tagErotic PoetryDesires For You

Desires For You


Your arms around my waist
Pressing your body up against mine
You holding me so tight
Feeling every inch of you touching me
Exciting me to the extreme
You slowly lye me down on the bed
Your fingers touching my face my lips
You lips finding their way to mine
Your tongue found away inside
Wanting to join with mine
Enjoying the Sexual Passion being felt
Your fingers moving thru my hair
Pulling ever so slightly
Arching my head just a bit
To let your wet lips move along my neck
The feelings of desire are so intense
Hands gently moving across my breast
Finding my nipples errect
Just waiting to be next
To be encircled by your wet tongue
And to be inserted in your warm mouth
Your hands wanting to feel my nakedness
Then finding the wetness of my pink flesh
Spreading my lips apart
As your fingers slowly slip inside
My love liquid being released
My heart pounding, and breathing so fast
I feel the excitment of your body
As you lay next to mine
Your manhood standing so errect
Ready to join in the fun
So much feeling coming from within
As you enter my awaiting pink wetness
Wanting to feel the warmth of your Passion
My Sexual desires for you are many
My Passion so wild and free
I look into your eyes as we Make Love
My body above yours just like you like
Watching your face as my hips move about
Enjoying the feeling of you inside my body
So willing and wanting to pleasure you so
Feel my touch as I feel you within
Our bodies have joined to become one
Voices are heard as extasy has arrived
So sensually sexually connected
We climax together in harmony
Bodies and hearts intune to our music
So special a feeling to be shared with you
Such a wonderful erotic fantasy fullfilled
More than we could ever purely tell
We now lie here snuggled together
You Kissing my lips so soft gentle
Bodies calm still intwined
Wanting this feeling to forever stay
So much Love shared between you and me

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