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Ah, Yes

And they lived happily ever after. Shame life doesn't turn out this way.

Difficult Choice of Critics

I am hoist on my own petard. One of my favorite writers has expressed a critical evaluation of another whom I hold in high regard. Notwithstanding my profound admiration for Caevohi's work I must disagree with his assessment of Jailbreaking and On the Lam. Accusing RichardGerald of inconsistency in the presentation of his principal character misses a key point. David is a liar who distorts the truth even to himself.. He doesn't really love Doris? Of course he does.Watch him collapse to her appeal in the hotel.Call it lust if you want but he can't livewithout her. Remember when he claimed that he wasn't jealous of Mark he only wanted to beat the man to death with a baseball bat. In my opinion David is not an iinconsistently drawn character but rather a complex man who changes in response to the new world in which he finds himself. Carvohi would not have written such a tale. RichardGerald did. I applaud you both.

I second the comment about the hypocrites.

I simply don't get the criticism of the stories in this category on a moral basis, especially by those that have gone to the trouble to get a user name. This is a sex story site. Can't you understand that? The site has a romance category, but "Loving Wives" is not that category, and in any event, "Romance" has a whole lot of infidelity and descriptions of extra marital sex in the stories in that category. Get over it, or quit reading on this site, or in the very least, quit your moralizing hypocritical comments!

Idiotic comment crap

Jesus, dude, you've read three of GA's stories and written the same comment. Why do you keep reading? Give it a rest.

Flawed logic, but quite amusing.

I have to admit that you had me fooled for quite a while. It was a shame there wasn't a plausible reason why generations were hoodwinked but hey, it was good fun to read.

Dont continue its cheap and idiotic!!! MINUS 5*!!!

Only your lechery is the mainspring for that crap!!! Its not amusing!!!

at lex1 no asshole

just pointing out the irony is all. no name calling. the facts ma'am, just the facts


IF she's telling the truth about him not having fucked her yet but, after all those months, it's extremely unlikely. Mel and Bev knew that she had been going to that motel to get it on for a long time so it's logical to assume that, one of those times when he had her handcuffed, he made a video of fucking her and pumping his cum into her cunt and her mouth as part of the bondage. She really got off on it and it became a regular part of their 'play'. She was already getting it from her co-worker and just didn't think her husband would ever catch on to her alternate style of getting fucked.

But the good part is that this story will be pushed to the top because no matter how racist or degrading, the LIT LW admin likes to punish the good and middling authors by pushing the very worst stuff to the recommended list, through deleting 1* votes, which these stories naturally collect very disproportionally.

By acting in this way, she's doing her best to advance the cause or racism, misogeny and the kind of extreme degredation that encourages real life rapists and abusers to target innocents on the street.

WOW great story!

The only problem I had with the story was it ended to dam soon. I think there is a lot more to this story please think about a part two....he'll make a dozen LOL

Idiotic cuck crap!!! MINUS 5*!!!

That sequel better never got written!! Its stupid, cheap and idiotic like that author!!!A man who goes through such a mess like that protagonist and who dumps the slut never got over Vera???!!! Ha, are you that idiotic???! I think you are a big cuckold/wimp in your real life !! And you relate out of your own life!!!

Love this story.

I loved this story. I think it would be so cool to watch a lover being filmed in hardcore action!

What a stupid bunch of cuck crap!!! MINUS 5*!!!

That author has to be the world biggest cuckold/wimp!!! A man who is chained to a chair has to witness how his wive sucks and fucks other men he is even gagged and has no chance to bridle!! He gets free and dont denounce the criminals and dont sue the "friends" no, he takes the slut back and thinks he is a lucky one!!! Only that pervers author and his lechery is the mainspring for that crap!!

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