tagIllustrated1950s: Housewives' Pet Training

1950s: Housewives' Pet Training


Summary: Innocent virgin is seduced into a lesbian lifestyle.

Note 1: Thanks to Rebecca, the famous artist whose artwork inspired and was used for this new series. Especially her series 'Housewives at Play', 'Teens at Play' and 'Hot Moms'. Thank you for access to your entire book catalogue as well as your website for this massive series.

Note 2: This is the third chapter of a multi-chapter story about one woman's journey of sexual submission and lesbian exploration through the decades and through four generations of family members.

In part 1, 1950s: 1st Time With a Girl, our 2015 protagonist Kimmy is given a gift of a scrapbook from her recently deceased great-grandmother, Rebecca. When Kimmy opens the scrapbook, she is shocked to find that the scrapbook is a journal of her beloved great-grandmother's sexual adventures...with drawings. Kimmy reads in awe of Rebecca's first time with a woman. Once done reading, Kimmy pleasures herself while reliving her most recent seduction of her nerdy science partner Zelda.

In part 2, 1950s: Housewives' Lesbian Society, our protagonist reads the next chapter in her great-grandmother's scrapbook. Rebecca is caught masturbating while babysitting and ends up having a sexual encounter with a MILF. Rebecca also learns of a secret lesbian society that is years old and she is offered the opportunity to be the newest submissive housewife pet. To earn the privilege to be the housewife pet for her senior year she must meet the head mistress and service her. Lastly, Kimmy, so horny from the idea of a housewife sex club, envisioned dominating one of her neighbours.

Note 3: Thanks to Robert, goamz86, Sophia and Wayne for editing this story.

Note 4: Normal text writing is present day; Bold is Kimmy flashing back to one of her own sexual encounters or fantasizing about one; italics are the scrapbook stories of our hero Rebecca.

Note 5: Also, please note that although I've tried to make the main characters as close as possible to look the same, the photos are taken from a massive collection from Rebecca's website. Thus, there will often be subtle differences (freckles, breast size, etc). That said, I don't believe it should hinder the enjoyment of the story.

Note 6: Of course, all characters in the story are 18 years of age or older.

1950s: Housewives' Pet Training

I didn't look at great-grandmother's scrapbook until I got home that night and was kind of tipsy. I had gone to a college party, flirted with a hot frat boy and a cute coed, but ended up home alone.

So I was already horny when I resumed reading, wondering what else great-grandmother did when she was my age.

I arrived at the diner that closed at ten, in fact the whole town shut down at ten, even on Fridays, with anticipation. I had Mrs. Madison call my mom to request that I assist her with an overnight sleepover at a church in a nearby community, so I could be out past my midnight curfew (that had only been increased when I started my senior year).

The curtains were down, but the lights were on. I got to the door and it was locked. I knocked and Mrs. Madison herself answered it.

"You're early," she greeted.

"I believe in being punctual," I said.

"It's a good belief," she nodded, allowing me in.

I'm not sure what I expected to find, but I was surprised to see there were a few people already in the diner, including some I didn't know.

There were Mrs. Crampton and Mrs. Sherman, both of whom I already knew were a part of this secret society. But there was also:

-Mrs. White, who was the head of the PTA and a complete bitch

-Mrs. Pennington, whose husband was the local mayor

-Mrs. Smith, whose husband was the principal of the school

-Mrs. Adler, whose husband worked for the local newspaper

-Ms. Burns, who owned the diner and was single

Mrs. Madison introduced me. "Ladies, let me please introduce you to this year's Pleasantville recruit for housewives' pet, Rebecca."

There was light applause and lots of 'nice to meet you' comments as my face went red at the introduction in front of some strangers and some women I did know from the community. I felt both ashamed and kind of like a celebrity.

I even heard someone say, "She looks delicious."

Another woman called out, "You have outdone yourself this time, Head Mistress Carol."

Mrs. Madison laughed, "I agree she is adorable and very obedient, but she is still raw and needs lots of training."

"As does my little bimbo here," someone said.

"My maid needs some too," another woman said.

The whole scene was surreal, as if walking into another dimension. One where the women were kinky and sex craved.

"Turn around, Rebecca," someone called out.

Feeling compelled to obey, I did.

"Very nice," the same voice approved.

"Very obedient," another said.

