tagErotic PoetryA Long Kiss

A Long Kiss


A long Kiss

Sliding under the covers,
A slow fingertip stroke.
She wakes to my kiss.
A kiss that travels her cream skin.
Emploring her responses.

Her eyes find mine drinking her.
Her love blossoms.
Her heart flutters.......
In anticipation.
As my tongue taste,
Her smooth sweet vulva.
She shudders.
Opens to me,
A sunflower in full bloom.
Begging her Daddy.
Giving all to me,
As I feed upon her deep,
Soul orgasm.
She is gone in the moment.
Afloat in my dream world.
Only her Daddy could bring her to.

Her love has no bottom.
Her trust has no end.
Her years have no meaning,
When I love her.
She becomes all ....
Lil girl,
But I.........
Will always be Daddy.
No one could love her more.

Bo (c) 9/03

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