tagBDSM14 Days To Redemption Ch. 03

14 Days To Redemption Ch. 03


Day 3 – Recommitment

Jack awoke to the most exquisite feeling he'd ever had: Kelli's warm, wet mouth engulfing his entire soft, sensitive cock. He luxuriated in the exotic sensations emanating from below. The molten liquid heat of her saliva. The slippery softness of her tongue manipulating his rod. The promising pressure as his snake expanded to reach the limits of its cage. The sudden coolness as it burst out past her lips. And the welcome warmth as she bobbed her head to once more capture his now hard fuck stick. There was no better way to wake up, and if Jack could command his wife to do one thing after the two weeks ended, it would be this.

He reached down and stroked her hair as she dutifully performed this all-important morning ritual. "Dutiful" was the key word, unfortunately. Any pleasure and benefit Jack might have gotten during the last two days was more than offset by the dutiful manner in which his wife had performed her duties. He saw now that his initial packaging of his ideas had been far too naïve. For a man, it was easy to just say "do this, get that." But if you said that to a woman, she would first ask "Why do I have to do this particular thing to get that? Why not something else?" That's where his explanations had been lacking. And why his satisfaction had also suffered. Time, then, to re-package his idea and get a recommitment from her. But first...

Tugging on her hair, he urged her up into his arms. He kissed her deeply, savoring the heat of her mouth and the dexterity of her tongue. Her blowjob that morning had been better than previously, but he needed to give her a lesson so she'd know exactly what he liked. He paused in his kiss to feel her breasts, the nipples stiffening under his touch. She'd slept nude with him again, and he'd spent much of the night spooned against her, caressing, fingering and exploring her entire body, every curve, crevice and secret place she had. Perhaps he could stay home from work and explore her some more? But no, he needed a break from so much stimulation. And he needed some time to explore new ways to use her.

He'd discovered that the previous night. Although tying her to the table and dominating her had been extraordinary, he'd been at a loss about what to do next. On the spur of the moment, he made her leave the cum on her face and hair, knowing that to be dirty would drive her crazy. That part had worked, as she shot him hateful glances through the night. But except for making her prepare dinner, clean up afterwards, and a half-hearted spanking, the rest of the night had been uneventful. Certainly not a hardship for her and no special pleasure for him.

He needed to make a special effort to spice things up every time they did something. Such as the morning spanking. Jack looked around the room, wondering what he could do to keep his slave off-balance and submissive. The open closet door gave him the beginnings of an idea.

"Up slave," he growled, suddenly squeezing her breast painfully with his hand, eliciting a delightful yelp. Literally dragging her by the tit, he took her to the open door and forced her to bend over until her forehead touched the edge of the door. "Don't touch the door with your hands or we'll start over with one," he warned as he spread her legs farther apart. Spying a vinyl-bottomed slipper on the floor, he tested it against his forearm, the 'ssswwack' causing his wife to jump with fright. It stung just enough, and was better than using his hand, which had burned for an hour after her last spanking.

Pausing for only a moment to admire her round ass, he brought the slipped down hard on her right cheek. "Slllllaaaapppp!" The sting of it threatened to jar her from her precarious position. Given how rapidly her ass was beginning to redden, he figured that twenty spanks would give her something to think about for the rest of the day. on every swing he tried something new; aiming for a different spot, flexing his wrist on impact, or using the thin end of the slipper to try and reach her cunt lips, now swollen with pleasure despite herself. By the time he reached twenty, her entire ass was a blazing shade of red, and her body shuddered and shook as she tried to stifle her soft sobs.

"How many was that, bitch?" he demanded of her, hoping for a correct answer to avoid further punishment.

Her voice shook as she replied, "It was twenty, sir. Twenty."

"Excellent," he commended her. "You may now go and fix me breakfast. I want you to take one of my dirty dress shirts and wear that. No panties. And leave the front open so I can get to your tits if I need to." He gave his orders disdainfully, as if the thought of her serving him breakfast in such a way would have no effect on him. But his rapidly hardening cock threatened to betray him. He turned and headed to the shower, not pausing to see if she would comply. He knew she would.

As busy as Jack's day at work had been, he knew that Kelli's had been busier. Before leaving in the morning, he'd given her a list of things to buy and do that day. The entire list was to be completed before he returned at night. He made sure that she knew that the price of failure would be a fearsome punishment.

The first task on her list was to visit the lingerie store again and pick out some sheer and peek-a-boo bras and panties. He liked the idea of her wearing underwear but still revealing her most intimate places. After that she was to visit one of the many teen girl clothing stores found in the mall. She desperately needed some more revealing clothing.To keep her conservative tendencies in check, he limited her choices to tank-tops, cut-off T-shirts, and tight shorts. She looked grateful for the opportunity to shop for new clothes, even with those limitations. The outfit he'd laid out for her had been so skimpy as to be nonexistent. On his orders, she'd gotten dressed in a tight white tank-top with no bra, a mid-thigh skirt with g-string panties, no stockings, and white sandals. To his eyes, she looked like a woman on the make. Which was just what he wanted.

