tagErotic Poetrylisa's coochie cafe'

lisa's coochie cafe'


some call it a brothel
i prefer the term coochie cafe'
it's a nice place for folks to come
to purchase a quality lay
just like our legs
the doors are open twenty four seven
and for the right price
you can buy a slice of heaven
there are several girls on staff
who can make you feel all right
they are paid professionals
and will satisfy your sexual appetite
i used to be part of the staff
but now i'm the cafe' owner
'cause no one knows more than me
about giving guys a boner
my girls are classy ladies
not like what you find in the street
they know how to please the customer
and they always bring the heat
we cover all the bases
from the normal to taboo
our job is not to judge
it's just to serve you
we are first rate women
and rather good looking
we don't consider what we do
whoring or hooking
lisa's coochie cafe'
provides a service that's in very high demand
we possess a unique set of skills
that only like-minded people understand
we treat you with respect
and expect the same in return
we're all disease free
you won't get burned
so if a good time
is what you seek
we've got what you want
seven days a week

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