As I turned back around, feeling self-conscious with others staring at me, I looked around and saw there was another teenager that looked to be about my age.

I then saw another teenager, who seemed to be breastfeeding on an older woman's breast.

Mrs. Madison said, "Some mothers and daughters are very close."

I stared in disbelief as I stammered, "T-t-that's her daughter?"

Mrs. Madison nodded, "Yes, you've got to understand that there is no closer bond than that between a mother and a daughter."

I couldn't fathom my mother in such a way. Although she was pretty, and I looked a lot like her, she was a major prude and nagging mother. I assumed she had only had sex once... to make pretty ole me.

"Wow!" I said.

"You'd be surprised how many mothers have their own live-in pets," she continued, as she took my hand and gave it a squeeze.

"I've lived a very naive life," I said, staring at the mother and daughter in complete voyeuristic awe.

The mother looked at me and asked, "Are you a Mommy's girl too?"

"God, no," I replied.

"We do not use the Lord's name in vain, Rebecca," Mrs. Madison scolded, before changing her tone and adding, "Although you can use it when you are coming from the pleasure he gifted you."

"Sorry, Mrs. Madison," I apologized.

"Pardon?" she asked, her tone instantly annoyed.

I quickly realized my error and apologized a second time, "Sorry, Mistress Mrs. Madison."

She laughed, "That's a mouthful."

The mother quipped, "No this is a mouthful."

"Oh Jules, you are so bad," Mrs. Madison teased.

"I was born to be bad," she shrugged, her tit moving and squirting some milk on her very obedient daughter.

Mrs. Madison stressed, looking at me, "Of course, it goes without saying that what happens in the diner, stays in the diner."

"Of course," I nodded, even as I thought to myself, "Who would believe me?"

"So we meet once a month as a bigger community of the four square towns (there were four towns all within 15 miles of each other that looked like a complete square on the map) of mothers and Mistresses to train new pets, punish disobedience and have some girl only fun," she explained.

"Oh," I said, still in awe of not only the incestuous act I was witnessing, but the entire situation.

"I know," she nodded, "it's a little much to take in."

"That's an understatement," I said.

"Come with me, I want you to see the first punishment," she said.

"Um, okay," I said, as she led me to a back room I didn't know existed.

When I walked into the back room, I gasped. There were eight young guys, all blindfolded, in the room. Each of them naked. On the floor was a woman coated in cum.

Mrs. Madison explained, "This is Rose Winters, she is an unmarried whore who had an affair with the husband of the Head Mistress from Ellington."

"Enjoy your cum bath, slut?" a woman, assumedly the Head Mistress from Ellington, asked.

"Yes, Mistress Crown," the clearly humiliated woman answered.

I was listening to the conversation, but looking at the different naked boys, all around my age, and the very different cocks. Some were long, some were small. Some were thick and some were thin. Some were hard and some were flaccid. Even though I had been questioning my sexuality since my pussy pleasing days started, seeing all these naked boys, with their dicks in view, told me I still was interested in boys too.

"Is eight loads enough, cum slut?" Mistress Crown asked. "I'm sure each of these high school boys can quickly reload."

"No, no," the woman answered, "Eight is enough."

"You sure?" Mistress Crown asked, "I'd hate for you to crave cum again anytime soon."

"I won't, Mistress Crown, I promise," a now near tears woman said in desperation.

"Will you ever fuck a married man again?" Mistress Crown questioned.

"No, Mistress Crown," the woman on all fours, coated in cum, answered.

Mistress Crown, who was a chubby, but pretty, redhead with huge breasts, said, "And you must be the new Pleasantville pet."

"Yes, ma'am," I nodded, before adding, I'm not sure, why, "Today is my first day of training."

"I'm looking forward to watching," she smiled, as she walked over to me and cupped my breasts through my blouse. She looked to Mrs. Madison and asked, "Why is she still dressed and standing?"

"Good questions," Mrs. Madison nodded. She turned to me and ordered, "Knees."

I quickly obeyed, even as I prayed she wouldn't make me undress in front of eight male strangers, which I was thankful I didn't recognize.

"Good girl," Mrs. Madison purred, patting my head, before adding, "Let's go and see how the other punishment is going."

I followed, on my hands and knees, and was led to the washroom. I gasped again as I instantly wondered what I was getting myself into. A girl, about my age, had her wrists and ankles tied together and was in an obviously uncomfortable position. She also looked soaking wet.