After a visit to the clothing store, he wanted her to stop at the video store and rent two X-rated videos. It didn't matter which ones. He thought her choices might reveal a little about where her thoughts were heading. After that, she was to take the car in and have the oil changed. He knew that the mechanics' stares would send her into fits of embarrassment. It was safe fun. He knew those guys pretty well, and they wouldn't do anything but stare.

His directions for her next visit, to the drugstore, were very explicit. She was to pick out a bottle of red nail polish, a stick of red lipstick, a tube of KY-Jelly, a bottle of Astroglide, a digital camera and a new memory stick. She was to buy only those items, and give him the receipt later. He wanted the clerk to know what his slutty little wife would be doing that night. And Jack wanted Kelli to know that the clerk knew what she would be doing that night.

Back home, she was to bathe and trim her pubes to a much thinner strip. Jack thought he might like to eat her out that night, and he didn't want any hair in the way. Then he wanted her to paint her fingernails and toenails, waiting to apply the lipstick until just prior to his arrival. After cleaning up the house and planning dinner, she was to start up the Mac and call up the web address he'd given her. The address would take her to a link site containing thousands of porn links. Her assignment was to find and download twenty pictures of people fucking: five man on top, five doggy style, five anal and five of her choice. Once she had them, she was to assemble them into a slide show that would be running when he came home.

On his list he'd ordered a dinner that could be eaten cold, just in case he wanted to get right into the evening's activities. Once everything was prepared, Kelli was to await his arrival in the family room, kneeling in her position of submission and wearing the day's uniform, minus the tank-top. Any variation from his instructions would be severely punished.

Walking into the kitchen, Jack was pleased to see all of her purchases lined up for his inspection. The clothing was sufficiently skimpy, the videos were graphic, and when he looked into the den, he could see the naked forms flashing across his computer screen. Now to test his wife's commitment to the program.

He entered the room to find his wife in complete compliance, kneeling on the floor with her tits bared and her gaze respectful. Just the sight of her body so open for his exploration, and exploitation, set his heart to racing. Now that he finally had his plans figured out, he just had to get her to go along. He'd rehearsed his reasons a couple of time in the car. He thought he finally had a good argument for why she should go along with his plan rather than seeing a marriage counselor.

"I see you managed to get your chores done for the day," he said to her while making himself comfortable on the couch.

"Yes, sir. I've tried to do everything you've asked of me..."

The tone of her voice puzzled him. "Was there something else you wanted to say?"

"Ummm, yes. I...I...I think I deserve to be punished!" she blurted out, her face quickly coloring as she dropped her gaze to the floor.

"Punished? What do you need to be punished for?" He tried to keep his voice as emotionless as possible. There was something weird going on here. He could feel it.

Her whole body trembled lightly as she lifted her face. "I haven't...I mean, I...I haven't been cooperating like I said I would," she hurried through her explanation. "I said I would do everything you say, and I would try to understand why you want me to. But I haven't been doing that. I haven't been doing my best. That's why I should be punished. So you know that now I really will be doing my best to make you happy. So you won't be mad anymore. So we can go back to being married again. So we can go back to being happy..."

Jack barely blinked as he took it all in. This was a better response than he'd even hoped for, and he hadn't even used any of his arguments. No, something had gotten through to her during the day. Somehow she'd come to realize just how serious he was about this. How much he needed to shock the one he loved in order to keep the one he loved. How much he needed some pleasure that was all about him and just for him.

"OK. Right here, right now, is your last chance to give me your total commitment to this plan. If you do, then we play it out until next Sunday, with no breaks and no backing out. If you don't, well, then we let the chips fall where they may. You'll get no second chance after this. It's now or never. So if you want to keep going and commit to this, just repeat after me, 'I, Kelli, swear to be your complete and total slave until midnight of next Sunday.'"

"I, Kelli, swear to be your complete and total slave until midnight of next Sunday."

He stared at her a moment, not really seeing the woman kneeling before him, but rather seeing her willingly and enthusiastically bending to his will and performing at his pleasure. "Excellent. And yes, you will be punished for your failures. But not all at once. A little at a time, I think. A little every day to remind you why you have to go through all this. So that every time you hurt, you think, 'I will not cheat on my husband.'" He gave her a wicked glare. "But now, you'll perform for me."

