tagExhibitionist & Voyeur14:11 Victoria to Gravesend Service

14:11 Victoria to Gravesend Service


It’s a crowded train, in fact it's standing room only. All the seats are taken and people are pressing against each other. You’ve been on the train since Victoria station and on this hot summer day, the temperature inside the carriage is rising. People are becoming hot and sweaty, and all around you there are people who are growing irritated. As the train pulls into the next stop even more people get on board, the squash becomes immense.

As I get on board and I can see no where to go, I manage to squeeze myself on and pull the door shut, but find myself jammed between the door and a woman’s back - yours.

The train pulls off, lurching due to the weight of the people and my body weight gets thrown forward, pressing into your back. I catch the scent of your hair and a try to pull back giving you a bit more space to move, but there is no where to go. As the train builds up speed the rolling movement causes you to rub my groin, and despite myself I find I am becoming aroused. The train lurches suddenly and I press my growing erection into your bottom, your neck muscles stiffen and I know that you have felt it. But instead of pushing me away you start to rotate your hips massaging it, until my erection strains painfully on the inside of my trousers.

I still am unsure whether this is an accident, or whether you are doing it on purpose, so I lower my arms to protect and hide my erection. The train lurches again and comes to a sudden halt, and an announcement over the Tanoy says we will be held here for some time whilst engineering works take place. As the people in the carriage groan I start to look at what you are wearing.

You had taken off your jacket and are wearing a white collarless shirt, which in places had become transparent, the sweat from the heat of the carriage making it stick to your back. Underneath I can see a white lacy bra. A black skirt comes to about 2 inches above your knees, fastened with a zip at the back. Your legs are bare and as I see pearls of sweat running down them my erection twitches again – without thinking I move my hand to your bottom and start to caress it.

You do nothing.

I move my other hand there and start to gently squeeze, as I do I can see goose-pimples appear on your neck and I hear you breathe out. I feel myself reaching the point of no-return as I push my erection into your bum and move my hands to your hips. I can feel the heat from your body as I push my penis into your behind. You breathe out again and slightly arch your back. As my grip tightens on your hips you let out a little groan. The man in front of you looks at your face in surprise, but does not know what is going on. I pull my groin away and move my hands to your bum finding your zip. I pull it all the way down and the sound sends a tingle down your back.

I want to fuck you, I need to fuck you.

With a growing sense of urgency I pull your blouse out of your skirt. I can see the lacy material of your knickers damp with sweat. I slowly pull down your skirt until I can see the tops of your thighs, the pressure of the man in front ensures that the front of your skirt does not move, ensuring no-one else in the carriage knows what is going on. I reach a hand down and start to squeeze your bum feeling your flesh under the material of the knickers. I reach under your bum and massage the very tops of your thighs, making you stiffen as I do so. With a finger I probe your vagina, pushing the material of your knickers against it, as I do so you let out another moan.

I lose control.

I slip your knickers to the side and plunge my finger inside you. You are wet, I can feel your warm and sticky juices running down my hand. I reach down with my other hand and undo my zip. I am going to fuck you no matter what. My penis explodes out of my trousers, the ecstatic pleasure of having it trapped is replaced with a new desire.

The train lurches forward once again and the tip of my cock now hot from the erection pushes into your back, traces of pre-cum leaving a trail on your bare flesh. I manage to guide it to the crevice of your arse, dribbling as it does so.

As the train gains speed it rolls to the left and I manage to bend down on my knees somewhat enabling me to touch the flesh of your vagina with my cock. Suddenly the train rolls to the right and I am thrust inside of you. You let out a scream of pleasure, the man in front smiles, thinking you were shocked by the sudden movement of the train. I push deeper and touch the very top of your vagina. The train gradually builds up speed, I thrust inside you timed to the rocking of the train, slowly at first then gradually increasing in speed.

I put my hands on the front of your legs to get more grip, I can feel you sweating more now, not just from the heat of the train. I move my hands inside your skirt and up to the front of your thighs. Gripping more tightly I thrust my cock inside you, pressing against the front of your vagina. I hear you start to breathe heavily, trying to disguise what is going on. As you lose yourself, you move more freely, pressing down onto my cock, bending forward, moving your hands to try and touch your breasts.

The train carries on speeding up.

I can hear you stifling moans and the back of your neck flushes red. The train does a series of jolts and each time you let out a little moan, unable anymore to disguise what is going on. As you reach climax another train whizzes past in the opposite direction. It immediately creates an influx of fresh air, freshening everyone inside. Your hair is swept back and I reach down and kiss your neck - as I do so you let out a scream as the pleasure in your body climaxes sending ripples of pleasure through you. Suddenly the train applies it brakes and my penis is thrust to the very top of your vagina and you can feel the hot spunk exploding inside of you. Again you scream and the man in front of you looks again - this time he knows.

The train slowly comes to a halt, all the muscles in your body are releasing in tune with mine and our journeys. As the train shudders to a halt outside of the station, you let your head hang forward and your muscles relax. People start to get off the carriage, you can feel me pull myself out of you as my hot come starts to trickle down your legs. You pull yourself together and hitch up your skirt and turn around.

By this time however I am gone.

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