tagErotic PoetryA mother's secret place

A mother's secret place


There is a secret place, within a hairy mound, a mother likes to take her son, when daddy's not around.
Between two hairy lips, a warm and creamy hole, she spreads her mommy legs, and guides his swollen pole.
A giant mushroom tip, leaks semen from its slit, mommy rubs it on her nub and inbetween her split.
A mother's quim must stretch, to swallow baby's dong, cause hubby dicks are nothing, compared to teenaged shlong.
Inch by inch the veiny shaft travels up a mother's shute, sucked right towards her secret place til its buried to the root.
She kicks her legs back farther, son's face between her feet, so mommy cunt can take another inch or two of meat.
Then son will start his humping, pure pleasure on his face, his fuck-stick traveling in and out of mother's secret place.
Motherfucks are grueling, she'll give her son no rest. All day her pillowy tit-flesh will be pressed against his chest.
A son will have his mouth full of mother's flailing tongue, as he feels his plump young balls slap against her bung.
Mother creams again and again, her pouch stretched by his girth. A feeling she hasn't had since the day of her baby's birth.
Mother gets on top, to quicken up the pace, she rides her baby's cock, boobs swinging in his face.
Then she grinds real deep, she knows he's cumming soon, she makes him bottom out, takes his head into her womb.
Then she rocks her hips, like all good mother's do, she feels his dick expand and give a squirt or two.
As rope after rope sprays into mommy's belly, knockers dance across her chest like sacks full of jelly.
In a mother's secret place while her husband often works, an 18 year old cock sprays semen as it jerks.
And as a horny mother keeps her son between her legs, she can feel inside her secret place, sperm dancing with her eggs.

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