tagErotic PoetryGonna Lust You Up

Gonna Lust You Up


So, you say you're shy, sweet stocky guy
Say you're not used to being fodder for my hungry eyes
Gonna lust you up

You say you've never had anyone knocking on your back door
Say you've got a girl out there, kinda, maybe....
Yeah, I believe you, sweet honey baby
You say you're confused by the way I make you feel
Groove on it dude, it's real
If am your nemesis why do you gaze
Through the tines of my fork with those big blue eyes
You see, I am the one in the maze
Reduced to a quivering wreck by the sight of your thighs
That you so carefully orchestrated
By fussing around in my armchair
Until the flesh you laid bare
Was as much as you dare
Give to me

You say I'm too much
I've always been straight
With you; Gonna lust you up
You giggle and wriggle when I tickle your tum
Aware no doubt of my proximity to your beefy bum
Your protestations fall on deaf ears
I am Cro-Magnon in my quest
Each time you sup
With me, dine with me, wine with me
I'm gonna lust you up

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