Literotica Content Guidelines

This document focuses exclusively on what types of content may be published on Literotica. If you need general publishing help, please see our Publishing FAQ.

In addition to the sitewide Content Guidelines covered in this document, please see our work type guidelines for additional publishing requirements: Story Publishing Guidelines, Audio Publishing Guidelines, and Artwork Publishing Guidelines.

Literotica is a diverse open-minded kink-positive community dedicated to the exploration of a wide range adult fantasies in fiction. We support artists’ First Amendment right to create freely. We also acknowledge publishers’ First Amendment right to create a community accommodating to their specific members.

To that end, we DO NOT publish works of any type featuring the following content:

  • Sexual activity involving characters under the age of 18 (including but not limited to explicit sexual discussion, voyeurism, exhibitionism, fantasizing, masturbation, and graphic sexualized descriptions, in addition to actual sexual intercourse). Literotica has always had a strict policy against any under-18 content, and any attempt to violate that policy is grounds for account termination.
  • Any material supporting, encouraging, or defending any type of child abuse and/or child exploitation.
  • Celebrity stories or fan fiction in which the characters are artificially aged - that is, under 18 years old in reality or in the source material, but made to be over 18 for the story.
  • Copyrighted material for which the submitter is not the owner of the copyright, or for which the submitter does not have an explicit license from the copyright owner to publish the work at Literotica.
  • Bestiality - sexual activity between humans and real-life animals will not be published; human sex with fantasy characters, monsters, furries, anthro, etc. are allowed.
  • Sexualized death, “vore”, or “snuff” fiction. Characters are allowed to kill or die in stories, but the death should not be intended as sexually titillating.
  • Ravishment/non-consent fantasies in which the “victim” receives no thrill or enjoyment from the acts, or is seriously and/or permanently physically harmed/abused/maimed/killed.
  • Sexualized maiming, amputation, and female or male circumcision. We happily accept stories of amputees and their devotees, but do not post stories sexualizing the act of amputation or permanent physical harm.
  • Ravishment, nonconsensual, dubiously consensual, or consensual-nonconsensual fantasies involving real-life people, groups/organizations, or copyrighted characters. Literotica does not publish non-con fanfic.
  • Works that promote or glorify hate, intolerance, or violence towards any person or group.
  • Works that promote real (non-fictional) prostitution or sex work. These themes and topics may be used freely in fictional stories, but authors may not promote any real life sex work services or real life prostitution services.
  • Works that advocate for readers to engage in any real life (non-fictional) activity that is illegal in the United States.
  • Works professed to be true about real people in the title, tags, and/or description. You can use “true” within the body of a story as part of your fictional storytelling. This policy is to protect authors as well as third parties.
  • Works that promote or focus heavily on politics or religion, or political or religious figures. Lit readers are bombarded with political disputes on other platforms and they prefer to avoid these types of divisive issues in their erotica.
  • Works that contain advertisements, outside links, domain names, or outside promotions of any kind within the description, body text, or audio (including “See my profile for…”).
  • Works generated by artificial intelligence (AI), large language models (LLM), or other non-human automated systems. Literotica publishes works by human for humans. For more information, see our AI policy.
  • Teasers, partial works, excerpts of offsite works, or any work that appears to be a promotion for other platforms.
  • Visual representations (photographs or video) of any real person engaged in “actual sexually explicit conduct” as defined by 18 U.S.C. 2257.
  • We also reserve the right to reject or remove any content or work that the community finds disruptive (or that causes harm to the community or any member of the community) for any or no reason.

The above guidelines apply to all content published on Literotica, including but not limited to – stories, poems, audio, artworks, comments, feedback, and forum posts.

If you believe that any content published on Literotica violates one or more of the above rules, please use the “Report This” link on the page where you found the potential violation so that we can review and remove the work.

These Content Guidelines may be updated periodically based on the needs of the Literotica Community.

If you’re an author with questions about any of the above rules, experienced Lit authors are available to help in the Literotica Author Support Forum.