tagErotic Poetrythirsty for sperm

thirsty for sperm


you're gonna melt in my mouth
not in my hands
tonight when you cum
i've got special plans
down my throat
your whole load will go
there might be some gagging
'cause you know i'm no pro
i've always wanted
to swallow your seed
it's been my dirty little fantasy
my nasty little need
i'm gonna get on my knees
and suck you dry
i know you've been longing
to give this a try
your knees start to buckle
when you're ready to cum
this is the big moment
i get to taste some
it's ever so yummy
it's creamy and thick
some got on my cheek
but i downed most of it
the next time you cum
i promise to swallow every drop
i think i may have started something
that i won't be able to stop

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