Mrs. Madison explained, "This is Bethany. She came three times without permission."

I thought to myself, 'That's it?' But I kept that thought to myself.

Mrs. Madison explained, "You see, Rebecca. Obedience is critical. Only from being a hundred percent loyal and a hundred percent dedicated can a pet reach the nirvana they so desperately aspire to. Isn't that right Bethany?"

"Yes, Mistress," the bound girl agreed.

"Although she is one of two pets from Winchester, when a pet is here everyone is their Mistress," Mrs. Madison explained.

I wondered if that meant for me too.

"Are you enjoying your punishment?" Mrs. Madison asked, as she walked over to her and straddled her face.

"Yes, Mistress," Bethany nodded, even as her face scrunched up slightly.

Mrs. Madison lifted up her dress, revealing she wasn't wearing panties and ordered, "Beg, Bethany."

"Please, Mistress, use me as your toilet," the girl begged, shocking me and making me suddenly realize why the floor was so wet.

I was instantly disgusted... yet... I was also instantly curious.

"Open wide," Mrs. Madison ordered, just as her golden stream began spraying out and splattering all over the pretty girl's face.

I watched in stunned awe, even as I suddenly wondered what pee tasted like. Was it hot or cold? Was it sweet like pussy juice? Yummy or yucky?

"Ahhhhhhh, I needed that," Mrs. Madison said, as she finished peeing in the girl's open mouth.

I couldn't believe how humiliated the pretty blonde must be.

Once Mrs. Madison was done, she dropped her dress back down, moved away and said, as she looked at me, "Your turn."

I didn't know if she meant to pee on her or replace her. I asked, "To do what?"

"To pee on our bad pet," Mrs. Madison answered rather matter-of-factly.

"Oh," was all I could muster.

"Now go and pee on her," Mrs. Madison ordered.

"Um, okay," I nodded, feeling rather strange about it. Although, thankfully, I did have to pee and, truth be told, pretty badly.

I walked over to her and looked down. I couldn't tell if she was enjoying the humiliation or not, but she was smiling.

I lifted up my skirt, and realized I was still wearing my panties.

"You wore panties here?" Mrs. Madison asked.

"I didn't know I wasn't supposed to," I said, worried that I may be punished for an error I didn't know I had made.

"Your pussy should always be easily accessible for your Mistresses," Mrs. Madison said.

"It won't happen again," I said.

"Good," she nodded.

After a pause, she added, "Well, take them off."

I pulled them down and off and Mrs. Madison ordered, "Give them to me."

I handed them to her and watched as she put them in her purse, but only after saying, "Pretty wet panties, my pet."

I didn't say anything, as I again lifted up my skirt, not wanting to get urine on it, and prepared to pee on this stranger.

It felt so weird.

It felt so wrong.

Yet, as the first stream of my pee hit her in the forehead, I also felt oddly powerful. I heard myself say, uncharacteristically, "Swallow it all, you bad pet."

She moved her head up to catch it in her mouth just as I moved down to hit her mouth and ended up hitting her on the chest.

Mrs. Madison laughed, "Are you trying to hit her everywhere but the mouth?"

I laughed too, which made me wobble slightly and again hit her forehead.

This made Bethany laugh too at the Three Stooges like act.

Once I was done peeing, Mrs. Madison asked, "Bethany, what advice can you give the newest pet as she enters her training?"

"Never question, never hesitate and never disobey," the urine soaked pretty blonde answered as she looked up at me.

"Good advice," Mrs. Madison nodded. "Those are words you both should live by."

"Yes, Mistress," we both said in unison, just as I began to move away from the pee pet.

"Hmmmmmm," Mrs. Madison pondered, as she looked down at Bethany. "I'm curious."

"About what, Mistress?" I asked.

"Bethany, go pee," she ordered.

"Yes, Mistress," the bound beauty replied.

Both Mistress Carol and I watched as the blonde tried to pee.

It took a while, but eventually she began peeing and because of the angle, at which she was bound, she began urinating all over her own face.

It was bizarre and hot.

And I instantly knew that I would always be an obedient pet.

Mrs. Madison asked, "Ready to start your journey?"

"Yes, Mistress," I nodded, super horny for some reason, even though I didn't really want to be either of the women who had been disciplined.

She asked, "Have you ever sucked cock?"

