tagLoving Wives1994: Expanding Our Game Ch. 02

1994: Expanding Our Game Ch. 02


2 – Carina

It was an extremely hot summer. I have never liked the heat, but since I was living with Karin I started finding something positive about it: my lovely wife-to-be was wearing all the briefest cloths in her inventory, including a few short dresses I bought her recently, which kept my sexual drive really high.

Karin used to say the physically, my penis was absolutely average in size, and considering the experience she mustered, it had to be true. What was surprising to her, and highly satisfactory, was my capability to gain back my energies and start again. According to her, and due to my age, my capability to fuck her three times in a row, and more than once a day, was really remarkable, and to her much more satisfactory than a huge calibre. Apparently, she got more than one, but even if they represented a 'different' sexperience, and for sure gave her pleasure, were nothing special, due to the fact that – according to her – exceptionally endowed guys tend to consider themselves special and do nothing to satisfy their mate, other than allowing her the use of their meat. All in all, she said, big cocks were a disillusionment: getting fuck once by a big one, was far less interesting and satisfactory than getting fucked twice by an average one. Of course she had fallen in love with me for reasons which had nothing to do with screwing her good, but the simple fact that I was sexually satisfying her was probably the reason why her initial emotions developed into a lasting passion, which in turn was cementing our feelings in a lasting relationship... Something that actually, even if for different reasons, was new to both of us.

Of course, our very frequent sexual activities were also a matter of getting used to each other and to a specific rhythm... In my words, it was also a matter of training. And training means, 'do it well, and do it often'.

So we were fucking like bunnies, and seeing my partner permanently so attractive, available and sexy dressed was a strong encouragement to fuck her so often.

Most times, it was quickies. I got her on the kitchen table before doing the table, I finger-fucked her while she was cooking, I ate her out while she was dusting the closet, I doggystyled her while she was laying the wash, or I face-fucked her crossing her in the corridor.

That's what was happening when Carina arrived home.

We knew she landed at the Airport and was arriving by taxi in a matter of minutes, and we had everything ready to receive our guest. A bottle was in the fridge, ready to be popped up, and the glasses were ready on the small living room table. Karin was a bit restless, waiting to see her old school friend, and I must admit I was very curious too. It was Friday afternoon, and there was basically nothing to do. So, when I met Karin in the corridor with her short-sleeved shirt knotted on the breasts and her infamous Norchia jeans shorts, I just grabbed her and kissed her full-mouth.

She appreciated as usual and reciprocated, while I started fondling her gorgeous buttocks and she started grinding her naked thigh against my groin.

"Hmmm..." she purred hotly, "Got a hard-on, honey?"

"I always get one when I see you with this hot pants..."


It was instinct to make me push on her shoulder, and it was still instinct to drive her on her knees to unbutton my jeans and free my erection from its uncomfortable restriction.

In no time, Karin swallowed my cock into her hungry mouth.

As I mentioned, events like that were usually very short lasting, and this one was no exception. Karin blew me mercilessly, like in a competition to have me cum as fast as possible, and in less than a minute I started feeling the vacuum in my shaft draining the seed from my testicles.

"Ooghhh..." I gasped, holding her by the long hair and emptying my load into her gullet.

The bell rang.

"Oh fuck..."

Karin gasped and chocked on my bursting cock. She barely managed to gulp the first shot, then she spat my dick out of her mouth and as a result she got the second and larger load barely into her still open mouth, while the ensuing ones ended up on her check, chin and hair, with drops falling to stain her shirt, to wet her legs and finally to stick on the floor.

"Oh my God..."

The bell rang again, impatiently.

Karin tried to recollect herself, clumsily trying to clean her face with the back of her hand.

I quickly closed my jeans and run to open the door.

There on the platform stood Carina.

Her hair was short and almost orange, the eyes grey/green and the skin absolutely snow white.

She was wearing summer boots, jeans and a yellow tank top which enhanced a generous breast, and, all in all, she looked as attractive as she did on pictures.

And she looked pissed.

"Ciao, Carina. Welcome..." I managed to say.

"Oh, thank you so much to open the door..." she snapped: "You shouldn't hurry; the taxi was slow enough anyway!"

Wonderful. I was in love already.

