tagErotic PoetryDeep in the Night

Deep in the Night


Pitch black in my room
my eyes open wide
an illusion, hallucination
feel you stand at my bedside

A vivid dream comes to an end, powerful sense of deja vu
raging fire of passion I must work myself through
a fantasy unfolds, my mind wanders again.......
imagine your hand gliding over my skin

Close my eyes & envision
your lips pressed to mine
hands move with precision
two bodies entwined

Flesh so soft & smooth, gentle to the touch
urges so strong, want you so much
in my mind you caress me......making me wet
fingers move slowly, probe then penetrate

I moan & I shake
tidal wave bursts from within
all senses ignited
awaken pleasures' origin

Wish you were the one
creating this sensation in me
now by my own hand
could this be your fantasy?

Surrender to your hunger, to my lust, your desire
the future unknown, soon a day will transpire
realize it's better to share ecstasy
let your heat touch my fire & fulfill this fantasy

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