tagErotic PoetryA New Neighbor

A New Neighbor


It was on a rainy Monday afternoon in which
Driving myself home on the freeway was a total bitch.

That was before I had finally pulled up to the house and
Got out of the car just in time to see some babe stand
And staring at me from a window in this rich
In red color lingerie and looking like this Playboy Playmate
Known as Patty Duffek, who I would still have to rate
As one of the hottest babes ever to appear in that magazine.

That was before she turned around like she was a marine
And moved away from the window like she was getting a plate
Of cookies or some other food from the kitchen.

That was when I had given myself that one mission
To go over to that house and ask why was she staring at me.

But when I found the spare key
And let myself into the house, I saw that she was not in
The kitchen just before I heard a noise coming from upstairs.

That was where I saw her laying on a bed without a single care
And fingering herself before she looked at me with a smile
On her lips and said, "I saw you coming from about a mile.
And I know that you want to fuck me. Or would you rather stare
At me until I cum by myself?"

And when I saw that the bulge in my pants was not the size of an elf,
She got off the bed and said, "Here. Let me help you."

And after she helped me strip down like I was someone without a clue
On how to do it, she grabbed this big dildo off a shelf
And began to shove it into her cunt while she was sucking on my large
Dick and acting like she really was in charge
Of this little sex scene of ours from the very beginning.

That was before I laid myself on top of her and tossed that dildo thing
Aside before I got started with sucking the juice out of her large
And moist snatch and fucking her in the ass with my finger.

That was before she used her strength to shove me off of her,
Plopped herself back on the bed and said,"No! I want your cock
In my ass! Not your finger! Your finger is not as hard a rock!"

That was when I got off the floor, grabbed a hold of her
Legs and dragged her towards me.

And while I was shoving my dick into her asshole, I was able to see
In this large mirror that she really was into getting the living shit
Fucked out of her by the very first guy who was up to doing it.

That was before I had rolled her around to face me
And I got started with pushing and shoving my entire dick
Into her soaking wet pussy just like this huge solid brick
Of ice was being pushed right into a very tight spot in
The freeezer and able to enjoy one full moment of pure sin.

Then, after we had spent several hours of performing the one trick
Of fuck our brains out, we let a gigantic wave of cum
Pour right out of us before she was able to hum
A few notes of a tune that I still could not remember
And we had fallen into a deep sleep together
On that bed like we were only a pair of bums.

Of course,I was able to wake myself up
Just in time to take a shower, get dressed and have a cup
Of coffee before she stepped into the kitchen and
Asked, "Do you really have to go? The sex really was grand."

That was before I had rinsed out my coffee cup,
Looked at that Playmate clone and said, "I really am
Sorry to do this. But I would rather get trampled on by a heard of rams
Than have my wife get pissed at me."

And after I gave her a small kiss on the cheek,I ran in a hurry
Right back to my house before my wife came home with a big ham.

The answer to why she brought that ham home had came
In the form of a new neighbor who happens to be a woman whose name
Happens to look exactly like a Playboy Playmate
Before she walked right over and said, "Hi, Nate."

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