byAdrian Leverkuhn©


hidden in rhyme - a word - tomorrow
lost to time - hidden in sorrow
word so true - what was to borrow
from the past she knew - still-life in shadow

lawns so green - home’s forest deep
loss so keen - memories to keep
of what was lost - the dreams in her sleep
hover like frost - over those who would weep

blue light of moon - light of her fate
gone so soon - through rose-fingered gate
as sun warmed air blew - across ground so hallow
was the girl I knew - a still-life in shadow

fate like a ribbon - woven so still
strands remain hidden - lost in her will
as sun stands high - over islands so distant
drifts the word like a sigh - gone in an instant

there to remind - that love forgiven
is the chalice of mind - noble spirit misgiven
by two hearts riven - in fields that lie fallow
tears fall from heaven - on a still-life in shadow

“Adrian Leverkuhn”

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