tagErotic PoetryCorrection No. 2

Correction No. 2


I had displeased you
My last words of Correction No. 1
"I fear the next Correction"
Proved to be an omen

I placed the toys out neatly for your arrival
Prepared myself
Shaving my pussy clean
Turned off the air conditioner
Drowsy, I rested on the bed
I heard the door open but couldn't move

I stood before you
Eyes downcast
You walked around me
Inspecting me
I glanced up at you
Something I know I am not to do
Yet I did it anyway
"Don't look at me" your voice in anger
Your hand
Slapped my face

"Bend over, show me your ass" you demanded
I was slow to do as requested
Fists clenched by my side
Teeth grinding
Hot tears in my eyes
Angry at you
I wanted you to leave
My ass stung as the yardstick slapped
Hard against my ass cheeks
Putting me in my place

You held me
As you said you couldn't wait to see me
Kissing my lips softly
I was afraid to kiss you
Not knowing if I was to enjoy myself

Your hand around my throat
Pulling my neck
Squeezing the air
I felt dizzy

Silent in your actions
You placed the wrist cuffs on me
First the right
Then the left

"Pleasure yourself" you instructed
I lifted my slip
My fingers struggling to find my clit
I rubbed myself
Afraid of having an orgasm

I heard you moving behind me
Preparing something at the bed
Your breathing quickening
You instructed me to close my eyes
As you guided me to the bed
You instructed me to lay on my back
My hands over my head
I felt you tie the ropes to the wrist cuffs
My legs spread apart
I felt you tie the ropes around my ankles
You applied the ball gag
The leather
Cutting into my lips

"First, your pussy," you stated
I feared the pain you would inflict
I sucked on the ball gag
Holding in the piercing pain
From the clothespins
Applied to the sensitive skin
Trying to push the ball gag out of my mouth
You removed it
Indicating you wanted me to be distracted
From the pain
Not the gag

The paint stirrer
Forcefully against my pussy
Forcefully against my inner thighs
Repeatedly striking
Intense pain
As I struggled to get away

Your warm mouth
Sucking my clit
Such conflict in my body
Pain and pleasure
Not knowing what to do
I gave into the pleasure
Moving my hips in time with your tongue
The pleasure ended quickly
As your hand slapped against my pussy
I could feel my wetness
Ricocheting off your hand
Your sweat dripping from your face
Landing on my stomach
Five times
You slapped my pussy
With increasing strength
I cried out
Begging you to stop
The pain intense

You tied the blindfold around my eyes
Instructing me to rest
I heard you moving furniture
I heard you at the closet door
I heard metal
I feared what would happen next

You guided me across the floor
I felt the scratchy rope
Applied to my waist
Pulled tight
Instructed me to kneel
To place my face on the floor
You helped me down
Placing the pillows under my knees
I bent forward
My face in my hands
Leaning on the pillow
You pulled the rope through my ass
Tugging it tightly
Against my pussy
Swollen from the pain you had just given me
Your hand
Slapped hard
Against my ass
Leaving a hand print
"Just like the picture" you remarked

The flogger
Striking against each cheek
Striking the thighs
I heard it
Your belt
Ripping out of your waistband
Striking the air
With that distinctive sound
As it quickly landed on my ass
Increasing pain
You wanted a number
I paused
Unable to think
"Thirty" I replied
As the belt hit
I counted down
Through the pain
Through the tears
Hot tears
As the belt hit my ass

I lay on the bed
Emotionally exhausted
I closed my eyes
I could feel your body next to mine
Your fingers pinching my nipples
Hard to your touch
As you applied the clothespins
Holding them tighter
I watched
Excited from the pain
My hips humping the air
Desperate for your touch
Your hands squeezed the breast
Bulging tight
As you slapped the nipple
I tried to watch
The pain too intense
First the left nipple
Then the right nipple
Squeezing tight
Uncontrollable pain
Corrected pain
Submissive pain

You removed the cuffs
My wrists sore
I rested

"Suck my balls" you instructed
I bent between your legs
Your balls, hot, hanging low
I gathered them in my hand
I licked the salty sweat
As I sucked each in my mouth
Your cock dripping
I sucked
Long slow strokes
Your hands
Grabbing my hair
I stopped sucking
Holding my hair
Incredible pain

"Suck my cock" you yelled
Tears in my eyes
I sucked
Your grip tighter in my hair
Forcing my face into your pubic hair
Unable to breathe
I sucked hard
Your moans growing louder
Your cock longer
I moved forward
Kissing your chest
Biting your nipples
Kissing your neck
Yes, yes, over and over
Wanting you to slap my face
As the lust washed over me
I returned to your cock
Sucking wildly
Your hips rocking hard against my face
My hand squeezing your cock
As I felt your tension building
The veins popping
You couldn't hold in your moans
Escaping in squeals and grunts
As your juices exploded in my mouth

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