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Mel and Jeff have Graduated to that next Level!

KB, You did a wonderful job of expressing the feelings and emotions that Mel and Jeff felt. The explanation and opinion of Sexual Pleasures with others was addressed as well as the “Card Game” in the previous chapter. I liked the “Follow the Leader” game they played. I know some couple enjoy “role play” of what’s happening on a porno video while together so having another live couple doing it would add to the hot erotic intensity of it. Thank You and looking forward to reading the next chapter in their Adventures.


I hope you.have something unpleasant planned for the.cheating whore in part two.

I thought the section about the Republican party of 1864 was cute. It is generally accepted that the Republican party of that time was for big government. The opposite of what the current Republican party espouses. It is also what people believe the Democratic party is a strong proponent for.

Didn't think much of the story overall. I completely agree with dark2donut2. The basic murder/suicide didn't do much for me. Just made me sad.

Clifford could have afforded surgical penis enlargement if he so desired. With his money it would have been easy.

I dunno women get breast enlargement, so I don't think it would have been much of a stretch.


Not much going for it anyway, but the feet thing sent it down the toilet.


Keith, king of the OTT story. Just wish your husband's weren't such wimps. An AR15 and a couple of 30 round mags would thin the herd quickly. Ahmad and Harriet , you save for special treatment.

Did you just break your New Year's resolution, it being a kinder, gentler loving wives section? Maybe not, but you came close....


Another pan of mud, as I search for another JPB gem.


My wife is an unfaithful chebwhore, therefore I must a cuck be.


That made perfect sense. A whore who stands up for her own.

Learned something here.....

As I'm struggling to get a couple of my own stories launched I've toyed with the notion of using names of known characters for fun. Reading the comments I've punted on that idea and will stick to plain fictitious names. As I review the comments for this piece, submitted by one of my favorite authors I've been surprised at how much a discussion of the story was missed as the attention was nearly all about the fictitious character Thurston Howell. Yes, I got a chuckle also when I first read it but there was a great story to zero in on. One comment tackled the question of a cuckolded man attempting to regain his manhood by retaliation against his wife's lover and I agree that logic suggests not to, BUT for a number of others, particularly other guys, there is an acknowledgement of justice when a man kicks a wife's lover's ass knowing it's what they would do if it had happened to them. Hell, this means of honor being retained goes back to high school in my world, wasn't always smart then either - you might get your own ass whipped but at least you went down with some respect. Walking away after some dick intentionally fucked you over brought disrespect by many. I'm not recommending retaliation but I do understand it. That Clifford's intended revenge turned into homicide is an absolutely plausible story line as is the follow up murder of his wife and then given the few choices he had left he ends it all, I get it. The PI feeling guilty I guess could be, but in her line of work showing the evidence to the betrayed is part of the job. Fact is she was probably a little negligent holding back some of the photos which her client had paid her to obtain, even if well intended Clifford should be the one to decide were to look at them.
Damn, I'm going on too long. Great story 5 *s.


As she wonders through the house, he wanders if she is a whore. Yep.


How serendipitous that the window cleaner happened to be well endowed. The cuck and his whore are exultant.

Never understood that choice!

In her pussy or on her face? Seriously, why would a guy choose to cream her face when there is a perfectly good pussy just aching for it?

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