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The Big Screen vs The Small Screen


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Inspired to Direct TV and an infrequent (5 years ago) visit to a movie theater.


The Big Screen vs The Small Screen
A comparison between movies and television.


Movie theaters can be very, very fucking expensive.
Besides the tickets, there are snacks, video machines, and more food.
You had better take out a bloody 2nd mortgage if you bring the kids.

TV can also be expensive, but even with one movie channel
the monthly cost is not too CENSORED expensive.
But cable costs too much CENSORED much!


If you’re looking for new movie then your best choice is shitty,
the fuckin’ movies.

You will probably get a few good channels, unless of course you have
CENSORED cable TV, especially if you like old movies.
If you have purchased a CENSORED movie channel then you
will be able to get new movies, just a little later.

Other Offerings

Like I already said the movie theaters have video games. Games that cost more of
your hard earned fucking cash. You may have to skip bloody lunch!
As for sex in the cinema, you probably will get no more than a blow-job.

TV allows you to raid the fridge, order delivery, etc.
As for sex, the chances are wide CENSORED open. You can get a CENSORED,
Give some CENSORED to your girl, get a CENSORED from your neighbor’s wife, etc. The possibilities are CENSORED. You can even do this while you are watching a CENSORED Disney movie! Of course all bets are off if you have kids.

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