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I wonder what you’re like underneath your skin
The faces you make
The things you say
If you’d take me and take me over
Or follow my lead
Do you like the front?
Or are you a backseat driver?
Do you break out in Spanish phrases?
Are you a free spirit?
A Latin lover?
A trunk that needs to be unlocked?
Do you wince with pleasure or pain?
Do you lay like you dance?
Your body writhing and rough?
Or are you gentle and soft?
Are you an animal?
Down on all fours?
Untamed and feral?
Do you become a sex kitten?
A violent vixen?
Or a romantic duet?
Are you as confident as you seem?
Whine, moan, or scream?
Do hours go by, again and again
Or is once enough?
Are you stretched thin?
Or held tightly within?
Would you teach me or learn?
What is your point of no return?
What does it take to get you there?
Who is the image in your head?
Are your satin sheets black or red?
Do you laugh halfway through?
Would you giggle if I tickled you?
Or cry for the beauty and release
All the build up that has since ceased?
Do you throw your head back
Or bite your lower lip
Bare your teeth, grind your hips
Do you like to be seen in the light?
Would you shy away, roll over for the night?
Do you need it now and put up a fight?
Are you in captivity for just a moment
Soon to be released to the wild?
Or do you want to be captured forever?
Photographed? Drawn?
Do you talk till dawn?
Or let your hands speak your thoughts?
Does the truth come out in mid-passion?
Or afterwards?
Or do you make love to avoid the truth?
Do you taste like exotic flowers?
Are you impossible to steal away?
Afraid of revealing your hiding place?
Are you drenched in sweat?
Glistening with dripping beads
That make your thick hair curl around your face?
Do you enjoy yourself?
Or are you for others to enjoy?
Do you put on a production number?
Include a pre-show?
Do you experiment with substances?
Do you experiment?
Do you smoke a cigar when you’re done?
Do you smell like smoke?
Or the city air?
Do you rip off your clothes wildly?
Strewn about the room?
Or slide them off sensuously?
And lay them at your feet?
Do you have a flaw?
A scar, a birthmark, a memory?
Do you know exactly what you want?
Or are you uncharted territory, still to be explored and discovered?
X marks the spot
Show me your buried treasure
And all the secrets that lie beneath
What I can only speculate from the surface
Take me to your mountains and valleys
Your rivers and waterfalls
Bathe me in your essence
Take me to your light
In your comfort
In your arms
In your bed

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