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I Remember


While driving to work today, I felt a slight brush. Unexpectedly it made my skin tingle, I yearned for your touch. My mind began to wander slightly. My nipples grew very hard as I drove. My memory brought hot flashes to my skin. First my lips remembering how you kissed them burning them with yours. My hair tingled remembering how you wrapped your fingers in it as you kissed me. My nose filled with the remembered scent of you. I remembered kissing you with my eyes wide opened unable to believe it. I remember your eyes your beautiful eyes. I remembered our bodies pressing to each other trying to become one as we stood kissing for the longest time. I remember slowly moving together exploring the others bodies my dress fallling off around me. I remenber your pants falling off of you. I remember you lowering me down to the bed. I remember the way you delicatly lovingly kissed every inch of my face. My neck. My chest. The way you gently sucked and kissed my nipples. I remember the way just kissing you made me melt. I remember as you moved further down losing all contact with reality. I remember surrendering my senses to you. I remember your lips gently kissing my pussy lips. Your tongue teasing my clit ring. I remember the way you teased me. I remember begging you to make love to me. I remember loosing myself in you. I remember the way you gently took me making love to me. I remember how your hands gently caressed my skin as we made love, they seemed to be every where at once. I remember cumming very hard in your arms. I remember the way you held me kissing me loving me as I reached peak after peak. I remember how as I began to subside you never let go but moved down. I remember how you kissed my sweet wet pussy. I remember your tongue, your mouth driving me back up to the peaks again. I remember you holding me bringing me back down as only you can. I remember the wonderful times we had.
I remember loosing you. I remember the way it hurt in my heart. I remember the lonliness. I remember my heart screaming silently "Dont leave without me!" I remember trying to hold it together so you wouldnt know.

I Remember Love!

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