tagErotic PoetryTime Travel - An Odyssey Of Incest!

Time Travel - An Odyssey Of Incest!

byUncle Pervey©

I've got a wonderful ability,
Of teleporting to any time.
And when I'm there I'm invisible,
But my solidarity is fine!

My first big jump was to "Forty-Five,"
Where Mama's asleep there in her robe.
She'd just had her bath and was naked,
And I undress her so I can probe!

I forgot about the other thing,
When I'm in the past time stands real still.
I can move things around like I want,
And do whatever gives me a thrill!

So I laid Mama's robe wide open,
And then slid her arm out of each sleeve.
Til she laid there before me naked,
Her loveliness made it hard to breathe!

I've never traveled wearing my clothes,
It's better to be prepared that way.
I pulled Mama's luscious legs apart,
And her beauty made me want to pray!

I licked and sucked and tasted each leg,
Starting at each knee and moving up.
The taste and heat of her inner thighs,
Inflamed my burning desire to sup!

My Mama's clit looked so inviting,
Like petal-honey inside a rose.
I pulled her vulva open, and then,
And began licking and lapping her flows!

I licked her pussy til I grew tired,
And I lapped out her sweet pussy's hole.
I lapped out and swallowed her juices,
And I did it with all of my soul!

I wanted to fuck my Mama next,
I began licking up her belly.
I licked and sucked each perfect nipple,
And they tasted sweeter than jelly!

As I got to her mouth I could feel,
The head of my cock touch her, just so.
I eased my cock into her warm heat,
And began fucking deep, long, and slow!

Her pussy was hot, tight, and burning,
And I didn't take long to explode.
I felt my cock jumping and spurting,
As I filled her with my hot cock's load!

I felt like my cock was in Heaven,
Her inflamed pussy's heat felt so nice.
I pulled my cock out of her slowly,
I knew this was just part of the price!

I eased Mama onto her belly,
And worshiped her sweet ass with my eyes.
I caressed and licked each perfect cheek,
And I found her asshole the right size!

I licked every inch inside her crack,
Then fastened my mouth on her shitter.
I tongue-fucked and licked her sweet asshole,
Til I was forced to be a quitter!

Her asshole looked puffy, and ready,
So I slid up, and onto her back.
I pressed my hard cock into her hole,
The one that hides there, inside her crack!

As I pushed it in deep, all the way,
It was squeezing me, all the way in.
It sucked on my cock as I fucked her,
And I felt my cock's spurting begin!

I spread her cheeks, and pushed down within,
So my hot cum would spurt deep inside.
I felt my cock jumping and squirting,
Her hot asshole felt so good I cried!

I hated to leave, but I had to,
So I got her dressed back in her robe.
I moved myself back to the present,
But I'll visit my Mama, again!!

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