill? They don't have hospital coverage on her? SEND HER BACK TO BALTIMORE.

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