Karin came out from the bathroom, still trying to dry out the cum from her face, but totally oblivious of the mat in her hair and on her shirt.

"Carina! Welkom gelieft..." Karin held her school friend and kissed her fondly on the mouth.

Carina winched, and then answered the hug with a sob.

"I hate couples!" she bursted as soon as Karin let go of her: "Look at you: your best friend arrives from the opposite hemisphere, and you let her wait out of the door while you're coupling like a rabbit with your male; then, when you open, you kiss me with cum breath!"

Karin started laughing e looked at me: "I told you she was quite a character!"

"Yeah, you did." I was just a little piss myself by now.

"Come on, Carina... Enter, and give me your bag. Welcome back in Europe!"

"Fuck Europe. The airport was a bloody mess and the taxi driver was not only slow, he also wanted to date me this night."

"Aren't you happy? You just arrived and got a flirt already."

"No thanks. I just dumped my last boyfriend at the airport in Perth. I am sick and tired with men, I swear you. They are all a bunch of pricks, nobody excluded."

I started considering throwing my potential lover ass down the stairs.

"Oh, come on Car... You met Roberto already, right?"

"Yeah I did. What an experience. Karin, are you aware you have sperm in your hair. And on your shirt, actually. But what is happening in here?"

"It's happening that since you were late, this couple was having fun." I pointed out drily.

She stared at me: "Right. As I said, I hate couples. Karin, what a hack is this idea of getting married again? Once wasn't enough for you?"

"Apparently not." Karin was trying not to laugh, while blindly cleaning up her hair. "Car, why don't you come in your room and have a shower... Life will look better later on, you'll see."

"I don't think so. And by the way, you've sperm on your thigh. And look, there is more over there on the floor... What did you use, a hose?"

The last remark was for me, but mercifully Karin dragged her nice friend into the guestroom, avoiding the bloodshed.

I discovered more things I didn't like about Carina during the evening. Unsurprisingly, she hated the Army. We were basically parasites of the society, diverting investments for the poor of the world to feed instead the military-industrial complex, which we ultimately controlled; worse of all, in order to proof our weaponry and to show off, sometimes we also started some nice wars around the world, raping and pillaging peaceful populations. Our attempts to show an ethic were just 'pathetic'.

There was also for my Country. Mafia, laziness, mandolin, pizza, and all other cliché you could think of. Most of all, we were of course sciovinist, womanizers and 'papists'. For some reason that I was missing, Muslims and Buddhists had their own culture which deserved respect, while Catholics were just backward and should be ashamed of it.

Men in general were a disgusting breed, egoist, smelly, brutal and sex-obsessed. Basically, they were thinking with their dick and fucking with their dirty mind.

Given the type, I hoped she was at least interest in animals and in their protection. She wasn't. She thought Ysa was a smelling brute genetically created by maniacs. She also believed that protecting animals and environment was a bourgeois fashion to hide the desire to hamper the development of the Third World.

At the end of the dinner, I started getting worried. I basically represented all that lady hated in the Universe: I was more or less her natural enemy. I wondered weather she could consider killing me while I was asleep.

Karin was killing herself trying to keep from laughing.

I went to bed more or less immediately after dinner, giving them the time to talk in Dutch and hoping they were having good time.

Apparently, I had been a better recruiter for our threesomes than Karin had been.

Actually, Karin reached me in bed only two hours later, well before midnight, and I was still reading.


"Hi, love of my life. Still awake?"

"Still reading. Had fun?"

Karin slipped out from her shirt and unzipped her lovely shorts: "Lots of. It was ages I wasn't chatting in my language... And about school time!"

"Oh. Did you talk about school days?"

She smiled: "No. Not really. Basically, she tried to persuade me not to marry you."

"Oh, what a surprise. Was she convincing?"

"Very convincing. You won't believe it, but she's a very intelligent girl."

"I have no doubts."

"She explained me how different we are, what a bastard an Italian soldier must be... She even asked where the icons of Mussolini were."

"Did you tell her my father has been a partisan, back in 1944?"

"Oh, she wouldn't listen. I told you she was a special character."

"A special character, not a bitchy dumbass."

"Good one, I have to tell her tomorrow... She would be proud. Honey, it's just she doesn't know you, and doesn't understand. I wasn't that far from her thinking, before meeting you."