On his orders, she stood before him, her hands locked behind her head and her breasts thrust out. She wiggled and jumped for him, causing her tits to bounce and sway sensuously. He indulged his every whim, not censoring his thoughts or words a single bit.

"Take off your sandals and lick the insides. Now squeeze your tit between the soles. Turn around, bend over and show me your ass. Pull your g-string tight into your crack. Take your skirt off, over your head. Yes, even if you have to smash your tits on the way up. Now pull your g-string all the way into your pussy. I don't want to see any of it peeking out!"

Finally he had her stand before him, practically naked but for the g-string taut within her pussy lips and her ass crack. Her body was slick with sweat from her exertions in hurrying to follow his orders. Her eyes, though, held a flicker of excitement.

"Does that hurt you?" he asked.

"Yes, sir, it hurts a little."

"Good. It's supposed to. But there's something else, isn't there? You're a little turned on, aren't you?"

She dropped her head in apparent embarrassment. "Yes, sir. I'm turned on at having this thing in my pussy."

He noted the slight admission of surrender. She'd admitted to the pleasure. She'd expanded on her answer. And she'd used a dirty word without prompting. He nodded in approval. "Good. You'll find that many times pleasure and pain go together. It's a lesson you're going to learn very well." He was pleased to see pull back a little at that statement. She understood that her trial was only beginning.

"Now pull off those panties and bring that ottoman over here. I'm thinking a little appetizer might be good before dinner." With more than a little manipulation, he finally had her laying face up on top of his body, her pussy before his lips and her head supported by the ottoman. It was a highly erotic sight looking down past the folds of her cunt to the peaks of her tits, and finally to the fearful look on her face. It was a sight he promised himself he would soon capture on film. But first...

His wife's cunt gaped open as he roughly spread her legs wider. From the wetness and warmth, he could tell that his previous orders had truly turned her on. Good. Unlike some of the other women he'd bedded, his wife's juices were invigorating, a combination of sweet and bitter flavors that never failed to ignite his passion. Lifting her ass with his hands, he brought her cunt up to his mouth, lightly licking the engorged lips. His wife shuddered at the touch, wanting more but unable to press closer to his mouth. He was in complete control.

With his tongue still lingering on her pussy lips, he traced the length of her hole from top to bottom. "Don't move!" he mumbled into her, as she once again tried to shift closer. Happy that this simple move could drive her crazy, he repeated it over and over, never letting more than the tip of his tongue glide along her steaming folds. Even when her juices began flowing from her slit he kept to the ridges, her moans and gasps echoing in the room. Finally, only after he'd marked out a blazing red trail around the edge of her cunt, did he dip his tongue in to taste the nectar at its source. At that, his wife jumped as if hit by an electric shock, and only by squeezing her ass tightly could he keep her from falling out of position.

"Don't move!" he shouted at her, punctuating his order by squeezing her ass even harder. Finally feeling her body begin to soften, he plunged his tongue back into her cunt, mashing his teeth against the sensitive folds. This time she kept her body rigid, screaming out her surprise and pleasure. Using his tongue as scoop, he sucked the juices from her slit, twisting her body from side to side so he could reach every niche of her steaming hot gash. She was near to cumming. He could feel it in the way her cunt contracted on his tongue every time he probed her hole. He could hear it in her breathing. He could sense it in her posture. He contemplated leaving her on the edge as another sign of his power over her. But eating her out was a pleasure he wanted to continue after the two weeks was over. And besides, making her cum was just another kind of power and control.

That decided, he clamped his mouth to her pulsating hole, trapping her clit between his tongue and his teeth. She bucked and writhed against him, her juices smearing across his face. Her moans and cries echoed in his ears; she sounded more excited than at any other time in their marriage. Despite her violent thrashing he pulled her cunt to his mouth again, his nails digging deeply into the soft flesh of her ass. He lashed her clit with his tongue until it pulled free of its protective hood, and then attacked it with his teeth, rasping across it like a file over a stubborn burr.

Violent quakes shook her body, her legs spreading and contracting erratically about his head. With the first sign of her cunt squeezing his tongue, Jack immediately released her ass and brought both of his hands to cover her breasts. As the first orgasm coursed through her body, he grabbed her nipples and twisted them as hard as he could, until the swollen nubs began slipping through his sweaty fingers. Her squeals of pleasure turned to a howl of pain, and which then mixed again with her pleasured pantings to throw her again over the abyss. He kept up the pressure on her nipples until her body finally began settling down, and he could tell that the pain was overpowering the pleasurable sensations emanating from her now sopping pussy.

Only when he released her tits did she dare to look at him, the unspoken question in her eyes. Though he didn't need to explain himself, he did anyways. "Pain can be pleasure and pleasure can be pain. You'll learn that over the next few days." With that, he dumped her from his lap and ordered her to serve him dinner.

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