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It definitely got silly by the end but it was still really well written.

Where's Chapter 2

Is this going to be another abandoned series? Where's Chapter 2?


illiterate cuck shit.

Lord, allah, Buddha this was silly

Hope ths is done with. The whole fortress in dessert was silly. The drones were absurd.

Please continue. While awfully improbable, it has several interesting and hot fantasy...

...elements and is a story begging to be completed.
Wifey turned out to be a narcissistic slut, self serving and hedonistic.
Hubby has a plan for revenge, but should probably get the hell out with as much self respect intact ashecan muster.
Wifey will undoubtedly beat it again, and will not likely respond well to hubby's act of revenge. In reality, unless he likes being in the position of the betrayed, he should get his dose of retribution and move on.
BTB? OK with me, but not necessary. Better if he drops the "I just fucked your sister, here's proof", lays a petition for dissolution on her and walks out into a bright new future. No need to burn her, just leave her to her whoring.

Jesus Christ whal horseshit.

stop beating the fucking horse

it's dead. enough with this story.

whoring... so romantic!

stupid cunt must have watched Pretty Woman too many times.

You can liked or not, you can approve it or not, but...

You can liked or not, you can approve it or not, but you have to recognize that even being a little too long this is a very good story, knowing its fiction and knowing millions of people, all over the world, would love that this was really true. So thank you for it...4*

i think a good story will hit a reader at an emotional level.
and you certainly did here. a fitting end for the S7. another great story as far as i am concerned. thank you for posting it.

Keep them cumming

Another great build-up to a sensual threesome, well written and worth 5* Thanks for sharing.


Pretty good sequel.
Gave you 4*s because you wrote a complete story. Unlike JPB.
Are you posting all of your stories as Jedd Clampett on SOL website ?
Thanks for the story..


wicked story

I hope there is no personal experience involved here. Thanks for sharing.

Well, it certainly was porn of a kind.

Forgive, Don't Forget, Move On, No Need For Revenge

How to deal with a cheater: Forgive, holding on to anger is a waste of time and there is no way for a cheater to repay their debt. Don't Forget, forgiveness does not mean acceptance or even tolerance. It certainly does not mean sweeping it under the rug. Move On, there is no future with a cheater. They have too many emotional and psychological problems to be a good spouse or parent. Fire (divorce) them. No Need For Revenge, their actions become their punishment. What a cheater gains by cheating: thrills, ego gratification, a temporary sense of power. What a cheater loses by cheating: self respect, self image, damage to their spiritual life, the love and respect of family and friends, real world opportunities that will never come to them because of the damage to their reputation. They lose a good future that could have been theirs.


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