"No," I admitted, surprised by the question.

"Well, that will change today," she said.

"Really?" I asked, surprised. I actually expected my task to be maybe taking risqué photos or servicing all the women here, which kind of turned me on. A buffet of pussies was actually quiet appealing... seeing different pussies, tasting different pussies and hearing the moans of different women all turned me on.

"Yes, besides being a great pussy pleaser for women, you also need to be a great cocksucker and fuck for a man," she said.

"Really?" I repeated, like a parrot.

"Yes," she nodded. "The reality is that society is not yet ready for a female run world, so we need to marry important men, who do important work, who think they are in charge."

"Oh," I said, a little deflated as I thought about Ellie and her vision of a feminist revolution.

Mrs. Madison laughed, "It's all a part of a very long chess match, my pet. One that we will win. But yes, it is ironic, to eventually take our position at the top of the society we have to whore ourselves out to clueless men.

I finally said, "Well, after seeing those eight cocks, I was no longer sure I was strictly a lesbian."

She laughed, "None of us are. Well, a couple of us are. But mostly, we are unsatisfied women, who are looking for true sexual liberty and pleasure and starting the road to true feminine equality."

"Okay," I nodded, kind of happy. I wanted to me married, I wanted to have kids. And now I understood that becoming a pet, joining a secret lesbian society, was not going to end any of those typical female teenage aspirations.

"Yes, very soon, Rebecca, women will have it all," she said. "Sexual liberation, freedom of choice and the power to make real change."

"I hope so," I nodded, even as I thought it was odd in her theory to have a sexual hierarchy where there was a Mistress, other woman between and a pet like me at the bottom.

"So, you may recall, we need to get some incriminating evidence of you just in case you ever waver in your role as a pet or down the road on the liberation journey," she said.

"Yes," I nodded, before adding, "I would never do that."

"I believe you," she nodded, "but one can never be too careful. Now follow me."

I was led back down some stairs and into a basement, where, much to my surprise, apparently, Ms. Burns lived.

For the record, crawling down stairs is quite a challenge.

Once there I saw all eight boys standing in a circle, the earlier young girl who was breast feeding on her own mother was on her knees sucking one slowly while stroking two more.

Mrs. Madison explained, "Besides getting pictures, it's important for you to become a very good cocksucker, as although sex sells, blow jobs are what rules the world."

"Really?" I asked, watching the girl slowly bob on the one guy's penis.

"Oh yes," she nodded. "The real way to a man's heart is not through his stomach like we are taught, but through his dick."

I laughed, "Well, Steve is always wanting to make out."

"Trust me, that is not what he wants," Mrs. Madison said. "And if you don't put out soon with your mouth or pussy he will find someone who does."

"I guess," I said, not sure I really wanted to date him anymore anyways.

"And he is quite the catch," she continued. "He is smart, cute and comes from a good family with money. He is the perfect boy to become a man you can use to get ahead." She paused before adding, with a soft chuckle, "Of course, you have to be willing to give head to get ahead."

"I understand," I nodded, curious to suck a cock. Watching the girl do it had me curious and seeing the variety of sizes had me intrigued.

"Now, Kimberly here is getting each of these juicy cocks ready for you," she continued, before adding, "but it is your job to get each of them off."

"Oh," I said, thinking that eight guys was a lot.

"Also, it is going to be some work, as Rose earlier already drained their balls for you once," she added.

I was excited and nervous. I looked at the boys closely. Did I know any of them? None looked familiar, yet it was hard to tell for sure.

As if reading my mind, Mrs. Madison relieved my worry, "Don't worry, my pet. Each of these boys are from out of town and do not even know what town they are in."

"Oh, okay," I nodded.

"Well, go ahead, my pet," she said, "Go suck your first juicy cock. Let's make you a very good cocksucker for Steve."

"Yes, Mistress," I nodded, as I crawled to the first boy whose cock was completely hard and pointing directly at me.

I took it in my hand and stroked it slowly. I was surprised by just how incredibly hard it was and how it seemed to twitch in my hand.

"Go ahead, my pet," Mrs. Madison instructed, "take it in your mouth."

So I did.

I briefly felt guilty that the first cock in my mouth was not Steve's. Somehow I didn't feel like it was cheating being with another woman, as he didn't have a vagina.

Yet, I now had a stranger's cock in my mouth.

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