"Oh. Nice to know. Are you still going to marry me?"

"Yep. She's pissed about this one."

"Did you tell her why?"

"Of course. I told her you are the best fucker I ever closed my legs around, and she knows perfectly I closed my legs on a lot of guys." She smiled broadly, and then put down her shorts; her golden pubic hair shone at the electric light.

I smiled, admiring her toned belly muscles.

"She has no idea what she is missing..." Karin added, climbing the bed with a predator smile...

I mentioned it earlier: Karin was a screamer. A loud one.

That night, she was louder than she had ever been. And very requiring, too.

She wanted to be taken in all the positions we had been practising in the last times, plus she wanted to experiment. Any time I lie down to rest, she went down on me to resurrect my manhood using all of her art.

Once there was really nothing to do any more, and my poor pecker invoked the Geneva Convention, she sat on my face, rubbing her sloppy hairy pussy on my face, to force me having my cream pie, and then to make her come once more with my tongue, with the loudest orgasmic yells of the whole night.

It was almost four a.m. when she finally collapsed on me, a shaken, spent and royally satisfied ragdoll, and kissed me goodnight.

What a night! Must admit, I had forgotten the missed threesome...

The morning after, Ysa woke me up more or less jumping on the bed, desperate for her morning walk. I was still destroyed from the beating I got by my sex-starved princess, but I know my duty. I took my friend down to perform her morning recce and then I fed her before laying the table for breakfast and preparing the espresso machine for coffee.

When I came back in bed, both the radical-progressive girls were still sleeping sound.

I fell asleep again, as a good soldier does, and I woke up later, smelling the fresh coffee in the kitchen.

I stirred in the empty bed and then I rose on my feet. It was 10.00 of a nice and sunny summer Sunday, and breakfast was ready.

I jumped in my jeans and shirt, went through the bathroom to make myself more presentable, and reached the Dutch ladies in the kitchen. Karin, Carina and Ysa (which one of the three being the bitch, I couldn't say) had just joined the table, and of course our guest didn't want a cappuccino, pointing out that the only acceptable and civilised hot drink was tea.

She looked like a student who hadn't slept all night to prepare an exam: the hair in a mess, hollow checks, heavy eyelids... She wore just a t-shirt and knickers, plus my old house sandals. All in all, not a very seductive lady.

Karin looked great: glowing, tanned, smiling, slightly combed, she wore the shortest summer dress I ever bought her, shocking pink, something I would never dare to ask her to wear outdoor.

Contrary to her friend, she looked like both a sexually confident and satisfied woman.

I started wondering weather Karin wanted to tell me something.

As I arrived and sat after saying good morning, Karin came to sit on my lap, kissed me noisily and gave me a jolly welcome.

Carina looked disgusted and looked the other way as she said "...morning."

Karin hardly spoke to me the whole time, busy as she was to chat in Dutch, but was a merciless tease all through the breakfast, winking, rubbing and showing off.

I was a bit disorientated.

After breakfast the girls and the bitch (I always refer to Ysa as one of the family girls) went for a walk downtown and I stayed back at home to relax, have a shower, clean a bit and read a good book (Red Storm Rising, by Tom Clancy... What a surprise, uh?).

When the girls and the bitch came back, the two-legged ones were sweaty and tired and the four-legged one emptied two bowls of water; it was really hot.

Karin had a quick shower, then left the bathroom to her friend (the bitch, not Ysa) and reached me in the living room.

"Hi lover..." she purred, covered only in a towel which left her legs totally uncovered: "How do you do?"

"Fine, thanks. Nice walk?"

"So hot, outside... Poor Carina is destroyed. Sounds like she didn't sleep at all this night."

"Oh, I'm so sorry."

"Must be the heat..." she smiled, dropping the towel and coming towards me: "I am also so hot, lover... Can you do something about it?"

I got no chances. Five minutes later, Karin was riding my pole, cursing and yelling as loud as at night.

When I emptied my load into my still bumping girlfriend, I could see Carina, all wet and clad in Karin's kimono, watching at us from the doorframe to the corridor with a thoroughly sickened expression on her bitchy face.

I didn't care much by then. If she didn't like our lifestyle, she was welcome to go and bother somebody else.

It was a bit strange, though. Karin had never been specifically restricted about sex, but she had never been so wantonly slutty before. Not that I complained...

