What are Literotica Interactive Stories (Story Games)?

Literotica Interactive Sex Stories - also known as Story Games - are adult stories where the reader can choose their own path through the story. While traditional sex stories have a single unchangeable narrative, Story Games (also known as Interactive Sex Stories, Interactive Fiction, or IF) may have hundreds or even thousands of possible narratives since each choice made by the reader changes the story.

If you want to start reading Story Games right now, click over to our New Adult Story Games page.

Literotica first started publishing interactive sex stories in the late 1990s using hand coded HTML pages for each part of the story. In the 2000s, we worked with a developer to create an entire section of Literotica dedicated to interactive stories. That project eventually became overwhelming to manage and was discontinued.

The new Literotica Interactive Story Games format uses gaming industry standards and technology to make writing, reading, and management of interactive stories as simple as possible, while giving authors an incredibly powerful set of tools to create game-like sex stories.

The name Story Games was chosen because Literotica’s next generation narrative storytelling system offers exponentially more interactivity than just branching choices, the feature most closely associated with our previous “Interactive Story” or “Choice Story” format. Literotica authors have long had the option to write traditional “Interactive Stories”. Authors now have access to next generation tools, allowing them to create deeply-immersive full-featured narrative Story Games.

If you’d like to create your own Story Game, see our How To Publish Interactive Stories FAQ.

We’ve created a “Getting Started Writing Adult Interactive Stories (Story Games)” article to help Literotica Authors understand the code that is used to make text stories interactive.

Literotica Interactive Adult Stories (Story Games) are required to follow all of the same content rules (all characters must be 18+, etc.) as other stories published on Literotica. Please review our site wide Content Guidelines for more information.

If you’re interested in helping test and give feedback on the new Literotica Interactive Story format, either as an author or a reader, please read this thread in the Literotica Forum: Interactive Adult Story Testers Needed.