tagErotic PoetryA Bit of Cyber Sex

A Bit of Cyber Sex

byLady Malachite©

[12:27] Lady Malachite: Well, I think I'd want to lick the underside of your cock first.
[12:28] Lady Malachite: Then slide in to my mouth to feel its length and girth and test its hardness against the inside of my mouth and tongue.
[12:28] Lady Malachite: Then I think I'd slide it down my body, now that it's nice and wet. Because I like to feel it touching me
[12:29] Lady Malachite: and I'd slowly work it down my belly and into the slit of my pussy. Rub it against my clit so it feels like it burns. Tease my vagina with it, not quite giving it to myself yet
[12:30] Lady Malachite: I'd gasp as I push it into me. Nothing can really prepare me for the sensation of being entered, especially when I'm really aroused.
[12:31] Lady Malachite: I'd have to force myself to keep feeding it into me as the waves of fire began to course though me. So temptingly like an orgasm, but far too fiery, too strong, too forceful
[12:32] Lady Malachite: I'd place my legs on either side of you, spreading them as far apart as possible to deepen the sensation. Waves of pleasure would course though me as I begin to feel you press against my g-spot

[12:34] Lady Malachite: I'd have to quicken my pace, desperate to keep the sensation from ever stopping, trying feverishly to keep it going, not quite ever letting it go and teasing myself just a little with the sweet sensation of the longing, just enough that I get a little afraid I've lost the sensation and then I'd start again.
[12:34] Lady Malachite: Rejoicing in the renewed sensation
[12:35] Lady Malachite: It feels like nothing possibly could beat the sensation I already feel. I have no desire for orgasm, have completely forgotten that such a thing was possible. There is nothing sweeter than the moment.
[12:35] Lady Malachite: My breasts and stomach hunger for attention, too. They ache with longing. I grab my own breast with one hand and lead you up to caress me with the other.
[12:36] Lady Malachite: My clit is completely forgotten, it's too sensitive to let you touch it.
[12:36] Lady Malachite: And my pussy is completely on fire. My whole body is on fire. I can only vaguely wonder how much of it you are feeling.
[12:37] Lady Malachite: And then the sensation suddenly stops and I want to cry with longing for it. I feel so empty, so cheated. Where did my sensation go?
[12:38] Lady Malachite: And then, as though something from another world answered my call, the beginnings of a sweet orgasm appear.
[12:39] Lady Malachite: And no matter how I ride you or how intensely I rock, the sensation does not reappear.
[12:39] Lady Malachite: There is only the teasing beginning of the climax.
[12:40] Lady Malachite: But I keep on desperately rocking and riding, somehow not quite sure what's ahead. I've had an orgasm before of course, but somehow my body has forgotten.
[12:41] Lady Malachite: And there is always the question: How will this one be different.
[12:42] Lady Malachite: Somehow I keep going. I'm quite pathetically desperate now. My whole body is a mixed up combination of emotions and sensations I can no longer keep straight, and they begin fighting inside of me.
[12:42] Lady Malachite: longing, hope, fear of abandonment, sorrow for the loss of the sensation
[12:44] Lady Malachite: And the itty bitty feeling, the beginning of the orgasm carries though it all and gets bigger and bigger until it's almost frightening
[12:45] Lady Malachite: And I almost want to turn away from it. It seems to be taking control of me, animating me, owning the limbs that are my arms and making me feel both unbelievably light and powerful.
[12:46] Lady Malachite: And then, suddenly, as I try to flee, it grabs hold of me at once.
[12:46] Lady Malachite: Becomes something completely different and unexpected.
[12:47] Lady Malachite: I gasp and my whole body reacts, it tenses. The feeling that is so sweet, so airy, so empowering floods over everything
[12:48] Lady Malachite: It seems to give me life, to be the fulfillment of my every desire. I could do anything in the world in that moment
[12:54] Lady Malachite: I honestly didn't know I had anything so hot left in me.

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