We jumped lunch due to the heat, and we rather went for an early dinner in one of the local pizzeria, where I forced myself to be a decent and polite guest.

Carina, after the shower and an afternoon of relax and long talks in Dutch had pulled herself together, and looked like again the pretty girl she actually was. She wore extra-tight light trousers and a pale blue tank top which enhanced her nice firm C-cup tits.

Karin was still better: she was wearing another shirt knotted on her breast, which conceived the fact that her breasts were so much smaller than her friend's, and her short denim miniskirt, nicely matched by her high-heel denim summer boots. Since she had pulled her hair up, she looked far taller than both of us... And I am talking about at least 15 centimetres taller. I never minded looking shorter than my partner: liking tall women, it had happened to me quite often in the past. What embarrassed me was that people might think that it was Carina the one sharing my bed.

Oh well, shit happens.

The dinner could have been worse, considering our guest character. All in all she behaved and insulted me only a couple of times.

Karin, on the other way, was shameless. Not happy to show kilometres of bare legs to the waiter every time the poor boy approached, she rubbed my knees and feet under the table the whole evening, also catching her chances at feeling my cock under my trousers. She also captured my hands a couple of times, forcing me to feel her naked thighs and the moistness level of her knickers. The second time they were really damp.

Of course Carina, who was a bitch but not a dumb bimbo, was perfectly aware of my fiancé's manoeuvres, and got increasingly nervous.

"I hate couples!" she repeated again and again, trying to quiet down Karin's evident arousal: "Why have I always to end up with friends on heat?"

Karin giggled, "I'm sorry dear, but you knew I was getting married within a week... What did you expect?"

"Honestly, I hoped to find you coupled to somebody rich and open-minded, who gave you the means and the time to enjoy your old friends. Not to find you sexually enslaved to a brute... No offence, Roberto." She added hastily looking for just a second at me, and then she went on, moving nervously her goddamned cigarette: "I mean, you've always been a modern and independent girl: you used and dumped your dumb boyfriends in a pretty efficient way, your only fault being choosing them well-hunged but sadly penniless. I hoped that with age, you would look for less masculinity and more practicality."

Karin smiled sweetly: "Hmmm... I went instead for a little more of both, you know. Both in quality and in quantity, actually. But what did you have in mind, actually?"

"Oh, I was hoping to have you joining Mathilda May and me in the Caribbean tour we plan by September... We could make a threesome, like at the good old times!"

The word threesome catched my attention, also because my hand had reached again under Karin's skirt hem, and her knickers were definitely drenched by now. Mathilda May was another school friend of theirs, a half Indonesian girl if I remembered well, who contrary to them had both married and divorced very well.

"I am so sorry, dear, but in September Roberto and I will have to move to another town near Rome, where he has to attend an Army Staff course."

"Of course," Carina snarled, "Your hubby needs you to cook his dinner while he studies his brain out. Can't you leave her some of her old freedom, Roberto? Karin used to be a free girl."

"Karin is still a free girl," I answered: "If she wants to go, she doesn't need my approval."

My girlfriend's hand fondled my groin in earnest.

"Oh, sure!" she snapped in frustration, fully realising what was taking place under the table, and swallowed a long sip of draught beer; "Fuck, I hate couples!"

The rest of the dinner went on without further major incidents. Karin ordered another tour of beer, and when we left Carina looked in a better – if not more sober – mood.

Walking home in the nicely cool of the evening air cleared up my mind almost completely, probably also due to the fact that when we left my beer mug was still full.

It wasn't late when we went to bed, so I took a shower while the girls enjoyed something strong in the living room, planning for another early bed.

When I went to say good night, the girls were laughing and drinking like friends who are having a lot of fun. Karin was sitting on the couch facing me, with Carina on her left, crouched on a vimini easy chair. They both had almost empty glasses in their hands.

"I'll call it a night, girls," I announced; "Have fun!"

Karin smiled and slightly opened her legs. It was a Basic Instincts-like flashing: her knickers must have disappeared somehow between the restaurant and our living room, because I got a long, clear sight at her rich golden-haired pussy. I swallowed.

"Oh no, lover of mine," Karin purred with a sultry voice, "Actually, I'm going to have fun, but with you..."

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